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DIY Christmas Tree Box

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If you want to kick up the style around the Christmas Tree, then try this easy DIY Christmas Tree Box. It's time to get rid of the old tired tree apron and style up your tree base this year with a beautiful Tree Box that will stand the test of time, and maybe give you an extra hiding spot for some gifts! The wood in this project is MicroPro Sienna, and eco friendly pressure treated lumber, and yes it is the natural colour and it is waterbased so you have no issues to worry about it being indoors :) You can check out my how to blog on my website and checkout my portfolio while your at it: www.handcraftedbychrispalmer.com http://www.facebook.com/handcraftedbychrispalmer Twitter: https://twitter.com/handymanpalmer Instagram: https://instagram.com/handcraftedbychrispalmer Please feel free to leave a comment, like and subscribe I'm happy to give any feedback and learn from you, the viewers as well!
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Text Comments (7)
C H (4 months ago)
You can make me a box lol.
Scott Prusko (1 year ago)
This looks so good!
Scott Prusko thanks for the compliment!
Siobhan Waller (1 year ago)
Your cup was definitely empty in the beginning! ahahhah nice video anyway
Siobhan Waller no just cold haha...
Moe Plmr (1 year ago)
Great video! Can't wait to make one ;)

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