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5 Hidden Messages In The Descendants 3 Trailer You Might Have Missed

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Theories about Descendants 3 based on the teaser. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s official! Disney announced that “Descendants 3” is happening! The teaser is out and it has the internet buzzing. OMG! We are going to find out who Mal’s dad is! Seriously, who is the smoky, glowing orb guy? If you’re like us, you watched the teaser like 100 times to try to find hidden clues and messages about “Descendants 3.” We noticed some pretty interesting details that you might have missed. You’re not going to believe what we discovered. It looks like Kenny Ortega is back to direct the film and choreograph the numbers. We are dying to know what Evie (Sofia Carson) will be wearing. Will Mal (Dove Cameron) and Ben (Mitchell Hope) stay together? And what’s happening with Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (Booboo Stewart)? And Maleficent! Is she still a lizard? Will all the villain kids find out who their absent parents are? So many questions! For now, we’ll just obsess over the teaser. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (2411)
Addison Rae Frison (1 year ago)
i hope there is a descendants 4 and 5
violin Superstar (1 month ago)
Jaydan Rice (1 month ago)
Or better a 6 7 8 and 9
Its ok I love u (2 months ago)
Me to!
Raahim Zafar (3 months ago)
Miraculous ladybug is life no actually you are she/he just cares about them and actually you can't just say 'shut up' to a person you don't know she/he cares that they should go smoothly not let make descendants 4 after 1 month let's make descendants 5 after 2 months you are rude not her so pls chill
Johnny Killian (3 months ago)
Me to addison🤗🤗🤗
Francesca/me (2 days ago)
The necklace uma used to poses Izzy is the same colour as that mal saw in the forest
Jasmine jacobs (8 days ago)
What if Mal mom lied to her about her father ? And the blue light and voice could be Hades .
3x flow (8 days ago)
i think mal’s dad is mor’du
Lauren Crawford (14 days ago)
i feel bad because mals dad camited suicide
『Itz Katelyn』 (16 days ago)
Just watched the official trailer!!
Ary gymnast (23 days ago)
I think Mal and Uma is stepsisters! We believe (i hope "we") Hades is Mal's father,but Hades's color is blue and Uma color's is blue! I don't think, it's real😂 But in my opinion it is not impossible😀
Naima Roza (25 days ago)
i think mals dad is hades... if hades is her father then is mal half god half villain.. because hades is the god of the under world 0-0
Fiorella Cutipa (1 month ago)
Magari conoscesi dove camero e sofia carson
Susan6 Lambe (1 month ago)
I want to see Mal and just be in a movie
Dnea Houston (2 months ago)
I can't wait until dsendence comes out
Dnea Houston (2 months ago)
Pls like and pls comment
Tammy Hartmann (2 months ago)
Um... Maybe her dad is clockworth
Light Freedmahn (2 months ago)
If mal's dad is hades then wouldn't she be a nymph? Cause Maleficent is a fairy and hades is a god? 🤔🤔
Pointless Grace!!!! (2 months ago)
I still haven't watched Decendants 2!
Luna Lovegood (2 months ago)
Bro, I think that maleficent was calling hades a weak “human” as an insult.
Cayla Tyson (2 months ago)
Here’s a weird theory in the maleficent book she had a fall and romance with a human so therefore it can’t be Hailee’s because he’s not human
Jessie Lakes Sr. (2 months ago)
My brother 😊😊
Maria Garcia (2 months ago)
In descendants 2 Harry used to be Mal's boyfriend so Harry Hook can't be Mal's dad although I might not be right just keep that in mind
Britney Leslie (3 months ago)
Hadassah Mpare (3 months ago)
Hold up. If her dad is Hades, does that mean that she's a sibling of Nico Di Angelo, who is a cousin of Thalia who is related to Percy Jackson. That'll mean that they are relatives. COOL
Athea Danielle Daep (3 months ago)
but then if mal grew up without her father how did she know that the flame was ''so called' her dad?
Galaxy GachaGirl (3 months ago)
In the books, Maleficent said Mal’s father was HUMAN. And we know that in the films, Maleficent dated, then hated King Stephen. (Aurora’s father.) Audrey is Aurora’s daughter. We know a rumor that Audrey has gone bad, right? Well, in Descendants 2, Chad received a call from Audrey, and she was trapped in a forest. Dizzy was in Auradon, and Mal met Dizzy before or after she was in the forest. That means it’s true she was in Auradon as well. That’s means Mal’s dad was in Auradon at the time, in some sort of enchanted forest. Could Audrey have something to do with it? Could Uma have something to do with it? They were enemies, but there isn’t enough proof to prove she had something to do with Mal’s father. Let’s get back to the Audrey theory. As we discussed, Audrey was maybe at the forest when Mal was, but probably not. Again, the rumor states Audrey turned bad. Maybe Maleficent and her trapped Mal’s father into that. Maleficent could be working with Hades to trap Mal’s father in that tiny space. Hmm... Sound familiar? Who else was trapped in a tiny space, or rather imprisoned in Descendants 1? That’s right. Maleficent was trapped when she turned into a dragon. But she shrank herself. Could Mal’s father be punishing himself? Pretend King Stephen was Mal’s father. Only a human would cower in fear of Maleficent, thus pleading to “someone” to lock him into a tiny space, or shrinking him. But maybe he wasn’t scared. That could mean something else. Back to the real theory, not claiming who Mal’s father was. Either Maleficent trapped him, or he got trapped by asking to get trapped thus punishing himself. But this is still not that much info and proof. From now on, I’m unsure who Mal’s father is. This is coming from a crazy ten year old Descendants fan girl. And if you think it’s weird I’m obsessed, FOIGHT ME
AnimeXXAnime (3 months ago)
Weren’t you listening in descendent 1 mal’s dad is a human
Rose Mustin (3 months ago)
mordo is mals father
Susmita Ray (3 months ago)
Omg now because of this i think descendants three is going to be a hit mystery movie
Funny cute bunny dolls (3 months ago)
There is another question why did Mal come here? Because in descendants 2 Mal went to the iland of the lost because of Ben
Funny cute bunny dolls (3 months ago)
and I saw a picture of Audrey she had maleficent scepter
Funny cute bunny dolls (3 months ago)
Maybe Carlos is in descendants 3
Funny cute bunny dolls (3 months ago)
There is two clues you missed out
Bijoykv Kv (4 months ago)
I saw the movie malifcent and in that movie it is said that it is the sleeping beauty's father
Hibah Hussain (4 months ago)
Who else wants to be a actor/actress now after watching this or is this just me. Soooooo sad😭😭😭
Walid Elhalees (4 months ago)
You can’t give away secrets in the video because maybe people want them as a surprise
A Colorful World (4 months ago)
Uma goes to hades to get revenge on mal but Hades knows that mal is his daughter (maleficent calls him a human to make sure that nobody knows how much it hurt her when he left her) anyway after hades refuses to hurt mal Uma finds out that Ursula and Hades are siblings and decides to make up with her new cousin mal
Cailin George (5 months ago)
Has anyone considered the fact that Mal's father could be Merlin?
Alethea Mitchell (5 months ago)
Bruh it obviously HADES!!!!!
Aaron Thiboutot (5 months ago)
Hmm that first statement of questioning Mal's Dad is interesting. Yes her father very well could be Hades but the mentioned an enchanted Forest. I don't think Hades would choose that type of setting to appear to her in a blue orb talking. They also mentioned that her father could also be not bad. So I got thinking on the line of Merlin. I know sounds bizzarr but but could be true. Who knows can't wait to see see the third movie!
Violet_Lilys (5 months ago)
OMG, I just noticed that at 3:53 that is Thomas Brodie-Sangster (if you know who that is, if you don't look him up, he's an actor) when he was like 13! 😱😱
Teagan Thompson (5 months ago)
you said that mal is half human.so if Hadeswas mals father then melifisent is a human so it is probably hook or the wisp idea
Olivia Downing (5 months ago)
I think sme captain hooks side kick.he is weak and human and he is not really a villan. All though this could mean nothing because it was just a dream
Olivia Downing (5 months ago)
I think that is not actually her dad because it's a trick from Uma because in under the sea 1:she says danger is coming to auradon 2:Uma can hypnotize dizzy so maybe she did magic. I think that Uma transformed into mals dad because Ursula ,hello!
Samantha Marie (5 months ago)
No just waiting for this to come out😋
Suzanne Jones (5 months ago)
If mal wasn't on the Ile then how did she meet dizy
Sydney Gertsema (5 months ago)
I think it might be mur do from brave i mean think about it. The willow of the wisps that flash of light kind of looks like a wisp and the enchanted forest.. Like where merida follows the wisps through. Also the mustache mur do had a mustache. Also this is just a theory.. Let me know what you think
Rae Wolf (6 months ago)
Ok... If anyone has watched the movie Maleficent and done there research they would've realized that if King Stefan is Mal's dad Mal would be the same age as Audrey's mom (Aurora) and Audrey's Grandparents would both be dead. Also if you actually paid attention to descendants 2 it looks like Mal, Uma, and Harry all had some kind of love connection. Maybe Mal and Uma both had a crush on Harry but Harry chose Mal and then Harry broke up with Mal for Uma but Uma's just not over it... I've read too many Wattpad stories
Chloe Bates (6 months ago)
The echanted forest can be from once apon a time the show
it is not a human it it hates
Jaquelyn Becerra (6 months ago)
It didn't even come out yet that stupid I don't know why u saying😒😒😒
Carrine Bautista (6 months ago)
Is it possible that mal's mom cursed mal's father thats why he is traped in a orb?!?
Soffia Hines (6 months ago)
Maria Treanor (6 months ago)
Mals fathers oveasly Hades
It's called special affects
Mark Amin (7 months ago)
Win mal trin green? May be her eye is green
Weapons And Reptiles (7 months ago)
Literally 5 minutes before I saw this I knew this had to be the plot I figured it out
mimi Dalton (7 months ago)
Mal dad could be a demagogrogen
__Cxrrington__ (7 months ago)
Maybe Maleficent was leading Mal to the forrest so she could know who her father is. If anyone watched Sleeping Beauty Aurora was led to the spindle by Maleficent and it was this green fire- like thing that was leading her. Maybe Maleficent is leading Mal with that same thing (but it’s not green)
Ronald Shull (7 months ago)
I want Audrey
Tommy Gentry (7 months ago)
My theory is:Mal is in Oradons Encchanted forest because when it was at the end of desendants mal and eve ask Ben if they could let the small girl to attend oradon and they never caught Uma and the blue light is her father aka Hades because if you learn a lot of Greek mythology Hades has blue fire magic and the reason Hades mal dad Isint on oradon or the aisle of the lost is because he is in the underworld
Juno Gang (7 months ago)
No She Could Be In The Woods In Miradas Kingdom and her dad mordue witch was a blue wisp spirit seen her and called her name
Brenda Paredes (7 months ago)
Rachael Duff (7 months ago)
Därk Pä1n (7 months ago)
Great another worlds collide STOP IT FORTNIE!!
Ella Simmons (7 months ago)
How about the genie for Aladdin
ErrorWolfPlayz YT (7 months ago)
that would be weird if harry and mal were brother and sister because their dating in real life and some say they were dating before she had to leave.
Oughton Kieran (7 months ago)
It can’t be Captain Hook because mal knows her father and harry would also be in descendants 1 but that could also answer who Harry’s Mum is.
agim lika (7 months ago)
We want Descendants 4 lmao
Bekim Shehu (7 months ago)
They said they are going to add descendants up to 7-8
Black Pheonix (7 months ago)
Oh yea btw , Maleficent and the king , the Father of sleeping beauty , were a thing before. Which means that Audrey is mals Niece
I hope she won't become evil!
Uba Zuba (7 months ago)
Umm...mal dated harry...
cc fox (7 months ago)
I just got finished watching this clip and you said that her dad would not be able to be at auriden
Rayna Robinson (7 months ago)
You guys are looking in all the wrong places Mal's father is possibly In the movie called Maleficent
It cant be hook...Here my theory: So u know how Dove and thomas are dating? Well there was a clip that almost go deleted because Kenny dint want fans to think that Harry and Mal were secretly dating so he made a back story for them I forgot how the rest goes but all i remember is the part where Kenny said Mal broke Harry's heart so if it was Hook would't it be messed up if Mal was dating her own brother?? But they also might have not known..
IYAH Friendz (7 months ago)
who do think mals dad is
IYAH Friendz (7 months ago)
I think Hades because the fire is blue
Adele Verden (7 months ago)
I hope descendants never ends😂
Dawn Gamber (8 months ago)
I think Mel's dad is someone evil but he didn't get stuck on the on the Isle of the Lost
energeticsophia* * (8 months ago)
1. Mall father probably isn’t a villian and that’s why Mal has a bit of good in here and that’s why she didn’t follow her mother’s footsteps and stuff. 2. Maps father could be a villian it’s possible 3. Mals mother could’ve done some “stuff” with a human 4. (U choose!)
Kiana Hamilton (8 months ago)
At 3:26 what are them glowing blue dots they look like them thinks from brave
Jornella Mckenzie (8 months ago)
Mal's dad has to be evil. If you think about it maleficent would never fall in love with a good guy so I'm voting for Hades as Mal's dad.
Paige Murphy (8 months ago)
That blue thing looks like a wisp.
Ethan's Dance School (8 months ago)
Ik that Mel’s dad apparently has s mustash but when it gives a close up on the blue orb thing it looks like hurkulies
Alexi Felton (8 months ago)
It can’t be Captain Hook Mal and harry used to date sorry try again
sara creel (8 months ago)
i saw a face of a bear in the blue fire!!! must be that guy from merida
Elijah Smithson (8 months ago)
I have a feeling that Hades isn't her dad. If you watched the movie Maleficent, then you'd know that Stephen and Maleficent liked each other. Maybe they got busy at some point and had Mal. I'm probably wrong but I'm just thinking outside the box.
Lady Gaga (8 months ago)
Guys do you know a boy that as greee eyes like mal. Cause maby that boy is mal dad
percy jakeson (8 months ago)
Her dad could be hook because one of hooks stories was his heart was poisoned so he could go near his daughter
RHASGAMING (8 months ago)
But a new trailer where dizzy and mal are there what if the blue smoke is a trick for mal maybe it’s uma and also uma is dressed up dizzy and sdizzy it wearing her neck lace
KawaiiStrawberry Gamer (8 months ago)
Why is everyone thinking that Mal's Dad is evil?!?!? You never know.....he could be a king!!! Ya kbow since Mal has an evil side and a good side... Just think about that.
Joanna Tzoneva (8 months ago)
O.M.G Mal is a demigod!!!!!!!!
707 Choi (8 months ago)
Am I the only one wondering.... WHERE IS AL'S MOTHER?? ISN'T SHE FEEDING HER?😂
Nanette Green (8 months ago)
mal tuned good so if her dad is bad that mean nothing
boomer 214 (8 months ago)
she is s god
EDDY PATINO (8 months ago)
It cant be captain hook
Koffi Koffi (8 months ago)
Hey everyone is saying who manl's dad
Zuzia Czajkowska (8 months ago)
I think is a dream
made a skater (8 months ago)
I think mals dad is king Stephen which means she could be Audrey's half sister
spiderman 2001 (8 months ago)
Kenzie Gray (8 months ago)
For everyone who says it's Hades it can't be Hades who is her dad cause that would make it to obvious
Jeremy Courville (8 months ago)
guys...… as you can see there is a person standing behind mal. if u go to 2:13 in the video and pause it.... there is a blurry picture of AUDREY in the left hand side in the middle of the 2 trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Catherine Mcneill (8 months ago)
But aren’t them little blue things in that forest in brave ( uno Merida )
Rayne 714 (8 months ago)
I loved the clip of the hobbit lol
Sergio Perez (8 months ago)

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