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GHIDORAH?! - New Godzilla 2 King of Monsters New Still Released & More! (reaction)

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Godzilla 2 King of Monsters King Ghidorah Still! There has been a new still image released from Godzilla King of Monsters that appears to show a giant foot. It obviously either belongs to Rodan or King Ghidorah, since Mothra and Godzilla have very different feet. Of course Rodan is a volcanic Kaiju and King Ghidorah is shown in the arctic in the trailer so its fairly obvious who it belongs to. So happy they're releasing teasers for Godzilla King of Monsters, really helps keep my hype at max level. I cant friggen wait for more teasers and not to mention the day we finally start seeing images of Kong vs Godzilla :D Most Epic Ultraman video on the internet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reKX-RCppvs Godzilla 2 King of MOnsters joke video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZJqcEaQiB4 ---------- Install Streamlabs here if you want to be a streamer! - https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/4667714 🎽 Riot Merch - https://t.co/fRJLRTRdgx 🆘 Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/everynightxriot 🐕 instagram - https://www.instagram.com/riot_brigade 🐦 twitter - https://twitter.com/everynightriot 📷 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/everynightxriot 🍆 Discord - https://discord.gg/fzNZ6ZM ----------
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everynightxRIOT (6 months ago)
So sorry for 720p everyone, first video on my new computer and I accidently rendered it smaller than usual and I dont have time to fix it. Won't happen again Most Epic Ultraman video on the internet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reKX-RCppvs
ALPHA MERCENARY (5 months ago)
Frank Castanos (6 months ago)
Are kaiju Pokemon on steroids
Xeno Gamer (6 months ago)
Riot what happened to the Craftbros channel you and Arkade made? Just want to know
Devan Ayotte (6 months ago)
Yeah, I went back, saw the trailer, and realized that his tail was too high up. And just now I'm seeing the extra claw, the first time I saw the pic it really blended into the background for me. And have you seen King Ghidorah's tail/tails? On the end of the tails there's an oval that has spikes on the side of it, it doesn't end in a point. Now. have you seen Godzilla's legs and feet? They look like God damn tree trunks. Now, for the monster that is twice his size, they should also probably have some pretty damn big legs and feet all things considered.
And I'm Gone (6 months ago)
+Devan Ayotte how could that possibly be his tail??? it has claws.... wow just wow. dont you think maybe just maybe the directors made it this way despite the original design?
Arne Nakken (5 days ago)
I hate ultra man
Jay Cupp (5 months ago)
that is a hand
Archzenom (5 months ago)
@7:59 What the? Hey! What is a Xel'Naga, specifically Amon doing there?
sunny shah (5 months ago)
Can watch zilla jr vs skin Godzilla
Paris Mifsud (5 months ago)
There is a eye in bateen the two left toes its red ps sorry for the spelling Mistakes
Branzilla (5 months ago)
:49-3:54 did anyone realize at the right of the bridge some is pointing a gun
Joajira Sucks (5 months ago)
This image of the thumbnail is fake
Dwight Blair (5 months ago)
Riot I tweeted that it was confirm king ghihdora is in ice based with facts from my knowledge known of king ghihdora
Brooke Washington (5 months ago)
The lil kim black Friday beat tho
Garrett Wilson (6 months ago)
Wait till you see the troodons in Jurassic park the game.
Blu3 D3viL (6 months ago)
or it;s a fucking hand and not a foot...............
Lifeless Prince (6 months ago)
The foot looks like it's frozen in ice
TheGamingGator \\ (6 months ago)
Wait i saw the heavy from tf2 reaper from overwatch and Evangelion othachi from pasific rim and the fuckin demon shrak from depth How good can one video be
LK _LudiKruc (6 months ago)
This movie is going to be sooooo good! I can already see it and i just love it how much detail and attention by promotion and marketing Universal is making for these movies that i am as hyped as i for Marvel movies
Balian Lassek (6 months ago)
Hope everyone knows that Ultraman would be annihilated by godzilla, this is basically a biased fanboy creation
ToxicFire XD (6 months ago)
Search Godzilla king of monsters trailer on YT there is a lot of cool things n the trailer
Leonidas1210vc (6 months ago)
5:19 didn't you show this one before?
Peter Posada IV (6 months ago)
At first I couldn't see what it was at first but soon I realized it's a damn foot!? IS IT REALLY THAT BIG OMG?
cool_quy_16 (6 months ago)
If you say king ghidora one more time I swear
Emil Ström (6 months ago)
Her name is milie Bobby Brown
snow reaper (6 months ago)
One of these Kaiju is my logo
Noah Bader (6 months ago)
I’m glad I got to watch the vid I was busy all day and it’s a great vid riot
Sky Peregrine (6 months ago)
Okay, but thats how youre supposed to hold a gun for maximum control and the greatest aim. Thats how I was taught in my concealed carry training class.
Gecko012 (6 months ago)
The frozen foot under the claw their is a Pokemon "Unkown" look at the eye and the shape of the body
Gecko012 (6 months ago)
P rodigy go to 1:10 seconds in the video then look right above the top right of riots face cam and right below the toe nail do you see the thing that resembles a 👁
Brutal (6 months ago)
Gecko012 it’s not a eye
GD.channel (6 months ago)
Get a ultraman tato
the StuffPerson (6 months ago)
Cthulhu just got destroyed XD
Caleb Isaacs (6 months ago)
FistBrokePhonz Z (6 months ago)
David Cochran (6 months ago)
hey riot wee pot the chest like mechagodzilla 3 cut thru the chest he be week and he want fight
Ottotrainer Games (6 months ago)
REact to some "Raptorkil" Videos because he does animated dinosaur battle and some kaiju battles
yostin morejon (6 months ago)
It sorta looks like Orgas claws
Reptrilian (ayyydylaooo) (5 months ago)
It does, but its 100% Ghidorah.
dragon verse (6 months ago)
riot closing in on 700,000 subs and awesome video
Tyrantgamr44 (6 months ago)
If you took the title out i would have thought it was gorasaurus
T-rex Girl :D (6 months ago)
My cat died and riot made my feel a bit better he was only 1 month he had a heartattack
Alex Jones (6 months ago)
very nice
Riot did you know that Toho made a Frankenstein
Reptrilian (ayyydylaooo) (5 months ago)
Also made spawn of Frankenstein... Sorta. Those being Sanda and Gaira.
Drecknath Magladery (6 months ago)
destoroyah that's who the demon thing from the Godzilla unleashed game was I love destoroyah him and orgop both of which rarely appear anyways
Alpha 7even (6 months ago)
They are strong as hell, we'll not really sense godzilla beaten hell, lol.
Guess Guess (6 months ago)
So we've had dinosaur/dinosaur sex reaction videos, we've also had Godzilla reaction videos... Does that mean next we're going to have Kaiju's having sex?
Proper (6 months ago)
Let them fuck!
We did
Animations 300 (6 months ago)
there is a lot of plot twists right here
David Brown (6 months ago)
Ultraman dyna looks awesome now I gotta check out that video
Kamikaze lookin Heads (6 months ago)
You know honestly when you said you thought you saw them face in the foot I thought you were a bit crazy but then I looked at it and it really does it's really fucking weird
lets face it tho, ultraman stands no chance against any godzilla kaiju other than gorosaurus, titanosaurus, or zilla
Alpha 7even (5 months ago)
+Reptrilian (ayyydylaooo) godzilla has been in Hell, killed gods, survived a blackhole, tanked multiple nukes and even fought the avengers. You need to rethink your statement.
Reptrilian (ayyydylaooo) (5 months ago)
Ultraman is the power ranger of the kaiju world, not even Godzilla could win. The weaker ultraman could easily be beaten but stronger ones fight monsters godzilla-size on a daily to weekly basis.
Samurai John (6 months ago)
Idk man, ultra man looks like he has some amazing shizz
Alpha 7even (6 months ago)
+KingGhidorahofDeath2020 { Aka HydragonofDeath } it died to missiles... however zilla Jr is stronk.
Zilla is just shit
the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddddgggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SelinaCelyy (6 months ago)
I cant wait for this movie to finally come out!
Samuel Prestigacomo (6 months ago)
General ThisRhax (6 months ago)
Venomized King-Ghidorah
Alpha 7even (6 months ago)
Impossible, king is to loud and high pitch.
david (6 months ago)
Dragon's Den (6 months ago)
Riot you should react to some of the old Godzilla fights(Aslong as TOHO is chill about it) I mean there are so many great moments even Godzilla gets stabbed in the dick in his fight against Megaguirus at one point.
MrBoss7778 (6 months ago)
everynightxRiot have you thought about doing vlogs ? I’m already a fan of your content but I think some might wanna see more
9inches deep (6 months ago)
I'm 50th likr
9inches deep (6 months ago)
First sub commenter
Diablo the Demon Lord (6 months ago)
Good video
Cody Puff (6 months ago)
Scott Peebles (6 months ago)
iconicbas (6 months ago)
Maaaaaan I loooveeee it ark videos!!!!!!!!
Gauge Jolly (6 months ago)
You are awesome
iconicbas (6 months ago)
First to like
Stefan Scroggins (6 months ago)
Damn it second then
Black eyes Knight (6 months ago)
iconicbas (6 months ago)
9inches deep (6 months ago)
First sub comment
Gauge Jolly (6 months ago)
First comment
Gauge Jolly (5 months ago)
Nibber stop
9inches deep (6 months ago)
Ur not
Black eyes Knight (6 months ago)
Hello riot
Wassap Memes (6 months ago)
OompaLoompa (6 months ago)
Junglebee (6 months ago)
Gg actual first

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