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List 7 80s Fashion for Men. Fashion Trends and Style from the 1980s. Clothing Trends 1980s

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Awesome compilation of most popular and greatest Fashion Trends and Style for Men from the 1980s 7. 80s Rock Fashion 6. 80s Casual Fashion 5. 80s Summer Fashion 4. 80s Men’s Hip Hop Fashion 3. 80s Punk Fashion for Men 2. 80s Preppy Fashion 1. 80s Workout Fashion
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NewWaveFreak 1989 (3 days ago)
1:00 those are Football Casuals from the UK. Or Soccer casuals if you are from the US. They weren’t all just in the UK either. I wouldn’t say everyone dressed like them though. They dressed different from others around and wore expensive brands like Fila. Basically Casuals or Hooligans were football gangs basically. Some were actually rich and bought the stuff, but many stole the clothing and appeared rich. But all the gang fighting and conflicts were all for the love of football. Which is kind of crazy. They lived and breathed football that they fought for it. Even if people got seriously injured or died.
art strader (18 days ago)
"Ohhh, GNARLY!" Awesome vid, but so SO many hipsters! Because of the revival of 80's fashion trends, an ordinary pair of Vans or Chucks is $60 on up! We bought them in the 80's for $5 to $10 a pair! Now babies and old ladies are wearing them! Recently saw a newly made pair of O.P. cord shorts at the mall for $60! Dude, in high school thirty years ago, those shorts were $5 at Target and other department stores! Wish I still had all my eighties stuff!

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