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REACTION VIDEO | "FMAB #28" - Father Is Gonna Be A Bit Of A Problem!

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As always, these FMAB vids are edited more than the version posted at THE GOOSH (Our Patreon). We are done with the series there. Read the details of posting these here at YouTube at the bottom of this description area. Reaction video time and okay, "Father" isn't Hohenheim?! I'm SO confused! All I know for sure is, with his badass abilities, this human hating, Homunculus creator is gonna be a problem! OUR PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/SpazBoysComedy WATCH ALL OUR FMAB REACTIONS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9LUith3uVus7a8a_HmyjWLvY-L9rvaZr WATCH FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD ON CRUNCHYROLL: crunchyroll.com/fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood ALBAGANISTAN; OUR MINECRAFT SERVER: TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/curtiscandy DISCORD: https://discord.gg/yC5DkQh TWITTER: http://twitter.com/TheSpazGamer OUR MAILING ADDRESS: Spaz Boys Comedy - PO Box 370 - Fonda, NY 12068 A LINK TO STUFF THE POST OFFICE DOESN'T WANT SENT IN THE MAIL: https://www.usps.com/ship/shipping-restrictions.htm FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/SpazBoysComedy DETAILS ON ANIME REACTION SERIES UPLOADS HERE: For those who don’t know, certain YouTube channels seem to be heavily targeted for strikes/blocks by Japanese anime companies, despite content being within Fair Use. Unfortunately, we are clearly one of those channels. As far as FMAB goes, I uploaded episode 1. It was auto-blocked. It went up, but then an hour later, it received a copyright strike. I counterclaimed, and a month later, I won and the strike was lifted. So, going forward, I have that as precedent for our FMAB reaction videos. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t get hit with strikes again, as there’s no loss for the Japanese companies to continue striking/blocking vids, as there is no repercussions against them for not recognizing US Fair Use. So, these vids will be up every 2-3 days UNLESS the channel receives a strike of ANY KIND! If we get a strike, FMAB uploads will be suspended until I get it cleared. I’m not looking for suggestions. I’m not doing redirects, I’m not setting up a second channel, etc. This is how it’s gonna play out.
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Text Comments (126)
Spaz Boys Comedy (5 months ago)
Shannae Fisher (4 months ago)
+SwedishGamer okay how was your day mine was good
SwedishGamer (4 months ago)
+Shannae Fisher then watch it and have a really good laugh :D
Shannae Fisher (4 months ago)
+SwedishGamer the only anime I have watched is fairy tail sword art online and many others
SwedishGamer (4 months ago)
+Shannae Fisher then you are in for a treat :) I have never laughed so hard to something in my life..
Shannae Fisher (4 months ago)
+SwedishGamer I have never seen that wow
Sarf (2 months ago)
Patchwork Undead (4 months ago)
"Bad touch! Bad touch!"
Mr Ripper (5 months ago)
Your face explode
Michael Mathers (5 months ago)
I forget why you're calling him Lovitz but I keep thinking of Jon Lovitz
Maureen Seel (5 months ago)
Just waiting for the episode with 1.) Hoenheim's backstory and 2.) Olivier Armstrong (one of my absolute favorite characters).
MrWhatdafuBOOM (5 months ago)
Please react to the Gamer Poops for Skyrim 16 and Mass Effect Andromeda 1 and 2.
Jakob Trangsrud (5 months ago)
A shirt to pass down for GENERATIONS!
Ikari Shinji (5 months ago)
Scar's revenge gets personal now,
Adrian Gomez (5 months ago)
awesome video
Mercure250 (5 months ago)
Wait... so... you got struck for... reacting to... a parody... ... Well played, bots, well played... (well, if they're the ones to blame, which I suspect heavily)
Julien Delahais (5 months ago)
No Game No Life, the movie is sooo much better than the anime, and you need to watch the anime before --'
Hi im your fan from hong kong 👋 but i have a proposal,could you please lower your voice ?Because when i use my phone watch ur video in youtube your voice just too low ,and i pretty should its not my phone problem because when i watched other people video its not voice low , so... Anyway always support u , keep reaction man 👍
Arfisew Uchiha (5 months ago)
17:01 “That was a mean thing to do”.Gluttony!😁
centipedeloaf (5 months ago)
No, bad gluttony! Bad boy!
Evowill (5 months ago)
Scar is a fanatic. Therefore he has an irrational obsession
Tales Azisaka (5 months ago)
Of corse he knows, father just mention hoenhein by name
Hey fellas, is having money gay? You're basically collecting pictures of old men.
ROOK (5 months ago)
"He gave up his body without any fight at all." I was sure there would be a sex joke in there.
laiden25 (5 months ago)
Damn, the lines scar threw out were epic af...
Sidewinder (5 months ago)
PurpleTheta (5 months ago)
Greed is my spirit animal
Kimi (5 months ago)
One episode a day is not enough :(
SilverAbsol (5 months ago)
This is one of my favorite episodes, really solidifies Scar as a lovable character.
unknown user (5 months ago)
Really wanted to watch it with Curtis, but the anticipation got and I finished the anime in one day😭
project zorgo (5 months ago)
#delirious #army
project zorgo (5 months ago)
Zorgo failed to hack YouTube but just in case zorgo diffuse 1:52
Austin Ishmael (5 months ago)
So did scar just use chidori?
RedFlavoredPie (5 months ago)
Scar's line is one of my favorite quotes from this series. Your only solace from my wrath, will be damnation.
Azure Balmung (5 months ago)
This episode reveals how well the writers used the misconception of Father = Hohenheim. Up until the part where he shuts off the Alchemy, every time Father is referenced and it's not showing the character who's talking, it showed Van Hohenheim instead of the actual Father. A bit of misdirection, but expertly played.
Mid 90's Shinigami (5 months ago)
Any plans to watch the 2003 series?
Ero Commander (5 months ago)
Anime Nerd... you mean otaku?
Ivan Nowogroder (5 months ago)
React to Fate Zero!
khalidalammadi71 (5 months ago)
Rei Vs.TheOldies (5 months ago)
he is so into it, i fucking love it
Orclord Barbok (5 months ago)
The Greed Ling combination was one of my favourite things in this show.
The Coyote (5 months ago)
What's up Spaz Man!! Hope you're doing well and I found an interesting theory for you to see. (Not sure if you can react to it) but it's worth the watch https://youtu.be/JaE4EuKMF7Q
Hashirama Senju (5 months ago)
As one of your Patreon I know you finished Fullmetal so I want to point out that all of the sins in this show died in the opposite of their sin.
Gabriel Vitor (5 months ago)
12:01 well Curtis.. I guess everyone can enjoy whatever they want to... even a mind fuck XD
Romi Maman (5 months ago)
Greedling is amazing.
Beautiful Banjo (5 months ago)
Scar's speach in this episode always gives me chills. The voice actor makes you feel how pissed off he is and I love that.
RedRam Ipsen (5 months ago)
''No Creed i will not kiss you''
T Bush (5 months ago)
With all gluttony eats, it's no wonder thats what happens when it passes through.
JamCal-X (5 months ago)
Ling and Greed is the Venom and Eddie Brock of the series, and I love it!
King Explosion Murder (5 months ago)
one is in central and one is in a forest out in the middle of nowhere. seems pretty obvious that they’re not the same person lol. the illusion of the same face gets to u sometimes.
Jordan Mendez (5 months ago)
Both Scar and Greed are both examples of Chaotic evils who flipped to Chaotic goods
Atsuko Kagari (5 months ago)
While I can see that stance, I think that Scar saw State Alchemists as dogs of wicked men(which is the case) To him, it doesn't matter if you had nothing to do with the Ishvalan war. You've sided with people who did terrible things to his people, and at the the request of Bradley, or whoever is in charge at the time, you'll go and repeat that war, because you're their pawns. They may be innocent, but they work for the people who have his peoples blood on their hands, and its their jobs to do whatever the people in charge say, even if it's to genocide another race of people. Also, his attack on Winry's parents are that of a man, in the middle of a war whose last sight was Amestrian's tearing up his people. To see their haunting faces, while coming to terms with his brothers death, all while recovering from being near death, he clearly attacked them with blind rage and panic. To him, in the heat of the moment, all he saw was Amestrian soldiers. And this is shown when he tells Winry he wouldn't blame her if she tries to kill him, he's become aware of the atrocity he committed there. And has regrets about it. I doubt he would act like that if he felt their deaths were justified.
Jordan Mendez (5 months ago)
Once he realized what was going on, his modus operandi changed to; we need to defeat the homuncului to avenge the senseless deaths in Ishval.
Jordan Mendez (5 months ago)
+Atsuko Kagari to some extent yes, but because of the fact that some of the state alchemists he killed were innocent to an degree, along with Winry's parents, originally he was chaotic evil, even though it was masqueraded behind a revenge attempt. He didn't care that he was causing havoc, even though he wouldn't kill innocent people, going after Ed and Al can definitely be defined as chaotic evil, because Ed and Al had no role in the Ishvalan war. Scar's intention was to kill every state alchemist in Amestris, regardless of whether they were good or bad. That point is evident when he tried to kill Edward.
Atsuko Kagari (5 months ago)
Wouldn't Scar have always been chaotic good? He believed he was doing good and punishing evil.
dannybob42 (5 months ago)
And now the proper kickoff for Season 3, and damn does it go to 11 again Starting off with dropping the red herring, revealing that Father looks exactly like Hohenheim, but isn't him. Answers followed by more questions, the true FMAB way On top of that though, Ling and Ed return only to be back into the fire, as Ling is taken as Greed's body, lose an ally gain an enemy, but! May and Scar also arrive, and though Ed is still very hateful towards Scar, the enemy of my enemy has to be an ally of sorts. And MAN does Scar go ham on the Homunculi, Gluttony is completely ruined in this episode - which leads Father to reabsorb him in the post-credits scene, making note that Father has the ability to restore or withhold memories - a foreshadowing to Greed's memories clawing back in Ep. 44. Often from this people ask if Lust could be brought back, but it's worth reminding that Greed and Gluttony's stones were returned to Father's body, Lust's stone was destroyed, meaning that Father has no Lust left within him. Sidebar though, how horrific must it have been to see Giant Monster Envy be forced out of Gluttony's belly, even the shadow was very horror-esque Also, the new Greed is voiced by Troy Baker, voice of Joel from the Last of Us, Batman in Telltale's Batman, Joker in Arkham Origins, Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite, Ohm and Helmeppo in One Piece and the voices you should be most familiar with, Pain and Yamato/Captain Draconian in Naruto. This is also Baker's second major FMA role, since he voiced Archer in the 2003 series. Chris Patton, Greed's original dub actor for 03 and Brotherhood as well as the voice of Turles in DBZ's Tree of Might, could not continue the role due to scheduling issues, in the original Japanese the voice actor remains the same (which is where the dub issue of Bido recognizing Bido's voice comes from). The importance comes in the channel of power that differs between Alchemy and Alkahestry, while Alchemy relied on underground vibrations (believed to be tectonic energy but just the energy of Father's philosopher's stone that was spread throughout the country until the reverse circle nullified it) Alkahestry relied on flow of energy, like sensing Ki in DBZ or the Force in Star Wars, or just like how acupuncture works, of course Hohenheim discovering this while in Xing and it being incorporated to create Alkahestry, which Scar's brother used as the power source for the arm tattoos
Jordan Mendez (5 months ago)
Troy Baker as the new rendition of Greed was a spectacular voice casting, just like having Matthew Mercer voice Jotaro Kujo in Stardust Crusaders.
Orclord Barbok (5 months ago)
Yeah, I'm surprised how good the English dub is, that being said, it seems like FMA has a good dub in every language, it's also really good in the German dub. It also shows how great these characters are written, because no matter in which language I watch it in, it always feels like the same characters, not a lot of shows can do that.
Bradley Shepherdson (5 months ago)
Al: "wait, this is happening too fast." Sounds like a virgin who's about to get laid.
CodeBlue Archives (5 months ago)
Diabloss831 (5 months ago)
The recipee to be liked by Curtis in a show is just to be silly and retarded and there you go
005sphinx (5 months ago)
You should react to the original 2003 version. Just FMA. It's WAAAY different in the end of the story. A lot is the same but with more detail and way more of a mind f*ck.
David E (4 months ago)
I wish I could put 1000 thumbs down on this
Flavio Diaz (5 months ago)
I've been waiting for this moment since you started the series! Could please react to JoJo's??? 🙌🙌
Rhett Lloyd (5 months ago)
Your opinion of scar at this point is similar to what you said about Sasuke. I don’t know why people would be accusing you of not liking him. I get where you are coming from
Josuto Rudupra (5 months ago)
same thing happened during the pain arc
darkness soulless (5 months ago)
Try out the parasyte anime it's really good
#PUSHCESARO (5 months ago)
Caion (5 months ago)
17:40 it's official; Scar gives good head.
Thomas M (5 months ago)
>He'll have eternal life, if he survives Subtle tautology.
Beriorn (5 months ago)
We gained a new Greed but we lost our Gluttony... equivalent exchange and all.
JJ R. Bones (5 months ago)
The moment a problem can't be solved by Scar's face implosion special is the moment you know they're fucked
Riley Nelson (5 months ago)
Luke Price (5 months ago)
mike k (5 months ago)
explaining who father is is pretty much spoilers to about 25 episodes later
MonoDoidoKuma (5 months ago)
Fastest shirt switch ever.
maciekx10 (5 months ago)
The one things I never got was why did he not remake Lust at any point? After all he could use new pawns in the rotation. The only thing that comes to my mind is that it takes time to make a humunclus from scratch (as in without putting them in a already existing body) but he revives Glutony despite him not being a normal humunclus (since he is a failed gate) so what gives?
Sacron (5 months ago)
Well, its because Father doesnt have any lust left to make another Lust. When he "ate" Gluttony and Greed, he got those sins back and was able to make another one,but Lust died, and thus he doesn't have any lust left.
daniel cason (5 months ago)
They get gluttony back to father before gluttony breaks down completely thus allowing gluttony to be recharged. Lust on the other hand dies completely so there is nothing to recharge.
liquidmetal (5 months ago)
Damn I'm wearing the exact same shirt right now, except I've had mine for well over a year so it's kinda faded.
Mrfrits94 (5 months ago)
"Your face ASPLODE!" ~Scar FMAB
Michael Mathers (5 months ago)
i never liked that "joke" it was at least 6 years too late.
Mrfrits94 (5 months ago)
+Kaos Monstahh he will do them in order, so it will be a while before it will be here
Kaos Monstahh (5 months ago)
Mrfrits94 oh then he should upload it here haha
Sir Osaid (5 months ago)
+Mrfrits94 did he also react to the mustang rap, not sure if thats part of the bloopers or not
Mrfrits94 (5 months ago)
+Kaos Monstahh he already did on the Goosh
JediAcolyte26 (5 months ago)
Love the shirt Curtis. Hope you react to A Fox in Space sometime in the future.
両義ハン (5 months ago)
When can we expect KONOSUBA on the youtube channel?
Sensei_ Ocho (5 months ago)
Let's get this toasttt, good morning my blood brothers
maciekx10 (5 months ago)
Introducing Ling-Greed! My favorite!
Evowill (4 months ago)
+Patchwork Undead pfft idk ppl forget sometimes lol
maciekx10 (4 months ago)
+Patchwork Undead Because this is how I always called him before finding out he has a "official" name
Patchwork Undead (4 months ago)
If he's your favorite then I wonder how come you can't remember his name...
Evowill (5 months ago)
Smh Its Gree-ling
Dt Mt (5 months ago)
Ling was better the dub actor for Greed is awful
Redinstrumental753 (5 months ago)
Harambe senpai (5 months ago)
Curtis, you should watch more of Swagkage's "dissection" videos. The Kakashi and Itachi ones are top tier swagkage content.
Harambe senpai (5 months ago)
+Liam Nothing, just a unrelated suggestion.
Liam (5 months ago)
What does that have to do with FMA
arashionly wann (5 months ago)
That Armstrong shirt is EVERYTHING!
Jarl Balgruuf (5 months ago)
erni muja (5 months ago)
No greed! I will not kiss you!
SiphtSighter' (5 months ago)
Rawan Swan (5 months ago)
And thus my favorite character is born .. well hello Greed 😍
Kool Kid Kakyoin (5 months ago)
Jolyne > Nami Change my mind
Bryan Feliciano (5 months ago)
Jyrge Siisla (5 months ago)
Was For me one of The most confusing episodes
Zaheer Bhuya (5 months ago)
Zułu The Second (5 months ago)
Been having a bad day A Curtis vid is just what I needed 💯
jessica 6d9 (5 months ago)
Same Zulu
Ilan Smolders (5 months ago)
Wat is wrong
GTpcGaming (5 months ago)
On bus back to army barracks from weekend holiday. This video definitely gave me some happiness as well.
Savitar69 (5 months ago)
Notification squad 😎
austin mane (5 months ago)
I Am Here
ČIKI (5 months ago)

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