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KETER Store It Out MAX, garden storage Box,1200L

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BUY NOW-https://goo.gl/bswZXS Keter Store It Out Max Plastic Garden Storage Beige & Brown - 3 x 5 ft - 1200 L polypropylene garden storage unit for garden furniture, lawn mowers, barbecue equipment and other outdoor items. Also accommodates two 240 L wheelie bins. Designed for easy assembly and virtually maintenance-free hello so i got this garden storage box, so i can have more storage, http://www.wickes.co.uk/Keter-Store-It-Out-Max-Plastic-Garden-Storage-Beige+Brown
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Text Comments (40)
markmywords312 (13 days ago)
Nothing more annoying than not getting all the parts
Epilepsy Soda (3 days ago)
Also all smashed, Got a massive crack through the centre of the roof in ours
JEMIMA BROWN (2 months ago)
Thank you so much helped me a lot as I am no good with the instructions would rather follow a video like yours .
Joan Garland (3 months ago)
How do you fit bottom latch to store it outside arc unit
Vegetable Man (5 months ago)
My problem is taking one down. I can see no way of dismantling one without smashing it up.
mo jo (6 months ago)
vvv vvv (8 months ago)
When you buy one you get something called the ‘book of instructions’. All you need to do is read them. There is also a parts list for reference. You will need more than twenty-five minutes. Give yourself ninety minutes.
Bms Lanc (9 months ago)
Shit video
Sandra Smit (9 months ago)
Jammer dat het niet in het Nederlands staat en er nergens staat hoe je de deuren moet bevestigen met het kliksysteem. Eenmaal vast krijg je het nooit meer los. Wij niet in ieder geval.
Joe Mitchell (9 months ago)
Can’t figure out how to put the 2 back pieces together???????????
Jay Tonneau (10 months ago)
Thank you for the review
LordWilsonVILLA (11 months ago)
WHY are some 'KETER Store It Out MAX' tops green and some 'KETER Store It Out MAX' tops brown?
Andy Howarth (6 months ago)
LordWilsonVILLA so you have a choice duh
Nelson Reviews (10 months ago)
LordWilsonVILLA don't no sorry
Susan Sweet (1 year ago)
How does the front handle assembly work please?
Susan Sweet (11 months ago)
nelson figueiredo . Muchas gracias. Thank you
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
Susan Sweet just sheik the end of the video , it have two holes for the padlock.
Matthew Rosenmarsh (1 year ago)
This is a joke. Absolutely no help in terms of working out how to put the thing up. Doesn't show the stages of putting it up. What is the point of this video?
Seb V (1 year ago)
It would've been nice if you would have continue with the assembly with the doors ,hinges etc. you did half assembly video my friend. thank you
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
Seb V thanks for the comment my friend, not finesh the video becouse I found a problem with the product , but the door are very easy to install.
Kat's Adventures (1 year ago)
Trying to set mine up here now and I stopped cause the back two panels you have to screw together I have no idea from the instructions on how that is done! Watching your video here again to see if you show that.
Kat's Adventures (1 year ago)
Nice was wondering that if I could attached it to the ground. Perfect buying this one for sure than. :)
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
ye using some strong bolts
Ian Silva (1 year ago)
Good vid and well explained. I just bought one from Argos and I hope the back panel is the correct one.
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
Ian Da Silva I have got this one from jtf
Ian Silva (1 year ago)
Good vid and well explained. I just bought one from Argos and I hope the back panel is the correct one.
Keith Lawson (1 year ago)
Thanks. I have this exact problem. Trouble is they disconnected my call at 5.00pm on Friday and it's been such a problem to find contacts details. Now waiting for a response (thanks to Amazon for finding me webpage0.
Florence Scott (1 year ago)
We need to disassemble our storage shed and cannot find any information what so ever how to go about doing it. Can you help?
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
andy james (1 year ago)
Thank you, your video made me check the lettering on my components before screwing them in.
Owen Prescott (1 year ago)
Random question but are there many gaps? I'm thinking about creating a budget terrarium with small insects. I guess a better question is would it be water tight if locked up?
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
4 gaps i thing not sure
Wilma Duckworthhu (1 year ago)
Disappointed, I was looking forward to putting my new keter midi storage unit together, but !!!!!!! There were no instructions included, I don't know how the back two panels go together!!!!!
andy james (1 year ago)
I can give you the instructions that came with mine if you like. Was quite straight forward.
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
follow this link for instructions online - http://www.manualsdir.com/manuals/347939/keter-store-it-out-max.html
Jim mcqueen (1 year ago)
The "wrong " one did look better quality but the smooth one is the correct one. I am putting MDF shelves at the top of two of mine but have had to source them from another source as Keder don't supply them
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
that a very good idea ,show us some pics after the final project .
Jim mcqueen (1 year ago)
The second one they sent you is the correct one you should have got with the product. I have three of these units. Important to note that the back top strengthening rail is stored in the floor for transport and should be removed before assembling
andy james (1 year ago)
Yes, they show it should be removed with an exclamation mark in the instructions now. I secured the roof before screwing in the back supporting rail, so that i could adjust the rail accordingly for a snug fit.
Nelson Reviews (1 year ago)
thanks i think the first one was short but more robust out of the second one. thanks for the comment

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