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Star Wars-Obi Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka Tribute-BEST IS YET TO COME-RED

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Hey their guys and gals!! So I've known about this song for a while (courtesy of the long lasting tribute creator 1jonde1) and his tribute for luke anakin and obi wan inspired me to make this tribute, so I hope ya all enjoy this video, and I will see ya all next week for a brand new tribute, have a badass day!! I love you guys and gals!!
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Jekai Almec (2 years ago)
Nice tribute. Got a like !
Jekai Almec awesome!! thank you so much!! :)
victoria martines (2 years ago)
894 subs! Keep dem coming!
Dude cool
thank you trump!! Oh btw, did you ever listen to the song I suggested for your darth maul tribute idea?
Killer__Rage (2 years ago)
That was really good!!! I enjoy yourvideos thanks for being the number 1 YouTuber. I really wish you were more popular and higher up there. I eeally think everyone should know about you
victoria martines (2 years ago)
Nick, you are at least OUR #1 Youtuber. You will be up there for more and more people. Give it time. ❤
Channel Random you think I'm the number one youtuber? dude no way! that means so much to me thank you!!
Wyatt Lindsey (2 years ago)
star wars
Wyatt Lindsey yes lol
Hope ya guys and gals enjoy!! :)
victoria martines (2 years ago)
You're very welcome ❤
thank yooooooooou!! :)
victoria martines (2 years ago)
Yes, I really enjoyed it. It is not that hard to do it when you are so darn awesome.

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