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10 Best Survival Games Of All Time

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Text list: http://fraghero.com/10-best-survival-games-will-fighting-life/ Since the early days of the Day Z mod and, of course, Minecraft, gamers felt a need to survive… in video games of course. We all enjoyed the thrill of either being the hunter in search of some food or, in some cases, the prey, running from various bloodthirsty enemies. Now we are going to take a quick look at 10 survival games that may be worth your time. http://www.fraghero.com
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Text Comments (4563)
Tageru nyyppä (1 day ago)
A wet forehead Boi (1 day ago)
Minecraft is number 1 why 9? You are a cuck
Planet Xtreme (1 day ago)
Hey, where is Minecraft in this list?!
connor holmes (2 days ago)
1# trying to survive life
remi jennings (2 days ago)
Rust is the bomb now
Steve Plays (3 days ago)
why not unturned? :(
ImNotARobot (3 days ago)
I know I'm late, but my personal list is: 10. 7 Days to Die 9. Starbound 8. ARK 7. Stranded Deep 6. Rust 5. The Forest 4. Scum 3. Don't Starve 2. Subnautica 1. Green Hell (gameplay is INCREDIBLE) Honorable Mentions: Minecraft because of its originality, Terraria because it is epic, DayZ not ranked because it almost never updates anymore. EDIT: Unturned should have been somewhere here! I forgot about it.
SulfurikYT (3 days ago)
*And unturned??*
Tùng Creeper (4 days ago)
Almost every only gun in games is win94 rifle
PuggyProductons (4 days ago)
The best is subnautica (in my opinion)
Simon's Shorts (4 days ago)
Good, if you didn't put Subnautica and Ark on the list i'd sue you
Elliot Petersson (4 days ago)
I’ve seen almost everyone of these games
Alexi Ivastinov (5 days ago)
hahahaha.....The Forest has disturbing story ?? Seriously ? Shit , man...u have good subs, but no knowledge about games....
HurryRed_YT (5 days ago)
rust is so difrent now
Aurelio aligborer (6 days ago)
Awesome video
Giraffe Plays (6 days ago)
Rust is so much better now
Taylen Portell (6 days ago)
Who knew that ark would be on here
Math Vader (6 days ago)
The Forest ?
mad gaming (6 days ago)
Lol ark 2018 now number one
Kiril Iliev (7 days ago)
Agreed with number 1 !
Leandro Silva (7 days ago)
in early 2016 Ark was the best video game ever done...
Master Cole -gamer (7 days ago)
To me number 1 is ark
Diamond sword 33 (8 days ago)
Minecraft the best!
ttv squeezey (8 days ago)
Donut doggo (8 days ago)
Elijah DeRosier (8 days ago)
I said to my self if he doesn’t mention Minecraft I will leave the cideo
Justnothing 1 (10 days ago)
Stranded deep
Jacky Boy (10 days ago)
why cringe?
Bryson Lane (10 days ago)
Boi you forgot last day on Earth the best survival mobile game in 2017 bruh what the heck
cills TV (11 days ago)
Sam V5 (12 days ago)
what about Raft?
kristian ph (12 days ago)
You forgot to said 7 day to 😲
Is there any free games in this video please comment
Satur1BG (13 days ago)
SprinT Prism (14 days ago)
Good video but you went in depth in most of them especially in the story except for subnautica which has one of the best stories in my opinion
Im94c1 AquaRB6 (14 days ago)
My List: 1. Rust 2. Ark Survival Evolved 3. DayZ 4. Unturned 5. All Fallout Games 6. Minecraft 7. Rust Legacy ( Essentialy Rust Pre Alpha ) 8. Stranded Deep 9. Raft 10. Skyrim
Vick Lauwers (15 days ago)
Ark is such a good game I love it you wanna know the physics are amazing in the water sorry for the talking and Thanks for your time
HotLivePVP (15 days ago)
1. Rust 2. Minecraft 3. Ark
Flip Setup (15 days ago)
Those pppppppp’s tho
Yasuo Main (16 days ago)
the best survival game is rust.
That sweet kill (16 days ago)
Ark survival 1. Minecraft 2.
moon son (17 days ago)
te szar
Zazy Gaming (18 days ago)
So sorry but if you played ark for more than an hour then you’ll see that it’s a pice of shit. Low quality. Laggy. Unfinished. Crashing. Meshing. Crap hole of a game (but it’s addictive)
Shadow PRO (18 days ago)
Best games ever. Hit that like boton plese
ARPAN CS:GO (18 days ago)
Top 10 shits
The normal Fox gaming (18 days ago)
Zenit 900 (18 days ago)
Buttered Toast (18 days ago)
Manju Ganesh (19 days ago)
Minecraft in NO 1
Skelix UchihaX (21 days ago)
Yay ! dont starve and its dlc are number 1 on the list xD
Mero Gamer (21 days ago)
Don't Starve RoG is best <3
Javier D (23 days ago)
Downvoted because no timestamp links
NTOU (23 days ago)
Just finisht the forest 19 out of 10 game mush have sex to chill out for any volentier send mesenge to derty denty 07765765779
Preston Tingley (24 days ago)
The forest only keeps getting better, now with multi endings, unlock able mode, and tons of caves with new updates all the time. And for all you PS4 gamers like me, it just dropped nov 6 2018 for us!! It’s tight
waewew wqewqewq (24 days ago)
kecske invázió (25 days ago)
1. ARK 2. Rust 3. Subnautica 4. Don't starve 5. The Forest (it was a little behind the dont ' starve) 6. Stranded Deep ( i know that boring but i like the place) 7. The long dark I do not know them : 8. Sir, you are being hunted i don't like them : 9. DayZ 10. Minecraft (Mineshit) Other things that are not in the video 7 days to die Far Cry primal Conan Exiles Raft No Man's Sky next Scum This war of mine Ark Scorched Earth Ark Abberation ARK Extinctions
HES COMING (22 days ago)
AnemoLand (22 days ago)
You are mineshit, son of a bitch. Minecraft was no1 game until Fortnite came out
YTBrothers (25 days ago)
TOP 3 1.The forest 2.Minecraft 3.Ark
QuarterAsianPersuasion (26 days ago)
Didn’t explain the long dark very well at all. It’s appeal is it’s purity, it is one of the most pure survival games ever. No gimmicks, no zombies, no dinosaurs, no monsters, no bandits, no bandits, no other survivors, just you vs nature. It’s very punishing and unforgiving. Also implements temperature and staying warm exceptionally well.
Maximus (28 days ago)
The forest is by far the besssssst
Martin ILiev (28 days ago)
I play ARK survival evolved and it is awesome❤️❤️❤️
BaconPlayz_RBX (1 month ago)
Mom,Get Out Of My Room,I`m playing Minecraft!!!
Serkan Macır (1 month ago)
Ark is the best
Alladeen Madafaker (1 month ago)
Started playing SD a month ago and now im addicted to it
Please enter a name (1 month ago)
Of course minecraft would be here
Neacşu Cristi (1 month ago)
"Maxwell, the evil mastermind." If you only knew.
Joshua Medearis (1 month ago)
I'd rate it Ark-Its dinosaurs what's not to love Minecraft- Endless world full of monsters mining crafting its endless fun Stranded Deep-Who doesn't love a good island survival this is pretty much endless with all kinds of plants, animals, crafting its great
wannes vandergraesen (1 month ago)
hurtworld ?
M egan egan (1 month ago)
Lol, everyone hates Don't starve and thinks it shouldn't be number one just because its 2D and not a visual masterpiece, i bet most people haven't even played it.
Real Skull (1 month ago)
The forest looks scary.
Michael Krajicek (1 month ago)
so far the games on this list that I have (the forest and subnautica) are truly good games, so probably the rest of the games on this list are good as well. Also here's a percentage for all of the comment's topics: 95%: 7 ways to die should be on the list and 5% is anything else
Cheiften (1 month ago)
*searches on steam for first game on list* "this game is in your library" since when??? must of been some humble bundle lol
Gamer2000 (1 month ago)
I played all of the games and most of them I have on steam and I can say this ... Survival games are games that put the player to fight for his life , for , his world, for his territory and clan. Rust 500- hours is that kind of game if you have lots of friends who can buy the game with you then this games is for you BUT IF YOU ARE SOLO THEN DON'T BUY IT all so the game doesn't really have a goal and a end point so the game is basically just a base building and shooting game that is fun to play with friends 6/10. Don't starve -350 hours is a game that has a goal but doesn't really make it that big of a deal you can make it as a surviving time game , just survive as long as you can . Minecraft 6000 hours a game that gives the player a chance to do what ever he wants and play in any mode he wants , the game is really fun and interesting and has a end goal , the community and people are all so very interesting or at least were 3-4 years ago would give 10/10. ARK survival (400 hours ) is just like conan-exile (150 hours) just the difference in the games are that in ark you can tame and rule Dinasaurs and has a very great end game goal , the graphics and the view of the game is amazing would give the game 9 out of 10 , Conan-exile is bases more on , enemies ,hand combat and all so has a ending but the ending is a lot harder to achieve if your playing by your self, the graphics and the view is good but not that good , most basic computers will be able to run the game ,unlike ark were you will need a really a high end PC to play the game on max graphics to take in all the game has to offer so I would give conan-exile 7/10. Subnautica (500 hours) I finished the game and been following it from the very beginning , the game truly is amazing with a great story and amazing environment the game truly is amazing would give 10/10, The long dark is one of those games that will put your survival knowledge and skills to the test if you jump in to a survival game for the first time you will die a lot , the story is interesting and fun to go true , truly puts a interest and a goal to keep on playing, the graphics and view are all so very good , give you the feeling of really being there.Stranded deep ( 250-300 hours) is just basically just like salt(80-100 hours) only difference is that the graphics and game mechanics are different for stranded deep would give 7/10 and salt 6/10. Oxygen not included(90 hours ) so far has no goal , the game mechanics feel not finished and sluggish . The game is missing something what most games have for example the story, the graphics are not very good but interesting something different from most games but in the end so far I would give the game 4/10 maybe even 3/10 just not a really good game. This war of mine(100-150 hours) is a game that in a way has a story but what it has is amazing atmosphere it puts the pressure on the player to survive the war . The game to put it simple is 7/10. Frostpunk ( atleast 300 hours ) I can say this I love the game and hate it , it truly is a amazing game and beside the great atmosphere , graphics and story the game truly is worth every penny . The game is really hard and truly challenges player to survive the amount of days you need to survive. Puts hard moments on the player were you need to pick what law to put in. The game is easily 9/10 .Now for state of decay ( 320-400 hours ) the game is fun to play has a goal and just like most games has grate graphics and game mechanics how ever state of decay 2 is basically the same game with some small fixes and add ons . Would recommend to just buy state of decay 1 and play that one because in some ways the game is even better and the price is a lot more better for what the games offers.Would give 7/10.7 Days to Die (maybe close to 1000 hours ) I been following the game from alpha 2 and so far the game is still in alpha but even after all of the time has passed the creators are still working very hard and putting out updates . The game is truly interesting and fun to play , the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is challenging , the story is not yet there but with how much the game has right now I can say this that even now I would say the game is worth the money that it cost and if that was not enough there are a lot of mods that are being released that make the games even harder and more interesting to play . I can easily say this that for me this game gave me something to do every single time and I spend a lot of my free time having fun and building bases in the game and that is with out the mods that you can add to the game . For me this game was 9/10 or maybe even 10/10. And now for the last 2 games I can say this every person that wants to play something truly amazing and interesting , something that gives a great story , great characters , great graphics and just truly games that put out the level at witch games should be made. Skyrim(290 hours) and Witcher 2(50 hours) or 3(over 500 hours) , these games are one of the best if not the best games possible to get and play. Just go buy the game and give it a try most likely you will not regret it and will have a lot of fun playing them. The games have a lot to offer and if that was not enough there are plenty of mods for the games that improve the game in the way you want it. If you read everything I wrote then thank you. This took some time to write and I hope that it gave you some useful information. Good luck survival.
Pokey z (1 month ago)
whats minecraft ?
Undercover Robloxian (2 months ago)
ARK is supposed to be #1
Apen Villanueva (2 months ago)
why did you not add fallout 4
M egan egan (1 month ago)
Fallout isn't a survival game it is kinda like and open world shooter
Raze (2 months ago)
1. Ark 2. Subnautica 3. Rust 4. Scum
Jayden Connor (2 months ago)
1. Subnautica
Karma Karışık (2 months ago)
Hunters LT (2 months ago)
5:45 that's what she said
mixer (2 months ago)
i knew almost all
mixer (2 months ago)
i knew almost all
mixer (2 months ago)
averyone knows ark
Nikil Bellad (2 months ago)
What about this war of mine
PREPFORIT (2 months ago)
7 days to die Multiplayer kicks Rusts Ass !
Blue Raptor (2 months ago)
ark for life
caldan 58 (3 months ago)
5: Farcry primal 4: Stranded deep 3: 7 days to die 2: The forest 1: Ark survival evolved
ThePacific (18 days ago)
1 is minecraft come on :D
Darria Kassandra (3 months ago)
THE NUMBER 2 raised the cancer in my veins
El Hibosmo (3 months ago)
i bored from my survival games :c i want a new survival game , no zombies , something like minecraft , rust , o somthing like this , i love hunting , craft and play with friends, (but i dont have friend :c) the most game nearly to the description is terraria xD you have another game with that caracters? basically i want games that have a incredible variations , game modes , like minecraft , you can play survival , online and many minigames like skywars , TNT run etc and also mods but there is not a nice building or pvp , terraria had a nice combat format , good building and variations modes , like fishing , hunt butterflys PVP , etc but no minigames :c , in rust survival and danger experience , masive online is perfect but there is not another game modes , and not have a pvp you have the perfect balance of those characteristics?
BBGamer (3 months ago)
1.The Forest 2.Stranded Deep 3.Fortnite 4.Mist Survival 5.Last Day on Earth: Survival 6.Dayz 7.Don't Starve together 8.Minecraft 9.Eco Global Survival 10.7 Days to Die 11.The Flame in the Flood 12.The Long Dark 13.Ark: Survival Evolved 14.Rust 15.Little Devil Inside 16.Astroneer 17.Conan Exiles 18.Subnautica 19.PUBG 20.Raft 21.Project Crynosaurs 22.Wild 23.State of Decay 2 24.Days Gone 25.Dead Island 2
A A (3 months ago)
niceee vid
PauliusGlavickasINC (3 months ago)
'DayZ is being frequently updated'. Excuse me what? XD
Paula McManus (3 months ago)
If you're thinking about Ark let me inform you that nearly all of the Official servers are constantly tame capped so you can't tame, breed or bring dinos in from other servers. The lands are all pillared by previous players so there is no where to build. No fix for any issues and it may take months to get any type of response from the Developers. It's really, at this point, NOT WORTH the time and money.
Pepe Pomada (3 months ago)
The Long Dark is the best.
MrRagnarSvensson (3 months ago)
Rust is way better now
calaforex Clan (4 months ago)
Why is Minecraft not top?
Oscar Aasen (4 months ago)
Educational award pocket advance base spring factory harsh rifle.
Star Ice (4 months ago)
3. Minecraft (lol irony) 2. Starbound 1. Terraria
Gabriel Marchbank (4 months ago)
1st one was so shit
Where is unturned
Tomasz Olcoń (4 months ago)
My Top 5 favourite Survival Games: 5.Stranded Deep 4.Ark: Survival Evolved DLC 3.Ark Survival evolved 2.Minecraft 1.Terraria

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