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Brand Storytelling: A Docu-Series | Vol. 1 | Stories vs Interruptions

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At the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, we hosted one-hundred and sixty people, all with a focus on creating and distributing great brand stories. Brands like Mondelez, Dr. Pepper, Hyundia, Pepsi, HBO, Dick’s Sporting Goods (have you seen the stories they are telling?), Netflix, and Marriott. Along with agency partners, filmmakers, and media companies, all people redefining the roles of media and marketing. We seized the opportunity to talk to a couple dozen of these brand storytellers, and their agents, and the result was over 13 hours of video content. Brands, agencies, influencers, filmmakers, all sharing their views on the future of branded content and advertising. It’s a whole lot of GREAT stuff that anyone in advertising and media will want to watch. Today, we are publishing the first of five episodes. The duration of each of these “shows” is about 30 minutes. Not exactly “snackable.” These are shows that are intended for marketing teams, agencies, and media partners to watch together and (hopefully) discuss and apply to their own situation and storytelling strategy. As interruptive advertising is increasingly turned off, brands are turning on to creating content with intrinsic value. There is a big story unfolding in the world of media, marketing and advertising. Many feel it is the beginning of a new era that will be enabled by technology but led by creativity. It’s an exciting time and we are happy to be playing our role in this unfolding story. I hope you will watch and let us know how you valued the show.
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Text Comments (10)
Great documentary!
Dennis Nzuki (7 months ago)
I often find that game-changing content isn't always popular! I'm glad that this one hasn't passed me by.
Steve Bar Yakov Gindi (1 year ago)
Utter , total blah blah, same annoying advertisers dressing up as thought leaders
Abbey LeVine (1 year ago)
Super helpful. Great interviews!
alxndrdg8 (1 year ago)
Brands need your money and to do that they get the best creative people who can wrap bullshit in chocolate cover and deliver it to you.
PaulAnthonyLeeds (1 year ago)
His sad distant eyes are killing me lol
Dave Paradice (1 year ago)
Jerry Jacob (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing this. Really appreciate the effort put behind it!
Edoardo Guido (2 years ago)
"If consumers don't want the entertainment to be interrupted, advertising must become the entertainment"? This sounds so creepy
Dental Marketing Guy (2 years ago)
Excellent work! You should come on my show to talk about storytelling for business.

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