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BRAIN TIME► https://goo.gl/BQbCV3 We recently discovered that those weird doodles we make while talking on the phone or during a meeting at work can tell a lot more about ourselves than we thought. It is believed that in those moments the mind loosens control over our behavior; at the same time, the inner "self" takes control over our hands and we begin to draw doodles that reflect our hidden personality. We found this topic very interesting, so we decided to explore it to help you understand yourself. In today's video we'll tell you what those pictures, created automatically by your subconscious, mean.
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Text Comments (12994)
Joan Sarmiento (4 hours ago)
Me animals mostly bunny cats and baers
Thorin Bridges (1 day ago)
Wouldn’t a dragon count as I am greedy but strong enough to preserve myself
Thorin Bridges (1 day ago)
So I guess I love drawing dragons subconsciously on the right hand side in large and I am always highly stressed
Wlla643 :D (1 day ago)
I do the chessboard
Cookie _ BakeryGirl (1 day ago)
I draw People! :3 and Arrows
Kawaii Demon (2 days ago)
And if you draw anime that means your subconscious is telling you your a weeaboo 😂😂 i am tho Also btw the thumbnail was misleading i was hoping i was a psychopath😂
Danica Amy (3 days ago)
I draw people but I'm an introvert who doesn't give a dam of what anyone thinks of me. :)
Danica Amy (3 days ago)
I also draw wavey trees, animals, clothes pjo hp things, stars and my signature butttt basically I'm still an introvert that doesn't hate themselves
Kat nerddd (5 days ago)
..I always draw random non human characters... I feel nothing?
Painting Galaxies (6 days ago)
I do all of these
cookie pcookie (8 days ago)
i literally draw everything mentioned above... not even kidding😅
Kylie Nielsen (8 days ago)
plants and eevees
Danielle Raulerson (8 days ago)
Well, I draw my signature a lot
weeaboo lane (9 days ago)
*draw anime*
Leo&Jess (10 days ago)
Welp, you know what? I draw snakes. What does that mean? I don't know either. I prefer schizophrenia. Yah, this is a random comment.
Gianncarlo Hernandez (11 days ago)
From the artist point of view I can say this is wrong
Wolfie YT (13 days ago)
Slime squishies Orbeez (14 days ago)
I just draw faces like this: :) :/ XD You know, simple happy faces
Sarah Kitty (14 days ago)
Does that mean I'm psycho?
I am Indian (19 days ago)
I draw stars 😋😋😋🌟🌟🌟🌟
Tawiah Gang (20 days ago)
Bruh I draw eyes bro I need to be less hard on my self
Aditya Jha (21 days ago)
Dude. This is so accurate
Messed/demonic looking humans and creatures. A lot of fun, easy to do and very relaxing, especially if they can get a bit (quite) gory
Eli Von (23 days ago)
I don't draw stars I draw pentagrams :)
Sholah Verassa (23 days ago)
I draw spooky monsters killing humans. What does it mean? Probably that I am a sweet and innocent person ^_^
Tide Pod Chan (24 days ago)
The only good fact I got was that I like things tidy, which I knew already…
• zuper • (24 days ago)
I draw eyes My sister doodles her signatures We are completely different X3
Scarlett2211 (27 days ago)
what if you are an artist practising?
Kiana edenfield (27 days ago)
Alright, I draw all of these. So what does that tell you? I like to doodle.....
Savage Panther (27 days ago)
I like to draw palm trees but I am friendly
Luna Cris (27 days ago)
I drawl eyes a lot and the shape of an anime character but never can be satisfied with the chin, and I also tend to draw on the top and bottom edges of my paper..?
Random Chicken (27 days ago)
WOW i draw 11 sided stars a lot so that means i'm a hopeless optimist. I'M THE OPPOSITE OF AN OPTIMIST. i also draw countless thin spooky naked trees. "i need a change in my life" is that like something's wrong with my life? er...
Random Chicken (27 days ago)
Darius Gabriel (28 days ago)
I like drawing faces
Lo Lo (28 days ago)
Belive the scientists never question Authority
Gihon88 (29 days ago)
i draw portraits for a living so does that mean i lack communication? part of draw of drawing is paying attention to details has nothing to do with looking good, if it wasnt for my wife i would be in my pj all day even when im out and about... i think those psychologist are full of them selves and need re-evaluation on their brain...
Rusty Surgener (29 days ago)
BlueBerryPie (29 days ago)
I draw foxes, I'm not planning anything.
nightcore kawaii lover (1 month ago)
i draw eyes when I doodle........ and people sometimes (I TRY TO DRAW ANIME)
James & Anna Burns (1 month ago)
I draw people and cats and dogs
3Ddee (1 month ago)
I doodle chains. What does that mean?
Emzbeauty (1 month ago)
I was drawing a lion (cause imma gryffindor) and he started talking about Harry Potter and lions. Great
LYTOSIES KIN (1 month ago)
I only draw Fantasy armor,Dark creatures and my own designed weapons
Kyn : (1 month ago)
I also draw possess people. Hanged people. Knives, and guns. Also dead sticken. I'm not weird#
Kyn : (1 month ago)
I draw verses of music all over the page. Backwards, forwards, upsidedown, right side up, highlited, in bold, underlined, in cursive, and like a pshyco. Lol. That ME.
Kiroki Draws (1 month ago)
I draw everything in this video even more things that this.
RealLife Intuition (1 month ago)
Defuq? I often draw Flowers or Stars (People too) but I'm an edgy emo
Hanzo Main (1 month ago)
my doodle is people
captainrobots (1 month ago)
What if I draw a penis.
Kat nerddd (5 days ago)
You are a child who is giggling at the fact that genitals exist.
Kyn : (1 month ago)
Guess it would be considered a curvy line, so it's gay.
John Liberty (1 month ago)
I always doodled Spirals when I was not thinking about what I was drawing. I drew stars a lot too. When I was killing time it was spirals, when I was anxious it was stars
A Z (1 month ago)
Just curious but what it a stick figure student on the ground after being pushed over and surrounded by bullies and another stick figure student runs over to to help and it's in the top left corner on an assignment then what does it mean?
Monkey Gang (1 month ago)
U didnt mention about drawing flowers
belinda hughes (1 month ago)
i often draw caracartures of myself, little ,round, smiley faces, with closed eyes & a fringe of hair. i call them "moons".
Rhea Faith Alipin (1 month ago)
Okay I'm confused I draw randomly so much
Cherri Animations (1 month ago)
Why are Furries not on this list??
Jazmine Nicolas (1 month ago)
What about if you like to draw feathers
Fennec Fluffy (1 month ago)
My doodles are drawings
Konner Phillips (1 month ago)
Detailed people and crosses
Trying To Be Realistic (1 month ago)
I draw knives w/ blood on them Should I get help
Turtle Lover (1 month ago)
I doodle eyes °----------------°
Isanzu Ractivadántra (1 month ago)
I draw dicks lul
Pauline Florsch (1 month ago)
So, apparently I tend to do self-criticism, be slightly self-centered, am determined and persistant (like a lot), am rather attentive to my own problem than those of others, am an optimist, have been, since early childhood up to now, very happy with my life, am a plant (don't care much about the opinion of others AND am not very friendly), have high self-esteem, not enough compliments to my liking, I love freedom but also pay attention to details, used to draw nightmares using lots of lines... Looks very much like me.
laurelleaf10 (2 months ago)
Oxymoron: hopeless optimist
Kyn : (1 month ago)
Amol Thakre (2 months ago)
I make something like A tornado
Rasa Andriušienė (2 months ago)
I draw *penguins*
NearRetrograde (2 months ago)
Not that I really believe any of this but I personally always draw wavy/squiggly lines
The Newbie (2 months ago)
I draw sea creatures What does that mean?
Mellon1222 oakes (2 months ago)
I draw wierd stuff... what dosent even existe I'm to lazy to do that anymore I'm a lazy Sagittarius
en cee (2 months ago)
I draw all of that tho lol
Ema Pelchat (2 months ago)
geometric figures and wavy lines... i like to just cover a page in ink/lead with swirls and curs but the line can never stop or touch itself till the page is full
GreenSquid Plays (2 months ago)
Oh Dotted Lines Are Definitely Me
Chara Dreemurr (2 months ago)
I draw a CHARActer from a game who might or might not be evil and has no gender and I worship them. ...I need help.
CuteGamerGirl 116 (2 months ago)
I draw everything
kiiraz 14 (2 months ago)
I... draw pokemon :v
Amanda Austin (2 months ago)
I need more informations?!
Amanda Austin (2 months ago)
I like things tidy?
Amanda Austin (2 months ago)
Amanda Austin (2 months ago)
and I also want to kill someone
Kyn : (1 month ago)
Amanda Austin (2 months ago)
aparntly I am agreesive and planing a trap ?
Anxty (2 months ago)
I draw people lmao and severed hands... I’m okay I swear
nkelele djany (2 months ago)
Creepy dolls Knives And Faces I'm a 9 year old girl on my french dad's account and my sister's (they are twins) call me a psycopath i do like dark humor but we will see when i grow older... Wish me luck for my outcome :)
R candy (2 months ago)
I almost only draw wolves cats dogs and foxes but most of the time wolves
Tsubaki Of Melancholy (2 months ago)
I draw anything and everything. because I am an artist trying to find what style I prefer. When I was younger I drew allot of stars which were more or less pentagrams...I also drew rabbits eyes dead bodies severed body parts suns rainbows graves and whatever I could possible think of. I know mostly stick to realism anime and fantasy.
red rabbits (2 months ago)
i draw those squares and animals flowers
wyatt lemasters (2 months ago)
I think I'm psycho I draw ghosts,creepy stuff,and eyes
mod!f!edmom322 (2 months ago)
Geometric shapes, lines, and eyes. I tend to complicate my life, so you're right about that.
SevenHaven (2 months ago)
Boy, but i think I went through it all , but eyes is is what I always or normally draw when I see paper ... Then after, draws for another parts
Cheddar Cheez (2 months ago)
I draw loads of stick figures at the top, but they're at war. I normally do black hats vs white hats so I can distinguish the units. They shoot lil' beams at each other ans destroy tanks and planes. I even give it a setting, like if its an airfield or a supply line. But, it's still doodling cause I have no idea why I'm drawing it or what I;m doing in the moment.
Autumn Fall (2 months ago)
I draw human's. (I actually draw anything but i normally draw human's the most)
Thackery Binx (2 months ago)
Would heart's be similar to stars? What do tornadoes mean, or other kinds of swirly squiggles? What about objects like candles? Fire? I remember kids in school drawing fire on their books, but I don't think it means they're pyros.
PaganSmurf (2 months ago)
i doodle arcs... crescent moons, shark fins, breasts, palm trees, etc. ...anything that i don't have to move my drawing hand from the paper ('cuz my other hand is too busy with the phone)
Dave The Snow Pig (2 months ago)
Some about me a lot about my friends
Bobbo The Blobfish (2 months ago)
When i read the title i got really confused for a sec XD
Mia Lange (2 months ago)
M0SHi M00 (3 months ago)
Mmmm most of this was wrong about me. Like how he said types of doodles make you an extrovert and stuff but I'm an extreme introvert with hella low self esteem to the point I hate going out in public. :T I also like drawing spirals and wavy lines, but I'm the best person anyone can talk too and vent too about their problems cause I'm always listening too them. I love helping people out and put myself last :
Gacha Diseona (3 months ago)
I go crazy when I scribble.
Cheerio Dreemmur (3 months ago)
I draw anatomy.
Tommy Sibley (3 months ago)
My doodles are are figure 8s and random lines
Meghan Selfiecat (3 months ago)
on the tumbnail i saw lines and i draw lines on tables
L Scherer (3 months ago)
I draw all of those

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