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Dragon Nest SEA, Sea Dragon Nest (Hardcore), 20min Full Video

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Video Brought to you by NyxLight (Tempest) World: Springwood Time taken: 20min 35sec Best viewed in HIGH DEFINITION!!! :D Edited out some of the boring cutscenes ^^ Party Information: 1. TankOfHope, Guardian 2. Ashward, Saint 3. DearSakura, Gear Master 4. x3LostLove, Destroyer 5. NyxLight, Tempest 6. MissLoli, Physician 7. LoveMePls, Saleana 8. Kiwi, Moon Lord Main difference between HC and Norm: 1. 40 minutes timer 2. Boss has Thicker HP Bar 3. Boss has Higher P-attk/M-attk For my stats and equipments, I recorded it somewhere inside the video. ^^ If you are wondering why my damage is uber 1337, you can see why at the start of the video. I do not own the music, if interested please visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlamingJune2012 Please subscribe! :D If you like my videos, please gives me the thumbs up/comment! ^^ I will greatly appreciate it! :D No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only. ^^
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Text Comments (46)
wahid asyhari (1 year ago)
It's 2018 and I still love this video Too much memories in this video and sometime make me cry remember old days with my guild (now everyone disappear)
NSA Channel (11 months ago)
me too 😢
gilang putra perkasa (1 year ago)
you right 😢
Rune Rocker (3 years ago)
Now that we are in lv 90 cap I really miss this nest. Though I know that they will bring them back eventually they will never be the same anyone. Like the new DDN...
Fahmi Alfian Syah (1 year ago)
Go play dragon nest M on mobile it bring back memories
Piccurine GM (3 years ago)
+Rune Rocker I feel exactly the same, the memory of DN cant be brought back anymore :(
Aqshal Setiawan (4 years ago)
Song please
Radin Nidar (4 years ago)
this party compose of NO HEAL STYLE.. hahahaha
adiyatma Rasendriya (4 years ago)
I just need the title of the music in the video
adiyatma Rasendriya (4 years ago)
What title music ? I need music in your video sorry i wrong push my keyboart
Noblesse Oblige (4 years ago)
@adiyatma Rasendriya Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai by Maeda Jun x Yanagi Nagi, album Flaming June
adiyatma Rasendriya (4 years ago)
@Aeonide what song ?
Aeonide (4 years ago)
See description
Aryo Pranata (4 years ago)
All BGM please ! :3
Aeonide (4 years ago)
See description
Lemuel Apinado (5 years ago)
I just saw ur video, and what i saw is great. Though, the cap right now is 70 xD. The song is also great (yanagi nagi)
Nanami Madobe (5 years ago)
The only thing that makes me cringe in SDN is the ice attack with the eye precursors. First time I went through the Nest blind and the only person who knew it was coming didn't say anything about it. The entire raid party got wiped twice and had to revive xD...
Anpan Chan (5 years ago)
SDN HC is so hard but fun! Couldn't do it on DN SEA because of lag and now I'm trying to do it on DN Europe! All EU players should come and try, will be easier when we get 50-cap soon :B but doing it at 40 makes you feel so powerful!
Archygoo (5 years ago)
Ohmygod, my PC will probably die if i try to sea dragon nest..
Kyle Meis (6 years ago)
Anyone know the first song? I tried the description but I couldn't find that song
qwertyrein24 (6 years ago)
I am Poor so.. it is Very Impossible to me to make my Character More Stronger and Stronger like in the video they are very Strong Because they have a Lot of CC and Gold so it is easy to them to make more Stronger , they can buy an expensive Item huhuhu T-T
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Not necessary, just got whichever suffix 2/3 you need for your class. Mines all wind except glove(hp) which doesn't have the wind option. Also get hp and vit heraldries. Since lvl 60 cap is coming out in 2 days time and you will definitely have to change gear AGAIN. So not much point improving on your current equip if you are low on gold.
Bonchuu (6 years ago)
Yeah im using the epic ancient totem set and they have like don't know how many % of hp from the epic codes. Stuck at 60k. :( Do i have to craft them into hp sets? LOL
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Get epic/unique grade equips with hp% potentials, enough to hit 100k hp. ^^
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Yes its in the settings
Bonchuu (6 years ago)
Wow that's a lot of hp. I'm on kali cap 50 but my hp is like only 60k :(
HellAkaneHanako (6 years ago)
arlo caño (6 years ago)
I can't see my allies' damage.. how did he/she do that? is it on the settings?
Aeonide (6 years ago)
VGA is a more expensive option.
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Was running DN on low graphics using my laptop. My new desktop can now run DN on high graphics without lag because of the better graphics card and other specifications.
Roemk (6 years ago)
Aeonide (6 years ago)
3 Red nectarine, 9 salty fish broth, 9 high grade seasoning and 1 etc item i forgot. Alternatively just buy from trading house.
xSevenELF Striler (6 years ago)
can i ask for your skill build :) just to guide me for that kind of dmg :)
Aeonide (6 years ago)
See the description ~.~
Dede Ashal (6 years ago)
Whats the Song started in the x16 ?
Choku-Tomoe (6 years ago)
Nice video , could u upload more KOF and PVP videos too ? I'd love to see them :D
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Mixture of SG, MY and PH players. We used attk potion to clear it faster, although it wasn't necessary to complete HC mode.
Fynitie (6 years ago)
Wow>< I can't even survive through the 2nd round on my first try x.x
Erezu (6 years ago)
Make a Sea Dragon Nest solo!!!ahaha
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Yeap! I am still playing Dragon Nest, will soon get time to make more videos :D
Erezu (6 years ago)
Still playing Dragon Nest?
Kimi Konspirasi (6 years ago)
springwood FTW !!
Calaberapg (6 years ago)
OMG 19k-20k patk XDDD Nice
Aeonide (6 years ago)
Yeah, epic ice flakes. Too bad didn't record the damage. xD
Kelvin Chew (6 years ago)
My pilot die lol

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