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10 Best Survival Games Of All Time

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Text list: http://fraghero.com/10-best-survival-games-will-fighting-life/ Since the early days of the Day Z mod and, of course, Minecraft, gamers felt a need to survive… in video games of course. We all enjoyed the thrill of either being the hunter in search of some food or, in some cases, the prey, running from various bloodthirsty enemies. Now we are going to take a quick look at 10 survival games that may be worth your time. http://www.fraghero.com
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Text Comments (4680)
Jones Affrou (2 hours ago)
i think I have a need to survive in real life, too much gaming I guess
Master Roshi (1 day ago)
You forgot Last of us
Darwin Ray (4 days ago)
Stranded Deep is MineCraft in 4K resolution.
Blue in an apron (5 days ago)
Ark was 35 dollars that is reasonable for 2 giant maps.
Dajilan (10 days ago)
Is there any CHEAP survival game?!
real hyper (12 days ago)
Rust is best one
William Sorensen (17 days ago)
You just had to say minecraft...
Nathan Dettlaff (19 days ago)
When you said subnautica that made me jump off the ground
Nathan Dettlaff (19 days ago)
Yes subnautica
Gyle Gaming (19 days ago)
4:42 ark is now down to 25 dollars and wild card still updates the game
Marcos Anton (25 days ago)
*oh yeah yeah*
Peli Kaani (25 days ago)
Where is subnautica??
Marcos Anton (25 days ago)
Btw top 3*
Marcos Anton (25 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Nicklas Johnsen (28 days ago)
Marcos Anton (25 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Douglas Graudons (28 days ago)
buy a pop filter please
Alex (1 month ago)
Minecraft is arguably the best don't @ me
Sam Gaming Center (1 month ago)
You are worng Minecraft should be in the top
PorxQ _ (1 month ago)
If subnatica has multiplayer it would be better than ark in my opinion but that isn’t the case sadly 🙄🥶🥶
Nathan Valencia (1 month ago)
ark is dead thoo lmao
Shane Hunt (1 month ago)
Cant even get 50k for free u clickbait dumbass
Ayub Ahmed (1 month ago)
Pubg se acha or koi game nhi
Courtenaire (1 month ago)
#4 all da wae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jax Harrison (1 month ago)
Ark is the best
shadow 33333 (1 month ago)
Ark is best
Miguel Luiz (1 month ago)
Where IS raft?
Snow Wood (1 month ago)
The Long Dark's atmosphere is awesome and adorable. I ve never seen any game like TLD
Aleks FN (1 month ago)
The ballistic Carrot (1 month ago)
Sub nautical is my favourite survival game
Procopio Domingo (1 month ago)
you need to update this. why do you have to use the tag "of all time" when you know better games will come out?
RJ GAMING (1 month ago)
Hey ark survival is online multiplayer?
GREED GAMING. (1 month ago)
Where can i find day z is it available for androids.
Young Thugs (1 month ago)
Best survival game is pubg
Llama craft (1 month ago)
Kenly 56 (1 month ago)
I think the long dark is relastic and awsome than other games
Maxi SVR (1 month ago)
mattor PL (1 month ago)
Well I played only mainly ARK and for me it is best survival game one problem is that you need time and friends that Play it and my friends are mainly rts or fps players and I'm alone it is very hard but... Posible
RANDOM GAMING (1 month ago)
Mine craft is the only one I've played Read more
Jimmy Carmona (1 month ago)
Ark is better then all of the games in here
Patricia Dwyer (1 month ago)
Day Z on the other hand I recomend to you. My favorite game is Arizona sunshine. Its in VR.
Patricia Dwyer (1 month ago)
I personally think minecraft is not a good survival game I mean you will never die unless you try!
Yodi 04 (1 month ago)
12 years olds belike: where is fortnit??? Its survive gaem becouse you hav to survive to win!!!1!!11!!!1
Pickle Chips (1 month ago)
Dynamiic Quit (1 month ago)
YES ARK AND SUBNATICA *fortnite??? You survive from people???*
The Division (1 month ago)
I love the forest
Gabriel Anderson (1 month ago)
7 days to die ark and subnautica are better than stranded deep
Dodo_ HR (1 month ago)
Untunred or Untured
Nicholas Playz (1 month ago)
My personal favorite is definitely dayz. It is very realistic and has good graphics
royale Vince (1 month ago)
What about last day on earth survival
CHEVY B (1 month ago)
Shelter 2 The Hunter primal Don't starve
Nate Gettler (1 month ago)
I think rust should be hier in the list because if you learn the basics it is super fun and challenging and ark for me I find it not that fun it is kind of bland and I think what spoiled the for me is thay added Teck.
Rebelgaming NL (1 month ago)
Jes subnautica is the best I got it and is real fun
Fat Man (1 month ago)
I have played The Long Dark and The Forest. They are amazing.
Levi Powell (1 month ago)
invest in a pop filter my dude
Ruta Ji (1 month ago)
i agre with all comments but i think ark is in 1place cuz its my favourite game forest is amazing game too but i dont underatand how can dont starve be in 1st why not ark/rust graphics are worse than shit in ds(dont starve) and ark graphics are amazing so i dont agree with this video but we all have our opinion so you can say that you dont agree with me cuz you like ds and im saying that every game is good for some people
ALGERIAN WARRIOR (1 month ago)
BEN Warne (1 month ago)
Don’t starve deserves top it’s super difficult and it’s also weird and wonderful and I think most survival games try to be realistic but don’t starve is so deep and difficult and you can play however you want I can play don’t starve for at least five hours without getting bored because if you waste ANY time you will die. It 110% deserves number one but subnautica has to be second and just don’t put mine craft on there it has no survival element
BEN Warne (1 month ago)
I was on number two and I was like aww shame don’t starve won’t be in it but OMG it totally deserves number one
__D-4-R- Yuss__ (1 month ago)
Fake,the best survival game is : FUCKIN *SCHOOL*
KRVAVA MERI (1 month ago)
where is ocean is home and unturned
Nicholas Green (1 month ago)
Can Ark: Subnautica Evolved be a thing
Exploit Guy (1 month ago)
i like stranded deep
Tyler Mingo (1 month ago)
The Universal (1 month ago)
Subnautica for life
Edmark Segdan (1 month ago)
I love minecraft
Hijtiori STlol (1 month ago)
If u like Ark on this top list fine. But there is a doctored version of this game but only with another topic - Conan Exiles? It is in all ways better than ark.
Vincenzo Danny (1 month ago)
ark on mobile is really laggy and needs a lot of space. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT
TEMC GAMER (1 month ago)
i love farcry
jose oyomik oyomik (1 month ago)
El mejor juego de la lista es the forest
Boomek 5 (1 month ago)
adam (1 month ago)
Why not rust
GD Boy (1 month ago)
How about minecraft??
Devlynn Spangler (1 month ago)
Devlynn Spangler (1 month ago)
I love Ark
Devlynn Spangler (1 month ago)
Yep yay
Where is subnautica
Spidy Killer 1234 (1 month ago)
1st is Ark
Skostov 13 (1 month ago)
damn if this video was made in 2018 the forest will be on the number 1 spot
Ark has to be without a doubt my personal favorite... It has everything I could imagine... Others might disagree, but I really like it as I am a dino geek...
Rocky YT (1 month ago)
*sees minecraft* excuse me what the fuck?
Epic gamer 1985 (1 month ago)
Ohh thats why minecraft is name minecraft 1st you can mine 2nd you can craft And its minecraft *like*
cody zhou (1 month ago)
Steven of Blois (1 month ago)
11. playing hearts of iron 4 as poland
Speznaz Troll (1 month ago)
1. ARK 2. Subnatica 3. No man's sky
IAm FuzzyDolphin (1 month ago)
Venom Games (1 month ago)
how to get a prank ? Read more
EpicDogeXxX (1 month ago)
subnautica only 3rd? that games legit boi
Radeek (2 months ago)
1. Rust 2. Rust early acces 3. Rust experimental 4. Rust legacy
Proevan (2 months ago)
I love rust
JaidenPanzer (2 months ago)
Glad to see DayZ and Rust being put out there, both amazing games that I have over 1.5K+ hours on
Kory DG (2 months ago)
you forgot raft
richmond gonzales quizan (2 months ago)
ArcaneLD - Minecraft (2 months ago)
Where’s Terraria lol
tageru suuri (2 months ago)
Bleach (2 months ago)
Minecraft is number 1 why 9? You are a cuck
Planet Xtreme (2 months ago)
Hey, where is Minecraft in this list?!
connor holmes (2 months ago)
1# trying to survive life
remi jennings (2 months ago)
Rust is the bomb now
Steve Plays (2 months ago)
why not unturned? :(
Joe Braun (2 months ago)
I know I'm late, but my personal list is: 10. 7 Days to Die 9. Starbound 8. ARK 7. Stranded Deep 6. Rust 5. The Forest 4. Scum 3. Don't Starve 2. Subnautica 1. Green Hell (gameplay is INCREDIBLE) Honorable Mentions: Minecraft because of its originality, Terraria because it is epic, DayZ not ranked because it almost never updates anymore. EDIT: Unturned should have been somewhere here! I forgot about it.
A Random Commenter (17 days ago)
Yeah don't starve on 3
Sulfurik (2 months ago)
*And unturned??*
Tùng Creeper (2 months ago)
Almost every only gun in games is win94 rifle
PuggyProductons (2 months ago)
The best is subnautica (in my opinion)
Crispo Bar (2 months ago)
Good, if you didn't put Subnautica and Ark on the list i'd sue you

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