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Do All White People Think The Same About Race?

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Text Comments (64691)
hana parsons (2 minutes ago)
“You haven’t been oppressed “ cough cough Barbary salves (white slaves)???
Elijah Garcia (7 minutes ago)
Of course white people have culture. Americans aren't the only white people. Maybe it would be better saying Caucasian. I dunno if this is wrong but like an Irish person that is white has their Irish culture and Polish white people have their culture. I think you can call American culture sort of a culture as it is a mix of different cultures that many people now call "American". People call hamburgers an "American food" but idk.
perrie roberts (7 minutes ago)
i love that KORBIN GUY
Alexis McDowe (10 minutes ago)
As a black person I don’t think people should feel guilty for being white. Just be proud of who you are. And I feel like white Americans do have culture because naturally people will be more comfortable around their own race and tend to hang with their own race. If you have mixture different races in one room they’ll tend to hang out with there own race. Even if white American culture is based on things that could be argued as materialistic and shallow it still exists.
adina mccarthy (13 minutes ago)
faith and the red headed dude annoy me
migwell saceda (15 minutes ago)
I had to cackle
hana parsons (15 minutes ago)
This video makes is seem like there’s only white and black people🤷‍♀️
Zoe Gonsalves (18 minutes ago)
I think that this video should be called do all white Americans think the same about racism because the white race of other countries that are predominately other races have totally different views about some of these things. Also racism is the prejudice against any race so reverse racism doesn't make any sense, reverse racism would be acceptance and so it is just called racism no matter what race is being prejudice to the other.
Grace Unicorn (32 minutes ago)
No offence I feel like the kobin guy was rude!
Nena Pennington (40 minutes ago)
I must say there is a MASSIVE difference between a black person and a "n word".
Bibi (48 minutes ago)
The Irish Guy and the woman with the grey pants had the best point of view (my opinion)
zoe tomatosauce (1 hour ago)
About the “I am proud to be white” I don’t agree with that because saying “I am proud to be black” is about being proud what you’re race and culture has been through and surviving it and standing strong. But the white race hasn’t really had stuff with that as a race, individual families maybe, but not the white race.
Divy Nova (1 hour ago)
This bitches think people making fun of them because they can’t dance is racism. Whew.
I feel like if black people can say the n word, white people should be able to also. So if they don’t want white people to say that word, then they shouldn’t either
Megan Montoya (1 hour ago)
Paige, that is not the privilege they are reffering to girl lol.
purple (1 hour ago)
12 seconds in and i already wanna kms
Hector Hernandez (1 hour ago)
I honestly feel disturbed at the last question and their feeling of not being able to feel proud in being white.
Sophie Papillo (2 hours ago)
The girl in the black jacket with plaid pants was the only one who had my full respect cause she knows how to speak respectfully
Joshua Simpson (1 hour ago)
I find it hard to respect someone that doesn't even take pride in their colour.
Sylvi Six (2 hours ago)
It’s very sad that society tells us to be ashamed that we’re white. Of course we should NEVER think we’re better than somebody because of our race or skin color but it should also not be looked down upon to be white especially since I know that I and all my friends and family love everyone equally no matter what they look like. And to say that white people aren’t oppressed for being white is just ignorance. I have been turned down for a job for being white. Somebody has told me that they wish all white people would die.I didn’t even know them and we had never talked to each other in our lives. I’ve been excluded from things because I am white. I naturally have very pale skin and can’t tan and would get made fun of ALLL the time by everybody I knew to the point where I have not gone without self tanner in years. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and it’s never okay to be a horrible person to anybody just because they have a certain skin color. Because your skin does not define who you are on the inside. It’s a skin color. It makes everybody beautiful and gives us all uniqueness and variety but it never defines who we are as a person.
Dayana Ripoll (4 hours ago)
All of these people are too scared to say the truth ...
Dayana Ripoll (4 hours ago)
I’m sorry but coming from a Hispanic family ... black people can be super racist against white/Hispanic .. don’t think it doesn’t happen 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Vicki Creates (4 hours ago)
Race?????? we are all Human... thats the only race.... skin colour or ethnicity is not a race
Hafiza (4 hours ago)
White is not an ethnicity
Lisa La (5 hours ago)
Reverse racism isn't a thing god - Its just racism. The term racism isn't narrowed on whites being racist
Anna Petropoulou (5 hours ago)
All I can hear is "like..like..like..LIKE".
UNICORNFAM 101 (5 hours ago)
nhcx5sos (5 hours ago)
The blonde girl at the front reminds me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
Djura (5 hours ago)
Okay so because the KKK and the nazi's are white, which i as an individual have nothing to do with (my grandparents have been suppressed by the nazi's tho, they were not a part of it) i can not be proud to be white? I mean common, white people have as little say in their skincolor as black people. So why can black people be proud and white people can not?
Destiny E. (5 hours ago)
Can I have the Irish Guys Instagram or something? sheesh lol he is fine
fluffy sheep (6 hours ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that skin color isn't important? If your color defines who you are as a person you are not an individual but just a part of a mass of people... culture shouldn't define who you are or how you act. At the end of the day we are all human, no? I think that dividing humanity into groups because of their differences in upbringing is damaging. A life is a life no matter what the superficial differences are, wr all have the same value. No one is more special than the other because being white, black or whatever you are won't make you suddenly gain super powers that you wouldn't have unless you had a specific skin color... Also I personally don't like Faiths opinions...
eva maría (6 hours ago)
why are they feeling guilt what the past white people did ? like its not ur fault that the past white people did?
Becky A (6 hours ago)
i love the irish guy, even though he didnt talk much, i just felt like i related, he had his opinions but he didnt argue. and when he did talk, he was very well-spoken.
Zack Toole (5 hours ago)
He's not Irish and he was very cruel to Paige.
Xanthe Gramm (7 hours ago)
This just represented all the problems in the American culture like please let the “irish” guy talk more and bring Europeans in it
paintaeing (7 hours ago)
anyone : hey i- faith : actually no
Mitch Rijkaard (7 hours ago)
I find it interesting that other ‘races’ are usually all quite sure about such ideas. It seems white people do not talk about these things with each other. I mean, I’m pretty sure every black person in the world feels somewhat uncomfortable with the current situation. It’s only like half of whites though or 40%.
Zack Toole (5 hours ago)
Yes, whites are told that our opinions don't matter and that we should be ashamed of our colour which creates a huge amount of self-hatred and resentment
Sonoko Akashi (8 hours ago)
LOLLLLLL all the white guilt thooooo~
Christen wzw (8 hours ago)
Thank god, I am not american... Its soo much first world problem version of white guilt...
Aaron foster (8 hours ago)
I'ma say the n word Noice 😂
Dalila Cabrera (8 hours ago)
They didn’t hug or high five each other at the end... the shade... 😂
Kimberly (8 hours ago)
Lmao literally sitting here as a white scottish person realising i have been "white washed" by the americans in regards to culture by forgetting about British/Scottish/Viking culture and heritage. Damn.
Randy Rogers (9 hours ago)
The fact that the liberals in that bunch are likely going to be the vast majority in the white race's future fills me with inexplicable sadness. We have been taught to hate ourselves and each other to make up for things we did not do.
Zack Toole (8 hours ago)
These are millennials, the younger generation is less liberal
RoseAqua Topaz (9 hours ago)
can you guys do "do all white europeans think the same"?
jasmine Wren (9 hours ago)
Do all lgbt+ think the same
GoldieandHorses212 (9 hours ago)
Man this lady in the plaid pants needs to learn how to smile lmao
kit kat J (9 hours ago)
Amanda needs to be quiet
Sandy Johnson (10 hours ago)
3 seconds in and i love the Irish guy
Zack Toole (8 hours ago)
He's not Irish and he's a terrible person
Serenity Fair (10 hours ago)
I honestly thought the questions were gonna be like *"do u season your food"* Lmao this was a bit extra
well they're correct, reverse racism doesn't exist. It's just racism
Sarena (10 hours ago)
the amount of ignorance in this video is so irritating
Sarena (10 hours ago)
the definition of racism is being oppressed by someone in a position of power. minorities are oppressed and victims of racism. white people are in the position of power therefore they cannot be victims of racism. reverse racism is not a thing.
Zack Toole (8 hours ago)
Well in Europe most of the racists are powerless refugees so you're obviously wrong
Taco Bell (10 hours ago)
The girl in the black with the jeans is so irritating
Breana Davis (10 hours ago)
The reverse racism part made me so upset... it’s like they didn’t understand what racism vs prejudice is. Like to be racist you have to have the ability to oppress another race. In America any minority group cannot be racist, the word they are looking for is prejudice. And the fact that they don’t get that is sad especially since I learned the difference in depth in MIDDLE school.
Zack Toole (8 hours ago)
In Europe most of the racists are powerless refugees so you've obviously being tricked into believing a false definition of racism.
Haiden Crowder (11 hours ago)
“I’m not proud to be white but if I had to choose I wouldn’t be anything else” so ur admitting white people have more of an upper hand? Lmao. I’m white and these other white people make ME feel bad for being white.
Marina Luna (11 hours ago)
1:12 the guy speaking👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 he is SO educated in what the term culture is!
Michelle & Pelussa (11 hours ago)
Faith & Korbin 💯💯
Zack Toole (11 hours ago)
Awful people.
Shuga T (11 hours ago)
be proud to be whatever race you are
Claudia Yvette Chavez (12 hours ago)
5:42 ??? pirates???? not a culture. NEXT
Jermya Huff (12 hours ago)
“if i say black people cant dance i get hella back lash for that but it’s ok if they say it to us” yea it would be racist to us bc that’s out CULTURE, dancing is our culture originating from africa do your research before u speak on something.
Zack Toole (11 hours ago)
Europeans have been creating cultural dances for thousands of years
Ashley Sanders (12 hours ago)
“Do all mixed race people think the same?” !!!
Zero Law (12 hours ago)
Im in no way privelaged
Zero Law (12 hours ago)
Nig is a word that should be reajusted to something that isnt a derogatory slang word anymore....
JJ Stinz (12 hours ago)
Could we get some opinions from mixed race people?
christyna elaine (12 hours ago)
I’d date the guy in the back 😂😂
Zero Law (12 hours ago)
I think people are to sensitive and thin skinned...grow some spine mofos....people are to easily offended...jessh
Zero Law (12 hours ago)
Cuck boy people say they dont see color as a way of saying it doesn't matter to them what color you are
emilia d (12 hours ago)
Faith is woke
Jenna Schmiedt (12 hours ago)
I think if you are in the car you can say the n-word. I have heard a black person say whit people should use it. If you are listening to a song you won’t think about
Kaitlyn Thames. (12 hours ago)
I don't feel privelaged at all.
Skylar Bodeo-Lomicky (12 hours ago)
You should do ‘Do all vegans think the same?’
Grace (13 hours ago)
I think maybe they shouldn’t have gotten all liberal college students to do this.
Blobsofpasta (13 hours ago)
These white people should opress each other just to relieve themselves from this white guilt so they can love themselves
Kailly Davis (13 hours ago)
Okay y'all lemme tell you a thing. Racism is two parts: prejudice (thoughts) and discrimination (action). When it comes to whites being racist towards people of color it is institutionalized; being that it is structured in society. POC are hindered in education, housing, health care, and so on all because of our skin color, that's racism. But racism in order to BE racism NEEDS to have those aspects. So reverse racism can't exist because we (as POC) can not discriminate (within an institution) against whites; we can't diminish and defund your education, we can't red line you and gentrify your neighborhoods. But there can be prejudice/think of whites in a negative way specifically because of their skin color... thanks for coming to my ted talk lol jk. I just want people to understand this and maybe respect that reverse racism can't exist?
Fernanda Araya (13 hours ago)
eme nolife (13 hours ago)
I think that they should do a ‘Do all “red necks” think the same
Blobsofpasta (13 hours ago)
"Holloween is a weord time to be dressing up like other peoples culture." Well apparently its bad to be white so now its bad to dress up like youre not white? Theres no winning for you, Faith.
IDontHaveAName (13 hours ago)
Why is being proud to be white such a bad thing? I mean I understand stuff like, The KKK etc are VERY bad....but, I'm extremely proud of my heritage, as should most people. I'm Welsh, we are a country full of a lot of traditions, culture and also history. Which is why I think someone needs to do a European version of this as I think the answers would vary a lot different to these, and would be a lot less guilt filled, if that makes sense.
The Irish dude was the smartest and really knew what he was talking about
Darius Gibson (14 hours ago)
The Irish lit her up off the jump
Pineapple Person (14 hours ago)
White is a color of our skin we are born with, The color of our skin will never ever, ever in 1,000,000 never define ANYONE’s thoughts.
Blobsofpasta (14 hours ago)
I found it kind of frustrating that nobody was proud they were white. Skin color is a part of who you are. Just because other people are opressed doesnt mean you are less because you arent. Love yourself and love others and be proud of who you are no matter what. Its the only person you can be, embrace it <3
Chantel Barcomb (14 hours ago)
Why do we have to be guilty to be white? We didn't choose it. Last I checked white was a color in the crayon box.
Bella 11 (14 hours ago)
Tbh this is kind of sad to watch the people who said that you can’t be racist to white people made me question my existence racism can come from any person no matter what their skin color is like at my school kids are made fun of just for being white but when they try to say something about it everyone just brushes it off this is really opinionated so if you dislike it’s ok everyone doesn’t have to agree with me also have an amazing day all my love ❤️-Bella
Tori Phelps (14 hours ago)
you can be racist to anyone, it doesn’t matter what color they are, racism is racism.
Maria J Hernandez (14 hours ago)
Do Latinos!!!!! 😋
Janne Boye (14 hours ago)
I feel like people with another ethnicity should not say,the n word because there are always certain words that can make you feel offended, and there are just words that could offened others and you can just not say it to pay the other person respect and to get the respect.I dont want to be called women or seen less so i wont cann anybody the n word because i dont know if any black person can be offended by . If i know my freinds are cool with it then i tjink it is a diffrent thing but i would always think about the setting and the way you say it
Joanna (14 hours ago)
being white isn't a culture. if you said i'm proud to be french, thats fine because french is a culture, but saying you're proud of being white is hat saying i'm proud of my skin colour/i'm proud that i'm not a minority group
claire.ca347 (14 hours ago)
Ben Mitchell (14 hours ago)
Ok so I’m a white American kid in 9th grade so my opinion doesn’t mean crap but this is ridiculous how can these people whine about a word or a headdress when it doesn’t matter..... people say my generation is sensitive I bet a whole dollar someone yells at me for this
Adalia Mann (14 hours ago)
I’m native and I don’t care if you dress up in a jingle dress or a shaull for halloween but if you act like you know the struggle just because you see others with the struggles, you don’t understand the feeling. That’s when I take it as a rude thing
Oumou Diallo (14 hours ago)
The Irish man is speaking facts!
Zack Toole (11 hours ago)
Too bad they're all false, he even lied about being Irish
Brielle THomas (14 hours ago)
**political/current topic debate at family event intensifies**
Brielle THomas (14 hours ago)
*political debate at family visit intensifies*
Amaequiaas Corner (14 hours ago)
White peole should be proud to be white, it was disheartening to see so much self hate! The guy in the denim jacket has no business telling the girl in the flower dress that she shouldn’t take pride in her whiteness! He is full of so much self hate and wants to impose that on the girl 😤
Madeline Rosa (15 hours ago)
I feel like they should do another video on this, the same questions But with English white people. The answers would be very different
Marilyn Gomez (15 hours ago)
did she say we can’t dance-
just grace (15 hours ago)
did she really just say sometimes i’ll whisper the n word lmao
Amy Ochoa (15 hours ago)
I like how the girl wit the black jean jacket thinks .
Amaequiaas Corner (15 hours ago)
As a black person I agree with some of Amanda’s points. Especially wen she said if whites were to make fun of other races they’re branded as rascists . But if the tables turns no one bats an eyelid, in fact we’re always ready to cuss out whites. However I do believe white privilege exists and is still strong today.
Nicole White (15 hours ago)
I’m not proud of being white but I’m sure as well proud of being Bohemi and no one can take my cultural heritage away from me. I honestly feel really bad for other white Americans that don’t know their lineage or exact ethnicity because it’s true, they feel at a loss for culture.
SoapyTurtles (15 hours ago)
The "hella irish" guy was soooo patronizing and condescending. The girl in the black and white pants, even though she shared very similar opinions with him, didn't talk down to anybody nearly as much as he did. She informed them and then let them say their piece. But he was such a dickhole about everything. He did not deserve to be in this discussion, I don't know why the hell he was chosen to be here.

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