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Sea of Thieves Gameplay - Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay at E3 2017

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This Sea of Thieves gameplay is the latest gameplay from Rare's charming massively multiplayer pirate sim. Sailing the seven seas with a bunch of mates looks like it will be endlessly entertaining when Sea of Thieves launches, get it, on a release date in "early 2018". Though Sea of Thieves is unlikely to benefit as much from Xbox One X as other games on the Xbox line-up, it makes up for it with buckets of charm and lashings of wit. And probably fatal quantities of grog. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about videogames, especially Xbox One games and Xbox 360 games. Join us for new gameplay, original videos, previews, lists, Show of the Week and other things (ask us about the other things). Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at http://www.outsidexbox.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidexbox Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidexbox Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidexbox Put a t-shirt on your body http://www.outsidexbox.com/tshirts
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Text Comments (459)
Dreadnought 1 (15 days ago)
i wish ship crews were larger 12 or so
Cameron Boyle (3 months ago)
They didn't pay the lag to be an actor
Ioulum (8 months ago)
To cartoonish we want a real RPG PIrate game plz........
Jsay (1 year ago)
They currently are having free testing weekend where you can play the closed beta every weekend
Tomzgamer XD (1 year ago)
I wish this game was for PS4
Occhiolado Rady (1 year ago)
Owen Bet Ngk (1 year ago)
Can you play with split screen
ツInfy (1 year ago)
Tem pra Xbox 360?
Alex Mosinski (1 year ago)
Pirates 101 vibe
M.O.P. taggz (1 year ago)
Almost as good as fortnite.
Darth Vader The Hater (1 year ago)
I own a PS4. :(
RogueAdam (1 year ago)
Gonna play this game with friends and we're all gonna be drunk singing Alestorm 90% of the time can confirm
gunna beesee (1 year ago)
to tell you the truth this is made for the Xbox one X to show you what the NeXT gen can do.But there is also a Version for the Xbox one Without all the great details and hdr and ALL THE SMOOTH THINGS THE X GOT
Masakr Films (1 year ago)
Reminds me of that old pirate game on pc
Sloshytomcatt (1 year ago)
I dont understand how you find the exact location of the chest tho :/
Sloshytomcatt (1 year ago)
I can't wait till this game comes out!
AntJoCac KChops (1 year ago)
Wow... Looks like my Commodore 64.
lucas 42 (1 year ago)
I am so sad it's an Xbox exclusive I am an PS player
Dave M (1 year ago)
this looks clunky as shit
is this that pirate game were supposed to get with the launch of the xb1?! an mmo like pirate game. ugh hope they keep the TTK=time to kill nice n low! No ridiculous bullet sponging from the likes of destiny n the division both garbage games! I'd had high hopes 4 this game since that 1st trailer i think it's same game idk wtf took what 4yrs or more to make?! hope that means they did a great job on it! and no microtransactions plz omg lets let the death of those be in dec2017! hope laws make it illegal! (doubtful but they might tax it and put an adult only rating 4 gambling! now if they have it for like cosmetics only strictly very strict on that! as in the over watch loot box only! But also give us the option to buy it out right both in game currency and via if there is a loot crate system really hope there's none of that microtransactions BS if there's not and its a great game I'll buy it 5x over just to show support 4 good devs not nickle n diming us every step of the way!
Point is ya make more $ honestly with a great game 1st then the biz model needs be fair not anticonsumerism! Like EA & activision etc ubisoft almost no one hasnt tried the loot box thing and MTXs! Were sick of them and wont buy games that have them only free games should have them but even then its ridiculous cuz the game ends up costing 1k$s of $s which isnt very fun! Spending $ makes me mad not entertained! Take me away immersion make us forget our shitty lives and have some fun in great games w/o being asked for more $ every step of the way or designed around a grind pay2skip or win! Were fed up with it not takin it anymore! Not from paladins who didn't learn a damn thing from EAs failure! Not smite not anything! MTX=dead in 2017! Keep games alive with new events and content! new content brings ppl back to these games! add a new area and quest n loot etc make it fun not a grind not a bullet sponge OP boss ffs so played out! we want a true challenge! Not an arbritrary one like lower health and the enemy has 100x ur health and he also hits 4+x harder! while u hit half or more weaker! That's artificially making it harder in the least fun way! make the enemies smart that's how we get challenge! Yeah he maybe weak but smart! if they out smart u surround u etc use tactics! Smh something todays AI neglect 2 use. i still hope this games good! But I'm not hype 4 any thing these days not since what we've been getting not even the indie games being the only thing decent to play its absolutely ridiculous. greed has taken over the passion part sadly for most. hope this ones different
Kisel Pro Lol (1 year ago)
Will the game for computers.
WINTERFOX (1 year ago)
Assassins Creed IV graphics is weird
junior (1 year ago)
This game is like my wet dream. The golden age of piracy is my favourite saga in human history.
Battle Husky83 (1 year ago)
I can't wait for this game to be released
PapKorn (1 year ago)
I'm going to pirate this pirate game on pc
Colin de Leeuw (1 year ago)
jesse baker (1 year ago)
It's fresh it's new! its never been done!
Ari man (1 year ago)
I Got Question?But Why The Rums Always Gone
Joshua Clifton (1 year ago)
I'm not gonna get hyped and preorder this cause it's probably gonna turn out like no mans sky, sorry to say it
Sensei Iceman (1 year ago)
is this for PS4
Daniel Peterson (1 year ago)
looks good!
Badcarr (1 year ago)
I'm just gonna illegally download it
Para Plays (1 year ago)
I hope the quests are not that easy and the guardians and not just shoot with pistol twice.
ArkFT (1 year ago)
Damn, now THAT'S Rare
Ninja Sonic (1 year ago)
rares back baby!
Sam (1 year ago)
Come on Rare new Banjo, Perfect dark and Conker before this crap
Ardin Catish (1 year ago)
Right, now where do I get friends to play with?
shreya jain (1 year ago)
Can this game of Xbox one x can work on Xbox one
João Filho (1 year ago)
quando que vai lançar pro one ?
Mandalo (1 year ago)
pls dont let it be XBOX exclusive
Busa Tam (1 year ago)
Can't wait for this baby
Xan Thrr (1 year ago)
Can the online be like gta 5 but with teams
Xan Thrr (1 year ago)
IceCoolNinja (1 year ago)
No doubt going to be way better then Ubisoft's Skull and bones.
Barnabás Tóth (1 year ago)
xbox and pc player can play with each other? (sry for bad english)
This game looks awesome, just a shame that you can't play it on ps4
Stellar Skadi (1 year ago)
If the narrator isn't in the game in some way, I'm going to be severely upset.
ItsBrandonYee67 (1 year ago)
Treasure is nice and all, but where's all the rum gone? xD
Oliver Dekens-True (1 year ago)
I love the smart ass self aware tone.
Carey Daniels (1 year ago)
you had me at "fire yourself out of a cannon"
AllOfThePoptarts (1 year ago)
my biggest concern: exactly how much content is there really??? this looks like so much fun, but i worry it's one of those "this got boring quick" titles.....
J man (1 year ago)
So uh... how bout a PC version?
Matthegreat 007 (1 year ago)
the narrator sounds like the dwarf in shadow of mordor
Phylion (1 year ago)
This is really funny
Taseen Mannan (1 year ago)
i own a ps4 i gotta say this game looks goooood. But it also own a pc ;)
Luke Twitty (1 year ago)
Don't take my booty 🍑
The Sero (1 year ago)
I counted 12 paces...
Alexane Rose (1 year ago)
I swear the need to have a Jack Sparrow Easter egg. He's the one that made pirates cool again!
Igor Chesterfield (1 year ago)
I'm not really that into pirate games, but I gotta admit, this one sure looks good!
Oliver Watts (1 year ago)
I also hope that there is a main hub world, with a tavern and various shops, that'd be sweet.
Oliver Watts (1 year ago)
The Kraken better appear in this game, it would be so cool to try and escape his tentacles.
Adam Matis (1 year ago)
kinda sounds like Matt Mercer
Hammock Joe (1 year ago)
did he just shoot him self out of a cannon onto another boat ?? TAKE MY MONEY !
Sino (1 year ago)
I wish this was an mmo
a guy on the internet (1 year ago)
looks nice
Silent Sixteen (1 year ago)
I hope there's skill trees...
Jake Plummer (1 year ago)
The water... so fucking amazing, gorgeous, garglebloopsharknom
Ethan Daniel (1 year ago)
Yes just yes
Rya 31 (1 year ago)
0:58 "we haven't finished designing it. joking! that was a joke..." XD gets me every time
Mark Chang (1 year ago)
Senbon Kagetora (1 year ago)
looks fun but as a rule of thumb i tend to assume the game will be at most half that fun
MAGCHAVIRA (1 year ago)
One Piece simulator
Elliott (1 year ago)
This looks like a more stylized version of Blackwake. Very reminiscent.
ETX Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice. I really need some pirate friends to play this with!
Yoav Cohen (1 year ago)
Giving me flashbacks to the old bbc kidnapped Radio play don't know why
Lukman Hakim (1 year ago)
This is honestly very boring
Lord Infamous (1 year ago)
was expecting something completely different, but this actually seems pretty cool and very interesting.
sharksavage (1 year ago)
Does anyone else hold their breath as well as the character?
oLyke Butters (1 year ago)
game looks decent but way too much hype.
Brogflea (1 year ago)
this trailer is simply gold
L. Willis (1 year ago)
awww man, this looks awesome.
Huey Smith (1 year ago)
I see inspiration from blackwake
Herodegon (1 year ago)
Who else hates the idea of having to buy a new xbox every fucking time they "innovate" with better technology and shit, because I still only have the original
generalpeeps (1 year ago)
whoever the narrator and the writer are for the narration need pay rises, now
Bram Grootveld (1 year ago)
one question will there be rum?
JakeTakesTheCakes (1 year ago)
Oh. My. God. I've been waiting for a real pirate simulator for so long. Hopefully there will be a single player option or at least the ability to plays solo sometimes. This looks so good though I'm so hyped.
Nathan McDonald (1 year ago)
Best presentation of a trailer I've ever seen. Kudos to these guys. They have a good looking product and some witty, well done narration sells it quite well.
GhostCreek (1 year ago)
This looks stupid as haaayll.
JLEEKS11 (1 year ago)
Not my kind of game but it looks alright
Westinian (1 year ago)
I got a limited edition Xbox one s for Christmas and can count how many times I played it on one hand. This may get me to play my Xbox. Only problem is I have no friends on Xbox :(
Stobbor (1 year ago)
PLEASE tell me this is on steam too
Xelthos (1 year ago)
This looks pretty epic.    Hopefully more engaging then Gun of Icarus Online, was a good concept but got old fast.
Kalion 2306 (1 year ago)
please don't give this the ark problem where everything is taken about a week after release. a month at most. give it regenerating loot so there is a chance for others to get the loot as well. oh yeah and progressively tuff enemies to stop campers. please don't make it so that there is only 1 or 2 pirate crews that reign over all of the loot and get the best stuff.
Surya Perkasa (1 year ago)
This looks fun to play!
Hello There (1 year ago)
Holy crap
FruityNinja18 (1 year ago)
Did he just eat that banana without pealing it? What a trooper :D
Sebcroft (1 year ago)
The music gives it a theme park/movie atmosphere
Ernesto Garza (1 year ago)
totally gonna role play with my friends in this game
Mar Hawkman (1 year ago)
That "Legendary chest" looks like it's worth more than your ship....  Seriously... who makes treasure chests out of gold and rubies?
I want to buy this game, but I dont have friends, and money, and Xbox

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