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Into The Woods - Fashion Photography Behind-The-Scene

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This is the behind-the-scene video of a fashion shoot I did a few months ago. Inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood, it is about a girl who is brave enough to challenge the dangers of the woods. Photographed by Zhang Min Hua Styled by Jean Lee Makeup by Cherry Chong using Face Essentials Model Olesya P, Upfront Models Video by Guanlin Tan Instrumental version of Rachael Yamagata's Elephant. *Please do not remove the music used in this video. It is for sharing purpose only. No intention to infringe copyright issues.
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Text Comments (31)
The Gull (5 years ago)
Photos aren't bad. I would like to do a photo shoot out in the woods someday very soon.
Onewloveschicken (7 years ago)
This is good:D
Bee Nhi (7 years ago)
i wander that what job u do??...photographer or singer??
Bee Nhi (7 years ago)
what is the theme song?..
minhua (7 years ago)
@MaikaruDC Thanks! It's for my personal portfolio. It wasn't published.
i am amazed at your variety of skills, did this photoshoot end up in any magazines?
Poppy X (7 years ago)
SheLikesOrange (7 years ago)
I feel so mellow right now. The soothing music, the peaceful woods, you're awesomeness. This video is perfect for people who are stressed. ♥
John Lee (7 years ago)
TheNeez Yuu (7 years ago)
So cool when ur photographing~ I liked everything...except the model...no offense to ur friend...but she looks like a mannequin so the pic looks unnatural...
BlackRoseEonTakamari (7 years ago)
Omo. You look so cool when you are taking pictures. :)
skyxlights (7 years ago)
Wha... You look really really cool while photographing... *___*
R U Silky Smooth (7 years ago)
R U Silky Smooth (7 years ago)
beautiful use of the lighting. all the colors were so soft and the music added to a calm setting. she did look afraid at all. just kind of haunting the woods like she was comfortable in them,
mitchelltravels (7 years ago)
@Zombie2Slayer It's an instrumental version of Rachael Yamagata's "Elephant".
mitchelltravels (7 years ago)
@MissyPiggyRabbit haha she doesn't have a makeup channel and she's working at M.A.C. :)
kkiks (7 years ago)
your sooo talented..i'll hire you as a singer and a a photographer too.. really.. your an artist!!!! :))
teawhywee (7 years ago)
love the photos <3
Lycan'z Ch (7 years ago)
"minhua" :"))those photographs are really good.♥:
Bea Velapon (7 years ago)
Minhua love your Job!! You're big photographer!! :)
MissyPiggyRabbit (7 years ago)
Hee looks so cool ~~ makeup skill was awesome !! Does your female friend have any makeup channel ?? Good job *greetings from singapore \(^.^)/*
bballgirlj955 (7 years ago)
omg!?!? this is really good! looks soo pro! thats awesome u can be a singing photographer!
lilkitty47 (7 years ago)
Wow! I wish that you were my friend and could take my picture so beautifully like this! You are so good! :')
edgarae1 (7 years ago)
umm beautiful omg
michicalichick (7 years ago)
well it was time you show your work we need lots more your very talented !!
Marissa Linnae (7 years ago)
Oh wow, those photographs are really good. (:
minhua (7 years ago)
@zazo0o96 I used the Canon 400D in this video. :)
marissa32 (7 years ago)
So beautiful. Looks like a model photographing a model. :p
Zazo(: (7 years ago)
Great job~ What camera do you use? ^^
riya yon (7 years ago)
the photo's look great
InOurSmile (7 years ago)
Congratulation!! You're a very good photographer, I'm happy because you're making all that you want to be. :3

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