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Sea Dragon Leviathan (Subnautica) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Please watch: "Paradise Palms & Snow Powder (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht9y3zQg36g --~-- Welcome to another polymer clay tutorial with a Sea Dragon Leviathan from the game Subnautica!! Beside the clay you need some aluminum wire and foil for the amature of this creation. I did not know much about the game Subnautica but as you asked for it I gave it a try. I am looking forward to read your reactions to my Creature from this survival adventure game. Any other suggestion beside the Sea Dragon Leviathan which I should create? ----------------------------------------------------------- LINKS Grim Matchstick (Cuphead) ▸ https://youtu.be/X1MOhQERQw8 Lugia & Ocean Effect ▸ https://youtu.be/15hHtHiKSuc ----------------------------------------------------------- More ways to follow me: Instagram ▸ https://www.instagram.com/clayclaim/ Snapchat ▸ https://www.snapchat.com/add/clayclaim Facebook ▸ https://www.facebook.com/clayclaim Twitter ▸ https://twitter.com/ClayClaim Etsy ▸ coming soon ;)
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Text Comments (3006)
Shajan Anwar (3 days ago)
Or a cyclops like If u agree
Shajan Anwar (3 days ago)
Make a T. Rex Vs a raptor with polymer clay
Kelley Bastel (3 days ago)
Rynorsorsoros? Like what?
Shraddha Biwalkar (5 days ago)
Your god gifted man
Shraddha Biwalkar (5 days ago)
I make also but I can't make like you
avin sajjan (6 days ago)
make the predator next
Thomas Child (8 days ago)
Zhou bring so much creative vibe
TriGaHappy 14 (8 days ago)
Make tender Defender from fortnite PLEASEEEEE😭😭😭😭
ruben hernandez (13 days ago)
Make the farting walrus
Luz Santos Rodriguez (16 days ago)
It's a demon.
Asheton Beauchene (16 days ago)
Next you should do a reaper leviathan
TROY THE GAMER (17 days ago)
Comment 1 if you like Dantdms subnatica or comment 2 if you like jackseptieye subnatica
Gurshan Singh (17 days ago)
Make Godzilla
kenya is a person (20 days ago)
You should do a Pokemon monster
Do call of duty
MASTER GAMEING (21 days ago)
Make sea emporor leviathan like u agree
Alex Games (22 days ago)
Please do some of the subnautica vehicles
Marcela Llaña (22 days ago)
oooou chea
Zenkiea (22 days ago)
can you scluped a cat
The not so Expert (24 days ago)
Make a reef back
Henry Gamble playz (24 days ago)
Make the cyclops submarine plz
Zachary Bonner (25 days ago)
A renosearos
Code Battle Seraph (26 days ago)
Make Sea Emperor please
JPevery (27 days ago)
Plz make a Ghost Leviathan.
Yasinkurde23 (1 month ago)
Make the gost levithan
*REEEEEEE nosoris*
Sharkies Dusty (1 month ago)
A Reeee nooo sir us
Arlan Kemelkhan (1 month ago)
Arlan Kemelkhan (1 month ago)
Зделаи Индикатора из jurassic world 2
Urmila Krishnamurthi (1 month ago)
Do more subnautica monsters
Captain Cooki (1 month ago)
Can you make a monster from minecraft please?
Kenneth Jiang (1 month ago)
MIS3RY (1 month ago)
Sea emperor plz
SANESS (1 month ago)
Jaime Ramos (2 months ago)
Make the galaxy skin
Make reaper leviathah from subnautica please.
Megan Belanger-Powrie (2 months ago)
Can you create a robot from Robonauts shooting his guns
Megan Belanger-Powrie (2 months ago)
Can you create the white astronaut holding a gold brick from LEGO worlds 🌅
Megan Belanger-Powrie (2 months ago)
Can you create elder kettle from Cuphead
FPJ productions (2 months ago)
make a phenix brid
Chris Games and more (2 months ago)
Omg you rock at this 👍👍👍
Ileana Laboy (2 months ago)
Make more sea creatures in the game I think I know a good one you can make I just got to do something but really making good Sia
Ghost leviathen Riley (2 months ago)
Make the ghost leviethan
MasterKaiju Killer (2 months ago)
Please make me
Mr. Bandit (2 months ago)
How much would you sell that for
Charlie Valentine (2 months ago)
Corey Williams, Jr. (2 months ago)
In subnautica
Make sand shark
Megan Stewart (2 months ago)
Megan Stewart (2 months ago)
Make the subnauctica pod
SKUL_ KING (2 months ago)
Like krocodile
Gerard Dela Cruz (2 months ago)
NieR AutoMata (3 months ago)
Idk what is Leviathan but I just like any clay tutorial 😀😨 cool
Go Away (3 months ago)
When you encounter the sea emperor or the sea dragon they should make miniature toys of the dragon and emperor that you can build and put in your base like this mini one
Squoddr owo (3 months ago)
Fire kitty 101 (3 months ago)
It’s a angeler fish
Valerie Leriche (3 months ago)
This is made wrong there should be two antennas on his nose forming a y shape and his snout should not be as skinny. I play a lot of Subnautica.
Multi Channel (3 months ago)
Can you make the Aurora
xalu wieringa (3 months ago)
make more dragons
its Bacanator time (3 months ago)
And make the cudel fish
its Bacanator time (4 months ago)
Make the sea amperor pls
Ridho Mustofa (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Esposito (4 months ago)
Make the ghost Leviathan from subnautica
Keith Hochberg (4 months ago)
U should make the aurora
Alexander Scheps (4 months ago)
You are the best
Alexander Scheps (4 months ago)
Please makes a Tank
phantom gamer (4 months ago)
Make something from portal and portal2
Evan Foxxy (4 months ago)
Alexander Fernandez (4 months ago)
Small fish plz
Alexander Fernandez (4 months ago)
Reaper laviathin or peeper
Phae Caskey (4 months ago)
Haha just like the skin in fortnite
Make the gost levaifen
Ashton Charlie Napao (4 months ago)
Sea emperor clay plsssss
Es art
Svein Oskar Tønnessen (4 months ago)
Can you plis make the gostlevaifen from subnotica
Marly Copeland (4 months ago)
You should do this Netflix show could huntik secrets of seekers
Micah Cheng (4 months ago)
This is incredible!
Nhi Tontuyet (4 months ago)
can you make reaper leviathan
Nhi Tontuyet (4 months ago)
how many tail ?
Ethanrocks Winston (4 months ago)
He should do the new places on the map from fortnite and a golf cart
adam Melanchuk (4 months ago)
Seamoth plz
Troopy 95 (4 months ago)
A >renatoros < you mean ryno
Stephen (4 months ago)
I know the game and love it! You should do it as a recurring segment
Chris Kinzie (4 months ago)
Your work is awesome
Octavio Kantarcioglu (4 months ago)
Can you make creatures from the game ARK survival
1Meow_ HD (4 months ago)
1Meow_ HD (4 months ago)
Can you pls an Operator From the Game Rainbow Six Siege
Caleb Vandzandt (4 months ago)
I love your vudeos
Caleb Vandzandt (4 months ago)
I love subnotica
Naomi Tintișan (4 months ago)
plz make a sea emperor leviathan!
Rares Chitan (4 months ago)
Pls make a thing for ark survival evolved
Elliott maier (4 months ago)
do more psz
Elliott maier (4 months ago)
omg my favorite game!
Sean scholz (5 months ago)
Van you make the „ Virus Castle 😅
Zain Loughlin TIGHE (5 months ago)
Simon please make tomato town
AirNZ-2507 (5 months ago)
Mate you got the nose wrong, its split not single
BatPigKing (5 months ago)
you should make my favorite one..... the rabbit ray from subnautica
Samuel Gilbert (5 months ago)
I think you should do just the reaper leviathan
Gantrua The Mighty (5 months ago)
Rie no soaurus
FruitEva FruitEva (5 months ago)
More more more more!!!!😃

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