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3 Affordable Lenses for Video Under $80 Each!

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Check out these 3 affordable video lenses that cost less than $80 each! Cheap glass is often a bad idea, but these lenses will melt your face for next to nothing! THE LENSES: Helios 44-2 58mm F2.0 M42 Mount Available on eBay: http://tinyurl.com/zn2xf3g M42 Screw to EOS Adapter on Amazon: http://geni.us/m42eos Nikon 35-70mm F3.5 AI Nikon F Mount Available on eBay: http://tinyurl.com/nikon35-70 NOTE: In the video I show you the AI version. For a little more I would consider getting the AIS version. F to EOS Adapter on Amazon: http://geni.us/nikoneos Olympus 50mm F1.8 OM Mount Available on eBay: http://tinyurl.com/om-50mm OM to EOS Adapter on Amazon: http://geni.us/omeos HONORARY MENTION LENS: 50mm F1.8 FD Lens: http://tinyurl.com/50mm-fd That's it! What are you favorite affordable lenses for video? Music by PremiumBeat.com. License this music: http://bit.ly/1EfTHJP
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Text Comments (946)
Dima Grand (1 day ago)
What a great stuff !!!!
Siva Rama Krishna (3 days ago)
Damn the Broll looks crazy in the intro !!!!
Jon High (6 days ago)
I am real loosing it. you are so alike my brother!
UNBOXINg dude (11 days ago)
Can you suggest a best background blur lens
ZeePeeTaylor (12 days ago)
Yo, thank you SO much for this video! Thanks to you I'm looking to buy both the Helios 44-2 and the Olympus Zuiko! Thank you so much and very well made video! Well deserved my thumbs up :)
InSaNiTy (12 days ago)
What is the filter thread size of the Olympus F1.8 OM? I want to put a reversing ring on the lens so I can reverse it on a couple of extension tubes on my Nikon D3400 for super close up shots.
Bianca Woodard (1 month ago)
Your dog is so cute 😩❤️
Rosemary Ajegwu (1 month ago)
what adapter would I use if I buy the Olympus 50mm F1.8 & I am using a nikon d3300?
Bruno Brandão (1 month ago)
Hello, I need some help. Through some research, I find that the Olympus 50mm f1.8 it is the perfect lens for me. So I had a GH5 and I don't know which adapter I should buy. Thank you so much for this video DSLR Video Shooter. (Sorry for my English.)
Santa Ana Creations (2 months ago)
The canon fd 70-210 f4 macro really nice lens for under 80 bux i use it on a6500 great for video and photo.
Obed Dejean (2 months ago)
Brooo that intro! <3
Noises (2 months ago)
I found a vintage Miranda 50 f1.4. Wide open it has this amazing glowing soft focus effect which is gone by f1.8. The 6 blade aperture is smooth (no clicks) and produces great bokeh with a nice, unique hexagonal shape. With the adapter on APS-C it's about 100mm equivalent but it's far and away my best portrait lens for photo or video. Vintage prime lenses are worth risking 30-50 if you can find the right adapter, my 1972 Miranda E is easily my most unique and arty lens.
joannamccloud (3 months ago)
What is a good zoom lenses for my canon t61 please between and canon and a sigma one. The one that came in the video kit box isnt doing what I feel I need. I like to do nail stamping/polish tutorials and lip stick looks and demos. I need crystal clear closeness
carlton canary (3 months ago)
Do you have any recommendations for wide/ultrawide lenses in a similar budget? Looking for a 28mm equivalent when I punch into 4k on my mark IV
Prometheus Theseus (3 months ago)
Are any of these lenses radioactive?
Devin Cory (4 months ago)
I really like the sound of that A.I.S. lens!
Alpha X (4 months ago)
Can the Nikon ais lens work with Panasonic G7?
Lens Inc. (4 months ago)
Hey Caleb would the nikon 35-7mm work on my Nikon d5200?
Thick As A Brick Films (4 months ago)
Just got a Nikkor-H 28mm 3.5 for $36. It takes lovely stills and test video looks great! I'm going to shoot some longer videos this weekend. So *fingers crossed*
Alexandre Lopes (4 months ago)
What is the music used for this video's intro?
Matt Law (4 months ago)
that's great they can all be adapted to your overpriced canon, what about lenses that adapt well to a Sony E-mount?
David Williams (4 months ago)
Great vid! Thanks for the tips!
theloopmasta (4 months ago)
Wide angle lenses for crop sensors?
nl.mattie games (5 months ago)
Also for mirroles camera's as olympus pen e pm1
nl.mattie games (5 months ago)
3mar_705 ً (5 months ago)
Does this lenses work's on dx mount and ef mounts?
Saucebender (5 months ago)
I want the Helios but I have a Nikon send help
Clasher Miyad (5 months ago)
What's The Name Of Last Lense...😒😒😒
Milivoj Urosevic (5 months ago)
Hy can use this lense with the Beastgrippro Rig ?? The Rig has an DOF Adapter which allows to use this kind of lenses with your Iphone X for example Thanks for the answer
Jean Johnson (6 months ago)
Does the mount comes with purchase like with the helios
CyphDK (6 months ago)
I love my Canon FD 50mm 1.8, even though mine has a non-functioning aperture ring, so it's stuck at 1.8, it's still pretty nice wide open :)
Cassio Galli (6 months ago)
Is there oil on the Helios ? is it prejudicial to the body of the camera?
Finn Hlatky (6 months ago)
Will these work with canon t6i
Jeff Lennan (6 months ago)
Hi Caleb, I am fairly new to camera's and know little about lenses. I am looking to shoot a short film with the Sony a7 3, that will consist of mainly indoor shots in an abandoned hospital (natural light) with a running scene out side then to a little stone chapel inside, ending with shots inside of a car....so nothing panoramic, and I need a budget lens for this that can do all these types of shots. Im a bit concerned about some of the lenses that have a "Soap Opera" look, maybe too clean or sharp? Maybe I need a softer look for cinematic which is what I want. If you could please give me some idea's on low budget lenses for the Sony a7 3, I'm guessing native with out the adapters?
Youtube User (6 months ago)
Pentax 18-55?
Krishnendu Naskar (6 months ago)
Sir ,does any of these lenses have auto focus?
shilo bailey (7 months ago)
Am drinking knob creek as I watch this :D
El Carlos Diaz (7 months ago)
Hi Caleb! Came back to this video because of the announcement of the bmpcc 4k. Will these lenses be ok to use? Thank you much!!
newie (7 months ago)
why did you say that canon 50 was specifically good for gh4? also good for sony ff?
Parker Arrow (7 months ago)
Nice video! I fell in love with the HELIOS 44-2. Even more since we have stabilized sensors! Just shot a short video in Bali with the HELIOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3OoYqgPuVI Always happy about some feedback :)
Camryn White (7 months ago)
Hi I’m trying to get the canon rebel t3i do you think the Helios 44-2 will work
bballgod (7 months ago)
Will these lenses fit on a Canon EOS Rebel T3?
Gustavo Lopez (7 months ago)
lol I still have a d90
ItsWacks (7 months ago)
Can OM lens can mount to my Sony a5000?
N9olan (7 months ago)
But what about the Nikon 35-70mm F3.5 to 4.8 AI version? Is it no good for photography and video?
Antonino (7 months ago)
Could you make a video on how to adapt lenses on different cameras? Like for example XYZ lens for ABC cameras adapted to work on DEF cameras? If you've already done it could you provide the link? Thanks
Corey Drums (7 months ago)
Ammar Maric (8 months ago)
Can you put any of these without adapters on Canon 750D?
Umberto García Cabrera (8 months ago)
Could be a god deal buy it for APS S?
JOE SUBA (8 months ago)
can any of theses lens fit on a GH4? i have one and looking for a lens i can afford!!
Then, this lens works with my g7?
Kim Camacho (8 months ago)
Which (cheap) lenses you recommended for a Panasonic Lumix GH4?
amanieux (8 months ago)
it is well known that FF lens on smaller sensors have less resolution is this article only good for FF video capture or you consider this loss in resolution acceptable for m4/3 and aps-c video ? thanks.
Pablo_2TvMedia (8 months ago)
I have a sony a58 what lens you recommend
Amit Tasa (8 months ago)
What adapter do I need from Olympus 50mm F1.8 to Sony alpha a6000?
Murphy slideinstrum (8 months ago)
Which cannon camera is it for
Jbecerra Photography (9 months ago)
Hello can tell me what adapter do I need to connect the olimpus 50mm 1.8 to a Nikon D3400? Thanks
Alexc slim (9 months ago)
Any recommendations for a D3400 and D5600 beginner
Sharice Bryant (9 months ago)
Would the Olympus 50mm be okay on my rebel t6i? I’ve been told to go with the canon nifty fifty but if you’re saying this is only abt 25 bucks and does a better job then i def rather get this lens
Jose Antonio Prats (9 months ago)
Hello, Which adapter do I need for that Olympus to Cannon 550D? And which adapter for the 50mm F1.8 FD Lens to same camera? Than you very much!
dsh vlogs (10 months ago)
Should you get a lens before you get the camera or vice versa
onlocaltv (10 months ago)
I have the Canon FD 50mm 1:1.8 lens from an old film camera (Canon T-70). What adaptor do I need for it to work on my G7? Good Stuff!
Waldemar Jenkins (10 months ago)
wow these lenses seem really nice. I think I'll only buy vintage lenses
Dark Drift0r (10 months ago)
Should I adapt this to the sony nex 5r?
Shahmeer Abbas Official (10 months ago)
Are these lens gonna work with Sony a6300?
Joaquim Gonsalves (10 months ago)
Absolutely loved the intro on this video as compared to your usual ones.:)
JokerPerson (10 months ago)
What cheap lenses can I use for 4/3 or Panasonic G85? Please be straightforward to what I need to buy because I’m a beginner.
Potato The Penguin (10 months ago)
Yongnou 50mm f1.8
TheBabazita (10 months ago)
Will this lenses work with a canon t5 camera ?????
Shaun Bennett (10 months ago)
Great video. I actually got a set of Canon FD lenses, 28mm, 50mm, 135mm as a gift (a friend was cleaning out there closet) Score! and another 135mm Olympus that uses the M42. Great list and I will take a look and the Olympus 50mm 1.8.
Haley Miller (11 months ago)
Do all of these work on a canon rebel t6i? I'm a complete noob with all of this camera stuff but I'm looking for an affordable lens for some artsy shots
Felipe Vece (11 months ago)
Can i use, Follow focus with thease lenses?
Nala Cat (11 months ago)
anyone in the comments got these lenses on a gh4? which ones would u recommend?
Dave Katz (11 months ago)
Any links to M42 to Sony EF mount adapter?
NotBillyMays (11 months ago)
Anyone know what adapter I’d need to mount the Olympus 50 mm on to a Canon EOS m?
Tsukasa Love ABC (11 months ago)
Can it be use on dslr..? Sorry.. Im just getting started.. Into videography... Please please.. Need u guys help..
Icyy (11 months ago)
Will it work with Sony a6000
Julian Richards (11 months ago)
Not into zooms but your primes are spot on. Also add Pentax Super Takumar 50mm, Jupiter 9 and 11A, Industar 61.
Seakleng Song (1 year ago)
Do these lens work with 70D well?
Mychal Simmons (1 year ago)
Wow!!!! great video !!!
Tech Junkies (1 year ago)
good old caleb with some hair...lol
Fishing Man (1 year ago)
I have Kit len Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 and should I buy Olympus 50mm F1.8 for wedding photography??
machia0705 (1 year ago)
I use a Rokkor (Minolta) 58mm f1.4 , MD-EOS adapter . This lens can be found on EBay for 50.00-150.00 .Incredible bokkeh .
Arturo Castillo (1 year ago)
noob question are all those manual focus right?
Supercars in England (1 year ago)
I’m new to photography - can you swap lenses eg Nikon lenses on canon bodies
SA1NT F L E X (1 year ago)
I just realized, his intro reminds me of the bee movie
Nata Saragih (1 year ago)
So if the olympus 50mm attach on the lumix/olympus mft cameras, it'll be 100mm equivalent ?
Shankar Reddy DOPe (1 year ago)
can i use these on a6300 ?
Colin Miller (1 year ago)
I need a cheap 2.8 lens
MagTag519 (1 year ago)
mohit Pandit (1 year ago)
can we attach Olympus 50mm f1.8 on nikon d5300??
Mario kovac (1 year ago)
I want nikon lens 35-70mm F3,5-- I have canon 700D--what adapter i need
Lexie Ward (1 year ago)
Will this work just as well for photos? not just video
Zaber Ansary (1 year ago)
All good but 50+mm 1.8ish lenses are cheap already. Nifty Fifty and 1.8Ds. I want a 20-30mm ish f2.0 or lower lens under $100-150. Has to be compatible with Canon 70D. Anyone know?
Noiapah Incognito (1 year ago)
I have 400$ to spare....
Stephan Hughes (1 year ago)
I use mostly FD, but have been experimenting with minolta glass. I'll look into some old olympus glass now for my next lens! And that helios is tempting, but i need to use what i have more before i make another purchase
Pawlmau5 (1 year ago)
Why type of adapter would I need for my LUMIX G7 if I get the canon FD 50mm lens?
Max Vorobey (1 year ago)
Will the Olympus lens go on a lumix g7 without an adapter? Considering they are both micro 4 thirds
Robert M (1 year ago)
What makes the Olympus 50mm 1.8 better than the Canon? They seem to be pretty close in price too. Also, what is the best use for this type of lens, I thought I heard it was good for video and you showed some stills too? I thought they were good for portraits and basic video. Keep in mind I am almost a complete noob and trying to get going on the cheap and have very little experience.
Robert M (1 year ago)
I like that you are doing Frankenstein's monster with the lenses and bodies by using them all mixed and jumbled.
DiscoveringOceans (1 year ago)
Any good budget friendly lens for portraits & landscapes for Canon 7D
Cuewars Taner (1 year ago)
I am a beginner of photography for reviewing hardware product and making review videos. I found your video and it's really useful and helpful, at least for me. What I will do is to film on computer components or product and packages like boxes. Sometimes I need to film on RGB LEDs light which are on the motherboard. And they are always a close look. Also, I want to show the best sharpened details of the stuff. Do you think which one is better for me? The Nikon 35-70mm F3.5 AI "NEW Version for sharper quality" or the Olympus 50mm F1.8? I can afford one of them. But I don't know when it comes to price vs performance, which one is better? Or, any better option under $150. I am beginner so what I think is, a close look always requires more light to come in. Do I need to get f1.8, f2.8? or f3.8 is just good enough? Sorry for the long question that takes time to read. Really looking for help :)

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