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Easy & Cheap Photography Backdrops!

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Ever wondered how to make your product, blog or food photographs look amazing, with a nice variety of different backgrounds... but without spending a lot of money? This is an awesome (and pretty cheap) way of getting a range of different backgrounds and backdrops! Improve your blog photography and make your food photography stand out, in a really easy way with this tip. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any of our videos where we talk about our favourite things as well as get up to a few adventures! Find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatSoundsFunYT Find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatsoundsfunyt/
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Brigitte Glynn (26 days ago)
Love, love, love the wood tile! The black reflective tile is stunning! I’m taking a trip to Home Depot!
Fatema Zayed (5 months ago)
Really good
Levi Bulloch (5 months ago)
Thank you!
30 Day Reviews (5 months ago)
I recently talked to my local lumber yard that also sells flooring and they gave me free samples that they were getting rid of. I will be going back time to time as a reminder to call me whenever they have more
ConcernCritic (6 months ago)
the black glossy background is very nice!
Terry Thomas (7 months ago)
Here in Atlanta, Georgia USA there is no one selling a large gloss pure black tile! All that I can find are only about 8x8 inches. Or the black is not pure, it has tiny flakes of shiny stuff baked in. UGH! I think you were so lucky to find a supply of those tiles. I also buy tiles for backgrounds. Some of the most interesting ones that I have found were at a Home Depot store. The box on the shelf said they were made in India. From what I could see, it looked as though some folks there simply took mud and put it in a form to bake dry. These mud tiles have all sorts of random colors and textures and for sure, no two are ever alike! Terry Thomas... the photographer Atlanta, Georgia USA
Harish Kumar S (8 months ago)
Awesome tips bro :P
Chante Lovesbeauty (8 months ago)
I am so using the tile background idea for my products tfs 🤗
OwnLine (8 months ago)
Floor tile 4:08 reflective black surface (floor tile)
Ifedolapo GC Media (9 months ago)
A L (10 months ago)
Great tips. So creative!
Milagros Figuereo (10 months ago)
kamelia rahimi (11 months ago)
Very Nice
Kaz Eu (11 months ago)
So great ideas!!! Cool! Merci beacoup! :)
alisha fulton (1 year ago)
great idea, thanks!
That Sounds Fun (1 year ago)
no problem!
Richard Crowe (1 year ago)
I have thought about using floor tiles... Good job on the video...
Mia's Virtual Vanity (1 year ago)
i don't know why i never thought of just buying some goddamn marble tiles until now...thanks for the tip!
Terry Thomas (7 months ago)
I buy 12x12 inch marble tiles from my local home improvement centers, they make beautiful backgrounds.
Mahmoud Ahmed (1 year ago)
liked and subbed
Penelope R (1 year ago)
Very helpful
Patrick Duriez (1 year ago)
I just watched your video and I definitely love the idea. Brilliant, simple and effective. I am going to look for tiles very soon... Thank you for sharing this tip!
rezonau (1 year ago)
good tip! :)
Willi LAPAGLIA (1 year ago)
Really amazing. Did you have some sites that we can use to buy this tiles? I'm a food blogger and I'm always in looking for the perfect backgrounds...
Terry Thomas (7 months ago)
Just go visit a local home improvement center, if you have any.
terra (1 year ago)
using tiles for background is actually really smart and a lot cheaper option! thank you so much! in terms of flatlays, would the tiles reflect the lighting of shadows?
Hansel Ong (1 year ago)
You, Sir, have earned a subscriber.
Love your video and your photos. We just launched our first collection of photo backdrop boards. Check them out at www.mediumphotoboards.com Thanks!
dottorcarlone (1 year ago)
what's the measure? 60x60 cm?
Daemonforce Gaming (1 year ago)
really cool idea love the black
K. Rozay Thinks (1 year ago)
Very cool video. Thanks for sharing. what size are the tiles? 2' x 2'?
That Sounds Fun (1 year ago)
The thin planks are about 7" in width, and the larger squares are a bit bigger at around 18-20" width.
akram shaikh (1 year ago)
Hello, will the Hardener sheet will work for photo shoot?
silver tea cakes (2 years ago)
Great tips! I look forward to finding some really cool tiles for shooting my sweets. Love the black shiny tile.
TinksiehTink (2 years ago)
I'm a big fan of driftwood, looks fantastic in food compilations as well as leaning/hanging products on. Seeing as you live near the sea perhaps you can go collect some treasures from the beach. Pretty stones, shells, maybe even seaweed if it dries nicely. Wallpaper comes in fake brick wall, if you're going for a southern pub style/new york chique. You could pin it onto cardboard as a background. Second hand stores are great for old books, and random pairs of cutlery (ornate antique or 70s) and retro kitchen tools. The tiles are very compact, that's nice :)
That Sounds Fun (2 years ago)
+TinksiehTink those are all some great ideas! Thank you!
Disney Dadoo (2 years ago)
Nice work Ash! I've never considered the flooring store for backgrounds. Very clever. Do you have plans to make money from photography in the future, or is it just a hobby?
That Sounds Fun (2 years ago)
Thanks! Maybe one day, I think I'd enjoy that for sure! Definitely not going to rule it out at least.
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
cool nice X UK
Rob Wool (2 years ago)
There are some great videos our there that show people how to make so many things useful to photography.
jbradleyuk (2 years ago)
Hey, brilliant idea - photos look great! I want to photograph some products so I'll use this, thank you :-) Got any tips for shooting hair/portrait pictures?
That Sounds Fun (2 years ago)
Portraits is totally the weak part of my game! Hair is usually really difficult, but making sure it's lit properly from behind/above with a subtle hair light can give it that slight glow that will make it stand out.
Kath Trevains (2 years ago)
I might use my granite chopping board next time I take some piccies of my homemade birthday cards. Good suggestions!!
That Geekish Family (2 years ago)
Have you done a video on your food photography set up? Especially not to get the glare on the tiles.
That Sounds Fun (2 years ago)
I haven't! I don't think anyway... It's usually not a particularly fixed or interesting set up though! Large diffused softbox pointed at the food, then tweak the positioning until it looks okay! It's always a bit of trial and error for now.
Chantal Wright (2 years ago)
Your photos always look so lovely!!
That Sounds Fun (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!!
Daniel Knott (2 years ago)
When you did the glass skull what was the white background? Was this backlit? Really cool photograph. Great tips.
That Sounds Fun (2 years ago)
Yep! I had the skull on the tile on a table about a metre away from the wall, then had the flash on the floor under the table pointing at the wall. It bounces off the wall and gives a nice smooth gradient, while lighting the glass from behind. It's my go-to look for clear objects!!

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