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Top 10 Gaming Trends That Pissed Everyone Off

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Check out MojoPlays! https://youtu.be/9mpbSva2K8E Top 10 Gaming Trends That Pissed Everyone Off Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Even the most casual of Gamers hated these ones! Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Gaming Trends That Pissed Everyone Off. Check out these other great videos: Top 10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Gamers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZWfkiBY3-g Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5x0urqcev8 Top 10 Movie Deaths that Pissed You Off - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dndtmvrHHS0 Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Worst+gaming+trends Special thanks to our user Steadysphere for suggesting this idea. List Entries and Rank: #10. Binary Moral Choice Systems #9. Perpetual Early Access #8. Open Worldification #7. Annual Releases #6. Games As A Service #5. Microtransactions in FullPriced Games #4. Season Passes #3, #2 & #1: ??? To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.com/suggest and get to it! Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (1226)
Rman Nayr (15 days ago)
The Kinect was just a copy of Wii motion controls!
Noah K (20 days ago)
1: Xbox live/PS Plus
I freking love Fortnite you meenies stop bulling me
Zexal's Revenge (2 months ago)
I agree with most but Open Worldification? Why are you giving open world games crap? I don’t see anyone like “GIVE US BACK LINEARITY! NO MORE OPEN WORLD!” Granted, some are garbage but most are pretty good because it provides an exciting (NOT BORING!) overworld that slowly has you uncover everything has to offer. Not sure about motion controls though. Sometimes enjoyable and sometimes hard to use. Here’s another one that pissed me off: free-to-play. It’s every-fucking-where. Why won’t this trend fucking die?! #NoMoreFreeGames The concept sounds great on paper but in reality, this is going too far and is pissing us off.
Mohamed Mohamed (2 months ago)
If fortnite was number #1 it would have meant it won a #1 Victory Royale -DeFuAlt DAnCEs*
Meem Ain (2 months ago)
DLCs just basically piss me off because if you want to continue the game then you gotta spend like 30-20$ just for that 15% extra progress I miss the old days
N0 0n3 (2 months ago)
Fortnite bad 7 year olds
AhmedHaythamHD (4 months ago)
Some skins and map? Replace map with quests and... Hmmmmmm? What kind of world famous can that be?
AhmedHaythamHD (4 months ago)
Some skins and map/quests? Hmmmmm???? What kind of world famous game can that be?
Blue J Wolf (4 months ago)
For #4 that's what's going on in d2 now. The annual pass. Giving us 3 new dlcs later this year
Roman Fedotov (4 months ago)
you forgot grinding that made to sell microtransactions
NinGC2 (4 months ago)
I'm surprised battle royale wasn't on here.
Dimitri Kvasha (5 months ago)
1:14 Or... you know, play fallout new vegas?
Peter Krabs (5 months ago)
game that does moral choices right = Undertale
SpookyRoseV (5 months ago)
Drinking game: take a shot whenever they say the good old days and resist saying it in the voice of a grumpy old man
Jesse James (5 months ago)
Number 1 is preordering. And always will be preordering. Stop that shit.
Build a WALL (5 months ago)
Micro transaction loot boxes and shitty optimization
Zexal's Revenge (5 months ago)
I seriously don’t get how the open-world trend pisses people off, no seriously I don’t.
LazärheaD (5 months ago)
Next video: top 10 worst gaming trends. Next video: Top 10 nose hairs of Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3
cmanrocket6 (5 months ago)
The wii was the only system with solid motion controls so I don't even know why mojo didn't come at kinect
cmanrocket6 (5 months ago)
In the words of the black hokage if y'all keep paying for it they'll keep doing it
rachel Coles (5 months ago)
Fortnite is the best,Fortnite beats the rest,No noobs please,Il shoot through their knees,Pros, will definitely beat and win,Pros shoot like a balloon and a pin,But hackers cheat to beat,Hackers are big ol cheats.-fortnite rules, kill noobs- me, 2099
rachel Coles (5 months ago)
You don't even like family guy or godfather, phhhsss what a 25yr old, i assume the 2 is there and 5 is an error
rachel Coles (5 months ago)
You mean 5?
18bloodrose (5 months ago)
No I’m a grown adult I’m 25
rachel Coles (5 months ago)
18bloodrose the preschooler roasting popular people who are in guinnues world records because they are jealous
rachel Coles (5 months ago)
Actually yes , noob. and lemme guess, your 2?
Speaking about the wii who misses these games? Like Sonic Colors, Need for speed Nitro, or Mario Kart Wii? Geez old days!
comicnerd 101 (5 months ago)
Madarda Uchiha (5 months ago)
Pay to win. Pay to play online wish we can go back to ps3 days
Michael Darbyshire (5 months ago)
Fr? Most of the main titles on the Wii that used motion controls did nothing but enhance the game, I flippin love Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and the controls are great! Metroid Prime trilogy? If anything it just makes you feel like more of a badass, I even still loved Skyward sword, and loved the controller mix up, half of the time I feel like Watch Mojo editors dont actually do any research....
Lorna Blum 2 (5 months ago)
I feel #5 ahhh
wolf wing (6 months ago)
other thing I don't like about the binary choices they arn't good vs evil, they are hero vs asshole.
Jojo & Persona (6 months ago)
Overwatch doesn't piss people off because Overwatch's lootboxes don't give you any In-Game benefits unlike Battlefront II. It's just the games that give these benefits are the ones responsible for lootboxes being seen as a form of gambling, which it isn't in some cases.
I like open worlds
Dr Sid (6 months ago)
All these exist because people keep supporting these big companies. Look outside of these games, there are so many good games and good developers.
blue Two (6 months ago)
Where is Minecraft AKA the worst game ever?
John Johnson (6 months ago)
Most of those things wouldn't be around if gaymers don't continuously support them. The angry assholes on the internet don't represent gaymers as a whole.
eagleeyedpsycho (6 months ago)
dont get me started with those fucking loot boxes. but anyways i fully agree with the vid.
MRSubscribe (6 months ago)
Oh, come on! Undertale did #10 perfectly
Bass Noxern (6 months ago)
inFamous wasn't meant for a neutral choice. You HAD to choose good or bad to weigh the options set upon you and the people around you. Well, you had to only strive to be Hero or inFamous to obtain the maximum potential of your abilities, but it still set the bar right... even if you were a Sly Cooper fan. (*inserts sly cooper logo easter egg*)
fëţ ğhøűľçäţ (6 months ago)
10. Fortnite 9. Fortnite 8. Fortnite 7. Fortnite 6. Fortnite 5. Fortnite 4. Fortnite 3. Fortnite 2. Fortnite 1. FortSHIT
firecat gaming (6 months ago)
You fortnite haters out there need to get a life
Kyee Lim (6 months ago)
Fortnite pissed me off, just because of those fortnite clickbait video
Unicorn Gamer (6 months ago)
In fornite there was this umm the build game mode where you can like get so much things and you can invite your friends or just get stuff and build. my bestie was playing and she got 10 of the Lama's
death by 5hp (6 months ago)
No one gonna ask about psn plus and xbox live how you can't play online when you have internet but it for allowing you to play online games making you pay for internet and a separate card
death by 5hp (6 months ago)
"It gives you free games" half of them are shit
ZombiePotatoSalad (6 months ago)
Does anyone remember the PlayStation EyeToy, which started that whole motion gaming trend?
Aidric Yates (6 months ago)
1-10. Is everything about Fortnite
Its_MaddieTheUnicorn (6 months ago)
Haywired (6 months ago)
I think some of the commenters defending the Wii's motion controls have really bad memories. Aside from aiming, which can have its uses, motion controls in their gesture and waggle forms are extremely clunky and annoying. Buttons are so quick, convenient and efficient, not to mention comfortable and tactile. The reason video games are fun is because you get a big output from a small input.
Rachel Gerke (6 months ago)
i know a really good open world game you might of heard of it horizon zero dawn its on the ps4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K14TuURMWWA watch this it will show you how cool it is
///// totalzora2002 (6 months ago)
what about battle roayle as a whole
Madison Fry (6 months ago)
Seeing everyone complain about Fortnite not being on the list alone. But you have to notice not a single game was on this list but general things that happen in more than one game.
Rucy Lamone {cibzinjune} (6 months ago)
And this Is what is wrong with the gaming Industry! Only Rockstar and Naughty Dog know how to make an amazing game! And probably some others, but those are my main 2!
I'll guess either micro transactions or zombie modes is #1
Kaden_Dechant_ (6 months ago)
No split screen games anymore
The Debation Nation (6 months ago)
Every game since the start of the year
It's Demetri (6 months ago)
Things in games that piss off no. 1 fortnite forces you to pay to change your character which they are too picky about that with the pc and android ports they want you to use your ssn to buy vbucks if you dont own a console or an iOS device. No. 2 paying online membership for games that can't be played without internet.
Brrnout (6 months ago)
Not to defend Call of duty... but the way you explain it is wrong. They DO do 3 year titles, they just have 3 studios. Hence the "one" year
Simply Solus (6 months ago)
Personally, I love loot boxes. EA & CS might have done them horribly, but if Overwatch didn't use loot boxes, the game likely wouldn't be nearly as popular as you'd too quickly be able to get what you want and then loose interest, and its not like Overwatch's old duplicates were bad. That old system allowed one to quickly build up gold and then choose what you wanted. Though, the new system that greatly reduces duplicate chances isn't as good. If such court rulings kill a viable method of making money, expect a lot of good games to bite the dust or not to even be made in the first place as companies won't be able to get a investment worthy return on their money.
Classy860 (6 months ago)
Top 10 Watchmojo Videos That Pissed Everyone Off . 10 - 1 Everybody single Top 10
Firefox9001 (6 months ago)
While I do agree with the season pass points, the season pass for rainbow six siege isn't just fucking "a map and some skins". You spend $30 and you get 8 new operators with original gadgets weapons and cosmetics, you also often get 4 maps. Not just "a map and some skins". Do more research next time, please.
Hopperino (6 months ago)
Red dead 2 did open world really well
Natsu Dragneel (6 months ago)
*#1 Sony’s Censorship On Video Games*
Starseeker (6 months ago)
at least you didnt pay 2.2$ for the key :). I am looking at you Valve...
Thom Bos (6 months ago)
if i see a kid with a fortnite costume dancing outside i will shoot them
Rocket 69 (6 months ago)
Dude, for games like dead space....if its mc involves buying ingame money (+ playable offline), use cheat engine
Blood hound (6 months ago)
Fortnite sucks. Same boring stuff with no story whatsoever. Don’t even mention the zombie mode, that thing is a fail.
Ethan Mars (6 months ago)
The choice system in inFAMOUS is for replayability. Its not supposed to be difficult to choose. Its fun replaying with some different missions and powers.
diogo games (6 months ago)
FUCK RNG! FUCK GREEDY DEVS! Fuck... crossout
Will Baily (6 months ago)
They really targeted destiny in this video but a lot of the problems mentioned have been fixed. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
Kyle Jones (6 months ago)
Each Call of Duty is 2 years in development. Two separate companies are working on them at the same time so they can put a new one out every year.
Flaming Dragon15 (6 months ago)
How about locking content on a disc behind the internet?
XHellish PhantomX (6 months ago)
I have a problem with feminism in games. I’m surprised old PS2 games weren’t frowned upon by feminists back then like “Scarface The World Is Yours” that game is full of violence and getting women. I don’t understand why they go after these now after they haven’t gone after that game. This generation makes no fucking sense
Sam Fisher (6 months ago)
1# plastic ass & boobs. You know actually, all plastic just barbie people in general.
Marco Escalante-Martinez (6 months ago)
10. It increased the Battle Royale fad 9. Same experience everytime 8. How salty people get over losing 7. It is making people have eternal virginity 6. Kids always talking about Fortnite 5. Crinja (Ninja) 4. Wasting money on items 3. People doing dances from Fortnite 2. Fortnite community 1. Fortnite in general
Daniel Potyrala (6 months ago)
10. Lowkey agree, but it’s nice when done right. 9. Y U NO 1 8. Only when done right, rarely is done 7. Yeah, it’s pretty annoying. 6. Okay, well, R6S 5. @ EA 4. The risk is not good early with a game 3. Agreed 2. Poor Nintendo :( 1. @ EA
K1naku5ana3R1ka (6 months ago)
Anyone notice that all but three (10, 8, and 2) are about ways for game companies to make more money from customers? We get it, developing games is an expensive business and a calculated risk, but games are here to be enjoyed, not just to make money!
Starlord 23 (6 months ago)
So your telling me people who have enough trust to preorder something don’t deserve something just for themselves
austin runge (6 months ago)
The worst thing about modern games are too much focus on graphical realism instead of artistic expression. Modern games rely too much on looking realistic, but not having any original style. It makes new games way more expensive than they need to be and drastically limits its shelf life.
Billy K (6 months ago)
1:13 RDR2 delivers
Ironic Altruist (6 months ago)
The mentality that an open world game is only form of single player game and is automatically good and better than linear ones
Donder (6 months ago)
The dead linger... Such potential.
kreiyu (6 months ago)
Mtx are the result of mmo subs and the increased rate of content. If you want an end to mtxs, then be prepared for the old days of content releases. I.e. not very often. Don't expect them bugs and balance issues to be fixed very soon either.
James Miller (6 months ago)
A lot of these seemed like things that pissed the writer off and not so much “every gamer” 😑🙄
PizzaCakes56 (6 months ago)
1 shouldve been battle royale games
James Bock (6 months ago)
#1 online exclusive content. I just want to be a hermit and play my single player game. Is that too much to ask?
keast18 (6 months ago)
Funny how AC Odyssey fits into many of these. They're also back to the annual releases I see
Alexandru Carjan (6 months ago)
Space Engineers. 5 years in Early Access on Steam and still going nowhere...
w_R Andrs (6 months ago)
Uuuuuuuuuuuh - the whole point of the Wii, was that it was the first ever home-console with motion controls. I thought it worked pretty decent :I
yolanda Kikou (6 months ago)
IUnderstoodThatReferance (6 months ago)
Wtf is with number 2? VR doesn’t have wonky controls, and actually has the most advanced motion tracking technology to date
Kyle Tatum (6 months ago)
Cant stand loot boxes...
Awkward Stuff (6 months ago)
Fortnite really annoys me.
Tom G (6 months ago)
Why is there a fortnite thumbnail when it’s not in the video. Stupid clickbait
KYB77 (6 months ago)
Openworlfication + annual release = Ubisoft
イ入 Asdrion TM (6 months ago)
What do they mean with 6? Like game trials or what?
AINSLEY- BOI69-YT (6 months ago)
Just never let infinity ward make a cod game again
"I love microtransactions" said everyone who has profited off of them.
Christian S (6 months ago)
Excuse me? do you realize that the Nintendo Wii did motion controls the best. Compared to xbox and Sony, and you didn't even have to pay extra for the motion based controllers.
Cringy Kid (6 months ago)
God do I regret paying 80 bucks on loot boxes on overwatch and paying fir dlc on star wars battlefront 2015
Lux (6 months ago)
Sorry but Assassins creed isn’t better, they’ve completely strayed from what made the first two games great and pretty much scrapped the “Assassins” part of the title.
Jay Y. (6 months ago)
The Shin Megami Tensei games do the moral choices thing very well. Lots of moral ambiguity and such, even though there's still an Angels vs. Demons thing going on, usually.
BoringCanadian (6 months ago)
1. Pay to Play: if I wanted to do that I would go to arcade with roll of quarters 2. Pay to Win: last I checked you play games to win so how does paying make sence?
Captain Naggy (6 months ago)
Telltale did the best moral choice games

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