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Create this video was very complicated. I think this is one of the most difficult video i have ever created. I spent around one month to finish it. And see, during editing, as these poor people died... This puts you really much sadness. I show all my respect to those people. Please, tell me if you liked this video. Thank You! Hope you like, share, and comment for any questions you may have! I worked really hard on this movie!!
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matias jacobsen (4 days ago)
5:34 I don’t want to point out a mistake here, but it was 1977*
Kenny ARC (1 month ago)
May all of these people rest in peace
Excellent and emotional video great job 💓💓😥👍✈
Ryan Carichner (1 month ago)
How do you have that KLM paint job in IF???
Mark Eden (1 month ago)
In memory of those who died I love your channel‼️
Roblox Gamer (1 month ago)
You put American Airlines Flight 965 twice
GROUCHY OLD MAN (1 month ago)
Correct English grammar would be "In memory of those who died" past tense...they died in the past...or if you insisted on the word dead you could say "In memory of those who are dead" Present tense. However, the second choice could be more painful for surviving family members. Other choices could be In memory of those who lost their lives, or 8n memory of those who have passed or In honor of those who will always be remembered.
Andre Teaño (1 month ago)
Is this a movie?
MrEnderZ (1 month ago)
I do really remember that day when i saw dead bodies all over the collision ( it sounds fake i know but i survived pan am 1736 collision it was terrifing
Ian Oliver (1 month ago)
Another magnificent video - absolute genius! But what is that great music?
Murkish (2 months ago)
hamburger man (2 months ago)
Good work
Mattews Santtos (2 months ago)
Danger Ditto (3 months ago)
Nilesh Naphade (3 months ago)
Crash of the Century 1977 instead 1997
Eman & Gabe TV (3 months ago)
ameer kael (3 months ago)
whats the name of this song
ameer kael (3 months ago)
this is the best video i have ever seen right now 😵😵😵😵😵😵
hi (3 months ago)
For the concorde part i want to say this FUCKYOUDC10
MLGdorito 8 (4 months ago)
How i cant remember this I THINK AT THIS EVERY DAY
Nur Eka Evidyanti (4 months ago)
And now, you had 400k subs. Good content.
funkpunkandroll (4 months ago)
I know you made some typos but this is a very beautiful video. RIP to those who died in the aforementioned plane crashes, especially Egypt Air, Air France, Pan Am 1736 and KLM Flight 4805.
Joseph Walde (4 months ago)
I love planes their one of my interests
Joseph Walde (4 months ago)
Hail crash airplanes
Jake Liao (4 months ago)
Also what are the songs?
KimOMateo Gunell (4 months ago)
Best video ever and fsx is my favourite flight simulator
Jake Liao (4 months ago)
Also what are the top 5 free flight simulators you suggest?
Jake Liao (4 months ago)
Great video, very emotional. I'm an avgeek and I cried ;-;
Mercedes Camacho (4 months ago)
wow so cool
Eshan Avanti (4 months ago)
I remember your videos
OOF GAMES (4 months ago)
This are actually real events that happened in planes like flight 007 China air
Thúy Hằng Nguyễn (4 months ago)
You have many chances in the future to do many videos like this
Thúy Hằng Nguyễn (4 months ago)
The video is one of the most interesting video about the air crash i've ever seen. Everything you do is really perfect
TECHNOLOGY GAMER (4 months ago)
with out see the i will tell that in always rocking
BenjiMV (5 months ago)
sound breaker (5 months ago)
What's the game called
barbara chipley (5 months ago)
very nicely done. thank you.
SandervdB94 (5 months ago)
Ehm.. the Tenerife Disaster was on the 27th of March 1977, not 1997.
梁仕骐 (6 months ago)
Actually AF296(A320)didn't crashed at the end of the runway.It crashed in to a forest on the other side of the airport.
UNKNOWN (4 months ago)
Yes the plane hit the trees at the start of the forest and then crashed a bit into the forest
梁仕骐 (6 months ago)
This is the best video of FSX I ever seen.In emory of those who dead.
Tom johns (6 months ago)
I appreciate ur effort to show us this sort of VDs.thanks
Matty Mckenna (6 months ago)
All I can say is this is amazing
karaolis g1 (6 months ago)
Make Helios flight 522
Ivan Zane Sabellina (6 months ago)
How pan am 1736 stopped and KLM 4805 crashes?
SuperNathan1568 (7 months ago)
5:33 I think you mean 1977?
gerard bourque (7 months ago)
The FSX Channel (7 months ago)
The Flight Channel, that airbus a330 (air transat) is tom ruth's airbuses
Alexander WALRAVEN (7 months ago)
Poor Dutch KLM people
Why you hate my videos? (7 months ago)
Kowser Khan (7 months ago)
I like the project
Kowser Khan (7 months ago)
My bro have died on the klm
Liza Tanzawa (7 months ago)
Tyvm, such a beautiful video, and so sad
Thomas E. powell (7 months ago)
Really enjoyed this one..well done.
halleffect1 (7 months ago)
Tenerife was 1977, not 1997
Roblox Minder (8 months ago)
When the KLM - Pan-Am incident happened the KLM pilot was such a b****
Mrs Latifah (8 months ago)
Good effort man
Aveeck Playz (8 months ago)
for all whos dislike this video has absolut no Heart...
Aveeck Playz (8 months ago)
Rest in peace all of the dead passangers... I respect your project! Good job!
Zac Projects Games (8 months ago)
Hope all those people in the crash are in heaven
Amirol Ashraf (8 months ago)
Wow I cry when watch this video
tristanhnl (8 months ago)
The music at 3:18 sounds very familiar, and I've heard it a number of times before, but I can't put a finger on it. Can anyone tell me the name of the piece and where it comes from?
Technical biswa (8 months ago)
Mark Samuelsen (8 months ago)
My God man you did excellent work.
CameraMan (8 months ago)
Awesome film! Love the music!
Anugerah Baptista (8 months ago)
The Tenerife accident hapenned in 1977, not 1997. Pan Am got bankrupt in 1991
Michael 53 (8 months ago)
p3d is better
TundraWolf Prod (8 months ago)
5:35 Wouldn't this have not happened in the first place if the bomb hadn't have gone off? Isn't the bomb that diverted both planes to the same airport..?
Luige Anacan (8 months ago)
Oh god landing without engines?
TundraWolf Prod (8 months ago)
Every time I watch, I can't help but beg for KLM to turn right, lift off and to continue it's speed while Pan Am turns left, stays on the ground and speeds off. If that happened, maybe more would have survived...
TundraWolf Prod (8 months ago)
KLM and PanAm Eastern 855 American 587 British Airways 38 British Midland 92 Northwest 85 Taca 110 And everyone else
Iron Ppatriots (8 months ago)
What is the music you used
Sparsh Kumar Singh (8 months ago)
Amazing. You rock at this
SticksNStuffs (8 months ago)
Made in 2015 and I still love it
Kenroi Ondap (9 months ago)
Can you name the background music??^_^_^
Shaun Seymour (9 months ago)
asiana 214?
OFFICERchoclet (9 months ago)
I remember the air transit when the fuel leak so it had to land in a millatary airfield
OFFICERchoclet (9 months ago)
Scott Skinner (9 months ago)
Excellent work 👏
Dark hero 2 (9 months ago)
This is sad like if you agree
Nureen iwani (9 months ago)
Now look at your vids. It was such a throwbacn
Mercy Ogonda (9 months ago)
Great Job bro
Pug Cuteness (9 months ago)
Um... that typo at the end in memory of those who dead oof
Glean Velasco (9 months ago)
Air Transat's gliding is so long nice Video...
Glean Velasco (9 months ago)
Southwest 001 (9 months ago)
100% perfect. Please do British Midland flight 92 next please.
hasan oynuyorYT (9 months ago)
its have mistakes tenerife disaster not happened in 1997 and american 757 shows 2 times!
hasan oynuyorYT (9 months ago)
today this video hit 3 years! congrats!
Rezzie Libiran (9 months ago)
So sad, i might unsubscribe for a while and sub again! So sad i am cryin now
The Obsessed Gamer (9 months ago)
this was really extremely sad may they all rest in piece in memory of those who died
Daniel bruke (9 months ago)
very nice video,made me cry
Iamanoobhere101 Playzz (9 months ago)
Well done mah man I pay my respects to these people Everyday modern tech rises
THELIFEOFPRICE (9 months ago)
Amazing job on this video
Who can hate these videos?
Video made on April 2015 And watching in 2018 Where was I all this time!!
Yan Hasmath (10 months ago)
Do some of the crash in the remember video
IRISH AVATATION 777896 (10 months ago)
You said MyFlightChannel but acctualy TheFlightChannel
Albany Aviation HD (10 months ago)
This idiot next to me is trying to say that the pilots in the tenerife air disaster were dumb and stupid 😡😡😡 he is such an aviation AMATEUR
Joms Studios (10 months ago)
Joms Studios (10 months ago)
How about the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Luke71 (10 months ago)
Is it me, or are nearly all the planes that so sadly crashed were manufactured by Boeing? And on the Airbus crashes, not nearly as many died... This is why I prefer Airbus not just because of the looks

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