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Do All White People Think The Same About Race?

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Text Comments (47234)
My god I disagree so much with them I couldn’t even finish the video
Ariiana Montoya (28 minutes ago)
I wish they brought in more of a spectrum like newer ages from say teens to adults , and have people who are proud of their culture would have been more intriguing rather than some people who’d rather bring up other cultures to get discussion over white culture off their back. it’s a shame how much people don’t take pride and are proud in their culture because of the events done by other people.
People in America have zero problems.They live in a bubble, all they worry about is being politicaly correct...its just sad seeing white people feel ashame for their roots.I am Greek and white, i do have a culture, greek people have been slaved and mistreat, i respect and embrace my roots, i know my history and love my culture.There's nothung wrong with that.
Little Blue Astronaut (40 minutes ago)
did you mean: do six young american white people think the same about race?
Ben Stone (53 minutes ago)
Sensitive people be sensitive for 10 minutes
Yandere-Kun in your closet (59 minutes ago)
as a salvadorian mestizo,I wanna smack the white guilt out of that "Irish" guy and that Faith girl, they're both so annoying. yes,white people have culture and common experiences, in the same way blacks do, and yes white people can experience racism
l Esposito (1 hour ago)
Im mixed and my connection with black culture decreases as I spend more time with White friends. Also, my mom is Haitian and never assimilated to Black American culture. So saying the nword is weird for me, though it does pop out from anger. I also try to be careful with what i say about black culture because i look dominician. It can be taken the wrong way.
Bailey Swanson (1 hour ago)
so with the question that they asked if you're proud to be a white person I'm proud to be who I am as a person but I'm not proud of the history of how we have treated other people
ooga boga poopa (1 hour ago)
I find this to be retarded, am I right or am i right????
Dean Price (1 hour ago)
Such a horrible show of what actually what white people think bunch of people who are already set I don’t think I agree with a lot...
Alex Sobotker (1 hour ago)
5:00 “I think there’s a difference between respecting the culture and completely disrespecting the culture” .... uh yeah
jj/arz .o (1 hour ago)
holy moly it was so hard to get through the entire video
Juju Maldonado (1 hour ago)
Luckily I’m mixed 😌
Sweg Master (1 hour ago)
They really got the whitest mfs
happy gay (2 hours ago)
Paige and Laura 💙
Acid mcjesus (2 hours ago)
well let’s put actual white europeans in a room instead of white-guilty california girls
Skylars SpaceFarm (2 hours ago)
Yes, people can be racist towards white people. If a black father doesn’t want their daughter to marry a white person simply because the man is white, (let’s assume the daughter is straight) it is racist! If you disagree, let’s change the roles a bit. If a white father doesn’t want their daughter to marry a black person simply because the man is black, (let’s assume the daughter is straight, again.) it is racist!
Lennert Scheurwater (2 hours ago)
There’s a part that I don’t understand about racism. For example: a lot of people from any race say: “People of color shouldn’t be discriminated.” But by saying ‘people of color’ you refer to every skincolor apart from white. I find that saying POC is also racist. Im not saying everyone that uses the term POC is racist, but it is so normalized these days.
Therese Eklund (2 hours ago)
Don´t have too strong feelings about something, be somewhere in the middle....in other words be swedish! I mean it, it´s a great way to live!
Demon Slayer (2 hours ago)
Oh my god that Irish guy is frikin hawwttt
Tante Herbert (2 hours ago)
Isn't it "Caucasian"?
theresa brown (2 hours ago)
I feel like they all should've strongly agreed to being proud of being white. There's absolutely nothing wrong with loving who you are or what skin color you have. Being proud of your skin or just who you are in general, is just another way of saying that you love yourself. Your not putting anyone down by loving that you're white. Idk I mean I just don't like the fact that someone does/has to feel guilty for being born the way they were 🤷🤷... I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comment.
psn iCramby (3 hours ago)
Amanda is literally my picture on my profile
Beano Fire (3 hours ago)
Any of my black sista's or brotha's watching? 💯
Sean (3 hours ago)
That girl at the end LOL WHAT
fandoms forever (3 hours ago)
Did you know that extremely traumatic experiences can effect your genes? I forget what exactly, but I believe that there is scientific research to show that the traumatized genes can be passed down, so if your great great grandad was... say, I slacked, that would genetically effect you as well. So the thing about anger being passed down through black people from the trama they insured is pretty well backed up.
Aabir789 (3 hours ago)
Video idea: Do all parents think the same?
Sean (3 hours ago)
The caucasity...
Jennifer Hergert (3 hours ago)
I think americans focus way to much on race at this point. I live in germany and in my friend groups, there are generally people from all cultures and we cook together, talk about life and politics at home. But it's never as heavy as in america. The only race-problem I experience are the asylum seekers. The male immigrants have literally changed where I can walk in my very safe city, they come up and talk to me, try to touch me and don't accept multiple clear "No"s. Men are constantly bombarded with questions of whether they want to buy drugs. Every second day in the news is another immigrant who raped an animal, gangraped a woman or killed someone. This is sadly fueling racism, especially since we don't have many black people around, that aren't immigrants. I guess also the immigrants that can actually behave themselves aren't noticed as much. The violence as well as the racism saddens me.
Kruton (3 hours ago)
Why are modern white people brought up into 99% of the American past anyways Most of us came from immigrants from the late 1800’s to the early-mid 1900’s We had nothing to do with our land ancestors past. My family is right from Ireland and Italy. My family suffered their entire lives, yet because they are white, that means they can’t say “hey my life sucks too?”
jojag5 (3 hours ago)
How exactly is the point about the pirate costume "Completely different". They say it's different, but never offer any explanation.
why did i start to cry
1TonCat (3 hours ago)
Girl in the sun dress...yikes
ExtremeComedy (3 hours ago)
There is no such thing as reverse racism.
Very Loki (3 hours ago)
Reverse Racism isn't a thing. Racism is Racism, no matter the colour.
Insert Humour Here (3 hours ago)
this whole video is racist like dayum
drgdsxx (3 hours ago)
i wouldn't exactly call myself 'proud to be white'. i don't think proud is the right word. but i do feel very glad that i was raised in a swedish household because it let me become bilingual which has really helped in learning other languages, and i've learned to connect with the culture as well. i don't feel proud of what some white people or ancestral swedish people have done, but i am glad that i have something else to identify myself by and own it.
Celtic Woman20 (3 hours ago)
When they're talking about being "white" they really mean being American. I'm Irish and I'm also white, someone from Europe is white, someone from the U.K. Is white, and so on and so forth. I felt like they weren't considering all white people, just Americans. Didn't seem fair to me
drgdsxx (4 hours ago)
everybody gangsta until the gangnam style
David N (4 hours ago)
These people need to realize that white people were slave too
Forever Loving (4 hours ago)
That girl with the black shirt and blue jeans targeting black people 👀
Trayton (4 hours ago)
this makes me feel bad like this shouldn’t even be a thing yes it’s great that white people can recognize the past and everything but we shouldn’t make them feel bad for being white cause just like us they didn’t ask to be born in the skin they are in and making them feel bad is no better than their past ancestors
Alekos Dermetzis (4 hours ago)
Words cant express how much I hate the comeback “Uh thats very different!”
Ricky 18 (4 hours ago)
There’s racism against whites in South Africa .. reverse racism is a redundant term
Hink (4 hours ago)
korbin the kuck
Ricky 18 (4 hours ago)
Left is the only one putting people into groups and giving them excuses to not succeed
Maddy Irving (4 hours ago)
The Irish man is awesome
irlmatty (4 hours ago)
make a do all gay people think alike 🤭
Majeed Abdul (4 hours ago)
So whites invented the word "nigger".... so when back people use it It's cultural appropriation
lawrence shadow (4 hours ago)
That whole thing was hard to watch.. Not one well developed thought. You need to get older people into this as well. People who've seen the world outside of simple academic pursuits or their one horse towns.
Maria S (5 hours ago)
Irish guy a woke bae....
hannah rose (5 hours ago)
I’m proud to be me but, I am not proud to be white. My skin color doesn’t define me, it doesn’t define what I have accomplished and conquered in life. However, if someone were to say, “I’m proud to be black”, that could mean that they are proud to have overcome oppression from society or, something along those lines. For me, there’s no deeper meaning / underlying feelings of my skin color.
Selena Garcia (5 hours ago)
Let be real I’m mixed with white but if you look at me you can’t tell. And I get treated so different than my friends for example I don’t see no body asking a white person for a green card which had happen to me more than once which is crazy cause I’m half white also I was born here 🤦🏽‍♀️ but like most people they just look at your skin or face and think they know you. But whatever
Ja'Terria Corbin (5 hours ago)
Faith will forever be invited to the BBQ!
- ItzRawry - (5 hours ago)
Why do people even care? We are all people and our differences define us :)
Dai-Lynn Walker (5 hours ago)
I got Lowkey aggravated by the blonde girl
Fate Pixels (5 hours ago)
So being judged by your race is not racism? If you judge someone on the color of their skin or bully them is racism. Period.
kuku88 (5 hours ago)
As an Asian, I’m actually quite sorry to see these white people feel so guilty about being born white. And no, it’s not because I’m one of those Asians who “admires” white people—I was born and raised in Canada, and have been around white people all my life. I dislike all this hatred and pressure on white people to be sorry for what their people have done in the past. But at the same time, such acknowledgement of atrocities is important, especially because there are still a lot of racist, sexist, homophobic etc white people today. But I don’t think you can limit one race to believing they are evil and don’t deserve to be happy or proud.
I LIKE TACO S (5 hours ago)
Man I hate white people sometimes
mackjeez (5 hours ago)
I'm Greek and all these Americans have lost their damn minds.
sm mily (5 hours ago)
Everyone thinks differently. I'm Mexican and don't think the same as other Mexicans. Why the white guilt? Everyone should be proud of who they are. Culture makes a country and that includes white-majority countries.
Hailey Schlegel (5 hours ago)
Me-*watches video* body-*actually physically cringes because it can't take it no more*
Carla Hernandez (5 hours ago)
This was supper interesting!!
Desiree Keifer (5 hours ago)
all of these people are very left leading lol I was expecting some conservatives to cause some problems
Francis Bright (5 hours ago)
Should've asked more stable minded conservatives.
Case Carroll (5 hours ago)
*this makes me sick*
Friendly Trash — (5 hours ago)
Why is race even involved. Yes some people are idiots but It has nothing to do with their skin color.
Layla Martin (6 hours ago)
2:55 just so this lady knows what the definition is rac·ism Dictionary result for racism /ˈrāˌsizəm/ noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
WeebyVixen (6 hours ago)
The thing about cultural appropriation is real, i dont really understands what that means but if they were talking about the costumes and dresses and stuff, I honestly wouldn’t find that offensive at all. If a japanese person dressed up as George Washington I wouldn’t be offended
Naika Aliyah (6 hours ago)
you should be proud to be whatever skin color you are but I get what they are saying 100%...y’all in the comments🙄
Shawna Barnes (5 hours ago)
This is ridiculous. theirs no such thing as reverse racism. it’s racism no matter what race. plus some of these people are completely wrong. plus white people cant say the N word but black people can say cracker. the N word means ignorante look it up in the dictionary. plus no one knows if they came from slaves or if we we came from slave owners. no white people don’t live privileged because I seen black people with more privilege plus I’m definitely not privileged. this video is horrible and wrong.
Hayley (6 hours ago)
you're not happy to be who you are? lol. these people are just lying straight up.
luversroc (6 hours ago)
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and feelings. That’s brave 👍 and awesome 👏
hello hello (6 hours ago)
I find it funny that this video makes it only seem like there are Whites, Blacks and Latinos in the world. Or maybe its just me.
geerenmo (6 hours ago)
I clicked purely because I wanted to know if they were going to be racist. The stereotype ambushed me. I'm sorry. Something tells me I'm not the only one. Also, *NO ONE* deserves to be treated in a racist way, period. These European Americans are *NOT* to be held accountable for what their ancestors _possibly_ have done (since we don't know if their historical blood relatives contributed to it).
richexplosions (6 hours ago)
is not overgeneralizing that difficult???
O no (6 hours ago)
Just some more white guilt
Gabrielle Symonette (6 hours ago)
there is no such thing as reverse racism. You being told that you can't dance or called a starbucks loving ugg wearing girl is harmless. But you being targeted by police, followed in stores and not hired at jobs because of your skin color is QUITE harmful
Gem Diva (6 hours ago)
Please, someone, do explain , exactly what "white guilt" is, why "white people" should feel guilty.
Anabelle Shapka (6 hours ago)
Personally I would be on the agree line on the "I am proud to be white". I don't think about it as "I am a proud white person" I think of it as the exact phrase they asked it in. I am proud of who I am. My skin colour is who I am. I have a blue undertone to my white skin. That is also apart of me. My skin is a unique feature of who I am just like who my eyes are apart of who I am, just like how my lip shapd is apart of who I am, and just like my how my hair colour is apart of who I am. No, I am not proud of the history the white skin is known for but that is all in the past. This is a new era where we have learned from mistakes and are better educated. Also the white skin colour is not a culture so no white people don't have a culture, but I am Ukrainian, and Ukrainians have a culture, therefore I, a white person, have a culture.
Shelby Ann (6 hours ago)
"12 minutes and 13 seconds of white people trying not to offend anyone and basically feeling bad for having any opinion."
BPS Sports (6 hours ago)
its the same people in the same place every time
Kloie Littleton (6 hours ago)
They should do religious ones like do all (Christians, Muslims, atheists) think alike
BPS Sports (6 hours ago)
the oversized girl clrearly knows nothing
Paris Cutten (7 hours ago)
How is it reverse racism that makes no sense wouldn’t it still be racism if it was against a white person
A Fromthenile (7 hours ago)
another Subliminals;; (7 hours ago)
im white mexican,total desagree whith all this opinions
DWE (7 hours ago)
Bro the girl in the black jacket dont understand bro like where she even from likr just having freinds making fun or making a joke bout yo race ain't the same as getting bully like what's her hood where she from like tf
Jake Osburn (7 hours ago)
The ginger guy with the beard had a very off putting way of dealing with those who have opposing thoughts, but I did admire his passion and felt he was correct in most of his points. However, it's important to demonstrate as much poise when discussing such incredibly sensitive topics such as the racial divide in America.
Chans babygirl (7 hours ago)
I cant with white ppl 😔
Joseph White (7 hours ago)
Haha what you mean?
Pharaoh Wendt (7 hours ago)
i fw the girl with the black jacket and the irish dude
Georgia (7 hours ago)
On the “I’m proud to be white” question, I will like to say, my ancestors do not define my qualities in my character. (I know I might be late) (I’m not white, but I like defending them from time to time.)
Alyssa Jane (7 hours ago)
I wish I could have been on this. I can't stand white guilt and would have put up some solid points. I love all races. I don't don't dislike a person for what they look like. You get what you give when it comes to me. And Im proud to be what I was born as? How dare anyone tell me not to be proud of who I am. And if I was born black, asian, hispanic, guess what? I'd still be proud. I should not have to feel the guilt for the sins of my ancestors. I should be able to say I'm proud to be White. Im proud to be a woman. And Im proud to be an American.
Chans babygirl (7 hours ago)
Do white ppl have culture? I dont think so they steal most of our Mexican cultures 💀💀 like dia de los muertos, and 5 de mayo. Like sis????
Chans babygirl (6 hours ago)
+Joseph White im spanish decent you asked that so nicely im soft. ppl here would most likely tell me off for that 💀
Joseph White (6 hours ago)
+Chans babygirl Yeah I kinda a get from where your coming from. im irish and live in Ireland and many of our ancestors fled from here to escape to america to escape oppression at the hands of a foreign government. When you say white people your generalizing every white person under that umbrella. If you dont mind me asking are you spanish descent or aztec descent?
Chans babygirl (7 hours ago)
+Joseph White whenever i say white ppl i mean from America in general. idk if you get me but i dont mean it towards other whites yk?? like if youre just from america and youre just white like not british or Irish or anything thats what i mean by white yk??
Joseph White (7 hours ago)
Hang on we irish never stole culture from Mexico. So for you to say that about white people in general is wrong.
Pharaoh Wendt (7 hours ago)
if ur white and from africa that's not ur culture. ur culture is ur background past and where they lived, what they believed in and race
who is she (7 hours ago)
no offense but if u have to put "reverse" in front of racism to make it a thing, then it's not racism lol
Emily B. (7 hours ago)
What about Abraham Lincoln who started the US Civil War to help end slavery? What about John Brown, the white man who was an abolitionist doing everything in his power to end slavery, and putting himself before others? These men helped slaves become free. Why don’t white people get any recognition? 😐
Logan Fernandez (7 hours ago)
This video hurts my ears
Bryant Gutierrez (8 hours ago)
do if all Hispanics think the same
*meep* bEeP bOoP (8 hours ago)
2 words. Eye.Opening

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