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7 reasons your handwriting is terrible!

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Do you have terrible handwriting? Is there anything you can do about it? First thing to do is identify the reason why your handwriting is so bad. See which of these reasons may be the reason you are having problems. Eitherway, the answer is a bit of analysis and some solid practice! with award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner. Twitter http://twitter.com/shoorayner Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/117947137150973770218 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750207845 Website http://www.shooraynerdrawing.com music by http://www.youtube.com/cleffernotes
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Text Comments (546)
Will William (12 days ago)
I’m nearly 50 and my handwriting has never improved from childhood. It’s so bad I’m embarrassed to write something other people will see. Feel better for saying that. Thanks.
Barbare Janjalashvili (20 days ago)
Well I used to write really great in the primary and secondary school but in high school... I can't even read my own writing and I get disgusted everytime I look at my notebook 😂
Random Bubble (25 days ago)
You gave 8 reasons ! Thank you
Random Bubble (25 days ago)
Reason 1: you live in America. Or any other country that doesn’t teach how to write in cursive.
A.S.S A.S.S (1 month ago)
Aurun Bhattarai (1 month ago)
The problem is my brain works faster than my hand
i was grinning the whole video it’s contagious lol
Jasmine (2 months ago)
My handwriting is small print and fairly neat however I hold my pen very tight and in a rather uncomfortable manner, if I hold my pen 'normally ' my handwriting is very sloppy?
Tsa Szymborska (2 months ago)
Think first, write later.
Rick W (2 months ago)
I think mine is so bad because I have some dexterity issues and A.D.D.
James Jennings (2 months ago)
Do not waste time here.
Shoo Rayner (2 months ago)
Ah yes! Attitude... the 8th reason! 😀
Owen Loh (2 months ago)
cuz im handsome?. i dunno why but its a sayin in my country
Katrina Mae (3 months ago)
Maybe because i'm holding my pen in a diffrent way ... But when i tried to do a diffrent way .. I can't it's like .. Impossible ! ...
MARK33ZY (3 months ago)
You are a nerd
MARK33ZY (3 months ago)
+Shoo Rayner why not in the old days
Shoo Rayner (3 months ago)
Nerd is about the coolest thing to be theses days :)
Savannah Hayes (3 months ago)
I hold my pen in a diffrent way than most, so I tend to write slanted and sloppy, I write my aaaa like it was typed and I dont write in cursive because i wasnt forced to write in cursive when I learned it.
spring trap (3 months ago)
As an artist I can draw small details but my hand writing is so bad i looks like an 3 years old kid how just try to write 1 i have a weird way to hold the pen and really no one told me about it until a girl came up to see me drawing she realized the way i hold the pen i has been practicing for about 3 years and it still look like shit🤷‍♀
Arujun Kugan (4 months ago)
I don't have bad handrighting but i should tell one of my classmates.....that's not how you hold a pencil
Arujun Kugan (4 months ago)
Shoo Rayner (4 months ago)
Ciel Moro (4 months ago)
I have tried everything and my handwriting is still bad, i practice so much and i write so much, i take breaks of course ti give my hand a rest. but my writing has changed, it just hasn't gotten any neater.
Thank you very much indeed. My problems are similar to yours. Speed thinking ... and mostly RUSH thinking eith a pleanty bit of fear, that i could lose these briliant ideas, if i wouldn't write them down immediatelly..
Astra (5 months ago)
my handwrite based on the shape of my pen and based on the pen needle thickness xD
Shoo Rayner (5 months ago)
that makes sense
Rosie Summer (5 months ago)
What about having slightly bad motor skills. Hmmmm.
Shoo Rayner (5 months ago)
Slightly bad motor skills means that you need to practice your motor skills. good handwriting is great practice!
CvxZo (5 months ago)
My sister has better handwriting than me, I’m 14 and she’s 7. Also I think the reason of why I have bad handwriting is that I think too fast and I need to slow down.
Shoo Rayner (5 months ago)
Yep, that's exactly my problem and when I forced myself to slow down, my handwriting got better!
Random Rooster (5 months ago)
Well, I bowled a 300 on this list so I'm pretty much screwed lol.
Jody Sanders (5 months ago)
My writing was so bad, you couldn't read it if you wrote the words with a type writer.
Kerry Rowberry (5 months ago)
I lit up when he mentioned dyslexia. I thought he would ignore that (nothing personal to him, just I'm not used to people being mindful of its impact). As much as I practice determination and slow down my spellings still cause crossing out and lots of mistakes.
Kerry Rowberry (5 months ago)
+Shoo Rayner lol oh dear me. 😝😂 But we do have the creative edge!! 😉 hehe.
Shoo Rayner (5 months ago)
thanks - I used to be a sign writer! I hated it when I was up a ladder painting mane outside a shop and someone watching me would say "Did you know you spelled that wrong?!" 😆
Kerry Rowberry (5 months ago)
+Shoo Rayner yes it definitely gets worse when you try and rush! I do typography - so draw my letters like illustrations sort of. I can write the word out first and double check the spelling. Because it's usually only one or a few words. I'm now moving onto penmanship, which brought me to you. So glad :) I look forward to watching more of your content.
Shoo Rayner (5 months ago)
lol - I'm a bit dyslexic myself - especially when inspired and writing too quickly. I've so had to to teach myself to sew down. not much help in the classroom - but then it's best to get a few marks for half the work that is legible than none because no one can read it :)
Mystify (5 months ago)
My excuse is that I can't write fast so when the teacher is telling us to write what she says we have to go fast so ughhh
SkullMinePro (6 months ago)
Dyspraxia. Probably lazy, never had time to think about it between the many paragraphs I have to write very quickly.
Ultra Woke Supreme (6 months ago)
Some people's bad handwriting is better than my own good handwriting.
Gacha Critic (6 months ago)
I hate that my teacher is always BETTER HANDWRITING NWA NE BALAHAHAH im like seriously doctors dont have good letter and they DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS :( welp who cares what the woman says i quit nice letter
Dragon city :3 (6 months ago)
Am I the only one for 3 years I got homeschooled by my stepmom
Succ (6 months ago)
It's actually because there's 5 minutes left in the exam
Ed Learoyd (6 months ago)
God where do I start , my handwriting is shocking . Inconsistent just awful, I’m 50 years old and an engineer when I make notes at work I can’t read what I’ve written, I’ve been like this since childhood and it’s quite embarrassing,, I need help
Shoo Rayner (6 months ago)
You start by making a start!
Michael Gowland (7 months ago)
Wow, a kindred spirit. Every problem you describe having, I have exactly the same - except my handwriting is even more illegible than yours and I have been known to miss out sentences or more because I thought them but my hand never actually got them down. One thing I did notice when you were talking about finding a rhythm and slowing down, I watched a video by a really good calligrapher and I noticed that he really did have a rhythm, not just a flow - he would stop very slightly just before each stroke of the pen giving a pulse to his writing. I have been trying that and it stops one of the things we both do, starting to write the next letter before you have finished the one you are already writing (I have another even weirder one, on the first slanting downslope of the capital letter "M" I unconsciously try to insert another small capital "M" creating a wiggle, or even the full letter in the down slope). A great video, nice to see I am not the only one to have all these issues.
최하욘Choi Hayoon (7 months ago)
I write in hangul as im korean and when i write english my writing neater than my korean im am not sure why this but it confusion me sometimes..
Your worse enemy (7 months ago)
reason 2 you are just lazy _ that can be said about any thing in life
sar zar (7 months ago)
Please help me i tried many time to improve my hand writing but never happened even teacher found it difficult to understand my writing , i am student at university :( is anyone have good tips plz
sar zar (6 months ago)
Shoo Rayner , i tried so hard until now , i am hoping one day my handwriting to improve, i am embarrassed of my handwriting :) the problem is my handwriting in my language so nice but English terrible:)
Shoo Rayner (7 months ago)
If you are at University, then you are old enough and wise enough to analyse your mistakes and correct them. You are also olden enough to have self-will and control to practice a little every day until your handwriting gets better. You may have to sacrifice five minutes a day of doing something non- productive or get up five minutes earlier or go to bed five minutes later. practice EVERY DAY
pan cake (7 months ago)
Im 11 and i hold my pen very weirdly but i have really nice cursive weiting i always type things........strange
aneseed (7 months ago)
Excellent.. thankyou so much for your honesty. I will show my kid this later, who is very bright but has hand writting problems.
Kelly França (7 months ago)
The Joker (7 months ago)
Man I write like a fucking 5 year old at the age of 17 years old I need jesus 😩
The Joker (7 months ago)
Shoo Rayner thanks bro I got you
Shoo Rayner (7 months ago)
Try swearing less and practicing a little more. You'll be amazed by the results :)
Cloud 999 (7 months ago)
I am a girl and i have a terrible handwriting. I heard many times that my handwriting is so terrible, people said that straight to my face. It gives me more anxiety to fill papers in front of people. No matter how hard i tried to make it beautiful, i can't.
Apex Army (7 months ago)
I had reason 1 and 2 .-. Now I have bad handwriting ;-;
FBI (8 months ago)
I have shaky hands.
Jess Gent (8 months ago)
When I look at my handwriting, I think it’s quite good but other people always say it’s awful. I practice literally every single day even after leaving school. It’s so annoying.
Ebic Life (8 months ago)
Be my dad you beautiful Brit.
Shoo Rayner (8 months ago)
lol :)
Gidwens Moline (9 months ago)
Anywhere I can relearn how to handwriting mine is so fucking terrible even my teachers say to work on it
Legends Always Die (9 months ago)
In highschool I realized I was holding my pen wrong. I changed the way I held it, and my handwriting changed completely. Not Beautiful, but legible. I write as fast as a think, but that makes me sloppy. Also I get my letters mixed up so I have spelling errors. I also never learned to properly type so I prefer writing by hand.
Memphis Johnson (10 months ago)
On the 7th reason he said 8th
Memphis Johnson (10 months ago)
Shoo Rayner i am and thanks for the information
Shoo Rayner (10 months ago)
Just making sure you are paying attention! :)
Khando Lama (10 months ago)
When you are 7 years old how much position do you take?
Katherine Roach (11 months ago)
I was taught to join at primary school - It became a habit and in year 6 I started not joining and then I got into trouble for and now I’m year 7 I don’t join and I feel like a rebel
Jl Dekha (11 months ago)
I hold my pen very hardly and I can't control it.
Kyvzy (11 months ago)
I think I’m the 7nth reason my math teacher is like blwahahahahah blawahah and number 8
TitanElectrons (11 months ago)
I am so jealous because in my school, they teach handwriting from first grade. I am in 7th grade, but their handwriting is so much better than mine. I would have got good handwriting. But I stopped practising in 2nd Grade because I had to go to another school.. :(
Shashank Katiyar (11 months ago)
Try different style? Probably the reason why my handwriting went to shit in first place. I write straight then leaning to left and then right and again straight...and just get tired of trying. I think I just hate writing.
matt Marshall (1 year ago)
But if my handwriting has NEVER improved in the like 20 years of writing how will my drawings ever improve
The Controversy (1 year ago)
People in my school used to call me the legend because my handwriting was so bad my classmates cant even read it but the teachers can read it because i keep my stuff private so i design my hand writing to be bad but the teachers will understand
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
lol :)
Justin Mueden (1 year ago)
My hand writing is so bad
HelloGodItsMeSatan (1 year ago)
I clicked on this video already knowing why my handwriting is bad, I hold my pencil in a very strange way. *Sigh*
Humes Knife (1 year ago)
Dyslexia affects your spelling and sentence forming but not your handwriting itself. What you're thinking of is called dysgraphia
well people won't like my comments and i will use Caps Lock if people dont like my comments.....
jd jade (1 year ago)
mine aren't illegible....just messy, have no time for pretty, that's why in class students be asking for the other half of the sentence from the teacher but i already got it down...i can write neat. but i have no specific way of forming my letter they always change and are very simple
Debbie Boulier (1 year ago)
1 disleyic 2 spcific learning disability 4 hard grip Mind goes faster than hand. Bad spelling. My hand writing improves dramatically when I copy and spell it correctly when copying . So slowing down and spelling correctly. Thank you for the understanding of why.
Richard (1 month ago)
And inability to spell as you have demonstrated
The Perfectionist (1 year ago)
Or maybe you could be dyspraxic and you can't do anything about it....
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
Nonnonbutlove (1 year ago)
My handwriting is worse than my third grade students it's embarrassing lol.
Nonnonbutlove (1 year ago)
Lol.Why do I feel like he's laughing at me lol.
Willy Eyelash (1 year ago)
i tried to write nicely but it still turns out bad:/ im always wished that i have neat handwriting like the other girls. im always so ashamed to show my work to my friends or when the teacher wants to show my work on the visualizer or sth.thats why id rather type out a letter or a birthday wish to my friends and family:) i find that the reason my handwriting bad might be because of my weak hand/wrist. im not sure tho, thus im looking for reasons why my handwriting is bad.
Willy Eyelash (1 year ago)
Shoo Rayner thanks:(
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
Its all about practice :)
Hamilton.Is.Life (1 year ago)
I was homeschooled 1-2 grade. 3-7 was a boarding international like school, now I’m in public school. My handwriting is awful. I’m not dyslexic, and yah
matt Marshall (1 year ago)
I just rewrite a simple sentence over and over to improve mine but I LOVE ALL YOU SHOOBY DOODLERS
AwesomeCatGirl playz (1 year ago)
My teacher is strict about handwriting and I have bad handwriting depending on my mood tho
Alex Standridge (1 year ago)
When i write for long periods of time the side of my middle finger gets irritated
Patricia (1 year ago)
i have B s because of my ugly writing -.-
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
Then spend some time on your handwriting and get As! :)
Dr Pooja (1 year ago)
Nice video sir..
Food Review (1 year ago)
My handwriting is bad because I'm dyslexic
Hope Vigil (1 year ago)
Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou Caillou
Danny Cheek (1 year ago)
I have awesome handwriting but rarely have time in college to write clearly. Therefore I write like a doctor.
Gamina Wulfsdottir (1 year ago)
There is only one reason why your handwriting is terrible: you need practice.
Lanomanse Maniac (1 year ago)
My handwriting is bad because I am a lefty.
Thegamingtrooper 73 (1 year ago)
2 of the reasons apply to me and my uncle has a big problem with my hand writing, its a pain. the reasons are the first on the list and that i think ahead too fast. my uncle wants me to not just write better but EXACTLY like him which pisses me off a lot
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
lol - He wants you to be a little me!
junior diwas (1 year ago)
I am just practising handwriting from 8 years but yet there's not any improvement.its bad still. I cant write any of alphabet fastly my hands stopped to work . If i go slow they seen clearly for short period after a little bit time they seen same.....what can i do plz ...suggest me
junior diwas (1 year ago)
Shoo Rayner i have more expectation from you rathat than i had in myself soo plz notice me and my mistakes
junior diwas (1 year ago)
Shoo Rayner yaa in those 8 years i had almost did everything...but i am lagging behind one idea from which i am far beyond and i am not able to jugde it ....what can be my mistakes ????
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
sounds like you may be trying too hard! Have you tried holding your pen in a different way?
Christian vega (1 year ago)
My Handwriting Isn't Really Bad Just Very Inconsistent At Times Lol
Yoginee murday (1 year ago)
Every one laugh in my hand writing i really want to improve my hand writing 😔😔😔
Emma O'Reilly (1 year ago)
The reason mine is bad is because I have Disprachta (Can't spell it )
Salvatore Escoti (1 year ago)
i am 44 but my handwriting is terrible. I write like a 7 year old.. I always hated handwriting. I am not dyslexic.
Kalvi Animations (1 year ago)
I have problem with just... stoping sometimes and then trying to follow it up but I always mess it up
TheBoltMaster (1 year ago)
Well i'm a procrastinator who 99% of the time is typing rather than writing and i am smart so my brain thinks faster than my muscles, so i have bad handwriting(for the most part) and it depends on my adrenaline and mood and what pen i'm using! In a writing exam i am panicking trying to write quickly and i end up with all the words stuck together and the teacher can't tell apart the words
Jada K (1 year ago)
Since I draw alot I always tell people "My handwriting sucks because I draw too much XD"
Jada K (1 year ago)
Shoo Rayner I know I need more practice^^ I'm going to start thanks to your video :)
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
that's an excuse for not taking your time and practicing a bit! :)
AllThatKazz (1 year ago)
I hold my pen really differently to others. My teachers made me hold it another way than what felt natural. For years my handwriting was terrible. When I gave up the standard pen-posture, my writing became one of the consistent things I am complimented on.
AllThatKazz (1 year ago)
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
rules are there to be broken :)
Stylish Writer (1 year ago)
very nice. Please watch my writings here : https://youtu.be/gXyFwl3dQyM
elemenop (1 year ago)
Its Vivian (1 year ago)
Ford Mustang GT (7 months ago)
Beautiful Troian (1 year ago)
People make fun of my hand writing 🤐
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
then is must be remarkable :)
Jada Baimbridge (1 year ago)
My handwriting is illegible, when I write the speed of my thoughts I join words. I hold my pen that way and I write a lot, normal people can't read them
Emery Hoffman (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice the thumbnail?
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
Lol - no on noticed that - many thanks - I've changed it :)
Kennan Dunn (1 year ago)
My handwriting completely stopped improving in second grade, I’m in my second year of college now and absolutely despise the handwritten portion of finals.
ArgoBoyBG68 (1 year ago)
I don't have bad writing. I have coded writing.
Dominic Tabuzo (1 year ago)
I have an essay exam I've been waiting for it in 3 yrs I'm not sure if I have the confidence to take it because of my ugly handwriting :( im 23 my handwriting has been bad since I was little.
Shoo Rayner (1 year ago)
Just take your time and do a bit of practice if its not too late! good luck
Devrek Wassupi (1 year ago)
I bet he’s a great dad
Hassan Shafi (1 year ago)
Do lefties have bad handwriting cuz i do
Lil Broomstick (1 year ago)
Ive noticed that people that look like they have low self esteem or are introverts have bad handwriting
Lil Broomstick (1 year ago)
My handwriting was way better in kindergarten than right now and I'm in 8th grade

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