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The Most Evil Handwriting I've ever seen: #1 Handwriting Analysis Video

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Evil handwriting... Handwriting 101 video by Bart Baggett. http://handwritinguniversity.com/freecourse explains the basic of handwriting analysis using EVIL samples and basic social traits. bbabb
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Sabisch TruePain (24 days ago)
I broke my wrist. Now it's side ways.. I write like that.. I'm not evil..lol.. he's wrong..
Dondurma (1 month ago)
and I though i write very ugly.
Mark Eisenhower (2 months ago)
the letter on the right seems more pleasant to read, neat and simple, on the left it turns upward meaning the writer has no control to where his writing goes out of control.
Bender Bending Rodriguez (3 months ago)
so.,..damn, this video is from 2007...
fallenSlave (3 months ago)
I had a teacher. She was obsessed with handwriting. Eventually she became mentally ill... Sadly. Your handwriting does not show you who you are. Your deeds and sentences tell that. ;)
HandwritingExpert (3 months ago)
You are entitled to your opinion and most opinions and beliefs are based in a person's limited experience of their own life. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world believe it is useful and accurate. Sorry about your teacher. Sounds sad.
SingulariTae (3 months ago)
This is basically my friend Vincent's handwriting
Ranjeet Lal (3 months ago)
mac tíre (4 months ago)
I like it, looks serialist
Meril & maryna (5 months ago)
Are there any 2018 lads?
Superlative (5 months ago)
That handwriting looks atrocious. The title fits perfectly 👌
Bart Baggett (5 months ago)
He is a rapist and murderer and in prison in Arizona.
simplyholohusky XoX (6 months ago)
#mine is worse
Caleb Brown (6 months ago)
qadri rulzdood (7 months ago)
Did someone pocket write this letter?
Gabi (7 months ago)
Wow i havent seen more dislikes than likes! 😮
fallenSlave (3 months ago)
Because this guy is a liar and a fake. It is so naive to accept what he says.
MGTOW (7 months ago)
A Excellent Video.. Highly Recommended.. Thank You Very Much For Sharing.. Very, Very Interesting...
刘圣奇 (7 months ago)
So how do u read that?
Bart Baggett (7 months ago)
You analyze the character. This course is not about legibility. Crazy, right?
Mary Joy Almero (9 months ago)
I'm soon to graduate but my Professor told me to start learning how to write again because they can't read it.
Punny Puppy (10 months ago)
I. Not sure if it can be evil though
- (1 year ago)
When you are naughty and their says :read this
Jennifer S (1 year ago)
wow my cursive would then scare most people. how i write is not really who i am, or maybe it is subconsciously. I know one thing Ive always wrote small and everything ive ever read on handwriting says those people who write small tend to be more shy and I'm the opposite. i write small from yrs of not wanting teachers or others to rad what i was writing.
Kioki (1 year ago)
Looks like his handwriting made some good art.
Emily Gubanez (1 year ago)
This is called graphology right???????
HandwritingExpert (1 year ago)
All of the stuff published by Handwriting University is reliable. Start with the free 7 day video course. You will be hooked. It's accurate.https://handwritinguniversity.com/free-sign-up
Emily Gubanez (1 year ago)
HandwritingExpert it seems cool I would love to read more about it too bad most books contain incorrect data
HandwritingExpert (1 year ago)
There are different versions of the term graphology. Handwriting University teaches scientific personality analysis using traits, strokes, and handwriting. Most graphology books are poorly researched and contain incorrect data.
Constantine Smith (1 year ago)
This person does *not* understand Asian culture. Asians would never “let” anyone date their daughter 😂😂😂
Shimada Gaming (1 year ago)
When you need a 6 paragraph essay and write it in 2 minutes
ιτζγ Ꭰαιια (1 year ago)
Im dying 😵
Paul Bottomley (1 year ago)
There's a smiley face at the bottom, how could it be a bad guy?
Paul Bottomley (1 year ago)
You can change your handwriting without changing your character.
Shradha Naique (1 year ago)
Disgusting you're not good in handwriting you're going to be fired
BxDemon (1 year ago)
When you realise that you have worse..
sureshdharani kn (1 year ago)
Haley Brooks (1 year ago)
love your videos!
Raman ## (1 year ago)
Sir,please upload more vedios like this.👍
Wing Wong (1 year ago)
Handwriting Studies
Wing Wong (1 year ago)
I love your handwriting! We don't need robotic leader to lead us!
Wing Wong (1 year ago)
Perfect to me.
Wing Wong (1 year ago)
Wing Wong (1 year ago)
hoealrightx (2 years ago)
this is what most doctors' handwriting looks like. so you're saying you wouldn't let your daughter date a doctor, or anyone you disapprove of? this is her choice... jeez
Kyler Janovec (2 years ago)
I impressed peter tytell and Larry Ziegler I must have a gift
Ruby ArnieJudasLove (2 years ago)
what does it mean if you write a page and every time you write a letter it looks different and half the words are a mix of print and cursive ?
Ruby ArnieJudasLove Lol. Probably that you will win the lottery.....I write the same way....I was dyslexic as a kid and was stunted in cursif writing in elem school when the teacher would complain that I took too long to write. I started printing everything cause it seemed easier. Now....my writing is a mix. I'd love to see the science behind these claims......I think it's just another way to justify being judgemental...
mspixiedust100 (2 years ago)
where's the part about the evil handwriting
mdmaqsood mohammed (2 years ago)
I can't understand
Catherine Mathers (2 years ago)
What if your writing is big but also straight up and down?
LostPeopleOfEarth158 (2 years ago)
Can't read or write cursive. It's a problem.
braine0nbludd (2 years ago)
It looks very jumbled, but for me it looks unique and beautiful!
Wormy McSquirmy (2 years ago)
What does a person with seemingly perfect handwriting suggest? I mean regular sized loops, small letters and normal spacing. With these characteristics, the only traits I would define this person as having are perfectionism, and some form of modesty. I would love to hear your reply ;)
what does the writing look like in someone deemed completely perfect in character?
Catherine Mathers (2 years ago)
small handwriting means more reserved.
N KatZ (2 years ago)
If a handwriting is too perfect, it might suggest that the person is putting up a pretense, or the person has relinquished control over their life to someone/something else
R3DBACK (2 years ago)
A f r i c a....africa... personality changed? sorry its quite ironic saying wirlwind is judgemental. i have terrible handwriting. yet i have a wife and kid and im studying at university. am I not worthy of having a partner because of my handwriting? am I not a fun person because i have messy writing? just because im careless about my handwriting does that make me careless in everything else?.. no it dosent. but you seem to think otherwise, so i thnk youre the one being judgemental. yes if youre angry you will probably write faster and messier. of if youre calm and happy you would write neater... but for some people it might be different. but what determines someones handwriting? like wirlwind said.. its how youre taught. it dosent need 100 years of research can prove that. if i have small, messy, and closely spaced writing i would be a boring at a party. or someone thats shy and closed up. very contraversial and judgemental video. i felt the need to say something because i hate it when people think they understand everything without knowing things from a different perspective. dont let this video say that youre one of those people please.
HandwritingExpert (1 year ago)
Actually messy handwriting can be a sign of genius. I assume you don't have paranoia, anger at women, resentment from the past, lying loops, and split personality. That is what is in the handwriting on the screen. Einstein has messy handwriting. Perhaps you are being a bit quick to judge, with respect.
Squeakandbark (3 years ago)
Worse than mine. I will soon be reading a letter I wrote to my teacher because of how she treated me because of my handwriting on my channel.
Mona Lisa (3 years ago)
That's terrible
Pauline Jobson (4 years ago)
In my country all medics write like that.
MGTOW (7 months ago)
Sloppy Is Down Right Disgusting..Plan And Simple..
Wing Wong (1 year ago)
Полина Иевская I move to your country!
Bearacuda Deathwish (4 years ago)
how the heck is it evil in this meaning tell me what evil means in the way
fallenSlave (3 months ago)
+HandwritingExpert you don't have a clue. And you make those harsh judgements upon people. One question. Do you think Darwinian Evolution is hard science? Just a question please anwer.
HandwritingExpert (1 year ago)
Treacherous and dangerous. Low moral compass and mean spirited. Someone who hurts other people and justifes it.
Dennis Siple (5 years ago)
it would be nice to see this in higher resolution.  Everything is too fuzzy.
Davis Jantzi (5 years ago)
What if it is a philanthropist that has cerebral palsy derrrrrr
Anna Misha (5 years ago)
So you're saying that someone that has a bad handwriting means that person did some bad things? Even if it is not that bad, like teasing someone behind their backs, probably disturbing them like that simple, cause i have a friend like that...but i don't think its good to judge people based on their handwriting cause i write nicely but if i'm in a hurry my handwriting is pretty bad..
Andrei Oskar (5 years ago)
I can and I actually do handwrite in about 4 different ways (types). Depends on the tool, the mood, the purpose, how much in hurry (or not) I am. And they do look different. And no, I dont have multiple personality. So... Not sure if I believe this.
31 Witches (1 month ago)
There are certain things that unless you are formally trained, you won't notice are still present and will connect the writing as being from the same person. The truth is your writing does change depending on your mood but graphology can still be accurate.
Pi for breakfast (2 months ago)
Piccolo Bella, your handwriting changes depending on whether you have elbow room, angle the paper is to you, angle of you compared to the desk, whether you’re even sitting at a desk, how good your eyesight is, if your hand feels cramped (how long have you been writing and do you have a hand injury), if your pen is giving you ink flow problems, if your pen doesn’t work unless you have to press, if you’ve ever had any formal training in writing efficiently, etc... This handwriting to personality stuff is nonsense. I’ve seen people’s handwriting improve when they’ve been taught formal handwriting: proper posture, proper grip, correct muscle groups used to form letters (so many people use finger writing which creates hand cramping).
Piccolo Bella (4 months ago)
The skilled analyst can tell if you are faking your handwriting... you have markers that identify you consistently, thru different samples; you can't lie in your handwriting. Sorry to burst your bubble. On second thought... glad to warn you! Definitely don't try to get away with this in a handwritten sample for a job interview...you WONT get the job.
justsomeone (7 months ago)
As you said. It depends on your mood. Are you feeling more relaxed or anxious? More pessimistic or more optimistic? More confident or less confident? Your writing reflects how you feel the moment you write. Not you as a whole.
yeetus that fetus (1 year ago)
Andrei Oskar me too!
Tiger082762 (5 years ago)
holy fuck his handwriteing is worst than my
PkGam (5 years ago)
Oh geez... this feels like a type of stereotyping in itself. If people learned to write differently, would it change their personality? Absolutely not. Handwriting is an art form, not a personality trait.
Seeking Truth (1 year ago)
PkGam It's based on patterns. There has been over hundreds of studies of the handwriting of serial killers, politicians and etcetera. This isn't just some stereotyping. It's identifying the patterns left out by your subconscious.
Ilan Goldenberg (1 year ago)
if people learned to behave differently, would it change their personality? absolutely not!(obviously) everything you do is an indicaation of your behaviour. think about it. handwriting may not be as clear as an indication as that, but it still is saying something
HandwritingExpert (1 year ago)
Here is a TED talk by the same guy in the video. We agree, you should check out Ted talks and research everything from reliable sources. Thanks Snigdha.
HandwritingExpert (1 year ago)
You might want watch this interview with Sam Botta, who gives credit for handwriting excercises for his ability to talk again. Watch it and then tell Sam it is a an art form. https://empressepublishing.teachable.com/courses/p-r-is-m-consultant-s-certification-program/lectures/3475266
I think that this is probably not a very scientific way of judging a book by it's cover
VeahBaby (5 years ago)
i had to put it in fast motion!
VeahBaby (5 years ago)
that's so boring and stupid -.-
Justin Gnoh (5 years ago)
My right ear feels left out....
Emmanuel Owonubi (3 months ago)
I thought my earphones were bad. :DDDD
Evelin D (4 months ago)
Justin Gnoh I was only listening out of my left ear so I thought the audio was just suuuper low and then I realized the audio was all on the right earbud when I read this
Sahm Sandersonia (1 year ago)
Oh i guess my head phones are backwards
Constantine Smith (1 year ago)
Justin Gnoh I’m glad I’m not the only one...
Chris Donovan (5 years ago)
aaahh yes as clearly seen here Dorothy is an optimistic person because her handwriting has a positive slope. Thank god for hundreds of years of research or we would never know this.
Ellis Kim (5 years ago)
What kind of handwriting is that
Ville John (5 years ago)
i don't think the first hand writing was written by an evil person, the writings with a sharper letters are proven to be more evil
Sharky (5 years ago)
I personally would like to know how to write like that. It seems quite interesting. Now i cant help but wonder about people who randomly alternate different writing styles. What kind of personality would a person have if they wrote in a calligraphic style? You may be able to tell something about a person by their writing, but you need to get to know them personally to actually find out.
tomato010010 (5 years ago)
That handwriting looks cool :)
yiban di (5 years ago)
Hmm... well I write in large italics but am actually more introverted and reserved... a lot of my friends who you'd call extroverts and are fun to have around especially at parties have really clean, straight and appropriately sized handwritings... now why is that? now what these people  did if they have actually done so is observe trends in the population which could apply mostly to the population in which the samples were taken from considering that they if they have done so properly... not saying that this is untrue because it may very well be true in the population that he's observed... as in psychology, certain trends in the patient's color choices, and method of drawing has been linked to certain behaviors and personalities... all backed by evidence and true in a lot of the cases observed but should also be said that it doesn't apply to all cases... just saying...
P Mann (5 years ago)
Want to see a real crime?  Handwriting analysis involved - see the following youtube video.  "Smiley Face Killers:Case Solved & Covered Up: FBI / Amish, Serial Killer, Homicide, Reward Money" LEAVE A COMMENT!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!
FaithBetta (5 years ago)
Interesting... Slanting upwards means you're "happy-go-lucky" as he put it. Bigger handwriting means you're more outgoing.  Definitely learned a lot here.
WirlWind (5 years ago)
You learned a bunch of bullshit.
NewYorknow (5 years ago)
Dorothy is wasteful, uses more paper.
EL95GE (5 years ago)
something u see at csi/ law and order/ ncsi lol
eric cartman (5 years ago)
dorthy is gay !
Metilda Chee (5 years ago)
He has premature aging.
flyvernon7 (5 years ago)
He sure NOSE his stuff ! !
Michael McClure (5 years ago)
If I change my handwriting will it change my personality?
Andrew Skretvedt (5 years ago)
Hey lookie, modern-day phrenology!
teraterakhan (5 years ago)
Interesting. I have 6 different letter styles that I randomly alternate. What does that mean? Do I have 6 personalities? What about people who write in calligraphic fonts? Lol this was funny.
Amy Smith (5 years ago)
Pretentious much?
Nathan Glenn (5 years ago)
Lost me at "I applaud you if you are a psychic".
Etheral1234 (5 years ago)
Is this a joke?
bomberman (5 years ago)
'why do you think that >:)? LOL
James Smith (5 years ago)
Even the Federal Government - who breaks the law daily spying on us and who would use any tool possible to obtain a conviction; has deemed this "junk science".
NoNameC68 (5 years ago)
"I had to learn this the hard way, science. But if you're psychic, that's really helpful." Well, I wouldn't trust this man to teach science. That's for sure. Graphology is purely speculative bullshit.
jason humphrey (5 years ago)
the way he makes his O's.???.. get the hell out of here you dumb ass! you've got nothing.
Jame Gumb (5 years ago)
I once let some woman analyse my handwriting, and since it had a little too much curve to it it looked feminine, I was labeled gay or transgender based on my handwriting. - I was very amused.
Vivian He (5 years ago)
wtf is this
James kincade (5 years ago)
The ever-changing science of Bullshit.Where this guy is a superstar.
CrypticBlueHue (5 years ago)
4:20 that's not always true. I am a very introverted person and never been called the life of a party yet I would right more like Dorthy does if just making a note. I tend to make them big and quickly done because I'm just making a note not writing to someone or something... so yeah, logical, but not always true.
kenny lars (5 years ago)
What a load of shit - your telling me you can understand such highly complex human behaviour from just a piece of handwriting - fucking knob - fuckig die you lying stupid fuck
Olorin (5 years ago)
This is a pseudo-science.
DOOBS (5 years ago)
Bollocks. It isn't exact science.
Nicholosity (5 years ago)
i agree.
Brennon Naquin (5 years ago)
Just because their handwriting is their own in their own way . You can be judged by your hand . I have met very shy people with big and uneven lined hand writing and big partiers with very neat writing . Science has nothing to prove because everyone is diffrent so how are you going to put titles on somebody . That is my opinion so therefore you can't say anything against it because it's MY OPINION and not yours or silence . Who agrees ?
Kevin P (5 years ago)
Hello and welcome to bullshit school
Diego (5 years ago)
like if you tried pausing it when the showed the handwriting before 0:50
JohnNNJ (5 years ago)
Maybe the first person is just creative and likes loopty loops, but even according to his own "analysis" maybe just even more extroverted than Dorthy. Maybe Donna had an education which emphasized penmanship or works in a career where it is important. I work at a job where you write in an engineering field book all day. SO, MOST OF THE TIME MY HAND WRITTING LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE THIS.
ikabaruraj (5 years ago)
Why you all are so Scary?? Nervious. Once upon a time I wrote a Check and a Hot Slender Girl Alogside me ask if I had no Bother if She Red the check and signature.....after she did it....she told me some curiously TRUE THINGS about....ME oO Was funny and bizarre....Its Works!! She told me she was Police and was studying Graphology..... and she was practicing what she was learning in the course.....
xSkarprox (5 years ago)
psychic... bahahha! somethings wrong with this speaker...
Sdcombo (5 years ago)
Bitches be crazy.
Kevin Overstreet (5 years ago)
What a shallow, petty bullshit video. That guy is an idiot.
Viktor Yankov (5 years ago)
NOOOOO!!! My handwriting and signature are like a doctor's. Now people won't trust me. :(

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