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Surviving An Astonishing Emergency Landing | Northwest Flight 85 | New Flight Simulator 2017

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Northwest Airlines Flight 85 is cruising above the Bering Sea, when the lower rudder segment suddenly deflects to the left. The pilots are forced to make an emergency landing in Anchorage. Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates: https://instagram.com/theflightchannelyt I spent a lot of time to create this video. Hope you liked it! Buy the hardware that I use here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928287?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Or Here: CPU: http://amzn.to/2zvNOR9 GPU (Graphic Card): http://amzn.to/2hZyCSw GPU (Cheaper, but Good): http://amzn.to/2hoPxAT RAM: http://amzn.to/2yprDbF MOTHERBOARD: http://amzn.to/2yMYewl 4K MONITOR: http://amzn.to/2Ax0CV9 or http://amzn.to/2g8jzql MOUSE: http://amzn.to/2AxmXSE KEYBOARD: http://amzn.to/2hnHGU7 SSD Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fQ5ny8 Standard Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fG0t7D JOYSTICK: http://amzn.to/2lkUszi
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TheFlightChannel (1 year ago)
Here's another "Air Disaster" episode. This time the Northwest Airlines flight 85 accident. I spend so much time to create this kind of videos so please let me know if you would like to see more of these. If so, suggest me what air accident to recreate next. Thank You!
nelson lariccia (1 month ago)
nelson lariccia (1 month ago)
Gautam De (1 month ago)
Yes. Absolutely. Thanks much.
alan goodhead (1 month ago)
Ralph Charette (2 months ago)
yes make some more
Rodney VT CTS & CZEH FAN (11 hours ago)
King Moron Productions (16 hours ago)
"not possible to virtually inspect that type of failure" - Did you mean visually? Also, you never explained why it took considerable physical effort to fly the plane? I'm confused by that one. Otherwise, great job :)
Luis Perez (2 days ago)
No lo aguas de juego lo quiero real
Silent wraith (3 days ago)
Marc van der Linden (5 days ago)
Nice video and good quality flightsim. You state they were in a dead zone between Alaska and Asia, but normally they have contact with atc via HF and these days mostly satcom with hf as backup.
DS Analysis (5 days ago)
Survivors ! Maybe make a playlist that features only crashes that have survivors. Even if its just one. My recommendation is the stolen Q400
machia0705 (7 days ago)
This is a superb production in every way possible. It occurred to me during the beautiful “4K flight” of this beautiful airplane , that these machines are engineering marvels. What a safety record they have. Good experienced flight crews and mechanics who are experienced and follow procedure make flying today incredibly safe.
heidi Holiday (7 days ago)
Terrible music.
1littlelee (12 days ago)
please dont calim this as a new simulator form 1017 its an 11 year oild sim
Jon Myers (12 days ago)
"I'm sorry, but we have too much traffic to let you descend even though you have an emergency in one of the largest planes ever built. Please call again. Thank you and have a nice day" Good thing I wasn't the pilot or I'd of flipped out on that controller. I think once I made it to the ground, I would've taxied right over to the tower and got out and punched that guy in the mouth Lol! What is wrong with people??!! Rant over. Great video.
Siddhant Singh (13 days ago)
Jr Captain is Frank geib
Thomas Hill (16 days ago)
To watch the Pilots stay constructively calm, to get control of an aircraft emergency, and then to land, with all of its variables, is really exciting to watch, while riding shotgun, no less :I !
Mystikal 36 (16 days ago)
Left Wank. Rudder Bendover
The Oofing Guy (21 days ago)
You’re copying from the Smithison Channel (or whatever they call it)
Kyle Austin (25 days ago)
Outstanding work! Love your videos. You keep making them and I will keep watching them.  Thank you to followers who add more knowledge to your content.  I know nothing about the art of flying and little bits of info like knowing the captain that declares and emergency controls the space needed and not the ATC is nice to know.
Cal Ven (29 days ago)
How can there be a "dead zone" for communications anywhere in the world, with all those satellites floating around in space?
hobsteral (30 days ago)
how do pilots know how and where to get to a different airport that is not programmed in to their flight path ?
a wi (1 month ago)
Duff Jolly (1 month ago)
Thanks to great pilots. Thank you all I feel safer knowing you are out there. Cheers
Nicolas (1 month ago)
I Subbed , liked and i love you
Julie Newsome (1 month ago)
This music is haunting
voci ferus (1 month ago)
Yep. One can easily imagine that the "launch costumer" was not too happy about that... What with all the work he had done to properly dress up that plane! Of note: It is very surprising to read (4:20) that smack in the middle of such an emergency "the captain (leaves the cockpit and) goes into the cabin to tell flight attendants to prepare for emergency landing"... when he could have simply picked up the phone and called attendants (like they always do...).
Frances Witham (1 month ago)
Kudos to that crew.
Michael Tulloch (1 month ago)
I like the ones , where no one is killed. All survive.
Jeremiah Carlos (1 month ago)
How the fuck does the atc deny an emergency aircraft their request for lower altitude
Leus Reit (2 months ago)
Have you made video on crash of the flight Tatarstan 363 in Kazan' airport, involving Boeing 737-500? If not, it would be appreciated. That happened in November 2013
talkaboutgod (2 months ago)
Vv hese (2 months ago)
even if the plane was out of dead radio frequency the pilots made a clear decision to go back to anchorage and saved the plane from a possible crash.
Raymond Parsley (2 months ago)
The Boeing 747 in one beautiful, magnificent flying machine.... Skilled mechanics and pilots are the key to safe flying.
Michael Macluskie (2 months ago)
How come its always American Airplanes that are involved with mishaps and or fatal crashes mor than any other Airline?? American Trains, Ships (mostly Navy), and Aircraft always crashing....OSHA what are you doing??
Joshua Powell (1 month ago)
I guess you could call it....american exceptionalism, lol
Augustin Man (2 months ago)
Did you get it?! "The NTSB found that there was a fatigue crack in the power module, and that IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE TO VIRTUALLY INSPECT THAT TYPE OF FAILURE" DID YOU GET IT?! Thus "safe fly and pray for the rudder" !
Paul Malnar (2 months ago)
So many times we've heard that every leap in logic or advance in technology is another step towards designing the pilot out of the cockpit. It is categorically ridiculous if not impossible to pursue such a state of automation. What computer could emulate a seasoned pilot who must re-qualify the plane and himself in the event of the unthinkable! I'm talking about keeping a bird in the air in that crazy space outside the flight envelope where landing gear double as vertical stabilizer or any of the more radical inputs we've seen over the years from some bright capable pilots! He's there to fly, let him do it!
rifleman40440 (7 days ago)
And yet, most plane crashes are caused by pilot error...almost seems like pilots are fallible.. Most of these videos show this as well. I'd venture to say that automation has saved more of those big birds from pilots than the other way around. I'll just leave this here. http://www.planecrashinfo.com/cause.htm
MINECRAFT PLAYER (2 months ago)
Give me the name of this Simulator boy
British001 (2 months ago)
Love your videos man but the only thing missing is voices.
Fractured Joules (3 months ago)
I agree with you 1000% TDA. When the Captain declares a May Day and requests a lower altitude, ATC should and MUST work with the flight crew and give them what they request. As stated by TDA, ATC can clear the area, there are hundred of lives in jeopardy the captain must be responsible for. Good thing things went well for this flight.
Yusuf Jariwala (3 months ago)
Really love watching this flight channel. Get to know more and more about flights handling by the pilots to avoid the disasters. And hat's off to the flight channel for their conclusions.
3:28 music please
Wolf Bradshaw (3 months ago)
Where do you get those really nice songs from?
devalphamale31 (3 months ago)
music credits pls?? give the names of track you use
ღMateus Kunღ (3 months ago)
Mandy CharrLuvr (3 months ago)
This is my new favorite channel! Excellent, and very well done.
Peter Wakeman (3 months ago)
on the route in dame aircraft was all good
Truthfears Guilty (4 months ago)
Job Well Done! Congrats!
Truthfears Guilty (4 months ago)
Job Well Done! Congrats!
Libby (4 months ago)
Question if anyone knows... how the hell do we still have DEAD SPOTS? I mean seriously. Can we get these planes Verizon or something? We have how many satellites orbiting? There should never be a situation like this where a plane can't be in contact with SOMEONE. I'm glad they thought to relay it through another aircraft.
GeorgeRR1978 (26 days ago)
+YAOmighty - Gaming and More Satellite telephony does exist
Radars can only reach so far. If only the Earth was flat... /s
Peter Shaw (3 months ago)
Really is amazing in this day and age we have so called dead spots
lenny108 (4 months ago)
nicely done video, seems that the pilots had neglected to perform complete flight control checks before takeoff?
Rishie Mansingh (4 months ago)
excellent airmanship.
Robert Gift (4 months ago)
Well done video! Thank you. I would have stayed high. Less dense airflow againstherrant rudder and better able to communicate by radio.
TakeDeadAim (4 months ago)
When you're an emergency aircraft and have relayed a "Mayday"...YOU OWN whatever airspace you want. ATC does not "clear" you...YOU TELL ATC where you're going and what you need to do. THEY MUST do the work of clearing corridors, block altitudes...whatever. You deal with your actions on the ground but "upstairs"...ATC works for you. Period.
Lippy Kindle (4 days ago)
I imagine it was more cooperative than suggested, ATC probs asked for a bit of time to coordinate everyone in the airspace.
Dominic Grew (5 days ago)
+Ange-Jean Beaudun No. A declaring of an emergency is an alias of Mayday. This means that they are to be treated as a Mayday aircraft where the are number 1 priority for every movement they make and/or request. From the FAA Chapter 39 Annex 1-17
Ange-Jean Beaudun (8 days ago)
That was maybe just a "pan pan"
Nancy M (1 month ago)
Would, could there EVER be a situation where that wouldn't be true? Just curious. TIA.
John DeLuca (1 month ago)
TakeDeadAim, I agree. I was trying to think how that refusal could be rationalized. I was hoping that was a momentary situation while they were clearing the airspace. One would hope that once an emergency was declared, especially a control issue, ATC would immediately endeavor to clear space ahead and below the aircraft. (I'm not a pilot or ATC)
butchtropic (4 months ago)
Well done, what was that music at closing, I liked it, very relaxing.
Michael W. Jones Jones (4 months ago)
I noticed you started using so called extended contrail graphics. We cant be fooled. Did "they" contact you about this ? You only do it ocasionally but you still capitulated. Shame. # STOPCHEMTRAILS !
Z Z (4 months ago)
Unlike their Asian cousins, this flight crew took command of the situation and immediately commenced a safety 1st procedure. They then executed it with calm professionalism, and the result was not an "Act of God", but a good example of best practice. No panic, no bullshit, no ATC/Engineering on the ground buck-passing. Airlines and the pilots that fly for them are NOT generic. If you decide to go cheap, then the don't complain when the guy or gal at the front decides to put face or finance before your safety. It really is that simple.
Vivek Manoj (4 months ago)
This is why northwest became southwest
La musica infinita (4 months ago)
Trained pilots 👍👍
Chase Hobbs (5 months ago)
The landing :Did not touchdown on marks :Touchdown way to late :Almost overran the runway rate: 10/10 The part about it is that they landed to far,and made me think it was going to overrun the runway,in this case with the B747 Nortwest is a popular airline,but it is not really around here.I would honestly give them a bigger surprise.They did something no pilot had been trained before with a B747.
Chase Hobbs (5 months ago)
Since I only play flight sims,I would have most likely crashed this plane lol.I will get flight lesson's soon tho.
SpunkDustbin (5 months ago)
You are ridiculously talented.
Miles Franklin (5 months ago)
Good morning. You are doing some excellent videos that shows us that we have some great production and edition people. Also the excellent research work. Congratulations and continue to share your videos.
TexasRose50 (5 months ago)
I love seeing success stories! Wow, awesome pilots!! Kudos to them. These videos are SO addicting! I have to use them as a reward to myself for getting my chores done. Makes me work quicker so I can sit down and enjoy them. Along with learning new things I never knew about. Thanks again for all the hard work putting these together. :)
annihilationHaven (5 months ago)
I hate hearing this type of story, a problem that nobody has a fucking clue about. This is the worst type of incident. Even a fire is better, at least you have some idea how to put it out.
Bryan Stanley (5 months ago)
Hey YouTube, these damn ads in the middle of videos will soon make me never watch videos again on your site.
h4rder10 (5 months ago)
some serious skills at the cockpit there by esp. the F.O.
MarZ KillZ (5 months ago)
Seen this on tv
Inferno Dragon (5 months ago)
it might be the second deadliest single aircraft disaster when it crashed. how suck
Etienne Nobel (5 months ago)
These are great videos but please attend to your language.
Garrett Baker (5 months ago)
If you haven't done the Gimli Glider, that would be slick. These videos are really elegant. Are you recreating these from general accounts of the events or are these run from the flight data recorder? Either way, it's these are impressive!
teenie neenie (5 months ago)
The ATC's response was disgusting. Pilot declares an emergency and ATC's response is " Yeah....".?
Codename_Eight (1 month ago)
He was just acknowledging that he knew that Northwest 85 declared an emergency
Ray N17 (5 months ago)
Great work put into these videos,top quality
Rory O'Connor (6 months ago)
Great airmanship to the pilots. Well done. True heroes all.
Rayleen Gale (6 months ago)
Tomáš Bouzek (6 months ago)
At the time of the incident, Junior Captain Frank Geib and First Officer Mike Fagan had just taken control of the aircraft, allowing Senior Captain John Hanson and First Officer David Smith to rest.
Maja Andrukaniec (6 months ago)
Awesome video a love that flightchannel😊
Elchben Studio (6 months ago)
i am deffiinetliy going to sub ur awsome hell yeah my fav channel
Ernest Humphrey (6 months ago)
Great channel and great work. Thanks for what is probably a ton of work. First class and very informative ‼️
Niklas Enblom (6 months ago)
Great video and what a splendid job those pilots did to wrestle the 747 back to Anchorage. That sudden bank must’ve been terrifying.
Chris Miller (6 months ago)
That aircraft is at the Delta museum near Hartsfield Jackson airport and is on display.
teenie neenie (5 months ago)
Didn't know that, Thanks for the info!
The awesome Ryan604Gamer (6 months ago)
This is similar to Japan Airlines flight 123 which lost the rudder and it crashed into a mountain northwest of Tokyo
J Stenberg (6 months ago)
Great graphics!!!
Leo V. (6 months ago)
whats the name of the music at 11:08?
john harris (6 months ago)
The Flight Channel getting better and better.
ladykiri42 (6 months ago)
Very interesting, and well handled by the pilots. My brother-in-law is one of Northwest's main repair mechanics and is often flown to foreign airports to fix problems that occur to their aircraft. Not sure if he was called to Alaska for this one.
busylifemeto (6 months ago)
Are youtube serious adds every fucking minute ? FUCK OFF
teenie neenie (5 months ago)
Are YOU serious!? Get AdBlock, stupid!
mj ramj (6 months ago)
No one died right? That would be terrible
weldon mackenzie (6 months ago)
astonishing survival???? was i missing something?
George Costopoulos (6 months ago)
may God rest their souls
Anisa Batool (6 months ago)
The videos are nice but the written explanations are difficult to read and then they vanish in a jiffy Plz do something
Janice Ranola (6 months ago)
Kudos to the two pilots!
HattaRizadiYT (6 months ago)
Scott Padgett (7 months ago)
Absolutely Stunning Work I can't get enough of your videos Just spent most of my day "binge" watching them.... Wonderful and interesting Thank you for your hard work brother....
Gary Stafford (7 months ago)
I always thought this video was a good place to view aircraft videos, but wtf is up with 3 ads in the first 7 minutes of the video. If I experience anymore of this bullshit I will not view any more. I can deal with the 1st ad at the beginning of YouTube videos but this was too much.
WilliamOccamensis (7 months ago)
So many of these disasters happen because something fails and the pilots have to guess what. Why aren't planes equipped with cameras, so pilots can see what's going on out there? There should be cameras on the upper body and underneath, set up to give a panoramic view. They're pretty small now, and wouldn't create significant drag.
LEXUS-RX300 (1 month ago)
WilliamOccamensis they do now on the tail you can see the whole plane from where the people sit
T R (7 months ago)
Would be good to voice over comments and commentary, otherwise perfect entertainment and flight engineering events to learn by
Robert Chase (7 months ago)
"... not possible to virtually [sic] inspect ..." -- "visually"!
Robert Chase (7 months ago)
The English on many of these air disaster videos is terrible, e.g. "Because of its size, the Boeing 747 has both an upper and lower rudder which they [sic] work together" -- "they" does not belong! Another: "Even if [sic] Anchorage is more than 30 minutes away ..." -- "Even though ..."! Yet another: "If the pilots will [sic] lose control of the plane ..." -- "will" does not belong; "if" places the clause in the subjunctive mood -- it should not be in the future tense!
S Plane (7 months ago)
It feels like watching a movie 🍿! Great work now I have high expectations for you!
maurice gaskin (7 months ago)
Great video, but you must show a reaction of the crew and passengers in these difficult situations. Thanks for some entertaining videos
I was in this plane
Miles (7 months ago)
Didn't they land on 6 Left?
Larry Maxwell (7 months ago)
Damn white lettering is hard to see on clouds! DUH DUH DUH DUH! What idiot decided to use white lettering, MORON!

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