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Testing Cheap Camera Products From Wish!

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Testing cheap cameras from Wish.com! SOCIAL NETWORKS & Other Channels! Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8nI3... Instagram: Shelbychurch Twitter: @shelbychurch Snapchat: shelbychurch WHAT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS: Camera: http://amzn.to/2hOFUGa Lens: http://amzn.to/2hOPlFN Microphone: http://amzn.to/2gKa95m Lighting: http://amzn.to/2gK4PyQ For business inquiries please contact [email protected]
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Text Comments (2036)
Mysticwolf Yt (44 minutes ago)
It reminds me of an old digital camera from 2005.... this made me extremely mad because I have an old Nikon d 3 100. And it is the best thing that ever happened to me I’m in love with photography and am pretty good for such a young age. She obviously isn’t a very skilled photographer. I probably know more about the passion as a 13 year old than her.
J (2 hours ago)
That's why they call that webpage "Wish" because after you order anything from them you wished it worked.
Connor Warburton (5 hours ago)
All the gear and absolutely no fucking idea. I died inside when she thought the "lense" wouldn't fit, considering the kit she has, the basics confuse her
Central_NC Chickens (8 hours ago)
Those small lens goes on a lens like yours that is on your camera!
Elise Eastkite (13 hours ago)
I thought I would watch a revieuw, what is this?! Just holding a lens before the other lens... it does not fit... you can’t pick your own camera and buy a random lens like, oh this is gonna fit...
bharoti borah (1 day ago)
Hey guys I'm preparing for start a youtube channel ...plz subscribed to my channel..😘😘
Isaac Davidson (1 day ago)
These are lens converters they aren’t meant to be used by themselves. They screw on to the front of your camera lens in the place where you screw in the filters. If you a lens that a 58 mm attachment you can probably screw in on to that. Also for the phone lens I think it was meant to be used as a macro lens for very up close shots not of people. The the macro/ fisheye lens unscrews from each other and that’s you use the different modes. ( at least this is the case for the one I have)
Jessica Ryan (1 day ago)
Wait don’t those lenses screw on? They work with my Nikon by screwing it ONTO another lens
Carter Wells Videos (2 days ago)
holy shit you are dumb its ovi not a lens it attaches to it
Cool Film Movies (2 days ago)
watch my newest video to find out how to make a mic stand for under $1:00
Shallow Cinema (2 days ago)
This woman is literally the best example of the stereotypical white girl with an iPhone who thinks she’s a photographer.
nightcore (3 days ago)
jueos no Daeclop MAELOPSE Hola oepa ? $8647
Power Mon (3 days ago)
The flashing thatwas on a super good budget camera it would be accepting
The Peeps (3 days ago)
00:34 I guess they never miss, huh?
The Pizza Man (3 days ago)
0:34 I guess they never miss huh
ryan creegan (3 days ago)
Her thumbs scare me
Daenerys Lannister (4 days ago)
comment 1552613795760
William van Gils (4 days ago)
Let's make our carbon footprint even bigger for no reason, great.
RTHD (5 days ago)
Oh Shelby! I thought this video was going to be about actual cheap cameras lol
Christian I (6 days ago)
The macro you have to take off
Matt J Depression (6 days ago)
Hello :)
Stupid piece of shit with dad's money . Die.
Chia Cheng Han (6 days ago)
She really doesn't know how to use any of this gear. How does she have 1 mil alr
MFTJA (7 days ago)
The lenses would work with a phone with only one lense not an iPhone x
voiish a (8 days ago)
2:54 The Pic says without mount
osiris (8 days ago)
Your face is big in real tho
Chris G (9 days ago)
I almost spit out my coffee laughing at "there's no way this will fit oh my camera, so yea.." OMG 😂 Make this right and do a follow up video correct! . You would get allot more respect and kudos!
TheAppleman352 (10 days ago)
She uses a diffuser on the 300$ flash but not the cheap one?? No shit they look different
Kaleb Mcculley (11 days ago)
I guess they never miss huh
Paul Wells (12 days ago)
Everyone is dogging her out and she has 1.1M subscribers and 895k views on this alone. So you have to question who is brainless. Lol
einzeller85 (12 days ago)
dude are you really that oblivious? it says "58mm" right on the title of those lenses. and i bet if you had read the description, you'd know you're supposed to screw them on the filter thread of your kit lense (which for canon conveniently happens to be 58mm). XD i mean those kits are usually meant for poor people who can barely afford the kit lense, not for people that run around with huge L-lenses xD
NCBD Crew (13 days ago)
0:34 I guess they never miss,huh?
LianaWorld (13 days ago)
#NotSponsered or...?
Hattie101 (14 days ago)
Bless her lisp
iqgiyqgifh (14 days ago)
Who let you do this
Ruffneck101 (14 days ago)
I laughed so hard when she held one lens up to another to test... take your lens off and just hold it up to the camera.
Urbbx_ (14 days ago)
Tenía que ser rubia...
The YS (15 days ago)
Iara Guedes (15 days ago)
interesting seeing so many men putting her down... I would like to know if she was a he how they would comment...
Iara Guedes (15 days ago)
but well, we will never know
The Q news (15 days ago)
You hook those lenses to the original lens that came with a t cannon series
berrickson Picar (15 days ago)
Your so rich
Aiden Bowie (17 days ago)
Its nice to see female photographers
GorillaJamppa (18 days ago)
*Gets wish ad
Agustina Chiervo (18 days ago)
When you are not at all satisfied with the lenses but you tried them all incorrectly.
Amelia K (18 days ago)
your phone attachment camera lenses are stacked macro and wide lenses are connected just unscrew them i bought them and they are awesome i totally recommend these.
Brayan Trejo (18 days ago)
Oh god why?! She got all that top gear for nothing really.. sucks for us who can’t afford it... yet at least
Cece's World (19 days ago)
Glad I found this. I been wanting a camera from wish but didnt know the quality
Albert Rocco (19 days ago)
That nail tho 😂
Querdipluck Sore (20 days ago)
I lost braincells
WWE Top 10 (20 days ago)
Is it me or does this girl look like ijustine
Kieran Beltran (21 days ago)
The big lenses attach to the front of a starter lens of a canon t6 stock lens
Ralph Trivilegio (21 days ago)
New subscriber here
Francisco urias vlogs (21 days ago)
You know why it's called wish you wish it was better 😀
Aimee Chang (21 days ago)
Do anyone know what camera she was using on 3:14 on the wheel thingy?
Shadowman (22 days ago)
Stopped watching at 2:26 with a facepalm... uses a macro lens and blaim it on the product that she knows shit about it...
W1NX (22 days ago)
The wide lens unscrews and the macro is underneath
Laura Ioana V (22 days ago)
oh my ahahaha I would be so embarrassed if I were in her place, I do concert photography with a cheap-ish camera and old manual lenses and I don't have the money for even half of her gear, but still try to know the trade and would never put my opinion out on something I have no idea about.....seeing her with those lens attachments calling them lenses.....damn
Peter Zettl (23 days ago)
Gotta get close to an object with the macro lens and it wont be blurry anymore. Magic....
Michael_ 1199 (23 days ago)
The tripod might have been ok, if you could use it properly. The way you did it is not how you attach a tripod to a camera
nick sheen (24 days ago)
"Without Mount" LOL
YourTechGuy (24 days ago)
not even i am that noob...
MADS (24 days ago)
Oh for fuck sake. My brain. There is a lot of lack of understanding in this video.
Sherpa Sanggey (1 month ago)
See how she and her friend holding camera 🤣🤣
Morales family 1711133 (1 month ago)
I said hit or miss so I say :I guess they never miss, huh?
clash empire (1 month ago)
U a virgin
BLUE Lawin (1 month ago)
I dont care of your products.. i dont even remember or heard anything what you say.. All i know is I just care and look at you.. your so beautifuL.
Micah Goodson (1 month ago)
This is hard to watch
Gaïa Raguenes (1 month ago)
The mini thing in de beginning of the video, the one that is very blurry, is to take precise picture so u have to be REALLY close oh the objective like your eye, and it’s going to be AMAZING!!!!( sorry I’m French so I probably made some mistakes)😉🖤
nima abrishamkar (1 month ago)
I got randomly recommended with this video so I decided to watch it. Keep in mind I’ve not watch a single other video on this channel. I start off watching the video and notice that she has some pretty expensive camera equipment and it got me thinking that she must definitely be a pro. I then watch where she unboxed and “reviewed” the phone lens and my mind literally froze. You have no idea how to use the lens and even worse, instead of sitting down and looking up how to use it you straight up just continue. You literally used the wide angle lens for close up and the macro for far away. Then I get to the part where she tries to change the lens on her DSLR which made me lose some brain cells. I have no clue what the hell you did/demonstrated. And in the end you demonstrate the flash which you take a picture of your camera person in the dark. I just want to die. First of all, it annoys the hell outta me for not using the view finder on such expensive camera. Second of all, for the shot to turn out good you need to do some tweaking to your settings and by the looks of it, it seems that you took the picture in auto. Please take classes or even mess around with the cameras to own to get the hang of it. Photography does not mean you own an expensive DSLR and talk shit all day about lens and equipments, its all about skill and technique.
nima abrishamkar (1 month ago)
Please tell me that for the phone lens you were joking. Even the dust on the top of my desktop tower knows how to use it.
Scott Stults (1 month ago)
LMAO Typical blond. I was literally LMAO when she was try to use those Lenses (Filters). And then she says she got them all off of Wish.com? The why was she showing things from Amazon ? LMFAO
lia fracasso (1 month ago)
You make me lose brain cells, you have to be close on things🤦‍♀️
Evelyn Gacha playz (1 month ago)
Umm...I’m not a pro on photography but I don’t think you are using the product correctly,so I don’t think I can trust your review(nobody can) 😕😅😅
Niu Tube (1 month ago)
The “burly” lens is supposed to be like that
DianneFr cunanan (1 month ago)
any small YOutubers want to help Each other ❤️
Mason Tran (1 month ago)
Btw those len attached to canon 18-55 kit lens.
it's Eric (1 month ago)
The cheap flash makes the picture have cool color ways
CaptainFrenchFri (1 month ago)
Usually when people dont read instruction manuals it's because they know how to use it. This is a counter example
MusicKnowledge1 (1 month ago)
i would like to test out your lips -- on mine
Paige Saunders (1 month ago)
what flash do you have that you spent 300 bucks on ?? I'm currently searching for a good one
Denzil Ramdass (1 month ago)
hey i actually got the lenses from the camera kit to screw onto my 18-55mm lens in a smiliar way the filters does
L0RVIN (1 month ago)
The iPhone lens. The macro and fish are screw on to each other. Unscrew them to make them work.
Diana (1 month ago)
makes me cringe ....... when you don’t know how to use the products, you can’t make a review for them.
Jose M Films (1 month ago)
You gotta be kidding me!!!😂😂 Those 2 lenses (the telephoto and wide angle) yougot for $51 are supposed to be attached in front of your normal lense!!!! Trust me, that IS how they work becaus I own some
The Sistas (1 month ago)
The first one for the second lense, that was the macro and u were supposed to go up close with it
Jonatan L (1 month ago)
Who else did get a Wish as for this video??
Just Amsjuh (1 month ago)
osman gaming (1 month ago)
The worst reviwe
Moistie (1 month ago)
Ms. Church my toes nails hurt 😡
ITZ KIYA (1 month ago)
YOU WERENT USING THE FIRST ONE RIGHT!!!!! I bought that same thing and there is 3 pieces
Regiane Aparecida (1 month ago)
Helo Brazil
Caelan Nicholls (1 month ago)
Guarantee you ask this chick about ISO she’s be like - is that a salad ?
Lindsey Carpenter (1 month ago)
The lens is blurry because it is a macro lens. Macro lenses are blurry until you get super close to your subject. Try it on your eye or something and it should work well. :)
Opposite A (1 month ago)
My YouTube music vid is coming on Friday oh yeah yeah
johnveve carillo (1 month ago)
Extension it fits for kitlens 18 55mm..fake photographer..you ddnt know how to hold your camera better hahahahaha ..ur beautiful
Qistinana Family (1 month ago)
*NO HATE* but please please pleaaaaseee zoom pro per lyyyyyy :) properly :)
Saurabh Banyal (1 month ago)
you can try our wish promo code for more saving https://promocodewish2.com/wish-promo-code/
Clutch Moto vOiD (1 month ago)
The macro is for super up close objects suck as the bark on the tree
Mars1313 (1 month ago)
Are you a real blonde ?
Valentina Buzzoni 89 (1 month ago)
This was a very interesting video, great job!

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