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Funny Cats Annoying Babies and Babies Annoying Cats (PART 05) - Youtube

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Seh Rish (17 minutes ago)
0:22 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Diana Martin (23 minutes ago)
Azoz Toys (28 minutes ago)
I will try i
0:22 - *_PETA Wants to Know Your Location_*
Lyla Cullen (2 hours ago)
I don't know where to start firstly just animal abuse in general is awful secondly THROWING a KITTEN just o my God poor thing.pearents shame on YOU. You just stand there and laugh and smile how? it is abuse to animals you wouldn't like it if you where thrown around for no reason so why do you think the kitten would you are disgusting awful pearents you don't deserve a kitten let alone a child you are bi***s
truthsout (4 hours ago)
I can't watch these. What sort of parents allow children to abuse cats TO MAKE VIDEOS. YOU OUTRAGEOUS PEOPLE.
Суши Ями (5 hours ago)
you stupid😲😲😡😠👹👾
Creo que soy la unica que habla español
INFO TERBAIK (5 hours ago)
Eden Dettling (6 hours ago)
theas babies are abusive!!
lilly girl gamer (6 hours ago)
can someone help me? ok ok why do the babies always play with the cats' tails and why they hold the cats' necks pls help me
Monica J (6 hours ago)
These parents need to intervene! Some of this is animal abuse. Some of these animals will react back and they may not like the outcome! The animal will of course be blamed.
Kris Barron (7 hours ago)
1:50 Kid goes were no human has gone before.
Rozangela Maria (7 hours ago)
ярик геймер (8 hours ago)
0:19 я бы ей отдал по попке за кота
Nicole Tapia (8 hours ago)
Why don’t the parents say anything when they see the babies hurting the kittens? Like? 🥴
Renalda Miller (9 hours ago)
mean you i. hate. this
Renalda Miller (9 hours ago)
Carl Nila (9 hours ago)
0:10 my baby sister does the same xd
Daisystar Shine (9 hours ago)
Absolutely disgusting !! Some of these so called parents should never be able to own animals and what’s most disturbing is they have children too!! Wtf 😡😡
백미팅 (9 hours ago)
DRealSidewinder (10 hours ago)
Very educational. Demonstrates why children shouldn’t handle pets nor pets harass children.
Sam Alphonse (10 hours ago)
0:13 wow that baby wants the cat to sing I believe I could fly
faiz ikhsan (10 hours ago)
Stupid parents.
Tazyla B (10 hours ago)
Come on!!!, those are babies too (i mean the kittens) parents should teach their babies to be nice to animals, to be gentle with them, my 1 year old niece had learn to be gentle with animals, sometimes you have to correct her, but she knows when i said (and i do a gesture) soft soft soft, that means to pet in a gentle way
Abas Skena (12 hours ago)
مو حلو
Ember The Catto (14 hours ago)
You see, if an adult was to treat a cat/kitten the way some of these babies are, they would most likely be fined for animal abuse. Yet when a baby does it, its "cute" and "funny". Did you know that some of these kittens could've been injured?
Kitty Gacha ت (14 hours ago)
3:58 I have a cat like that!!
Parents who would allow their baby to treat an animal any way they please are abhorrent irresponsible human beings and far beyond ignorant. And these people sell it for "entertainment". The day people are "equal" is the day the earth turns into a bowl of corn flakes. Liberal shite smells bad.
Flashback Mary (16 hours ago)
Poor cats what kind of parents are this
Arsalan Khan (16 hours ago)
Not funny
Konrad Fh (17 hours ago)
Wtf smol Girl fu**************k you smol boy😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🖕🖕🖕🖕
Dolma Tso (17 hours ago)
Actually babies cats ND puppies are really sensitive and even throwing them little will kill them forever. So please don't make fun of them especially with babies . Human Babies can kill innocent animals babies.
اسيرة الحياة (17 hours ago)
rohini matapurkar (17 hours ago)
ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!!The babies should be slapped hard by the cats!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
minerva perez hernandez (18 hours ago)
Mocosos caen mal de que agarran como trapo a estos hermosos animalitos fuchi
Это уже живодерство
Karina Lopes (18 hours ago)
David _HD (19 hours ago)
1:00 can i punch she im the face
recepflz dzgn (19 hours ago)
Ejnar Andersen (21 hours ago)
Cats are dirty. Don't let babies play with them.
KittyfunnySUNNY (21 hours ago)
Some of these are cute but most of them are abusive smh
Mrs Victor (21 hours ago)
The second thumbnail is so off the chain# It's so adorable 💞👐
вы себя
baek's property (22 hours ago)
The second one is epic
Dani Soreta (22 hours ago)
Dani Soreta (22 hours ago)
Thank you for showing me all the cutties cat all of them i tumbs up!
Keisha Ward (1 day ago)
These parents should kill the kids and themselves, animal abusers
Anjana Pal (1 day ago)
shiv thakur er jaye (1 day ago)
So cute babies and their cats😀😀😀😀 and I m also a child
Pali Chakraboty (1 day ago)
Oceania Marina (1 day ago)
Bad parents 😠
ayman shakil (1 day ago)
Some of these parents are questionable!!
Mary Nicolas (1 day ago)
Pls! Don't u lay ur baby to little kitten because i saw the baby almost chouck those poor little kitten.( 0:19 , 1:36
Ahmad Kabha (1 day ago)
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Lil Pea (1 day ago)
0:20 stop it get some help
Lil Pea (1 day ago)
The only part without abuse... like 2:19
Lil Pea (1 day ago)
Should be titled "link vs hinox"
Tomasz Krzywania (1 day ago)
Nie którzy ludzie są porąbani jak można tak maltretować koty
SSMB25 (1 day ago)
Cute babies
Denis Wilson (1 day ago)
That white cat will remember that toss later in that kids parents lives
Shacorya Michaels (1 day ago)
At 0:11 the toddler man handled the kitten. Lol poor kitten. Sooo cute
Totatamer Tamer (1 day ago)
انا في حياتي كثير كل القطط كنت بخاف منها بصراحه لكن القطط انا ما بقتش بخاف منها خلاص خالص يعني بس عمري ما هقبل قطه في حياتي ثاني ولو حتى ترضى انا اقعد في البيت 😎😎😎😎😎
Emilie Angelique (1 day ago)
0:22 ANIMAL ABUSE well not really but ANIMAL ABUSE
Seraphim Step (1 day ago)
Animals are not toys! Please keep your babies away from them!
Lassiter Bonano (1 day ago)
you should be arrested for animal abuse videos
Maria irene Soares (1 day ago)
Muito lindo animais e criaanças brincando ☺
marta pawlak (1 day ago)
Ten dzieciak ktury wywalił kotka jest popierdolony
Marco Zannin (1 day ago)
I do not like this video at all...I would go to kick the ass of each single owner especially the parents of the blond little bastard
Anisa Mubarak (1 day ago)
The people should stop the babies from hurting the cats but I cried when I saw the cat in pain no hate
Маша Порох (1 day ago)
ужаснее итого, когда детям, в таком возрасте, разрешают истязать животных... они позже вовек не усвоют, отчего этого мастерить невозможно! ведь ранее можно было!!!!!
Shameem Akhter (1 day ago)
Abusing kittens I think who is recording for them is funny but not for me 🤨🤨🤨🤨👎👎👎👎👎
Nagihan Guler (1 day ago)
Зачем котов мучать!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😠😠😠
Tfue (1 day ago)
Ana Cleide Souza (1 day ago)
A ta bom 😂😂
Xx_Zombies _ Fear (1 day ago)
Ignorant fucked up parents,and then they cry over social media when their baby get hurt,stupidity and animal abuse at its best..
Wilde Foxy (1 day ago)
Soooo, parents are idiots, kids are pure evil. Not fun.
Коля Шоев (1 day ago)
Ну забавно будто
Jessica Dervishaj (1 day ago)
Hallo ich hase Lea und bin 11 hare
Hassan Iaabdlazizan (1 day ago)
omg the first one she throwed the kitty omg I feel so bad :(
Como pueden estos padres irresponsables permitir este maltrato.Que barbalidad
Vrinda Menon (1 day ago)
Ohhh .. those poor cats are getting troubled SOO SAD PARENTS SHOULD CONTROL THEIR CHILDREN
Ammar Eter (1 day ago)
يا أولاد الشرموطة أش هالحيونة مابيعرفو الأهالي ولاد الدعارة يعتنو بالقطط من أطفالهم البطول إيري قسما بالله إذا شفت أطفالكم غير أنيك اللي نفضهم وأيتمهم وأقتلهم يا أولا الدعارة
syeda ruqsar (1 day ago)
iL GeNiO (1 day ago)
3:40 hhhhh
iL GeNiO (1 day ago)
3:16 really niga !!!??
Nanda Gomes (1 day ago)
Já são pequenos mostrinhos
Akhi Priya (1 day ago)
so cute
**Cat and baby switched roles**
lizza izy (1 day ago)
Мне понравелос это видео.
Angie Delawder (1 day ago)
Omg so cute

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