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Testing Cheap Camera Products From Wish!

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Testing cheap cameras from Wish.com! SOCIAL NETWORKS & Other Channels! Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8nI3... Instagram: Shelbychurch Twitter: @shelbychurch Snapchat: shelbychurch WHAT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS: Camera: http://amzn.to/2hOFUGa Lens: http://amzn.to/2hOPlFN Microphone: http://amzn.to/2gKa95m Lighting: http://amzn.to/2gK4PyQ For business inquiries please contact [email protected]
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Text Comments (1634)
Sofieee Roberts (14 hours ago)
Can everyone stop attacking Shelby, she doesn’t deserve it Thank you very much
ravindra kumar (17 hours ago)
Love u girl
AB the HERO! (18 hours ago)
The quality of this video doesn't match the review. Amazing production value!
Rhône the Reject (1 day ago)
She’s an idiot I own the lender she put the macro lens with the fisheye she is stupid
ParkerRoberts Vlogs (1 day ago)
i use a nikon d5200 with audio technnica at8024
Techy Gamer (2 days ago)
Maybe learn how to use the stuff you buy? Those arent lenses, they screw onto your 18-55mm and the thing for your iPhone was the macro lens. switch it around and its wide angle.
Press Photography (2 days ago)
it was blurry because it was the macro lens.
Kristian Villatoro (2 days ago)
on the 1st demo the macro is attached to the medium lens it's super thin and it screws off. I got it and it works a dream.
Josh Swift (3 days ago)
you didn't even know how to use half of the products you got properly or at all and lack A LOT IN KNOWLEDGE. Having money and being able to buy some expensive ish gear and knowing what some gear is called doesnt make you a photographer.
king rose (3 days ago)
The lenses are to be attached to an 18-55 lens
Maclovio Hundson (3 days ago)
what i do with cheap photography stuff is just squezz them, torture them, test them until they brake just for me to find out what i really want...maybe she need to make a very longer review learning from this cheap stuff because she already got our attention some how now she needs to go deeper in the subject.
Maclovio Hundson (3 days ago)
I was thinking the same like everybody else but we can see this review from another point of view like the kit say ...just for beginners and exactly theres some attitude with beginners buying things getting confused between being a beginner and being someone that knows around 10% of what he like to do...I mean she gave a review of a real reaction of a .beginner getting new cheap stuff from internet...but someone that knows more than 10% wont buy anything from those websites unleass he or her is so creative and improver to modify, change or even redesign that cheap photography stuff...is like getting this cheap stuff for the only reason to test and try to reinvent something.
Cykrai (3 days ago)
lmao the iphone X has dual cameras thats why
Justin Wong (5 days ago)
Your actually dumb you didn’t use any of the products right and said they didn’t work
Xayp (6 days ago)
How do u have 10k likes lmao wtf worst reviews ever XD
Mackenzie Marks (6 days ago)
My brain physically hurts from this
jorge godines (6 days ago)
With all been saying, she doesn't have a clue of what she talking about.
Fernando Forero (7 days ago)
hey miss, the thrid one is incorporated to another one
David Iskandar (7 days ago)
LOL ... seriously dont know how that phone lens work?
SJ Tit (7 days ago)
macro's the first lens haha without any of the other lens on top
stfnsipos (7 days ago)
Or step down!! (sorry)
stfnsipos (7 days ago)
You need a step up adapter for the lens
Dhhddj (7 days ago)
I think the lenses are not made for the iPhone X
UnipdLeo Barl.channel (7 days ago)
Andrea Søeberg (7 days ago)
Hi Shelby! What flash are you using? When you are comparing yours to The wish flash?
Kueen Dezi (7 days ago)
Just starting out and I have a couple videos if you guys want to subscribe to my channel. My Goal is to get : 1000 Subscribers if you guys can help me out. Very appreciated and much 💗
She looks like “reaction Time” a youruber
Audrey Poggensee (7 days ago)
you're so dumb. the "lens" that you bought for the DSLR are lens attachments. They screw onto the top of your lens such as the 18-55mm.
Clip5299 (8 days ago)
Boo you supposed to screw the lens on your current lens
Good Hacker (8 days ago)
Btw, you just need to twist the wide lens and macro lens so you can access the macro lens
Good Hacker (8 days ago)
Btw, you just need to twist the wide lens and macro lens so you can access the macro lens
Night Detective (8 days ago)
you gotta love the "camera girl" she's definitely doing her job with exciting shots! good deal church
Life Of Ty (8 days ago)
The lenses I got a fisheye lense just like that, They screw into the stock lense of the canon rebels the 18-55mm
Norway Addict (8 days ago)
Phil Nolan (8 days ago)
6:08 well you don't have the fancy diffuser on the flash, not really a fair comparison.
Alexus DeRosier (9 days ago)
I have the smaller lenses they are just attachments. They screw onto my nikons orginal 55mm lens i like them I am a photographer i been photographing for almost 6 years, all the attachments have different effects. I do like your reviews but i do recommend little more research into camera products🙂
joe lawver (9 days ago)
The lenses are screw In adaptors of the basic lens . They actually screw into the end.
B Crow (10 days ago)
I probably would have done research on the items so you would know how to properly use them. Like for the camera lens, they are not actual lens they are lens attachments for a lens that you already own. You screw it onto your 58mm lens to turn it into a wide angle or fisheye depends on which one you have.
wakar al faruq (10 days ago)
The second lens was the macro lens 😂😂
Pomerised (10 days ago)
please u know nothing about photography so stop
Something There (10 days ago)
Amature look? U are just really dumb...dude do you research...tha fuk?
I have been scammed in Wish sellers - then Wish to blocked my account, do not respond to my messages
Aswin Vyas (11 days ago)
What about the dslr camera
Taylor Hasal (11 days ago)
No fucking clue lol
UomoPiccione (11 days ago)
why she didn't read the instructions or the user manual!?
Shion Shion (12 days ago)
The lack of skill and knowledge in this video...maybe even the whole channel
Shion Shion (12 days ago)
2:19 didnt u try putting super close?...
ErissTV (12 days ago)
Honestly, we love you so much here at ErissTV!! Great video might end up buying some of these!
Cannon G (14 days ago)
I guess they never miss huh
krispykrame (14 days ago)
the clip on lens doesn’t work on your phone very well because the phone you have uses two lenses that work together to get a nutty ass picture, while the clip on lens is meant for one single lens. why would anyone trust your reviews when you know nothing about cameras
Darren Davis (14 days ago)
I dont think this young lady is as dumb as she wants people to think she is, the video is clearly attracting a lot of attention from a lot of seasoned photographers wanting to see an attractive blond make a complete fool of herself testing photography equipment. I recon quite a few subscribed to her in the hope she will keep making these videos of her making a complete fool of herself. I would be most surprised if this young lady would regardless of how well off she is would buy two 5D cameras without having any idea of how to use the first one she bought, also i think her videographer friend would have had the sense to point out her obvious lack of knowledge and corrected her during filming unless of course they both have no idea what their doing which I very much doubt is the case How many subscribers ? not so dumb after all is she. Clever girls.
Ashley Holben (14 days ago)
I have a clip on lense for my phone the fish eye is separate and the macro and wide angle are together you take the wide angle off to use the macro and those lense you bought just go on the end of your kit lense my sony a6000 came with them and it just screws on with an adapter
karen ndovu (15 days ago)
I got a wish advert 😂 subscribe to my channel
Nina (15 days ago)
the "blurry" lens is the micro lens 💁🏽
Maisie Rees (15 days ago)
Genuinely shocked that you thought those were actual lenses.....they are lens attachments 🤦...as a professional photographer I found this very hard to watch!
grellboy175 (16 days ago)
The lens go on the end of your normal lens.
Maya Anne (16 days ago)
Why are all the comments so rude?! Even if she was wrong, there are polite ways to say that without being so mean!!!!
The camera dolly thing it does say on the advert 'without mount' which is saying it hasn't got it with it so don't get why your so surprised:)
BBC600 (17 days ago)
As a lot of commenters have said in one form or another this video wasn’t up to the usual standards... I normally never rate a video but I had to give it a thumbs down 👎🏻 because I’ve come to expect better.
Mitchell Jasmann (17 days ago)
Y’all need to chill with these mean comments. Let her do what she wants
ALEX CANNOL (17 days ago)
You're not very good at testing products. You would do better doing porn. No offense, you're very pretty so I'm dying to see you sucking a black cock. I would seriously pay to see it.
Cristina Bermúdez (17 days ago)
Hey! which flash are you using? ... the one with good quality
Venza Petrovitz (17 days ago)
Is this a parody of some sort ?
Dani Dreams (18 days ago)
What app did you use to record what was happening on your phone
Jarell Jupiter (18 days ago)
I’ll buy your camera gear that way its put to some actual use. 😂😂😂 doesnt even know what the lenses she bought are for, and calls the camera flash amateur 🤦🏾‍♂️ wtf is wrong with this girl... shes blonde so of course she gets a lot of views
Pilotgeek (19 days ago)
I purchased those "3" lenses for the phone before. To get the "3rd" lens, you actually have to combine parts from the two lenses, which is why one says "fish eye / macro".
euphoría (19 days ago)
You can’t say something else has an amateur look when you’re an amateur yourself. I’ll admit, I’m an amateur too, but the difference between you and any other amateur is that you lack basic knowledge of cameras and lenses. Please don’t make a review if you don’t know what you’re doing.
AVE916 (19 days ago)
Worst video i seen in a long time.! You don’t know nothing about photography.!! Stop!! your making your self look really stupid.!!
Kaelin's Corner (19 days ago)
I feel like it's kinda dumb that she has all these cameras and doesn't even sound like she knows how to use them
Amanda Galvão (19 days ago)
She doesn't even know how to use the stuff. Loose my time here!!!!
Rodnesha Jiles (20 days ago)
The lens are for a whole different camera but a good brand just the lens was for a different camera
Wolf S (20 days ago)
Thank u did this video cause I want to buy a GoPro camera from them 👏
Fofo Cuddlypoop (20 days ago)
What camera did you use in this video?
im teemo as fuck boi (20 days ago)
The lens for the phone the second lens was bad.It wasn't bad you stupid,you needed to shoot close ups.
Craige McGonigle (21 days ago)
so many rude people on here i do agree that the gear wasn`t given a fair chance as the stuff wasn`t used properly and comparing a $300 lens with something off of wish the stuff on wish is aimed at people with limited or no money the lenses they screw onto the end of a lens i have tried a telephoto macro one that was quite good when used compared to using standard lens but needed cropping but still gave a much bigger picture but still nothing on an expensive lens but these things are aimed at people using kit lenses not expensive lenses but the only problem i saw with the review was lack of know how and trying to compare a really cheap flash to a $300 flash fact that people got rude in comments is a joke rudeness gets know one anywhere could you of not just guided rather than insulting
amber wilmott (21 days ago)
The first product, the ‘blurry’ lens was the macro one genius 👏
Multifan xoxo (21 days ago)
Why do You look like mads Lewis????😂😂
Y2 VIBZ (21 days ago)
The blurred lens was macro....hahaha they named it wrong
HeyItsMike46 (21 days ago)
Also the iPhone X used two cameras that’s why the lenses didn’t work
HeyItsMike46 (21 days ago)
The iPhone usually already can take macro photos
Hales (21 days ago)
This is the most painful thing I've ever had to watch.
ayonna toyin (21 days ago)
everyone : triggered brain cells : lost her knowledge : where? hotel : trivago
Arcane Gaming (21 days ago)
This video has literally been in my recommended for about 4 months and i finally gave it a shot. You gotta learn what half of this stuff is before you can review it fam. I couldnt even sit through the entire video.
FrenchFries IV (21 days ago)
How do I end up in this video? "The dolly was so fun to play with" "the silver thing" "I had to zoom in" "it doesn't works really good" This is Ebola!!!
Veronica H. (21 days ago)
Are you serious? The lens screws ONTO the front of your already MOUNTED (kit) lens. It's basically a filter! Do you know anything about cameras? 😂
Joanna Zhang (21 days ago)
99% of the comments are calling her dumb 😬
Omari Townes (21 days ago)
It's a scam
Lig ma (21 days ago)
Title should be: “Dumb blonde who knows nothing about cameras reviews camera equipment with expensive, professional camera equipment she bought, despite her lack of knowledge with cameras.”
Aditya Mukherjee (22 days ago)
Self awareness lady ! ... You have no idea what you are talking about. . . P.S. those aren't lenses ... Those are teleconverters .. I bet you have no idea what it is.
Dale Berning (22 days ago)
Wow noticed some really ugly feedback below, seriously there is no reason to be ugly. Move on, don't subscribe and don't like but if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything!
Zoey Not telling (22 days ago)
This is a dumb video because obviously she doesn't know how to use a camera... but yet your like to dislike ratio is pretty good. But all the comments are bad?????
Sonarlune ! (22 days ago)
I’m prettty sure the second lens was a macro lens if you had gotten closer to something js
Angry Sloth (22 days ago)
lmao the "lenses" had me cracking up, they're not lenses, they screw on the front of your camera, it's why it has threads on it. Jesus christ all I did was cringe.
Chris Rogers (23 days ago)
Canon should ban you from using their products come to think of it so should wish !!
Great wish haul 💞💞thank you for sharing
I subscribe to your channel please sup back for support thank you 🙏🏾
mohammad rafin (23 days ago)
rich fool
mohammad rafin (23 days ago)
It's pretty much impossible to trust your review at all when you either don't use the product correctly, are not giving it a fair comparison, or simply have no concept of how a lens works. How do you have one million subs? Bonus points to your camera operator who is so bored with you she just sits there texting away instead of paying attention to her shots.
Daddy Mcdoubblee (23 days ago)
Dude the fish eye mirror lense thing is not to take pictures fare away you have to be closerrrrr!! There for close up pictures
Ritesh Nagooa (25 days ago)
she looks beautiful❤❤
Pretty Chic Living (26 days ago)
VIEW • VIEW • Hello Shelby I Love your video its very useful welcome to my channel pretty chic living💕❤️❤️💕❤️💕 VIEW • VIEW • VIEW • VIEW •

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