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Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

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Taking the next step in photography means transitioning to a better quality camera from your typical point and shoot pocket camera or cell phone. In most recent years, the well-known DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras have been rivaled with the up and coming mirrorless camera technology. With this introduction of new technology into the world of photography, tech expert, Patrick Norton walks us through the top Facts vs. Myths surrounding DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. It includes to the topic of camera body size, auto focus and more. By understanding these concepts, users can determine the camera that best fits their life style! For more info: www.sony.com For more info: www.youtube.com/SGNL Follow @sonyalpha on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sonyalpha
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Text Comments (2291)
Jacob Ebertowski (19 hours ago)
"or just shootin' kids in the park"
Sonali Debnath (1 day ago)
Mirror less is obviously better but it costs too much...
Threelly AI (1 day ago)
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Sony commercial
Joseph V M (16 days ago)
Literally, Sony is trying to convey that Canon has better DSLRs than their own DSLRs!
carlo delarosa (17 days ago)
Thanks sony for being neutral
craftable memes (19 days ago)
he looks like an older ryan renolds
The Norm Show (20 days ago)
Pretending that the new Sony mirror-less can hang with that 10 year old 5D. If your having a hard time with the extra 500 grams get another profession.
Steven (20 days ago)
That comment about kids was fucked up and disturbing.
Tao Tao (21 days ago)
Why isn't there a skip button for this ad?
Nouk Hollands (24 days ago)
Has a channel about a big brand uses bigger brand in the video 😂
tech malayalam (26 days ago)
My camera is sony alpha 300 it is which mirrorless or.
Brendan Harrington (27 days ago)
I still like the color quality from Canon DSLR cameras.
Jay Ritter (27 days ago)
"...or just shooting kids in the park." LMFAO! Best soundbite.
tritonmole (28 days ago)
2:48 just randomly shooting kids in the park :D what a terrorist :D
HaMa -A (1 month ago)
Mirrorless cameras won’t replace DSLRs soon
davidothedorito (1 month ago)
only realized this video is from sony at the end. very unbiased.
achintya sagar (1 month ago)
Mirrorless camera are costly af...for a beginner photographer like me Mirrored cameras are more practical
ЯⴷHULHⴷCKZ (1 month ago)
You say anything. I love DSLR than a mirrorless camera.
Because you don't know anything about cameras
pvandck (1 month ago)
Yes this may be a Sony video but it's still all technically correct. Lots of equipment porn fanatics, probably of little actual skill, commenting nonsense here.
B Barker (1 month ago)
Nice try Sony, this is just one big Sony ad lmfao
D-Gauss (1 month ago)
If you are getting a mirrorless camera get the Panasonic S1 or stay with DSLRs.
ED Smith (1 month ago)
the sony mount clips the edge of the sensor = bogus system !
ParkieL (1 month ago)
Who the hell did the b-roll?
Bill Uransel (1 month ago)
I’m a camcorder guy, are these cameras capable of electronic zoom engagement? Ie - from a remote device like a LANC device
Golden Ratio (1 month ago)
This sounds like Sony is moving towards mirrorless cams, and fade out bulky DSLRs.
johndeedrick pineda (1 month ago)
Obviously this was a paid Video to Market Sony Mirrorless Camera😁
astafzciba (28 days ago)
It's not paid. It's literally Sony's channel
Wafflosity X (1 month ago)
2:48 umm mwhat did i just hear?
TreeMobile. (1 month ago)
Even though mirrorless' are cute, THE DSLR'S ARE MUCH MORE CUTER.
mos ab (1 month ago)
Aren't all those cheap digital cameras they've been making for a while mirrorless as well?
Shannon Abbott (1 month ago)
Violet Henning (1 month ago)
Yessssss!! Finally someone i agree with on this point. Great video man.
Orion M42 (1 month ago)
Ive heard mirrorless cameras capture better light dynamics in contrast
MonkeySpirit 1992 (1 month ago)
Cit. Sponsored by Sony
Roberdrul92 (1 month ago)
This one of the most subliminal Sony's promotion I have ever seen. Good try Man..but PLEASE
Kennedy Bashorun (1 month ago)
Sony is overly expensive. that's my issue
Phil Jones65 (1 month ago)
You said it dude but they are all expensive check out Nikon Z and L mount prices are bad
Gra Xx (1 month ago)
What’s the hurry mate slowdown talking 1,000,000 miles an hour ridiculous
Gra Xx (1 month ago)
Slowdown you talk too fast
FLRNT (1 month ago)
Your not that bias though.
Party Animal (2 months ago)
I like the sound of Shutter going off.
fatal kernel (2 months ago)
2:45 what's the place?
Manuel Pascual (2 months ago)
I am new to the photography world. I recently bought a Sony a5100 mirrorless camera. My main purpose is to shoot vlogs with it but I've heard things about it over heating. But I'm also interested on taking pictures with it. I was wondering, can I utilize other branded lenses on that camera? From what I've seen in this video it seems like I just need an adapter. Which one would you recommend?
MsiAK (2 months ago)
Nothing beats a nice fat DSLR for image quality and low light capture.
MsiAK (2 months ago)
+handel1111 irritating to watch? 😂 there's a pill for that.
handel1111 (2 months ago)
MsiAK nope 👎. DSLRs make you look stupid. Very irritating to watch. Mirrorless has way higher image quality
Vitamin B (2 months ago)
Digital viewfinder - no thanks. No need to discuss any further differences.
Maulik Bahl (2 months ago)
Sony using a canon camera 😂
Eslam Eldesouky (2 months ago)
Can you donate me a camera? ... and if it was old ... I want to complete my work because my camera crashed and I do not have enough money please help me
SaLz Editz (2 months ago)
enna tha irunthalum oru dslr vangarathu aa dream tha irukuthu😶
Shahzad Ali (2 months ago)
That Cannon DSLR Looks 10 year old version used just for this video to roast it😂,,,,Like they thought we're not gona notice that and they are selling their camera to some 65 year old retired fat man
SablaySinceBirth (2 months ago)
Free Man (2 months ago)
All I heard was "Sony, SoNy Sony...Sony"
amanh velpula (2 months ago)
Which one is the best
Rajiv kumar (2 months ago)
Sony showing Canon cameras🤣🤣😂😂😂 good courage.
Johmar Masbang (2 months ago)
It's not a problem. Same made in Japan. Lol 🤣✌️
kvdgadj (2 months ago)
What about the cost of both camera's? Some wallet are not full.
That Record (2 months ago)
2:48, WOAH! If people listened to him out of context...
Pratik Jena (2 months ago)
And what's the price difference ? I mean which of them is expensive ?
KEKS (2 months ago)
But we can all agree what ever we say they are not the same it depends on for what are you using your camera I personally like cameras with mirrors.
mounish vijay (2 months ago)
Perfect comparision! 💯💯
Rookyagent (3 months ago)
Elizabeth Farrell (3 months ago)
Thanks a bunch for this. :D
Bonifac Kovacs (3 months ago)
I have to say, that the mirrorless cameras that I've tried all felt like a toy in my hands. Sure a dslr is inferior in some regards, but using a mirrorless for me at least is just weird in the hands and distracts me from taking pictures
Spacemonkeymojo (3 months ago)
3.7k people still own DSLRs.
Antoine Chambers (3 months ago)
It was very difficult to get quality information from this.
amit nade (3 months ago)
They don't feel sony dslr comparable to mirrorless
nmarkose (3 months ago)
Good job buddy...I never realized till the end I was watching a Sony commercial.
Rogue Wolf Creations (3 months ago)
Sony has the edge now
TYler_ SChecter (3 months ago)
Shooting kids in the school*
jesikebiking (3 months ago)
Hello Patrick nice to see you again=miss you and Leo from Tech TV
End User (3 months ago)
Thank you for this helpful vid! I've been thinking about which among DSLR and Mirrorless camera should I buy for travels in 2019 and I guess I have to choose the less bulky one. I thought mirrorless cams have inferior image quality but was wrong haha thanks 😅
AZ Productions (3 months ago)
I still like a dslr cameras
AFJ Gaming (3 months ago)
“Shooting the kids in the park” sounds extremely dark.
Reality Vibes (3 months ago)
I Love Sony
Sougata Mondal (3 months ago)
They aren't showing Nikon's one's as nikon is sony's customers who purchases their parts
Mohd Yazid Abd Majid (3 months ago)
100% BIAS video comparison. Dslr is always best for photography Duh... With multipal atachment as option.
South India (3 months ago)
"Cochin Carnival 2019" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Aig0fjyL3ps Watch "How To Drink An Indian Tea Coffee. https://youtu.be/G5SHEEsOIPM
Ranjith kumar (3 months ago)
Shutter noise is irritating for a photographer?.....weird !!
Panagiotis Koukoulis (3 months ago)
This is not even a comparison video. During the entire video he is trying to prove that dslr are inferior by saying inaccuracies in order to promote sony's mirrorless camera!
karhy manis (3 months ago)
can get info infomercials anywhere
Adriana B. (3 months ago)
Great info dude. Thanks
Don Mega (3 months ago)
ok so DSLR is outdated technology that has reached it's peak performance. got it.
Jacob Aisoly (3 months ago)
Oh come on this is just an SONY ad.. Canon should sue them for rosting their products without their permission.
Muzamil Bhat (3 months ago)
Plzz brother give me one camera. U hv lot
George Tempest (3 months ago)
Oh, and why to the mirror-less cameras have an artificial 'click' sound built in like most cell phones, if it is so annoying?
George Tempest (3 months ago)
Heavier cameras prevent wobbling when taking pictures. I had various cameras in the last 50 years from Rollei to Hasselblad to Canon, even a Practika. When I tried the first digital cameras, I was disappointed with the picture quality and lost interest. Now that I can achieve better photos I am starting to by recent Canon EOS models with lens sets.
One disadvantage i observed in my cousin's mirrorless camera is, in low light the digital preview is far different from output. The output is really good but the preview is dark so it was hard for me to guess and click. Is it that particular model or its how mirrorless are.
സോണി ടെ വീഡിയോ ആണേലും canon ക്യാമറ കാണിച്ചു.സോണി ഇഷ്ടം 😘😘
Naradhipati Andaru (4 months ago)
I think the reason why sony has less lenses to choose from is because they want quality over quantity. You have to pay that much but you have awesome results in the end. Even the budget 55-210, when compared to other budget telephotos, i think this would come out on top
Mr. Harish Patni (4 months ago)
Suggest any camera under 70,000 INR
Le Plum (4 months ago)
Mirrorless cameras are no better than bridge cameras with an EVF as well as a back screen. Once you get to a 24MP+ sensor (or arguably even a 10MP+ sensor) it's all about the lens, the camera becomes irrelevant.
bumble bees (4 months ago)
Sorry Sony I personally like the way a DSLR feels in my hand and mirroless feels thin and cheap. that's just personal preference.
Marty Melvin (4 months ago)
I guess mirrorless cameras are useful for stalkers
LESION R6SIEGE (4 months ago)
“Just shootin the kids in the park.” more Read
Poti 225 (4 months ago)
So you are basically hating on DSLR's because they are heavier and less compact... Nice.
Edoardo Zone (2 months ago)
Well, I can't carry a DSLR everywhere I go, that's why I picked up a mirrorless. I'm not a pro, so there.
Ray (4 months ago)
Old Nikon Coolpix cameras were mirrorless. Any good quality DSLR can become mirrorless by using live view. Presently, all top quality cameras (Nikons and Canons) are DSLR. There's something superior about reality (DSLR viewfinder with no lag) within the creative process. For the time being, I'll stick with DSLRs. Besides, I enjoy the good solid "thunk" and the larger size makes it more stable and steady in the hands. My opinion of course....
Daniel Gaman (4 months ago)
Sony great lenses ? Great cameras ? You Sir lie !
ALI Ganjian (4 months ago)
Great video
Pp memes (4 months ago)
Haha....I see where this is going.Fuck sony.After thde mirrorless came out,one of my friend suggested me to shift to that.So I bought the sony a6300.I thought it was a great camera at first.But boy I was wrong.I usually do street photographies so i usually need zoom lens I had a stock of dslr lens but not of the mirrorless except the one that came with the camera.I had a little idea about morrorless then.Went to the market to buy a good zoom lens booom that zoom lens cost more then my camera did.The money i invested on this mirrorless is 2 times then that i invested on dslr like i have two dslrs.So sony please include pricing here please.Also lens selection is like fuuuuck
MushFi (4 months ago)
Highly helpful video. Thanks man.
Robert Rada (4 months ago)
True Mirrorless,False Dslr
jaja smile (4 months ago)
battery life DSLR you are the winner .. you also many DSLR cheaper .
Beta official (4 months ago)
Is that a pentax

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