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Top 5 NEW Upcoming Pirate/Medieval RPG Games 2016/2017 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Pirate/Medieval RPG Upcoming Games of 2016 and 2017! Which one is best? Post in the comments! 05: Blackwalk 04: Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord 03: Kingdom Come Deliverance 02: Sea of Thieves 01: For Honor Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel like,share subscribe and comment
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Text Comments (109)
Cazionz (5 months ago)
Pascal NewMan (11 months ago)
Hello man the game number 5 is work on android ??
Josh Heijn (1 year ago)
Sea of thieves play in March 2017
Blorian (1 year ago)
For honor is bad
Rhinoceros 88 (1 year ago)
This looks amazing
Why is Sea of Thieves No for PS4?😭😭😭
Killer Priyansh (1 year ago)
I also feel bad :(
ELLISisBEAST x (1 year ago)
The saddest thing is how bad for honor actually is. I was excited for it to 😕
Ronnie Jeffs (2 years ago)
Those guys playing sea of thieves.. What a bunch of fucking nerds
Simon Liljedahl (2 years ago)
He writted blackwalk instead of blackwake
Bilbo Baggins (2 years ago)
What's that Ubisoft garbage doing on here?
JDM12983 (2 years ago)
The people they got to play for that Sea of Thieves video are annoying as heck.
CiKi (2 years ago)
the guild 3 should be in this list
Olex9933 (2 years ago)
Is it normal in Bannerlord?? That the character heals himself in combat?.... lol
Nasser Thani (2 years ago)
For honor seriously??
SieraBobs (2 years ago)
u forgot a pirate game.
AWSOME DUCK55 (1 year ago)
sea of theives....?
Cpt Spoons (2 years ago)
Fixed the list: 5: Blackwalk 4: For Honor 3: Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: Sea of Thieves 1: Mount And Blade Bannerlord.
Matteo Parigi (2 years ago)
you forget of kings and men
Ultimate Gamerz (2 years ago)
yeah next time i will add
riedstep (2 years ago)
bannerlord looks so good
kingloserface (2 years ago)
kingdom come should be #1 you fool
kingloserface (1 year ago)
was more of a joke than a serious comment
AWSOME DUCK55 (1 year ago)
he has his own opinion
Simon Dayz (2 years ago)
u forgot of kings and men :)
DodoVolcano (2 years ago)
that game looks great
Ultimate Gamerz (2 years ago)
no its not on consoles only pc windows
MG Chewy (2 years ago)
+Ultimate Gamerz will of kings and men be in xbox one
Ultimate Gamerz (2 years ago)
ohh yes next time i will add
The Indie Diary (2 years ago)
No mans sky can suck my dick. M&B2: Bannerlord GOTY!!!!!!
for honour is shittest one of them, fight system is something for special kids, like CoD. That isnt good. Fuck you ultimate gamerz, fucking faggot, I guess u're kid too.
Joshua Scott (2 years ago)
wow for honor looks terrible...i was actualyy excited about that game lol
SlickStitch (2 years ago)
For Honour looks even worse that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Replace it with Bannerlord :S
SlickStitch (2 years ago)
+Josh Phoenix i'll get it cause I love games medieval. Chivalry was great on release but the patches and updates ruined the combat to people acting like ballerinas.
Josh Phoenix (2 years ago)
Chivalry is great, don't dis yo! but yeah For Honour looks like a shit ps2 game
Apokalypse456 (2 years ago)
i know it doesnt fit the theme, but Tyranny will be an awesome RPG, definitely en par with M&B Bannerlord and better than most others
MacX85 (2 years ago)
For me it's "Of Kings and Men"
kinn grimm (2 years ago)
how is there not 'Of Kings and Men" included? http://store.steampowered.com/app/430440/
MacX85 (2 years ago)
yeah, it really should
Corey Soze (2 years ago)
That is a big no to 15th century Europe.
Scottie Mathew (2 years ago)
Tbh for honour looks like assassins creed clunky-combat shit... I hope Ubisoft does this game right
Faulty Muppet (2 years ago)
the combat looks nothing like AC :/
Ubisoft never makes games that is fun for more than 10-20 hours max. If its even fun at all...
Thijmen 84 (2 years ago)
why o why is the game nobody like at nr 1 ? did they pay you for it?
Nils Harms (2 years ago)
Didnt make it past the fucking intro with everyone screaming
Camel House (2 years ago)
Kingdom Come Deliverance and M&B2 Bannerlord look fantastic based on other videos I've seen. Sea of Thieves doesn't look bad either. Was anticipating For Honor but it seems repetitive and less innovative than say Kingdom Come Deliverance.
Jason Frontor (2 years ago)
What is this Heresy? Mount and Blade not at #1 spot? I will drink from your skull!
Rimler (6 months ago)
and the waiting for a release date isnt over yet :D
Knil (1 year ago)
Very well, prepare to die.
Daniil Albotov (2 years ago)
Y4 Head (2 years ago)
Braiven (2 years ago)
Switch Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord with For Honor on your list. LUL, what a prank video.
daniel freyschuss (2 years ago)
Jakob91 (2 years ago)
This Blackwalk thing looks like a bad M&B Napoleonic Wars copy, Skål.
Wraith 3140 (2 years ago)
Well I'm excited for For Honor it just seems to catch my interest Mount and Blade looks good as does Kingdom Come
William Nelson (2 years ago)
Oh wow so much hate on for honor. Honestly I am very excited for it. I don't understand why so many people are hating on it.
i don't know why others hate it but i can say why I hate it.  Late medieval knights (approx. 1350 to 1550) vs. edo jidai samurai( 1603 to 1868) vs. ugly and ridiculous as fuck fantasy barbarians labeld as Vikings (approx.792. to 1066). For fucks sake ubisoft pick up an history book and spare us the fantasy bullshit!
Jason Frontor (2 years ago)
+William Nelson Yes, It also just looks slow and grindy/repetitive. The Ambiance of the game looks like it wants to be epic and bad ass but the background was SOOOO quiet, the combat also looked very slow to me.
William Nelson (2 years ago)
+Jason Frontor Weird...I thought it looked amazing. Is it the new combat style that looks shitty to you?
Jason Frontor (2 years ago)
Because it looked like shit.
gergely219 (2 years ago)
M&B should be the first. No one cares about Ubisoft
Meat Bag (2 years ago)
for honor shud never be on the list
Meat Bag (2 years ago)
for honor should be number 5 its a shitgame.
Dallas Harrison (2 years ago)
did I just see Samurai with shields?
Fishyjoes (2 years ago)
also Samurai shoulder guard was used as a shield
The Indie Diary (2 years ago)
LOL Your comment made me laugh. Mostly cos I was thinkin the exact same thing.
GreenFox X3 (2 years ago)
No, it was a pocket table.
Belgium Riech (2 years ago)
it could be Ashigaru with sheilds, (Ashigaru are japanese peasant warriors
Fuzzyballs01 (2 years ago)
only one of these looks like it'll be fun (it's Bannerlord) that Sea of Thieves video looks especially scripted, holy shit I feel bad for those people "acting"
Fuzzyballs01 (2 years ago)
don' recall asking
Submersed24 (2 years ago)
There is an actual gameplay vid out, it looks good af
Faulty Muppet (2 years ago)
+Fuzzyballs01 actually it wasn't acted the developers let certain people who helped spread the word of the game play it, I was actually offered a chance to go up there, it wasn't an act but those players looked extremely nervous being recorded that's why it was so cringy. acted out looks more natural.
+Fuzzyballs0011 Look it up if you want.
Fuzzyballs01 (2 years ago)
oh yeah, that's why developers lie about features they don't actually put in their games because it's not legal lemme give you some advice, don't make facts up just so you can pretend you're right
C-K0r (2 years ago)
nobody is waiting for for honour, plz put it on 6th place.
Johnny Jab (2 years ago)
+C-K0r more than your pathetic argument for sure
C-K0r (2 years ago)
poor fools, I wonder how long you will play it.
Johnny Jab (2 years ago)
i am
MG Chewy (2 years ago)
i am
Steven Ritter (2 years ago)
I am
Tara Sutherland (2 years ago)
for honor is my #not interested... typical ubi hype but the game will be boring an repetitive with 0 depth... ubi doesn't know how to make games that rank #1 on any list anymore
Shawl Maw (2 years ago)
Youre beutifull marry me :*
7dayspking (2 years ago)
+Tara Sutherland ...what you see is what you get, the game is likely going to release as it appears. If your interested in the premise, consider buying the game...if you're not, don't purchase it. I'm not interested in it as I'm looking for a more authentic and realistic experience at least now...but more so because of the gameplay style...I'm not a fan of these combat arena games. I'd prefer a sandbox or RPG with as much to do as possible.
darkstar 1651 (2 years ago)
Most of these are not rpgs...
GreenFox X3 (2 years ago)
Indeed they are more RPG than the actual RPGs. RPG = RolePlay Game A real RPG is a game that leave you to choose a Role. In naval battle u have to choose many roles (Cannoner, the Top Master "explorer", the sailer etc). In Medieval warfare you have to choose from archers, knights and so on.
Meat Bag (2 years ago)
+darkstar 1651 oh.. kay
darkstar 1651 (2 years ago)
+Sadistic Spece Marine I know some are but most in the video are not.
Meat Bag (2 years ago)
bannerlord and kingdome come deliverance are rpg
kee1haul (2 years ago)
For Honor looks the worst of these.
Utopians Dream (2 years ago)
+Sigh#On Its good but it isnt a RPG Game. Its an Hack 'n Slay Game.
Cpt Spoons (2 years ago)
You are basiclly a tank vs small minions in this game. Reminds of League Of Legends.
Jakob91 (2 years ago)
Actually it is like a medieval shooter, so if you would ask me if it is a good medieval game I would say no.
Nub93 (2 years ago)
why is it amazing?
Sigh#On (2 years ago)
look up for honor videos the footage here is bad but the game is amazing
黄辰旭 (2 years ago)
for honor is no.1? dont kidding me,
AWSOME DUCK55 (1 year ago)
he has is own opinion but yeah for honor looks repetitive
Dr Simins (2 years ago)
Jansky (2 years ago)
Warband is, Bannerlord is a work in progress.
Belgium Riech (2 years ago)
+Kurt Walstrom they have annouced that if there was a console version of Bannerlors then a seperate team is making the console version, so I wouldn't get your hopes up if it is being made and if it was going to be released on the same day
Twezieh (2 years ago)
i think they discussed it probably will be coming to consoles sometime after pc
Ultimate Gamerz (2 years ago)
+Kurt Walstrom oh yeah my mistake
Dr Simins (2 years ago)
What? It says it's coming out to ps4 and xbox1
Michel van der Pol (2 years ago)
I knew about all but one game from this list. But I wanted a pirate game. Sea of Thieves was the one I knew and not blackwalk. I don't want Sea of Thieves because I can't upgrade to Win10 since it needs DX12 (hangs all the time during installation so i went back to Win7) so blackwake it is
ㅤㅤㅤZhatar (2 years ago)
Of Kings And Men #1
MacX85 (2 years ago)
hell yea
Josh (2 years ago)
i only knew about sea of thieves xD excited now
AWSOME DUCK55 (1 year ago)
sea of theeeeeives

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