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Do you check to see if anyone left bubbles?!?! We typically wouldn't bet $5 on this game, but someone left bubble wilds so we had to try our luck to see if Advantage Play would work and we were SHOCKED to land a first spin bonus on the big bet size! YAY! We also had Lock it Link luck the prior night during our MGM Springfield trip. Thanks for Watching! Please Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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MCM MCM (1 month ago)
Who are these annoying pair? Wow..
viktor joe (2 months ago)
I'll blow mr CT lol
SrwpkMX (6 months ago)
Where can I find this machine?
This one was at MGM Springfield, if you're familiar with it, it's near the Mlife desk. They have a row of them there! Good luck! :)
Joe Scambait (6 months ago)
do they care about filming there? just wondering cause i want to record without hiding from the ol pit boss... thanks
Joe Scambait (6 months ago)
@CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos thanks so much...good luck
We do not have official permission to record and do it on the sly. We were yelled at once for just taking a picture while some slot attendants have seen us recording and didn't seem to care.
Darnel Hunter (7 months ago)
It wasn’t $5 it was 0.05 cent machine people. That’s why she didn’t win that much. Look in the lower right corner of the machine. If you do the math it adds up, plus you can see the dollar amount in the center of the screen.
We just play what looks fun or games we’ve enjoyed in the past and tend to move around if not hitting much.
Darnel Hunter (7 months ago)
Ah I see. Are there certain machines you look for and certain amounts and spins you go after?
It was a $5 bet on a nickel denomination machine. 100 credits x 0.05 = $5 bet. I won almost $300. Wish it was more LOL! Thanks for watching! And yes, the dollar amount is there under the credit amount, so it clearly states what the bet size and win are.
SUCK ON DEEZ (7 months ago)
Waste of 10 mins an 20 secs of my life
Good, that's what we were aiming for!
Oh how we love a first spin bonus, and so many spins, congrats on a good win. Always give the wife the money, LOL! "I'll take the Minor". Congrats but next time ask for the Major. ;)
LOL I will definitely ask for the bigger progressive next time! And you know Kathy always gets the money! :) Thanks Diana!
William Gray (7 months ago)
That was his money. You could tell by the way She was practically begging Him for it. what a bitch.
Calm down dude, we're obviously joking around
ElvisCorvette Slots (7 months ago)
First spin bonus was crazy good. Especially on a $5.00 bet. Great video. Continued good luck my friends and a big thumbs up.
Thanks Elvis, we do not typically bet $5 on this game, so we were thrilled that bonus landed since we were only going to take 4 spins on it to run out the bubble wilds left on the screen. It definitely worked out! :)
Complete horseshit. I mean, I'm glad you got a 1st Spin bonus and won some shit, but GOD DAMN 56 games with MULTIPLE bubbles LOW and in LINE with each other, and it's like the machine knows where NOT to put the "Ocean's Magic" expanders. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, And LOL at Mr. CT saying "so over $4,000?" in response to Ms CT saying "you get anything over my losses". LOL!!!!!!
LOL, this was our first win after lots of losses the night prior so we were happy with anything the machine wanted to give us! And we were definitely hoping for more, especially with the line ups but the machine was definitely set to NOT land those stupid expanders! Hope all is well! :)
John Reyes (7 months ago)
So Mr CT. What Mrs CT. Is doing to the machine just ride it out!!!! Because she’s carrying the Team 🤔 and I think the bubble lady’s jaw was sore, could’ve been blowing all weekend 😃😃 Good Luck as always Team CT🍺
John Reyes (7 months ago)
I know the feeling I’ve been the mush!!! The last few times😬
Hahaha, John! So we blame the lack of bubbles on her sore jaw, lol! We took a trip to the local yesterday and I carried the team this time, lol! It's not always Mrs. CT. :)
dream chasers302 (7 months ago)
new casino correct
Correct, it opened at the end of August.
SunFlower Slots (7 months ago)
Very nice 1st spin bonus. We've played this game before, no luck with bonus. You did good CT. Keep it going my friend.
Thanks! Hoping we can land the bonus again!!! :)
kramerica2k10 (7 months ago)
OMG, this game is impossible to get the bonus on, can't believe you got it on the first spin. I've got the bonus once this entire year and I usually play it once a trip.
We couldn’t believe it! Just sat down to take the four spins cause someone left the wilds, amazed that landed!!!
NG Slot (7 months ago)
That was great 1st spin bonus, and a lot of free spins, that should paid you at least 100x win !
I know, right?!?!?! Next time we’ll get more than one wild to land on the burst! 🤞
KURI Slot (7 months ago)
It was sweet the 1st spin bonus !! This game is really tough for me. I never had a free games yet ! You did good and higher bet !!! Stay lucky CT ! Have a great weekend !
We couldn't believe the bigger bet paid off! Thanks Kuri! :) Good luck if you're in the casino this weekend :)
GoodLife Slots (7 months ago)
Get it!!!!! Not sure what happened to my subscription but I’m subscribed again!!!!
Welcome back GoodLife! :) Wishing you lots of first spin bonuses in the future! :)
Steve Richloff (7 months ago)
NICE and on the first spin of an extremely hard game to bonus on. That was Springfield??
Thanks Steve! Yes, it was Springfield. I wish more of their slots bonused on the first spin! HAHA! We may give them another shot tomorrow to escape the rain, we'll see!
FIRST SPIN BONUS!??? You know how hard this game is to bonus on!??? Amazing :) WTG guys!
@Steve Richloff RIGHT! not just 3 treasure chests they get, but 4!??? 😂😂😂 we suck!
LOL we do know how hard it is to bonus on, and were shocked that it landed, especially since we only sat down to take four spins and chase the wilds off the screen! Thanks Albert! :)
Steve Richloff (7 months ago)
I KNOW!!! I have hundreds into this friggin game and I think I've seen 2 chests 3 damn times!!!!
Littlebitofnothin' (7 months ago)
For all those spins, I was really hoping for a huge win on Ocean Magic. But, you still did really well. You both make me laugh when you discuss your cuts of the slot win (and other things). Anything after the losses. Ha! Fun video and nice ending win on Eureka. Thanks.
We were hoping for a lot more too, Littlebitofnothin'! We couldn't believe the wilds didn't line up well with the burst symbols during all those spins! This was after a terrible run of luck by Mrs. CT so I was happy she was able to win something! :) Thanks!!!
Cu Car (7 months ago)
This is one of the worst games in the whole casino. Its a joke
maon169 ortiz (4 months ago)
CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos Lady you only got $60.00 and you were betting $1.00 not $5.00 😂
A first spin bonus that wins me almost $300? I'd like to find more of these terrible games that give that result.
Brian Mason (7 months ago)
YOUR ending was better. This time.
LOL should we put our smaller wins at the beginning of the video? :)
Slot Slasher (7 months ago)
LOL soooooooooo many double entendres in this video
LOL! Don't we always? Apparently we can't seem to get our minds outta the gutter ;)
Slot Traveler (7 months ago)
Wow that was a lot of games and the payout was pretty nice! Nice lock it link! :)
Check it again, I think $299.75 on a $5 bet is pretty darn good!
Thanks BFF! :) I was definitely wishing more of those wilds landed on the starbursts, but we were very happy with the outcome!
Slot Traveler (7 months ago)
Cu Car you obviously don’t know math... 5k nickels is not $50! Do the math...
Cu Car (7 months ago)
Pretty nice? 56 bucks on a $5 bet with 50 some games LOL!
Linda S (7 months ago)
Love it when they work out like that! :)
jackie colbree (7 months ago)
Did you mean there are no free drinks on the floor? or no servers were coming around
LOL there are lots of free drinks, we just had terrible cocktail service that night. Our next trip had abundant service, so they must have fixed it! They also have self-service areas for coffee and soda.

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