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Top 10 Economies in the world 2018 (GDP PPP)

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Countries with the largest economies ranked based on GDP (PPP). Did your country make it to the top 10? Watch this video to find out! Top 10 economies: 1) China 2) USA 3) India 4) Japan 5) Germany 6) Russia 7) Indonesia 8) Brazil 9) UK 10) France Music credit: Epic War Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QV2kRkC_Yg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEioEoqyFPsOiW8CepDaYg The clips used in this video are from Expedia and Anuj N. Check out their channels. They are awesome :)
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Brain Chow (1 year ago)
We love you all. Thanks for all the love you have showered us with and also for being a part of the Brain Chow family. Happy Valentine's day! ❤
Chunk Dude Dude (6 months ago)
you got this imformation from the world s richest country
Muhammad Shokat (7 months ago)
Brain Chow Sharam karo All videos main India ko USA UK Canada jaise Countries se better kia hua hai wah g wah apni misal ap Indians k dreams kuch u hai Mumbai los Angeles Kolkata London Delhi Brussels Maharashtra Stockholm Goa Zurich Nahi hai but This is Indians dreams
Ramona Bellasetty (10 months ago)
EDWIBA 3 Because indonesia rich of demografy and resources
DarkConection (10 months ago)
Brain Chow indonesia is so fastt... Wow... In 2017 in top 10 and now top 7. In 2050 top 4?? Sorry i soooo bad engllish
flamingeonak09 (10 months ago)
You got china wrong china has a gdp ppp of 25 trillions
Flora Mohapatra (18 days ago)
Bt Indian GDP is Not... 10
Mohammed masud rana (1 month ago)
U mad India 3
Mohammed masud rana (1 month ago)
Don't was fake video
FrAnCe (2 months ago)
1 china 2 usa 3 japan 4 Germany 5 Philippines 6 Brasil 7 france 8 india 9 Brasil 10 United kingdom
FrAnCe (2 months ago)
France number 8
Kishan Yadav (2 months ago)
Providing wrong knowledge
Jonathan Impon (2 months ago)
Where's the Philippines? Hahaha! 😜😂
FrAnCe (2 months ago)
Philippines number 5 I love Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Ngahdul Qodim (2 months ago)
love from Indonesia ,,we are ASEAN😊😉
Ngahdul Qodim (2 months ago)
Jonathan Impon philippines will be top 10 in 2050.,.check in google bro
Music HuB (2 months ago)
Man your voice is very sweet
Chhun Lux (3 months ago)
You are you are so fucking stupid what the fuck why is Russia No. 6 it’s supposed to be number 12
Anju Chettri (3 months ago)
number three is my country
安世廣 (3 months ago)
India No.1
aripoor (3 months ago)
ppp = fake
Turki Old (3 months ago)
Rank 10 Algeria not The fucking French because french killed all algerian and steal his money from 1830 to 1962
__burning desire__ (3 months ago)
10)France 9)Uk 8)Brazil 7) Indonesia 6)Russia 5) Germany 4) Japan 3) India 2)U.S.A 1)China
Taki Tabib (3 months ago)
The Himalayas Diaries (4 months ago)
number 3 is japan
Bhavin Shah (4 months ago)
The Himalayas Diaries that is by nominal terms by PPP India is third.Anyways India and Japan are friends : )
AV bromance (4 months ago)
my county is number seven so bad i think my contry need a future
Yacine Chettab Ravenclaw (5 months ago)
no those informations are so so wrong.
G Joeye (4 months ago)
use google once in a while
Doraemon Dorara (5 months ago)
Totally fake.someone pls tell me the resource of this information
G Joeye (5 months ago)
katuwa madherchod. please google "list of countries by GDP PPP"
Rico Pongyan (5 months ago)
not china LoL
Rájů síňgh (5 months ago)
India no. 2
G Joeye (5 months ago)
please use your head.
sumeet pandey (5 months ago)
China = North America+ South America + Australia, it's competition is with continent that also together.
sudhir meena (5 months ago)
Nice voice, nice video
Andrew Manook (5 months ago)
I think you used China's expected figure for 2019, anyway it is a certainty that India will overtake America in real GDP by 2030-40 even though it is only half its size now, I really doubt anyone would catch China though.
Aryan2 Aryan2 (5 months ago)
more population means more GDP
JohnB Wright (6 months ago)
With nominal GDP instead of PPP, these countries and their positions change. India drops quite a few places.....
Bhavin Shah (4 months ago)
Mr O ya but many economists believe that PPP is more accurate then nominal way to measure GDP
G Joeye (5 months ago)
well, we are happy being 5th right now. And 3rd by 2050.
Monikandan Madesh (6 months ago)
My country is number 3 india
Octavio Rodriguez Vieira (6 months ago)
vai brasil go brazil
mallaka8 (6 months ago)
Indian scum. They live in filth.
G Joeye (6 months ago)
dumb c4nt
English by Dev Sir (6 months ago)
Video banana chhod do. Bkwas
Out Ofthisworld (6 months ago)
wakanda Forevahhh
Beautiful Monster (7 months ago)
Russia ? lol its a joke right ? ..fake list !
Keneth Michael (7 months ago)
Even russia list why
Muhammad Shokat (7 months ago)
Wow joke is best rapistan no.3 Brain Chow Abe kuto pehle apne lundistan pe Toilets banao Brain Chow ke sari videos main India ko USA se b better kia hua hai but aik baat kaho kuto world happiest countries main 133rd ranking or ho madarchodo maza tab ata hai jab koi dosra ap ki tareef kare khud he apni tareef kar rahe ho but Mumbai. Los Angeles
Bhavin Shah (5 months ago)
Muhammad Shokat India's toilet problem is now solved by 90% if you don't believe me then Google it and also focus on your own country, terrist nation and ya make sure you have latest data before talking about any country!
G Joeye (7 months ago)
why dont u google "list of countries based on GDP PPP" and see the result. Dont worry $10 trillion is just the beginning.
Muhammad Shokat (7 months ago)
G Joeye hahahaha kia India main toilets hai
G Joeye (7 months ago)
google "top 10 GDP PPP" KATUWE
Gnan Bobde (7 months ago)
Wrong information...India is 6th place and America 1 St and China 2 nd ..Japan 3rd .. geramany 4 .Russia 5 ...indian 6...Indonesia 7..Brazil 8.england 9.france 10...
Beautiful Monster (7 months ago)
Russia is never at top 10 idiots
Gnan Bobde (7 months ago)
+Kapil Bisht I know bro
Kapil Bisht (7 months ago)
Gnan Bobde than why don't know anything about indian growth😂😂🇮🇳
Gnan Bobde (7 months ago)
+Kapil Bisht Mr Kapil Bisht ...I am not a take a drugs like u ...
Kapil Bisht (7 months ago)
Gnan Bobde what kind of drugs u take, check D Google bro 😂
dharmendra Sharma (8 months ago)
But India is a 5 largest economy in the world
G Joeye (7 months ago)
thatz nominal gdp. This list is based on GDP PPP.
Creative Ideas (8 months ago)
Always wanted to watch this video
M M (8 months ago)
Hmmm I see that the USA GDP for 2018 is 20.412 trillion and China 14.092 hmmmm
Song ye rin (8 months ago)
Best video
janick sebastian (8 months ago)
indonesia number 7
Morty (8 months ago)
number...uhhh.... number nothing is my country yeyy
Fajar Juandri (8 months ago)
FyOuR H (8 months ago)
Yellowbird (8 months ago)
Brainchild. Make one video on GDP per capita either nominal or PPP, the latter if for Indians so they wouldn't complain. Then we are how India ranks ok? Lol
G Joeye (8 months ago)
as per the UN, income is usually calculated on the basis of GDP per capita PPP. not on nominal gdp per capita. if u look at hdi ranking, one of the 3 parameter is income, which is of course, measured in terms of GDP per capita PPP. and we just happen to have huge population, especially in the north. Trust me, most of the indians especially 862 million indains are living in middle class. Your gdp per capita doesnt mean sh1t. and economy is growing at 7 percent.
Ian Malcolm (8 months ago)
The USA is number one...
Taemeister (8 months ago)
India??! I never would of thought they were richer than Japan.
Kapil Bisht (6 months ago)
Out Ofthisworld Naah u better check that here is 50 million people, who raised up from d poverty line in 2018,,... Nd economy is everything, u better check that how people live in China, most of them r also living in under poverty, but nobody notice China, Cz of its economy and development, that's y India is developing, but will be developed very fast,.....
Out Ofthisworld (6 months ago)
nahhh better check how people live. economy is for the fuckin business man. corporation! huge company. illusion of inclusive growth is this list for you.
Kapil Bisht (7 months ago)
Taemeister Japan population,?? India population =1.3 billion, Nd India has more billioner than Japan
jam ÂŔŤ (8 months ago)
Sanju Sen (9 months ago)
Thank you so much
Indonesian in Melbourne (9 months ago)
Nazir Ahmad (9 months ago)
india population is 1b
Aditya Vishnu (9 months ago)
yaar U.S.A ka building dekh dil khus ho jaata hai
Salman Ali (9 months ago)
sumeet pandey (5 months ago)
China = north America + south America + Australia . It's competing with continents.
Salman Ali (5 months ago)
Monikandan Madesh what would teps like you know
Monikandan Madesh (6 months ago)
No it is true
Make joke (7 months ago)
Salman Ali awww poor porki
Salman Ali (7 months ago)
Ik you dip shit why the fuck are you messaging me you dumb fuck and if you were smart u would have know google isn’t always right
Raja Nag (9 months ago)
India shud learn smthing from china nd japan.congress is the biggest mistake ever commited by indians
G Joeye (8 months ago)
they will not come to power again.
Gaurav Bharti (9 months ago)
What is more important gdp by nominal or ppp
Max 777 (8 months ago)
Gaurav Bharti but PPP is more important.
Max 777 (8 months ago)
Gaurav Bharti both
Niyinzigamye James (9 months ago)
where did you find your research ? your ass india is number ?
G Joeye (8 months ago)
google "list of countries based on GDP ppp" AND put ice on your a$$
Gaming & Music (9 months ago)
3rd India ❤
YuckFou (10 months ago)
Why is Wakanda not in this list?
112rickyT (10 months ago)
God she has the most cutest voice I ever heard.😜❤
Bijal Shah (10 months ago)
why give fake stuff? we Indians are strong enough to knoe the truth of being 7th largest economy and not 3rd knowing that we are the fastest
Make joke (7 months ago)
Krish Shah chutiya Hai Kya be padai likhai karta Hai ya nahi
G Joeye (8 months ago)
LOL dumbfck, google this "list of countries based on gdp ppp" what the fck r u talking about, madrassa product? india is a $10 trillion economy by PPP. Thatz why india is in BRICS. all BRIC nation are in top 10 in terms of gdp ppp.
Bijal Shah (8 months ago)
This is an indian channel with more traffic from india so to please indians it os written so....
Bijal Shah (8 months ago)
G Joeye if we consider gdp ppp india is nowhere in the top 35's also
G Joeye (8 months ago)
dumbfck, this is based on gdp PPP, not nominal gdp.
nitin S (10 months ago)
nice one! also make one on the countries with the least debt in % of their GDP. I guess India has the least debt.
Johnny Johnny (10 months ago)
Number 1 is my country bro!💖
love this video you are an honest you tube channel because other Indian channel give fake news
RS PARASHAR (11 months ago)
No. 3 is my country
lkj67 jkl56 (11 months ago)
BRUTALITY (11 months ago)
Mana?? malaydog ga masuk tuh, katanya kaya.. bruakakakakakakak...
Syarifudin Makhfud (2 months ago)
Wkwkwk baku hantam saja
Bintang Angkasa (4 months ago)
Mna anjing"mlydogg babi ni. Katanya kaya di dunia aduuh gak tau malu ya oh ya sya tau juga urat kmaluan dia sudh kena cabut sma. Nenek moyangnya firaun djjal Inggeris pantas aja mlydogg sembah firaun di negarny katanya islam tpi gak seislam sprti kita Indonesia Arab paletin irak iran Brunei fakistan .bahkan jauh lbih dri islam pengikit djjal firaun ni mlydogg anjing babai
AV bromance (4 months ago)
+GOOD DAY org malaysia korang nih koq ngebela trus
GOOD DAY (9 months ago)
BRUTALITY lahhh goblokk gdp gede.. Gak usah bangga lahh tolol. Negara maju itu di lihat dari kapita/pendapatan rakyat besar. Angga kematian kecil. Infrastruktur modern Lu ngerti gak.. Mau 3018 indonesia gak akan maju kalo sifat lu rasis.. Indon maju 1 langkah, Malaysia maju 5 langkah. Bilang aja indon gak akan pernah maju dan gue mengakuinnya.. Gue bukan pengagguran,gue kerja sebagai office boy dijakarta
BRUTALITY (9 months ago)
anjing nya wowok ni masih ga ngerti juga apa artinya GDP GEDE dan apa artinya NEGARA KAYA, jangan2 lu tau nya NEGARA KAYA itu istilah perkapita, dasar orang bego ga sekolah pengangguran kabanyakan makan nasi bungkus & demo2 sih lu.. kalo emang lu pengen jadi orang sana, gih dah, lu ga guna juga di indonesia... bagaimanapun, malaydog ga bakal bisa masuk negara G20, mereka punya batasan dalam perkembangan.... bruakakakakakakakaka..
Yashu Kumar (11 months ago)
Misleading information. At present (2018) USA , CHINA , JAPAN, GERMANY, UK , INDIA, FRANCE ETC
G Joeye (8 months ago)
sh1thead. You r quoting nominal gdp, this video list is based on GDP PPP.
Luka Kosanin (11 months ago)
I hope my conutry is in top 100 😂😭
Luka Kosanin Which country??
Johnnl Johnny (11 months ago)
Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah China is my country.
Omer Abdul Azeez (3 months ago)
WeebFlex Blog hahaha nowadays Chinese people make fun of Indian people...by telling us we are no 1...what a joke😂😂😂😂
Curator X (6 months ago)
We are NO.2, India is NO.1(没必要显摆,让印度人自己高潮吧)
Spidy (11 months ago)
Plzz next make 2050 super powers
Dnian flowers (1 year ago)
my country no 7 proud to my beautiful country
Somesh Redkar (11 months ago)
India loves Indonesia.
The Joker (1 year ago)
Going good for 30000 target
Amazing World (1 year ago)
Number 3 is my Country (India)🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
G Joeye (5 months ago)
Andrew Manook india's middle class is 862 million as of 2017, declared by the world bank. India has 3rd highest number of billionaires(2nd fastest growing) and 263,000 millionaires(fastest growing in the world) as of 2018 as per the WORLD BANK. And india's extreme poverty reduced to 65 million from 306 million in the span of 7 years as of 2018. And india's Real poor is about 191 million.
Andrew Manook (5 months ago)
The Chinese number should be more than 500 million, India's is definitely not 900 million, you need to provide some sources for that.
G Joeye (6 months ago)
Ming Nian its the world bank which gave that number, not the indina government. I dont care about china's middle class. I have pointed our number. and minimum salary of an indain per month is INR 15,000(above $11). And of course, cost of living is low too.
G Joeye (6 months ago)
Ming Nian considering that there are 65 million indians living in extreme poverty. im not surprised. And india's middle class is over 900 million if u didnt knew.
G Joeye (7 months ago)
Muhammad Qureshi *katuwe, please learn difference between NOMINAL GDP and GDP PPP. This list is based on GDP PPP*
Ayush Formals (1 year ago)
Why are you calling PPP as GDP according to GDP india is 5 largest economy in the world after USA China Japan Germany and has just about 3.5 trillion dollars
Yellowbird (8 months ago)
The Engineer guy. It's arguably untrue depending on situation. With globalization, prices are more or less standardized cross borders. A same brand and same model handphone is pretty similar in pricing internationally. It applies more to poor countries like India and for people who consumes only locally made stuff.
Arun Nair Both are useless. Take their average and you get a nice answer 😂
The Engineer Guy (1 year ago)
@RyAn Purchasing Power GDP is the one that really matters. It measures a country's GDP after adjusting for currency exchange rates (i.e. cost of living ) and inflation . By that measure India is third and China is the largest. Nominal GDP is net GDP of a country relative to Us $ without reducing the effect of cost of living and inflation in Usa. By this measure the Us has the largest economy in the world because America's living expenses and inflation are higher than that of China and India. However nominal GDP has its uses i.e. it gives an idea of a nation's external trade.
RyAn FoRmals I said GDP is measured in two ways. What's wrong with you foolish Canadian. Cannot even write proper English
Ayush Formals (1 year ago)
Northeast India in details both are different ways of measuring the economy of the country GDP and PPP your facts are wrong .
Dragon Empire225 (1 year ago)
What is the GDP PPP per capita of these 10 largest economies? Please make a video regarding this topic
Ramona Bellasetty (10 months ago)
Dragon Empire225 GDP PPP better accurate than Nominal, Example nominal: 1$ in usa for 2 coffe, 1$ in india you can get 5 coffe
Shilpi Saha (1 year ago)
fake news bitch
stoner w3d (10 months ago)
2:19-2:21 the best moment of this video, perfectly fit the narration!
Yuvraj Yadav (1 year ago)
You are boy or a girl please answer
Anju Mishra (1 year ago)
good brain chow
Brain Chow (1 year ago)
I was thinking why Anju hasn't commented on yesterday's video yet. I guess you were busy yesterday. Glad you are back :)
Subir Bhowmick (1 year ago)
Can you compare to Sri Lankan railways
Banty Kumar (10 months ago)
I loVe all country without China
Brain Chow (1 year ago)
I made that video just 3-4 days ago. Check out the channel. If you are unable to find, tell me. I'll give you the link. Thanks for the support Subir
Mukesh Patel (1 year ago)
Knight rider (1 year ago)
are u sure about INDIAs position
Afzal Parmar (21 days ago)
Of course!!!
G Joeye (7 months ago)
Patrick Gardner einstein, as per the UN, WORLD BANK, IMF etc. income is measured in terms of GDP per capita PPP, not nominal gdp per capita. and what exactly lower quality of life? almost 862 million are living in middle class with the same living condition as any other developed counter part.
Patrick Gardner (9 months ago)
Doesn't this calculation reward societies with lower quality of life? The stronger an economy, the more prices will rise due to inflation.
Somesh Redkar (11 months ago)
+Brain Chow In Nominal India is now 5th. It has overtaken both UK and France in 2018.
Brain Chow (1 year ago)
Yes, it is according to GDP PPP. PPP= Purchasing Power Parity. It adjusts for different costs of living in different countries. In Nominal GDP, India is 7th.
Knight rider (1 year ago)
zabardast video once again
gaming world (1 year ago)
Nice video brain chow
Mohit Verma (1 year ago)
Plz upload a face reveal video
My country is no 3
Awesome videos and happy Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
CHANDAN BASU (1 year ago)
A proud feeling arises at 2:27. Great video. Best of luck!
Where is pakistan
Somesh Redkar (11 months ago)
Amongst the bottom ten 😄😂😃😆😅
Piyush Tajne (1 year ago)
You can also compare the states of India for GDP
Ravinder Sharma (1 year ago)
very nice voice
Chris Joseph (1 year ago)
India Both GDP and PPP are no.1 in the world, China make fake GDP and kill those poor people. India is superpower and will rule universe in 5years.
Ashish Pandey (2 months ago)
Chris Joseph yessss
Atleast we are beter than plastic people like u Whos chromosomes fails to produce child
Chhun Lux (3 months ago)
Chris Joseph Alien could destroy Indian in one snapped
Catch_Me_ If_You_Can (4 months ago)
how fake gdp can be made?
Green Man (4 months ago)
India is good in their way😎😎
Dushal Kataria (1 year ago)
2040 Biggest Economy Report N.1 China Economy 58 Trillion N.2 India Economy 45 Trillion N.3 America Economy 34 Trillion
Catch_Me_ If_You_Can (4 months ago)
but only if reforms are made
Anjaneya Gaming (1 year ago)
I think India needs to overtake gdp of USA fast . Think about it USA has only 30 crore people and India has 130 crore and still India's gdp is half of America
Sana Noor (6 months ago)
+Saratha Textiles r u kidding lol 80+ US population????
Kapil Bisht (6 months ago)
Neha Sharma Yeah you r right 😍
Ricky The Man (6 months ago)
USA got independent much earlier than India that's why USA is ahead of India but don't worry this will not last long enough.
Kapil Bisht (7 months ago)
G Joeye USA got freedom in 300 year before, nd India got freedom just 72 year before, so also see the difference Einstein
G Joeye (8 months ago)
Anjeneya Gaming einstien, *USA started to modernize from 1860s, INDIA FROM 2000. SEE THE GAP EINSTEIN*
Shamik Ghosh (1 year ago)
Good work but It would hv been better if u would hv given the flags of the countries in the background while showing d names nd also the per capita GDP as once u said fr france....But luv ur videos....hope u be successful nd I have also made my friends nd my sister to subscribe keep it up nd bst of luck fr upcoming videos
rohan (1 year ago)
What is difference between PPP GDP and nominal gdp
Abhishek Kumar (1 year ago)
ppp means purchasing power parity.. jaise koi chij hm India me 100 rupye me kharid rhe ho aur wo chiz America me 1000 rs me mil rhi hogi.. eg potato India me 1 dollar ka 5 kg ho to.. America me 10 dollar me milta hoga ..nominal mtlb hm jitna 1 year me kamate hai.. av Indian 2.5 trillion dollars kma rha hai.. but utna hi me hm 10.34 trillion dollar ka saman kharid lete hai...
Saikat Sarkar (1 year ago)
It would be great if can make a comparison video between ISRO and NASA. And thanks for good informative positive video.
Bhavin Shah (4 months ago)
Yellowbird but why are you being so jeleous? I know that NASA is very successful but ISRO has also achieved a lot . Don't forget world record,mars mission and many more
Yellowbird (8 months ago)
Saikat Sarkar. NASA can send men into space and to the moon and back. And that's before Indians started bullshitting that 40% of NASA are Indians. IRSO can't. What's to compare?
Mohammad Kamal (1 year ago)
Brain chow said that India has the GDP of 10 trillion. But in the yearbook of India was written 2 trillion. So I think the GDP is 2 trillion. And I visited Delhi, Kolkata also. But India's food is not taste too good. You said developed,but I think India is not too developed.
G Joeye (4 months ago)
+Yellowbird that was in 2016, u dumbc3nt chinaman. Its 2018, AND india's GDP PPP is $10 trillion AS PER THE IMF. R U GREATER THAN THE IMF?
Yellowbird (8 months ago)
Northeast India in details. Hello. Don't bullshit. India has only 8.2 trillion in wealth. https://www.google.com.vn/amp/s/m.economictimes.com/news/economy/indicators/india-6th-wealthiest-country-with-total-wealth-of-8230-billion-report/amp_articleshow/62710884.cms
Anjali nambiar (1 year ago)
i am indian...from kerala...if india overtaked UK... then I will knw that...i dont knw frm which sources u r saying this...i dont rely on western media...i rely on indian media and indian newspapers..... republic tv,times now.. how can u argue media is wrong....if indian media is wrong thn where did u get data..?...ask brain chow..she will tell everything
Anjali nambiar (1 year ago)
india is growing so fast...but takes time...around 2040 india will overtake usa in ppp terms...but in nominal terms...takes more time
Anjali nambiar (1 year ago)
nominal gdp is more important than total wealth...because government will alocate money for the development of india according to the nominal gdp...see usa expenditure...for military 600. billion dollar..
Om Gupta (1 year ago)
You are like brics of YouTube i.e. a rising channel.
Vikash Singh (1 year ago)
Thora hai thore ki Jarurat Hai??😁😁😁💪💪💪

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