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Caving Video: Giants Hole Round Trip

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Classic caving trips in Britain - The Giants Hole Round Trip. Filmed during trips in March and September 2011.
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ANTHONY BOOTH (1 year ago)
Does the farmer still ask only 40p per person?
Keith Edwards (1 year ago)
I think of was £3 last time I went.
John Holme (3 years ago)
I was caving in the 80s and 90s living in Gloucestershire, my bubbly and I traveled up to do this brilliant trip, it's amazing how much I recall especially crab walk and giants wind pipe, we renamed razer to nut cruncher, can't thank you enough for rekindling my memories
Keith Edwards (3 years ago)
+John Holme Pleased to be of service.
Christiaan Baron (4 years ago)
have you ever encountered any trolls, goblins, orcs or gollums. found any golden rings?
alan aslin (4 years ago)
Very good video and filming but the rigging was not good.
Doug Hobbs (2 years ago)
You points hold some weight however......its only a 5m drop, IF anyone came off the ladder they would be lowered to the pitch base in around 5 seconds flat. I'm guessing you might not be aware but this was standard practice underground for a VERY long time and whilst not up to today's methods it is still used a lot more than you might think especially on very short pitches. If something happens to break an electron ladder/spreader/strop then much bigger problems are afoot (as in big rock fall/collapse!) than belay belts and no amount of harnesses or backup rigging will save the climber ;)
alan aslin (4 years ago)
You are only using one bolt for belay and one bolt to deviate the rope. It should be two bolts back up and two bolts over the pitch head. It the deviation bolt failed the rope would be over a sharp edge and could be fatal i.e rope break. If the belay bolt failed then it would certainly be fatal. Also using belay belts could be fatal if the person becomes separated from the ladder i.e falls off the ladder or it breaks. Especially because there is no Y hang to position the rope directly above the ladder any separation would result in the person hanging in mid air unable to get back on the ladder. A harness or a sling made into a seat and clipped to the belay belt would eliminate the risk of the belay belt constricting the diaphragm and possible death after a fall/separation from the ladder. Bloody good video though. Would you consider allowing me to use some of your material for my web page
Keith Edwards (4 years ago)
Please explain.
William Haney (4 years ago)
and this is fun how? you get stuck... your dead....
ProPlus English (11 months ago)
Sorry Wrong cave! That happened in a different one...in the futher reaches of the show cave 'Peak' cavern.
ANTHONY BOOTH (1 year ago)
There is a young chap entombed in there apparently; - around the late 80's... there Were some narrow passages that went from 2ft to 2 inches: - he slipped down one of those and could NOT EVEN be PULLED OUT! ...died eventually in his sleep from hypothermia + they eventually had to take bags of stones, sand + cement down there..... :/
Keith Edwards (4 years ago)
Yes it is fun and I don't know anyone who has got stuck and died in this cave system.
SmudgeDiver (4 years ago)
Just been down to Giant's hole yesterday. Water levels where up due to the rain we've had recently. Great fun and need to go back when there's less water :) Don't forget your £3pp for the farmer.
ANTHONY BOOTH (1 year ago)
40p last time I went! :p
Henllan (7 years ago)
@dcrtuk so, yes, better than a Sten .... lighting makes a huge difference. Great job :o)
Henllan (7 years ago)
Excellent video. You did really well with the lighting (I am assuming you were using a Sten or better). I have seen cameras drown in the windpipe (including one of mine). Great narration throughout. Loved the wellies too :o) Ian

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