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Who Were the Suits at the Robotics Disposal Ground? - Fallout 4 Lore

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Text Comments (2042)
xX1NORM1Xx (4 days ago)
Hey I recently found your channel and I love it I ended up playing fallout 4 again as I was disappointed with the direction of fallout 76 I like the game I just would have preferred a single player RPG that reused fallout 4s assets like obsidian did with new Vegas 2 years after fallout 3 but that’s besides the point I started playing fallout 4 again after not liking it much initially but your videos have given me a much higher appreciation for the games and given me a lot more excitement for fallout 76 being as the lore is told via the environment rather than npcs and my friends always rush through everything so I don’t get to read everything now I can just watch your videos and learn all the lore and enjoy playing with my friends I find myself watching your fallout 4 videos then going to check it out for myself in game so thanks.
Jesse Outlaw (5 days ago)
Men in black is not a movie reference here, but referring to the same thing the movie title does. All government spooks who work with secret intel are 'men in black'.
ShadyCatGames (11 days ago)
I blow it up, it gives you 2 fusion cores, so you can get 3 fusion cores just in that place, over you can get around 6 fusion cores just in sanctuary area, one near red rocket in the mole rat den, 3 in the junkyard, 1 at the satellite array place, and 1 in the museum in concord, along with the fat man and mini nuke in the junkyard, it seems to be a good start of an explosive heavy weapon build to me
DutchManticore (13 days ago)
I dont know why these videos are so popular.. Its literally just, observing something ingame and then going on a 20 minute speculative rambling. And then feigning a "dramatic voice" by lowering and coarsing it, and then saying "Or is it?"
that one guy yanaka (13 days ago)
also it a great way to get fatman in early level
TheEZLife (15 days ago)
8:09 has to be my favorite moment from this video. I love when Oxhorn grumbles about the lackluster puns.
Wisecup2015 (15 days ago)
Random Fandom (19 days ago)
8:10 'Eye'ronic. HA! Me: *Laughs as soon as Oxhorn says, "HA!" Oxhorn: "Oh God...." Me: *Embarrassed* 😶
marbricks LEGO reviews (19 days ago)
Kiefer Cassidy (21 days ago)
The location you visited unhilighted after it got there, does anything happen if you successfully escort it to each?
Andi Bone (22 days ago)
I’d like to know about blast radius.
Valerio Trillini (22 days ago)
Actually you can riselect a destination, but you have have to select another place first, it is reasonable because technically the sentry should patrol a destination's perimeter so that would make useless to select again the place while on patrol. However in my runs the robot obeyed only to the first destination that i gave.
Do you only get that X01 at a certain level ?
Dude I want that X01 !
This is Not ok (24 days ago)
I dont think they would regulary dispose such an Robot with Full Arm, Energie and Ammo on regular Disposal Place. They would repair the Prototype or use the expensive Parts for other Sentry bots. My theories are: 1. It was an illegal Project: To hide an illegal project fast they just send him in a night and fog action away. If nothing happends ok, if something happends and Police have to kill this Bot, everybody would expect an Civil Type of Sentry Bot, couse they look same. 2. It was stolen from army: After one hat stolen him, they had scare tht it get detect, so they send him away 3. The Scientiest who create him had problems with statistics: Couse they failed and burned money several times, they sended the bot illegaly away to hide another mistake and to dont loose theire own job.
Nyarlathotep (25 days ago)
As to why the sentry was there, as the sentry is common knowledge and it was already in mass production. It seems logical that they would dispose of the prototype since they no longer used it and as for the holotape, it is easier to just use the original tape when disposing of it rather than great a new one. Honestly you were looking way to deep into this robot.
Nyarlathotep (25 days ago)
As for the sentry bot, mine slaughtered the raiders at Olivia, I just watched from a distance. Ya the one in my game had only the overheat issue.
James Nowell (25 days ago)
The reason the remote sentry was dumped off was because, as you said, it can't problem solve to save its own life, much less anyone else's, therefore they dumped it off at the most convenient location possible: the robotics disposal site
Duck Tales (26 days ago)
They're the men in black. They do the things with aliens and that robot was made BY ALIENS. THAT'S WHY IT ACTED IT THAT WAY.
Zeus The Fox (27 days ago)
That Sentry bot dont give a damn
sosososa (27 days ago)
from an economical point of view it could very well be cheaper to produce new ones than repair broken ones. a lot of companies go by that today, specially if they use automatic production robots
Chrisfragger1 (28 days ago)
The Tub and the Barrel scene is probably a Breakign Bad reference.
rufus davies (28 days ago)
lol I went there early so got t45 armour and when I turned on the sentybot to come help me with revere sat tile array cos I was short of ammunition he got stuck on a tree and despawned :(
Casey McAchran (29 days ago)
Maybe the reason the guy wasn't in the power armor is because there was no fusion core. He knew the core was almost out or was empty and knew that IF he did survive in the power armor he would end up slowly dying in there. He chose a fast death rather than slow
Parzival (30 days ago)
What if it shot down the plane?
Eric Oakes (30 days ago)
My theory: The sentry bot was developed by vault tech to go to these military locations after the bombs dropped, destroy any survivors and defend the sites until vault tech could arrive to claim them.
Dutch Plays (1 month ago)
Waaaaiiit, the robots were NOT made in china?! THATS IMPOSSIBLE! EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA!
Dick Grayson (1 month ago)
My theory is that the sentrybot malfunctioned and caused a death during testing but the USAF didn't want to reimburse Robco for destroying the robot and just kind of swept it under the rug and dumped it at what was basically a landfill for robots and hoped nobody would ever bring it up
Bobby Allen (1 month ago)
I just discovered the suit of power armer when I was lv 5 and it was T-45
Go JoeyD (1 month ago)
I believe that the Communists stole it
billy caldwell (1 month ago)
Ware can I buy the t-shirts
Pepe Le Pew (1 month ago)
If you were a character in a fallout game who can be a companion, I'd name you Donald "Ducky" Oxhorn.
ViceN53X (1 month ago)
It's ashame this senry bot doesn't become a companion when the Automatron DLC first came out. It'd bring this particular sentry bot a lot more significance than what it has now in the vanilla.
kein mcgill (1 month ago)
Maybe it was an Anti-Aircaft Sentry Bot since it was owned by the USAF, I dont see why not
serot0ninx6 (1 month ago)
We need an Oxhorn NPC mod :v
Blue Shift (1 month ago)
Just started my first Survival playthrough and the first thing I did was grab the power armor at the crashed Vertibird, and then use the sentry bot to help clear out USAF Olivia, then had him self destruct for the two fusion cores. Very useful at low level.
Lone Sheep (1 month ago)
I can see why this robot was left in a scrap yard.
Sauce Boss (1 month ago)
What armor is he wearing?
Dan Smart (1 month ago)
Maybe they were hiding the bot so that they could use it as backup. They send a bunch of decommisoned bots to a junkyard, and one real bot. Then you could have a bunch of bots in junkyards if you ever need reinforcements.
Bean Fiend (1 month ago)
Where’s the men in black? I watched the whole video and didn’t see the agents! He lied to me!
PurpleVlogz (1 month ago)
The prototype sentry bot was my birthday gift...
TheMangledTriangle (1 month ago)
The brotherhood is way more cruel than the institution
PainfulStupidity (1 month ago)
If over they put a toaster into the tub with the corpse..
Robo Bitch (1 month ago)
The robot is not military thats why the robot didnt really go to the locations
Simon Bradley (1 month ago)
There's a slight discrepency in the operating capacity of the Prototype mk IV than with the standard-issue Sentries - this thing overheats just walking around, standard Sentries only overheat in combat.
Simon Bradley (1 month ago)
As to the people involved, we know there are a number of smaller companies in the setting that were working on military side projects - this might well be one of their works, an attempt to test some upgrades, which is why the thing overheats just moving around. The suits could well be Chinese Spies, as you pointed out. They could also be DARPA guys dumping the bot because dismantling it or destroying it would incur additional costs, and they figure nobody's gonna look for it in the middle of nowhere.
_ _ Sanchez (2 months ago)
i got a fat man from this. not even lvl 1 lol
Grey Son (2 months ago)
A more likely explanation for the redacted bits is that this Sentry bot was built by the USAF itself in an attempt to replicate ROBCO 's bots and reduce their dependence on ROBCO. Steal the plans and try to fabricate their own little horde of combat robots. The hardware would be easy to come by, but the software is a different matter. There is nothing wrong with the weapons and targeting, but the navigation and power management is loaded with bugs. Without the ability to properly debug the operating system, it's worthless. They found a small disposal facility and buried the project. before ROBCO found out about it.
Raymond Holt (2 months ago)
clickk bait...
Teenage Gamer (2 months ago)
I didn't even know you could befriend him, as soon as I turned him on he attacked me, so I just kill him every time I see him.
Mr. Frisp (2 months ago)
I think it was a retired Air Force members sentry so they got rid of it there
ender gaming (2 months ago)
in the thumb nail it reminded me of the men in black
TANKMASTER ! (2 months ago)
My power amour was a T51 This is so sad play despacito
Sniffer Production’s (2 months ago)
20 minutes until we talk about the suits.... I still loved all of it!
cannibalbananas (2 months ago)
I like listening to your narration.. I don't even have to watch. It's like listening to an audiobook or one of those old-fashioned radio shows :)
Daniel Cisneros jr (2 months ago)
I was playing fallout 4 i was heading to diamond city i was a level 3 or 4 and i had codsworth with me and i saw kellog and his dogo with him and i saw him as a enemy cuz i use VATS if i hear danger and i was just going still and i love your vids so once i turned around and a mini nuke went off and i really did not know what happed so i ran untill i figued out he was a boss so i ran all the way to diamond city
Narelle Bullock (2 months ago)
“We find a fat man!”
WalledMonte574 (2 months ago)
It was the dia/ government that placed it there as a cover in preparation of an invasion or attack. Strategic and inconspicuous location. Then to be activated by agents to defend key military bases around Boston. It was meant to be used, it's a full functioning unit. If scrapped, then there would be no need to include the command holo tape.
Sir Potoo (2 months ago)
It's actually United States Armed Forces, not Air Force. But, honestly, I thought it was Air Force as well.
KillerGymSox (2 months ago)
You also get robbed of the experience from killed enemies if you would have killed them yourself.
Emo hates Everything (2 months ago)
I only disliked because you killed a dog im sorry but man
marshel Welch (2 months ago)
Any way you can send him to your settlements?
Noob life (2 months ago)
You got attack by a yua gui ( sorry for my spelling) but I got attacked by a death claw and 4 radscorpions and a bunch of raiders
Aaron Manning (2 months ago)
How did you get the clook sutet
Levi Hornung (2 months ago)
Bruh, the suits are legit in the thumbnail. They're ya homies Preston and Sturges.
oath born (2 months ago)
Even our government does not throw away weapons with slight malfunctions but still in working order, and anyone trying to "get rid of it" could have more easily set it to auto self destruct. I find it more likely, they were placing it there for someone to pick up later (like someone stated earlier) to be repurposed for covert means. It could be reprogrammed then.
Ulf Sark (2 months ago)
IQ of 80 is Africa's average LOL
bigjoe4243 (2 months ago)
Ignoring the wartime espionage done by the Chinese in the Fallout universe, the sentrybot prototype could be a government sanctioned knockoff by General Atomics. Since Robco has the patent for the regular sentrybot, they could dictate the price. If the United States military could get General Atomics the ability to make their own copies, with the sentrybot prototype as being the proof-of-concept to General Atomics' capabilities, they could get better prices. The sentrybot's overheat, which people tell me is too fast, could be proof that someone other than Robco made it. General Atomics is the only other major robotics company in the USA. Maybe the scheme ended when the sentrybot was deemed inferior in quality. Maybe the cause of the faster overheat was a stronger energy system that outpaced the Robco design. Maybe if the Great War hadn't happened, General Atomics may have rolled out a hybrid Mister Gutsy/Sentrybot hybrid. Imagine that, a floating sentrybot with a gattling laser or a gauss gun. Disclaimer: This is all speculation. I have never done in-depth research into Fallout lore and am only voicing an idea that seemed plausible.
Aiden Jones (2 months ago)
The prototype sentry was probably coded by Bethesda
Grim Glitch (2 months ago)
Perhaps the bots coming in with missing limbs and etc must have been to dangerous for them to keep those limbs as for eyes perhaps perception was high
MechaMaster20 (2 months ago)
I wonder what was happening in fallout in 2018
THE RagingCookie 43 (2 months ago)
Man in black=Cambridge Institute of Technology (Today the Institute) REDACTED=Also C.I.T Why dump it there=Because the military didn't know of the FIRST ever made sentry bot.
J. Vinton (2 months ago)
Dude, you running around knifing everything reminds me of the brawler build from Skyrim where all you do is punch everything to death. So fun.
MerkSVillain (2 months ago)
Nah thats Agents J and K from Men In Black
Geoffrey Ganoe (2 months ago)
Ox, there is a flight helmet in the cockpit of the crashed vertibird, useful for early game. You have to jump into the area to reach.
Mr. GrimZ (2 months ago)
Before watching they looked similar to me as the men in black.
Luzilyo Stormchild (2 months ago)
i think most (if not all) of the issues with the robots usability are unintentional. probably bethesda failing to make a good ai. due to reasons you already mentioned, i'm pretty sure that this particular sentry bot was not made by robco, or at least not entirely. as you already said, robco's products, including the sentry bot, were already well known, so if robco was really the company behind this one, there would not have been any reason to hide things. additionally, the people who used it, were most likely not usaf. as you said, the usaf is listed in the very beginning, so why does it have to be redacted in the rest of all the text? doesn't make much sense. i think it is more likely that the usaf was the initial entity who gave the order to build this prototype and who paid for it but it was ultimately supposed to be used by a different entity, a more secretive branch of the military. the reason why it got sent to the disposal site is still a mystery. maybe undercover chinese agents took it, like you said. maybe there was some unknown issue with some of the prototype-technology that made it neccessary to get rid of this robot. i mean, really, what's so special about it apart from the fact that there's this holotape and you can give orders to it? doesn't really seem to behave very different from any other regular sentry bot? they must have taken the more advanced prototype-technology out before they brought it to the disposal. either because they really were chinese agents or because the company (or companies) that was/were responsible for making it needed to work a little more on the experimental technology.
Longshot (3 months ago)
My was a t 45 power armor
Carl Dwyer (3 months ago)
Just a theory but what if the sentry bot was used to “deal with” civil unrest as we know from the Boston bugle that the city was having food problems and food was rationed and massacres of civilians were becoming more common by the military as the people were getting angry. Maybe just maybe the robot was used to stop one of the riots but in an attempt to prevent any hate against robco they just attempted to dispose of it quickly to somewhere where no one will look and kept the workers quiet by looking menacing.
Joe Lorentz (3 months ago)
Hidden in plain sight
theBEASTboys25 (3 months ago)
When booting the robot up it immediately turned on me.. but it didn’t target you. Could it be a coincidence? Or could it be from the chinese suit you’re wearing? It may think you’re a ally (chinese operative). Just a theory
Fred Jessica Roberts (3 months ago)
Has anyone done a video on the lore of the DIA?
Graceful WaffleGuy02 (3 months ago)
This did stump me when I found this place.
Dado DT (3 months ago)
It's a reference to MIB
Opidopi (3 months ago)
What is he wearing
The Mario bro (2 months ago)
Opidopi Chinese officer out fit I think
FetchQuestAssigner4423 (3 months ago)
Why foes bethesda always strive to make very uncool looking armour and outfits? It really started in skyrim but come fo4 it was apauling! Look at foNV the guy on the cover looks bad ass! Why do they force us to use mods? I just dont get it!
Mrsamykk (3 months ago)
You tall too much in your videos. This could have been 10 minutes long.
Elias Panayi (3 months ago)
Well its a prototype so they probably perfected the robot and scrapped the prototype cause they diddnt need it
BadPokemon Productions (3 months ago)
What's that mod that he uses for the pipe rifle, they don't look like shit.
Ppros Bacon (3 months ago)
17:17 *teleports behind you*
Drew Smith (3 months ago)
Well let me tell you this in closing The MIBs might seem imposing But trust me if they ever show in your section Believe me, it's for your own protection Cause they see things that you need not see And they be places that you need not be So go with your life forget that Roswell crap Show love to the black suit cause that's the Men In...that's the Men In...
Caiden McGregor (3 months ago)
Is he using Pickmans knife or a normal serrated knife?
Myarmyofzombie S (3 months ago)
I think the men in Black where synth coursers the remolded the robot to do some in that place like and infltraion device but it didn’t work
Rollinghypogrif240 (3 months ago)
There is a fat man in that location !!!! I wasted my caps buying one
Radicalbeast (1 month ago)
Buying a fat and is al was ways a waste of caps. There's almost always one somewhere. Plus chances for legendary versions to drop from enemies
bonesy 15 (3 months ago)
I died when he said oh god at 8:08
NITROxWolf (3 months ago)
8:10 that made me laugh and after I love how he said OH GOD 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexander5 (3 months ago)
Will smith?
Brainbox.cc (3 months ago)
More likely commissioned by a shadow corporation building technology for the Enclave... ;-)
TheWiifii (3 months ago)
It was me and deacon
Jason Pennington (3 months ago)
He wasn't useless to me I hacked him and brought him to my settlement and shut him down
Ziggy Campbell (3 months ago)
i thought on it's..... behavior that it is self aware and is ignoring the commands but acts like it does them and it killed it's creators

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