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Mac Miller - Stay

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Mac Miller - Stay Produced - ID Labs Trumpet - Keyon Harrold From The Divine Feminine https://smarturl.it/MM.TDF www.macmillerswebsite.com Created by: oneday
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Jessica Constantine (5 hours ago)
I rather would see miniscule budget videos. It's more personable that way everybody is so obsessed with all these over-the-top videos and people are more honed in on the visuals than the lyrics. R i p Mac
Niko Williams (5 hours ago)
One of his best videos. Captured his essence truly. Minimumal and down to Eartg
Cody Post (6 hours ago)
His music helped me thru a lot of my heroin addiction, him being an addict as well I felt I related a lot to the lyrical depths of what he put in his songs. Be easy Mac, rest in peace
jeroldo111 (7 hours ago)
I heard X say referring to ski, if he died like super Mario ski'd be his second life, and vice versa. There's no Luigi. I'd give my second life for Mac to come back.
Grüne Wiese (11 hours ago)
always hi (12 hours ago)
What a perfect mash up of jazz, r n b, and rap. Young 👑 right there
Pelon The Penguin (16 hours ago)
Wish he stayed😭😭
Lisa (20 hours ago)
why wont you fucking stayed for a little while??
jonny appleseed (15 hours ago)
55. never liked rap. until Mac Miller. kids have been playing the hell outta this at work. i said i really like this new style of rap. they said yeah this is Mac Miller he just died. i said fuuuuck.
Finally. 2 million subs for my man Mac
Alan Garza (22 hours ago)
Where was this filmed?
Thalia Rose (23 hours ago)
rip <3
Taryn Turner (1 day ago)
Mac is the cutest turtle in the whole wide world.
Takoda Heflin (1 day ago)
Where was this filmed
Brady McCoy (1 day ago)
I love this song
Makayla Lanrac (1 day ago)
I'm crying watching thiiiiiis Dx
Don Patron (1 day ago)
Still cant believe you're gone absolutely heartbroken
Minor (1 day ago)
We lost a Great One. Rest Easy Mac.
Liam Anderson (1 day ago)
So obvious that it's a drone filming
Ermac 4482 (1 day ago)
When I listen to battle rappers, i never prefer them . I like good song writing that has a groove like this. I like lyrical artist as well like Nas,Wu etc but I feel that if your voice takes all listening up then you don't hear the beat. I like how mac talks stops then the horn plays .That way you aren't tired of just hearing him but it's a balance.Nice job
ALDO B!TCH (2 days ago)
Rip M ac Miller
Pratiti Pie (2 days ago)
RIP Mac Miller ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lucas Mondor (2 days ago)
Where is this?
Oliver Mastyuk (2 days ago)
RIP mac one of the best live rapper i saw in my life
Melody Blithe (2 days ago)
**ridding my bike in slow-mo**
Sadbad. (2 days ago)
miss you 🥀
WebersWorld (2 days ago)
Emma J (2 days ago)
This hits pretty hard after the fact
Oliver Chappell (2 days ago)
His music is just pure fire. Perfect contemplating music. It has a certain uniqueness that you don't get with any other artist. Mac was a realist.
John George (2 days ago)
where was this filmed ? its beautiful.
carolina Godoy (2 days ago)
We miss you Mac
Mike Lopez (2 days ago)
miss ya
Kratos Ramos (2 days ago)
Afrodite no Divã (2 days ago)
if the work of an artist is to touch several souls through your art, you have achieved it, changed our lives forever, I am a Brazilian woman, married, and your songs are part of our playlist, gratitude, love, comfort and peace for you and your family ! my husband and I discovered this week that I am pregnant and we will certainly talk about you to our children "100GrandKids", rest in peace, eternal life Pitsburg! love u
Bridget Anderson (3 days ago)
Susan thesizzler (3 days ago)
I’m faded asf listening to this, and it’s taking me somewhere else. Thank you
Vero (3 days ago)
Stolen patent at the beginning of the song from Antoha MC!!!!!!
Michael Michel (2 days ago)
Johnny Outrage (3 days ago)
Is anyone listening to his lyrics?!!! Some girl broke his heart!!!
Nathan Harris (3 days ago)
You were to young to go man RIP. My friend use to listen to in the car all the time.
Poop Dick (3 days ago)
Lyrics should always match a song and these match perfectly
Luke Williams (3 days ago)
The chorus and the trumpets pretty catchy 💯
Swag than ever BWSWAG (3 days ago)
Manny daBoss (3 days ago)
Respect and Love Brotha We're Keeping It Rolling 💯🔥🔥🔥
Jade Blasdell (3 days ago)
I wish you could have stayed, just a little while longer 💔 I wish I could have taken your pain away, I hope you’re in peace now. I’ve found so much comfort, understanding and pure joy in your music and I’ll be listening for forever. We will all be thinking of you homie. Thank you for all you did, for all of us. 😔
Caleb Harris (4 days ago)
It's crazy to hear this, then listen to hurt feelings.
yoppi yopi (4 days ago)
Laulau TT (4 days ago)
Miss you <3
krzysztof zagajewski (4 days ago)
Great great 👻👻👻
Beast Laser (4 days ago)
R.i.p mac
Enrique Hermosillo (4 days ago)
I like to picture him dancing like this in Heaven RIP Macadelic
Michael Michel (4 days ago)
"I am her, she is I" Mac MIller
⁴⁷ (4 days ago)
long live mac, you didnt get the limelight you deserved.
Jaivon Wilson (4 days ago)
R.I.P Mac miller, we love you man 🙏🏽😔
Nate The Mosaic (4 days ago)
I'm crying
Preslie Coleman (4 days ago)
This song is so underrated. It's so good 😍😍
Naiivv Ramirez (5 days ago)
Fuck I love you, wish you knew how unique of a soul you were. And how ur smile can simply help me with my depression😏
Naiivv Ramirez (5 days ago)
E9SkillZz (5 days ago)
Rip Mac
Macbook Noob (5 days ago)
The trumpet got me hooked 🤩
OfficialMiaHamp (5 days ago)
*wish he was the one that Stayed, R.I.P MAC* 💔🥀
Ruby Jewel Music (5 days ago)
J Cole clone
Herp All Day (5 days ago)
anyone know where this was filmed ?
Jordan Robson (5 days ago)
Damn that flow was fire.. Rip Mac
D'Angelo Lanier (5 days ago)
Rest In Peace to the one and only who helped me with my depression during middle school years
Anahi Buenavista (5 days ago)
Te amo Mac Miller te amo
Jonny Hardin (6 days ago)
Any videos i can watch and see Mac, i'm wa fucking happy with. Thats the point. Wanna go see an expensive whack ass music video check out sixnine lol..
anthony Arguello (6 days ago)
We miss you... we are grateful for you 💙
Sonn sobek (6 days ago)
wa wa wa wa wa :D :D :D 2018 !!
Shivam Kumar (6 days ago)
don't see any half naked girls or anyone popping any pills in this video. This is what Mac was about and the video best highlights his beauty all throughout. RIP MAC <3
Josh Neal (6 days ago)
His every movement was fresh.
Leo Espinoza (6 days ago)
Where did he record this!!!!!??? Looks beautiful
AlttrA (6 days ago)
mann, this song just hits your Soul ..
3wallBeats (6 days ago)
Karincy De La Torre (7 days ago)
This is so sad.... ariana leaves pette and Mac never come back again.... :(
Jose Nunez (7 days ago)
“I am Her, She is I”.
Michel Theophanous (7 days ago)
RIP, Look over us Mac
Dj genius (7 days ago)
Thanks Lori
Eugene Nkadimeng (7 days ago)
2018 where are u?
Theodis Ivy (7 days ago)
This guy made real art
Kyle F (7 days ago)
this a ghost or what nigga
Ill Crews (7 days ago)
Rest easy Mac...
Havana Niomi Ann (7 days ago)
Mac is still here ppl in the music when we all die he will still be here
Lil Tee (7 days ago)
Mac so original, won't ever find another like him 😍😍RIP
Gandella king (15 hours ago)
+REAL MR ORGANIK THE WHITE GOD I respectfully disagree
+Lil Tee go make me a sandwich sweetheart
Lil Tee (3 days ago)
+REAL MR ORGANIK THE WHITE GOD ew your a loser why are you on his page then hating ass
He had zero talent.....
shagz83 (8 days ago)
7,000 dislikes = 7,000 deaf people R.I.P son.
A C (8 days ago)
bro this is so good... so simple and beautiful.
Jay Jay Lit (8 days ago)
bautista falcon (8 days ago)
Te re garcho
DAN KING (8 days ago)
R.I.P my good friend
sop woo (8 days ago)
I just got 2 new boy pet rats and I've named them Mac and Miller as a tribute to Mac Miller. It is tragic he's gone, RIP.
EDM Squad. (9 days ago)
rest easy Mac
Marta Focaccina (9 days ago)
A Ballantyne (9 days ago)
Eeee still love Maky Mills and will continue to bump his talent in the trades!
jo eri (9 days ago)
He shot this video alone with a drone, Genius!!!!!
pcman87654 (9 days ago)
Rest in peace to a legend
Leon Slavage (9 days ago)
Honestly listening to his music just makes me sit here and while knowing truth to his passing. It feels like he’s still here. I’m glad he went through that Dj phase. It made his flavor widen in this music game. When I was fifteen my gf was like Mac this and Mac that and I was just like whatever. Then I said fuck it lemme see what’s so great about this nigga. I have to say I haven’t regretted giving him a single minute of my time. His music touches me in so many ways. There won’t be another and I’m fine with that. No one could do it better. He physically may not be here but his SOUL IS.
John Grosel (9 days ago)
Ahhh simplicity, always have been my favorite
Karla Soraya (9 days ago)
Sad you're gone so young. You're in a better place now, pain and despair no more.RIP🙏🏼
D Dupont (9 days ago)
RIP man
Anthony Quenzer (9 days ago)
Addiction does not discriminate rest in peace to a great artist / actor
jrix14 (9 days ago)
Mans was feeling himself. RIP

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