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P. J. Doesn't Fit into Women's Group - SNL

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A group of suburban women discuss their personal goals (ft. Melissa McCarthy). Aired 2/01/14 #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (952)
Maureen Carey (22 hours ago)
Why did P.J. jump out the window at the end?
Maureen Carey (22 hours ago)
Melissa McCarthy and Aidy Bryant kind of resemble each other a little bit!
Brianna Ortiz (1 day ago)
The freakin' camo cargo pants.
Rafael Trivino (2 days ago)
I feel bad she had to have sex with them in order to get closer
Oceanside S (3 days ago)
Teresa Harris (5 days ago)
I love how calm McCarthy stays while discussing vengeance lmao!!
Teresa Harris (5 days ago)
Steph DeFerie (5 days ago)
i adore melissa.
Katelinlmao 38 (6 days ago)
*That's fAiR*
Eve Green (6 days ago)
Been there
Maddie (7 days ago)
one of my favorites
Klara Stern (9 days ago)
well... this hits home.. hmh
Elsie Wilson (9 days ago)
“How do you feel about gunfire in the home?” “Well, I asked you to take off your shoes...”
Ray White (9 days ago)
OMG, this is incredible.
David Imhoff (13 days ago)
Melissa would of been brilliant on madtv
Silas Thornblood (15 days ago)
Rejoice ChristisKing (18 days ago)
5:37 Did anyone else jump when this happened?
Laura Minet (19 days ago)
I would seriously love for PJ to have a revenge/dark comedy film. Hilarious character
LetMePlayWIthIT Bro (21 days ago)
This woman is a genius
Avocado Fernandez (21 days ago)
MrsBungle78 (22 days ago)
Melissa McCarthy is a genius.
Aaron featherman (22 days ago)
Wearing farleys jacket
Ella DeRose (22 days ago)
it’s really funny, but captions?
Digital Kingdoms (23 days ago)
We need a follow up on PJ
Oso Wallman (23 days ago)
Every time melissa is on everybody kicks it up a notch
Lana Ray (24 days ago)
I cant watch snl without melissa! Shes the funniest ever!!!
James Lade (24 days ago)
How do you feel about gun fire in the home 🏡
James Lade (24 days ago)
I also have yogurt
Nordi Mejia (24 days ago)
PJ did not take off her shoes. How rude!
TheStudioexpresso (24 days ago)
'Coincidentally I also have yogurt on my board..." MM = magnificent funny lady!
Kayla Marie (25 days ago)
“Coincidentally I also have yoghurt” 😂
TheBluePanda (27 days ago)
Aside from Melissa's character, I always find it funny when the girls play housemoms. They totally nail all the cliche things. Eating better, falling in love again with husband, etc.
Gabby Diomand (27 days ago)
I want to be PJs Friend
Shravani Dasari (27 days ago)
ROFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Peaceful Journey (28 days ago)
My god shes gana kill a cartel
Alfaramz3 (28 days ago)
this made me laugh so fucking hard im crying!!!!!
Emiliano Vega (28 days ago)
Id like to audition as pjs partner in life and in cracking down on human filth .
Markus E (30 days ago)
Was Melissa a true full time SNL actress or was she simply invited many times?
Jullian Holtzmann (30 days ago)
coincidentally, I also have yogurt
Sue Ludwig (1 month ago)
Avenge the death of my father...... BwahahahHA!
IntrepidRacer13 (1 month ago)
"Well, I asked you to take off your shoes..." Then why does everybody have their shoes on?!
Richard Dixon (1 month ago)
So, how are we loving the knife set in the Ann Taylor jacket?
Deborah Hill (1 month ago)
Too funny. Genius.
Tanya Hartley (1 month ago)
Mike Jardin (1 month ago)
"Coincidentally I also have yogurt" lol
Kellyn Borst (1 month ago)
my favorite snl skit
Robyn Van Horn (1 month ago)
OMG I think she is so awesome!!!
Claire B (1 month ago)
For some reason, I feel like I would like to be friends with PJ.
I don't understand why people see this as negative Melissa. The only people that can afford to throw out their playbook and "forgive" and still put food on their table are on somebody's dole.
A. Ohana (1 month ago)
This is one of the funniest SNL sketches!
sayvar44 (1 month ago)
Sorry women but this is where 95% of you will end up. Good day and welcome to your future.......you are welcome
lfdemers (1 month ago)
I love when the hostess says that PJ's stuff seems mostly about murder and she says, “that’s fair"
Mulatto Feminist (1 month ago)
if you need an excuse to drink white wine in the afternoon, you are not living your fullest life.
Universal_God (1 month ago)
I’m screaming! 😂 Melissa is comedy gold. We must protect her at all cost.
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza (1 month ago)
I wannak know where SNL got those pictures for the gang Vision Board...
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza (1 month ago)
One of my most favorite skit ever...
Blondie Seeker (1 month ago)
Spending the day with Melissa would be epic! 😂 love her! 👏
Andrea Price (1 month ago)
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying right now sitting here alone!!!
adam brown (1 month ago)
"Well I asked you to take off your shoes..." Literally every single one of them is wearing shoes...
Silvia Diaz (1 month ago)
I still cant get over that this is Suki from Gilmore Girls. Crazy!!
Linus Knight (1 month ago)
If there has ever been a genius sketch with enough info to inspire a full film version/screenplay this would be it. My god - PJ avenging her fathers death and in the end either hes not dead, it wasn't the man who killed him like she thought, or he died before she was born in a car crash, and she did this for attention- anything is possible. Man Melissa McCarthy and some SNL females would be great.
EccentricSoulfly1 (1 month ago)
I'm for this genius idea!
Ana Hernández Cardona (1 month ago)
This is one of the best skits ever
Liz Pitt (1 month ago)
“Mostly ears and one penis so..”
Miranda Rose (1 month ago)
I very much identified with P.J. lol
Holly Baldwin (1 month ago)
I love her.
vlad luck (1 month ago)
the only time you have more than 5 women in the same place is in brothel or in grave
Cathy Burnham (1 month ago)
watching her requires a Depends.
elle (1 month ago)
“that’s fair”
Elaita 1 (1 month ago)
Looks like everyone loves yoghurt
Eugenia Arevalo (1 month ago)
I love P.J!!
Light (2 months ago)
Lonewise Creatives (2 months ago)
Would have been a funny twist if one of the other women was scorpions wife.
Epic Dannie P (2 months ago)
"Well i asked you to take of your shoes" THEY ARE ALL WEARING SHOES
Lindalee Law (2 months ago)
Me and PJ are gonna start a new group. lol
gfro6 (2 months ago)
there is no woman more genius than her. sarah silverman wishes she was her.
Barb Dahl Olson (2 months ago)
Sage Markham (2 months ago)
Henz Sol (2 months ago)
Is it weird that I find the character of PJ so likable? If she was a real person, I would want to be her friend.
jacky o (2 months ago)
when Melissa's voice cracks as she talks about her father she kills me every time. and how she even manages to bring the drama and natural acting into a comedy is amazingly hilarious.
Raul Torres (2 months ago)
Damn nasim is so gorgeous it hurts! 😍
Noir (2 months ago)
1:56 I'm ded
UnicornsAreNice (2 months ago)
Vanessa Bayer is such a sweetheart. Her "What I want to know is... who is PJ?" feels so genuine and warm. I love her!
Girl Oscar-Wilde (2 months ago)
Me trying to fit in with straight women
Eloise Zimmerman (2 months ago)
Each time I have erased an individual as part of my journey... XD
Penny Lane (2 months ago)
I thought this was an excuse wine in the after noon , Carol your bad 😂😂
Teri Hughes (2 months ago)
I just turned 48 & women my age are like these women but I feel like I'm PJ
debra covack (2 months ago)
Elaine Lloyd _ikyg (2 months ago)
I don't think PJ will be invited back.
Lynne Jones (2 months ago)
melissa mccarthy is hysterical. she really gives her all to the characters she plays.
Deborah Hill (2 months ago)
Coincidentally I also have yogurt.
Deborah Hill (2 months ago)
Freaking hilarious. Love it. Lmao. Actually did.
Hearing Visions (2 months ago)
Lmfao melissa
tafarah-19 (2 months ago)
When you're over prepared for a group project
Bryan Huynh (2 months ago)
*melissa is great*
Larissa Raylene Bell (2 months ago)
I have infiltrated his inner circle, mostly through sex....lmao
A Raad (2 months ago)
"I also have yogurt" :))
LittleWildBoar (2 months ago)
Oh my gawd 😂
Ange Moore (2 months ago)
Ok I was laughing my ads off but this did freak me out thou 😂😂😂😂😂
SimplyPatti (2 months ago)
The vision boards tho 😂😂😂
Reyna (3 months ago)
This should have been a reoccurring series for every time Melissa was on SNL. This was pure genius lol

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