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Mac Miller - Stay

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Mac Miller - Stay Produced - ID Labs Trumpet - Keyon Harrold From The Divine Feminine https://smarturl.it/MM.TDF www.macmillerswebsite.com Created by: oneday
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dhriti (2 hours ago)
this was on my recommended and for a split second i thought it was new and that mac’s death was all just a lie :(
Donnie Gordon (2 hours ago)
This Song Makes me wish Mac stayed a while longer. We lost a true Talent and Person he got me through tough and good times. He is the same age as me too at his passing of 26 so he accomplished a lifetime of Music which is rare with his lifespan. RIP Mac Miller
Tisha Williams (8 hours ago)
Still 💯💯💯💯💋R.I.P. Mac Miller hella talented touches so many souls
Los Rogerz (13 hours ago)
Love you. Your stuck in my heart bro💙😁
calvin rodriguez (19 hours ago)
I love this song so much..RIP Mac Miller.
bliss hallow (1 day ago)
I mean Goodish on that Choragorhy.. ,. Kno 1 else ceese that.. .
louise bowler (2 days ago)
Rip mac miller 🙏💙💙
Jermel Black (2 days ago)
Mac talking about his self
Alina Chavez (2 days ago)
Miss you so much Mac
l00p digga (2 days ago)
JMBM Beats. (2 days ago)
Me:👀 Miperro: guau guau guau guauuuu 0:25
Jesse Ortiz (3 days ago)
Dam mac Ive listened to you from the get go and watched you evolve into something amazing imy broski much love where ever you are ❤️ im sorry you had to face your demons alone but i know you’re in a better place
Darlene Vargas (3 days ago)
My happy place is this music video
Chassity Gist (3 days ago)
Damnit I miss Mac I want to visit here ❤️
the2ohh6 (3 days ago)
We out here struggling he just threw it all away
Lezain Williams (3 days ago)
rip mac miller😭❤👊a true legend
Mistical Being19XX (3 days ago)
Alex Jonas (3 days ago)
Where is this filmed?
connie thomeczek (4 days ago)
Beginning haaaaaaahaaaaaaa
PJay VISION (4 days ago)
This was our song sammy.. you will forever be loved and in my heart. She died to od 2 years ago i hope you still think of me, you left me scarred💔 RIP Sammy baby
NtripS (4 days ago)
What brand is the olive green hoodie?
Calyn Presson (5 days ago)
Rest in piece sweet Mac.. I wish you would have stayed.. 😭💔
Brandon Cortez (5 days ago)
We miss you like crazy brother. I work at papa John's and I bump all your albums every single day while I drive 😞 I'm in the same place as you were when you were alive and it sucks to hurt like this fr.
Diego RoMa (5 days ago)
Descanse en paz Mac Miller, desde México ✨
MyVfd10 (5 days ago)
i got you mac
Mama Ames (5 days ago)
As a 59++yr old white woman, after a life totally consumed by music, surrounded by it, performing it on... & in many stages, living with musicians, raising musicians & then helping my son thru this heartbreaking loss... I decided to step into a world of music I still had yet to know; the world of Mr. Mac Miller. My eyes have since been opened & my heart is so, SO full. I found the depth & passion of his work so moving & so beautiful that now, MY heart is broken, for Mac... & for ALL OF YOU. May he rest peacefully in heaven. And may we NEVER FORGET the BEAUTIFUL LEGACY he left to the world... in the love he had FOR us & shared WITH us thru his extraordinarily unique, most memorably moving, dear, beautiful, heart-on-his-sleeve music. God bless you Mac. We so wish you could have stayed.💕💕💕
DaDJanthem (5 days ago)
Fuck I wish I would’ve went to the Great Salt Lake on this day I live like 10-15 min away😭 RIP Malcolm. I’ve never had a celebrities death affect me like yours did..💔
Castro RD (6 days ago)
!Mac Miller was the end!
Ima GOAT (6 days ago)
Shoulda been Feat. Chance the Rapper.... Chance would sound great on this
dmakk767 (6 days ago)
Wish you stayed a lil bit longer :`( RIP Mac, we miss you brother.
Elizabeth Frederick (6 days ago)
rip mac love u
RiK (6 days ago)
Will you?
D R (6 days ago)
Filmed at the great salt lake, just for anyone wondering
Palmeh IOS (6 days ago)
All of a sudden as he’s dead y’all give him the attention he needed when he was alive #fakefans
Landon Williams (7 days ago)
I at least listen to mac more than once a day
Rafael Machado (7 days ago)
Wow wow wow wow Love the simplicity of this clip
Chris Davet (8 days ago)
8 months later and it still doesn’t feel real, I can’t stop listening to his music pretty much daily. Anyone feel the same? Also his verse on the sopranos makes me so happy. Best fucking show of all time.
Chris Davet (5 days ago)
Skate or die haha yeah bro!
Skate or die (5 days ago)
Chris Davet dude I swear I saw u comment on another video from Mac Miller and u had like 1.1k likes
Kelsey Klopp (8 days ago)
What a beautiful video! Gone but forever loved!
jovany cruz ortega (8 days ago)
I rly miss u
ARCX XOXO (8 days ago)
rip, mac... my hero
Young Bb (8 days ago)
We wanted you to stay just a little while 😢
Hey you It’s me (9 days ago)
All these extravagant music videos these days don’t even compare to Mac dancing and jamming to this epic song. There will never be another 💔
paul salinas (9 days ago)
Lucas Gonçalves (9 days ago)
Juan Ramos (10 days ago)
I wonder where this is? It looks peaceful and isolated. I hope he is not isolated wherever he is. I am sure he is at peace <3
Oriana Fuentes (10 days ago)
Te extraño, nada más
Christian Garcia (10 days ago)
For dapne from vegas ....
Cory sheffield (11 days ago)
I wish you had stayed a little longer. You have to be the only singer I've felt heart broken over. Maybe because I grew up to you. From 2009-2012 my high school years were great because you. I hope you are at peace now my friend 🙏
myriam moya (11 days ago)
F for Mac
Jose Carlos Ceseña (11 days ago)
Artiguia Ark (11 days ago)
La chanson que j’écoute pour me relaxer
Ester Gama (12 days ago)
Courtney Thomas (11 days ago)
me too :(
Manuel Moena (12 days ago)
Que descanses en paz compañero, quedaste vivo con tu mensaje 🙏
Isela Floress (12 days ago)
Binging on Mac 4sure🥰
//// NK TOWN //// (13 days ago)
Babyhairshawty (13 days ago)
We would of had so much fun dancing 💃 💕🕺
corbin bonee (13 days ago)
20 years from now when I'm 46 and s old head I'll be showing the young people I come across and tell them about Mac and spread his word
Jacob Watson (3 days ago)
I’m going to do the same
Cassidy Speer (13 days ago)
It will always hurt but there’s so much comfort in his music and this music video in particular. Stay.
Deez (13 days ago)
Speechless Still To This Day...
Oscar Vazquez (13 days ago)
I gotta know.... where was this filmed???????
Alkama Producciones (13 days ago)
You were a great artist Miller! Rest in peace brother :D
Rachel Tucker (13 days ago)
Forever one of my favorite songs 💕
Tessa Ashton (13 days ago)
wishing you stayed right about now
Krazy Casey DopeAcoSiz (14 days ago)
Poor Mac just couldn’t and didn’t want to live sober. And I feel that. But I wish he got the help he needed. R.I.P
Chloe Sibrel (14 days ago)
TONY STARKS (14 days ago)
Miss you so much already 😔
cartmann94 (14 days ago)
0:17 My dog barking at the neighbors for no reason once again.
Courtney Thomas (11 days ago)
ClashnWithGrass (14 days ago)
Fly high angel🤘
Cal Hal95 (14 days ago)
Does anyone know where this is? Itd be cool to visit where he made the music video and just chill in that space
wooodstock (15 days ago)
Everything is a mirror. Will you stay Mac? You always threatened of leaving
CF G (15 days ago)
Increíble canción
chemin flores (15 days ago)
Stay high
suzie lovestein (15 days ago)
never tired of you mac still a legend
Barbie Girl (16 days ago)
Thank you for being so impactful on this generation. We were forever lucky to have you🙏🏼❤
We love Mac !
Amilcar chan MTz :v (16 days ago)
Ya llegue prros :v
Patrick_ Sama14 (16 days ago)
Even though he has used drugs and that is a a great sin don’t get me wrong but he has changed peoples lives and that is even greater that the sin he has done
RecautionsTv (16 days ago)
y 8k dislikes wtf ? y'all lame and don't have no taste in music and prolly listen to cardi b
Lucid Trip Music (16 days ago)
Following his music since just before K.I.D.S. .. RIP MAC, missing your antics and music lots these days so i'm just thankful that you released an album before ya left us and went on to the next life
CupPlastic (16 days ago)
You know the dude's fire when after all these years people still be comin back to this song to listen to good music.
Jared Hoerner (17 days ago)
Truly one of the biggest creative losses in my generation, RIP Mac you are gone but never forgotten
Becca3331111 (17 days ago)
Wow the setting of this video is so gorgeous! Love this song. Love always......
Quentin Grey (18 days ago)
I miss easy Mac
Enrique Torreblanca (18 days ago)
-O M A R- (18 days ago)
Wuau Wuau Wuau wuauwuauwuau wuau xD
prime tetsuma (18 days ago)
Anthony G. (19 days ago)
Every time I slip on my Old Skools I think of Mac cause of this vid 👌🏼. Man had that subtle swag that I admire.
Guy Guy (15 days ago)
Never gonna look my old skool's the same way again: thanks On my 6th pair of triple black ones 😂
Charlotte Cady (19 days ago)
Once I had a dream that i was at his funeral, and I was more sad than anyone else...
melissa jade (19 days ago)
What beach is this ?
Lenny G (19 days ago)
"Binge watch sopranos, made it all the way to season 5" snapped lol
PoopiePants Mcgee (19 days ago)
Lupac! (20 days ago)
Descanse em Paz
jairo vasquez (20 days ago)
Is this salt lake flats?
Joshua Tatum (19 days ago)
No it's the salt lake
The Surfaces (20 days ago)
RIP Legend - your grace will bless us forever , much love
It’s Juli (20 days ago)
i dig the way he dance
Victoria Appiagei (20 days ago)
Mac Miller rlp dope awesome cool favorite album love playlist
dave w (21 days ago)
Mac was killed!!!
Its Me (15 days ago)
Probably by himself, but I love him.
anlumitu (21 days ago)
Te extraño tanto.
Floris van Londen (21 days ago)
He didn't stay 😭
Глеб Тэйп (21 days ago)
When Mac died, I died too!

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