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Hair Loss | How To Put On & Style A Layered Brown Wig & Add Accessories | Cancer Hair Care

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This video is made by hair loss expert charity Cancer Hair Care and cancer patient Emma who shows you How To Put On & Style A Layered Brown Wig in just a few minutes. Emma also shows you how easy it is to add an accessory adding that personal touch. Cancer Hair Care videos are ideal for cancer patients loosing their hair due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment but is a suitable video for all types of hair loss and wig wearers. For more further hair loss support and information plesae visit our charity website at http://www.CancerHairCare.co.uk Like Us On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CancerHairCare
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MsLach09 (4 years ago)
Thank you for posting this amazing videos. They have helped alot. Greetings from Honduras

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