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2018 Nissan Leaf - Episode 026 - 650 mile round trip to London & EVs In The Park 2018

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Back in July I took a 650 mile round trip to spend a couple of nights in London and go to EVs In The Park in Coventry.
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Brian j (2 days ago)
Hi Aaron, fantastic video. I would have loved to have seen more of the outside of your car at charging stops and while it was parked in the park. Keep up the great video’s. I am just wondering if you used the e pedal at all during your journey? 👍🏻🚗
Aaron Russell (2 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to work on getting more external shots and hopefully a bit more variety than just me talking to the camera. I didn’t use e-Pedal in this trip. I actually don’t use e-Pedal very often. I should really try to use it more but so far I much prefer having it turned off. I normally drive in B mode + Eco mode with e-Pedal off. I find e-Pedal to be extremely “grabby” although I guess B-mode isn’t that much different...
Zeo Life (5 months ago)
so about 45 minutes from 40% to 95%
moebees (5 months ago)
Get a Tesla. That is insane how much charging you have to do.
Aaron Russell (5 months ago)
If only my budget would stretch that far (or the Model 3 would arrive sooner)...
RWBHere (5 months ago)
Thanks Aaron. It would be interesting to learn whether using 20% to 80% SOC as your limits would be even better? (The good old 80/20 rule again.)
Aaron Russell (4 months ago)
Have you seen LemonTea Leaf’s video about his trip to Fully Charged Live? He had a great spreadsheet screenshot in that where he showed how different charge boundaries affected both charge times and battery temperature. From that it looked like 40-90% was the best bet to minimise temperature increases, the lower you run the battery the quicker it warms up.
Awesome video matey and great to see you there.. Role on 2019 EVs in the Park :) Great coverage thank you..
Fancy a Bev Mate? (6 months ago)
Hi mate are you running the 215 section tyres? You're tyre pressures are way too high if you are. Cheers
Fancy a Bev Mate? (6 months ago)
Hi mate when they are cold I check them and they are around 36psi sometimes they drop to around 35-35psi but the sensors wont kick in showing low psi until around 29psi when I had a puncture. Cheers
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
Yeah the pressures are higher than they’re supposed to be. When I picked the car up they were all around 39 so i figured it was okay. From what I’ve read on SpeakEV there are some (minor) advantages to being a little bit over the specified 36? What do you have yours pressurised up to?
Bruce Kennedy (6 months ago)
Great video, Thankyou for putting in so much time and research. I have the the 40kw and I love it, but then again I don’t really plan to go more than about 120 miles in it. I can see now the older Leaf would have done me just as fine, but I couldn’t drive something that goofy looking (sorry!) Also looked at the ionic, but it didn’t suit me as much and availability was also an issue at the time. I’m leasing, mostly for financial reasons, but also for “future-proofing”, with EV tech moving so quickly. I do wonder how rapidgate will affect the resale value of this car. I guess all cars have flaws but it’s a shame Nissan had to cut corners. The final irony: I drive my mates around and show them how great the car is - Off the back of this, two of my chums told me they were thinking of getting one - and both times I warned them off! “Wait for something better” I told them. Congratulations Nissan, I think that really says it all!
David Barr (6 months ago)
It's an interesting charging strategy but a completely different one to that I use in my Zoe Q90. I travel home from Derby (292 miles) every week and only need two charges. I start off with usually 95%, sticking to 60mph I can get to Burton-in-kendal services with 20 miles left. Rapid charge from about 15% to 75% in 45mins and then sprint at 70mph to Gretna Green. Then charge to 80% in 45mins, and then do 60mph max for the 90 miles home. Traffic jams on the M6 are a pain but the best I have done the 292 miles in is 7 hours. And my colleagues think I'm a nut doing that trip. In winter I know that it'll be three rapids as the Zoe has the aerodynamics of a brick. The Zoe does naturally charge slower but you get a burst of 39kw if the SOC is really low and the battery temp is around 30c. Using this strategy I can get 25kwh of charge in 45mins. I only know this because my Ecotricity receipts tell me. The Zoe dash tells you very little about charge speeds but the active cooling really does pay off. It's the only thing I don't like about the Leaf. It's still a great car from what I have seen. Keep up the videos.
Allahoum zeyd (6 months ago)
Thanks. I welcome the coming tests.
David Allen (6 months ago)
You have a lot of cables dangling about at the rear of the car.
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
Haha yeah this was filmed back in July when I’d only partially finished sorting the rear dashcam. Check out Episode 025 to see the much tidier end result! :)
David Allen (6 months ago)
Would love to go to a meetup like the EV in the Park thing. Looked like a great day out. Loads of info in your video.. When I have been doing my longer trips I haven’t been worrying or thinking too much about the batt temp and charging speeds. The time charging fitted in with my needs for stopping and doing stuff and having a break. No worries..
Join us in 2019 for another evs in the park.. Or in February 9th 2019 at EVs in the car park at Ace Cafe London :) just google Evs in the park and visit our main site..
Adrian Pike (6 months ago)
Hi Aaron, I wonder whether it would have been quicker to drive slower? Lemon Tea Leaf tends to drive at 60mph on motorways which is much more efficient than driving at 70mph!
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
I’ve been wondering the same! I didn’t want to change too much all on one trip though as the usefulness of the experiment would have been reduced. Next time I’ll try 60mph as well as the 40-90% routine. Will probably be a little while before I need to do another long trip like that though...
mark Webber (6 months ago)
Aaron i had this issue with plugshare and km instead of miles. on ios click ABOUT on the bottom, then CHANGE DISTANCE UNITS, then click OVERRIDE UNITS and the select MILES. this will sort things out for you.
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
Oh wow that was really hidden. Thank you for this!
Stephen Murray (6 months ago)
What sat nav do u use?
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
I was using the car’s built in one but now CarPlay allows third party apps I’m starting to use Waze instead
Fil (6 months ago)
You must have liked my Tesla, I saw at least 3 shots of it while you were filming around the EVITP
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
It was the star of the event! 😂
Ellis Toms (6 months ago)
Generally, how far is it between each available fast charger when on a trip like this. I wonder if my 24KWh leaf could do this journey. (Actually, my battery is at 82% soh, so have only 18KWh available). Thanks.
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
Every motorway service area has them so drove past loads that I didn’t need to stop at. The Polar network also has loads at hotels usually just a 5 min drive away from the motorways too.
padraig cullinane (6 months ago)
What was your motorways speed Aaron?
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
Also this was with ProPilot which can accelerate and use regen quite aggressively, increasing heat buildup.
Aaron Russell (6 months ago)
70 although there’s a couple of big chunks of the M1 that are on a 50 limit due to roadworks.
Prop (6 months ago)
Aaron sorry to sound so negative in this post but I am so glad I did not go for the 40kwh Nissan Leaf. A 290 mile journey took you over 9 hours & 30 mins, that is just crazy, your average speed worked out to just 30 mph!! That is abysmal for a 2018 electric vehicle in my opinion, lets just hope the 2019 Leaf improves on this. Referring to 27kwh being a "respectable charge rate" when it is 15kwh to 17kwh down on a 2011 24kwh Nissan Leaf does not strike me as respectable. I bet the Ioniq or i3 would have done the same journey with 2 charges which would have been true rapid charging not the 39kwh, 27kwh & 20kwh. The Ionic, Kia Soul, BMW i3, Zoe & Leaf 30 or 24 kwh would all have done the same journey far quicker. The last long journey I did in my i3 REX i did 120 miles electric between charges and when I plug in to charge I get a full 44kwh charge until the battery reaches 88%. Even my old 2012 24kwh Leaf would have been almost a better choice for this journey than the 2018 40kwh Leaf and thats just wrong in my opinion. What makes this even worse is the fact that even after taking best measures to get the most out of the battery, its long distance driving capability is just awful!! Your paying a premium for a longer range battery and yet when you need the longer range your stuck with pampering it & only using 50% of its capacity. I truly cannot see the point of the 40kwh pack in this car, you don't need it for shorter journeys and when you do need it on long journeys it gets too hot & proves to be completely unfit for purpose in my opinion.
RWBHere (5 months ago)
Keep complaining about it folks. The more the merrier. It will make it cheaper as a used vehicle, and new cars are out of many people's price range. I'd be happy with the range of this Leaf, since we almost never drive for more than 250 miles, generally do less than 100 miles per week, would normally charge at home, and our longer journeys are usually no more than a 100 to 120 mile round trip a few times per year. It's also almost impossible to travel far at 60 mph legally on all but one road around here.
captain pugwash (6 months ago)
Totally agree, it is just the same as my 30 kwhr leaf, journeys of 100 to 150 miles are acceptable but anything over that, get the diesel out, unless your life is so miserable that you want to fill it spending all your day protecting a battery and car that is not fit for the purpose of long distance driving. At an average speed of 30.5 mph forget it, lands end to John o'groats, a distance of over 800 miles was covered on a push bike at an average of 19.4 mph, kinda puts your 30.5 mph in a motorised vehicle into perspective. My pcp on my 30kwh leaf is up in March. A 40 kwhr leaf will not be on my list to renew it with lol.
Girahim (6 months ago)
While it's not for everyone I still see why Nissan chosen to make the 40kWh Leaf the way it is, at the end it's worth the choice for the manufacturer and the consumers that fit the purpose of that vehicle in a cost and sales perspective (most people out there). In my case there's no other EV for less than 30k€ that is available right now that suits my needs more than the 40kW Leaf, and that's what matters. For everything else chose other EV or the 60kWh Leaf.
Jeff Schofield (6 months ago)
100% agree with you!
John Gardner (6 months ago)
+Aaron Russell Just to remove all elements of doubt, I think your videos are great and I understand you now have this car and you are trying to work out how best to manage its little idiosyncrasies :-) But this will also be viewed by people like me who is looking for a new EV and will probably look for something else.

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