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The Disturbing REAL STORY Behind Disney's Hercules

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The messed up origins of Hercules. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many of us know the Disney movie, “Hercules” as a feel-good story about a hunky Greek God. In the film, Hercules was turned into a demigod by the nefarious Hades. He had to perform several acts of heroism in order to reinstate his God status and return to Olympus with his parents, Zeus and Hera. Luckily he still had his superhuman strength. But things got complicated when he fell in love with Megara and sacrificed himself to save her. Because of his selfless heroic act, his God status was returned and he was allowed to return to Olympus. But he decided to stay with his mortal true love instead. Aw, so sweet! But that’s not how the real story goes. The Disney film is a pretty big departure from the way Greek mythology tells the story of Hercules. Ancient tales describe his journey as one of revenge, savagery, and madness. Here’s the disturbing real story behind Disney’s “Hercules.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (692)
Leah Matteini (1 year ago)
Yes! I love Hercules
2pleb boy (10 days ago)
Noah eskridge (15 days ago)
If you like him so much why don't you marry him
umm i think you mean Heracles
Душан Радин (2 months ago)
I still preferr Hippolita and her Amazons.anyone stupid to steal from them just isn't right in the head.
Timothy Wolford (2 months ago)
Alex Harris so true Hercules is roman
Johnathan Daily vlogs (28 minutes ago)
And he died
Raidz Overload (6 hours ago)
Johnathan Daily vlogs (8 hours ago)
Uh Hercules got poisoned by one of his wives from centaur blood that the center said Hercules would love but didn't know center blood was poison to demigod she put it on the inside of his shirt and died so when he died he came back as a God
adriana curbelo (9 hours ago)
Eugene Orcino (17 hours ago)
i knew the original hercules before disney's hercules.
Flip Donu (21 hours ago)
Yeah Hades had nothing to do with Hercules suffering, Hera was his ultimate enemy.
Wilderness Man (23 hours ago)
No!!! Ronge!!!!!
Caden Miller (1 day ago)
It was 10 and he did not use his hands to get the poop out of a cabin and he did not kill the bour
Panther Paw (1 day ago)
Centaur are real theyre demon in our country they can kill u in spiritu way u can die without noticing it, the centaur in ph are called tikbalang , tikbalang is a enkanto or fallen angel
Shadowfeather (2 days ago)
This was so rushed.
tstt t (2 days ago)
I already knew that
michelle vlug (2 days ago)
And de name Hercules is wrong.
Ultra Instinct Shaggy (3 days ago)
one thing that is very FAKE the amazons heard about hercules and the quenn GAVE the belt ACTUALLY EVERYTHING IS FAKE AND WRONG DO YOUR STUDYING HERCULES IS FROM THE ROMAN VERSION YOU DUMP DUMP
Kurama (4 days ago)
Zeus knows them bitches line up for a man who knows his Chidori. #MotherFuckingPlayer
Shenika Mckinney (4 days ago)
Slow Internet (5 days ago)
Also Pegasus is actually the son of Poseidon (the sea god), and Medusa (Snake hair lady). He is also the twin of Chrysoar, which I’m pretty sure means “The golden sword”
Slow Internet (5 days ago)
*heracles = Hercules *artemis = Diana (Except Greek form) It’s kinda weird that the Greek and Roman names got mixed up, and combined them :/ I know they have basically the same legends and stuff but he names are different and it’d be nice bit mixing them. Not hating on the video or anything (and yes I know the movie’s name is Hercules), I just wanted to share that
pruan diamola (6 days ago)
its a cartoon (stupid) just fake dummy
Prudencia Mallari (7 days ago)
Its for kids so they change the story the real one is bloody
Monika Tamelyte (8 days ago)
that is not how you say megara
Dragon _Slayer (9 days ago)
Hahah I’m the 666 comment on this vid get wrecked also have fun with hell
oh em gee (10 days ago)
I thought meg was raped to death and hercules tried to save her but died by being poisended and than he tried to save her from hell
Luca206 (12 days ago)
Herakles. Not Hercules, Herakles. Fuck.
Happy RoadHog (12 days ago)
Why is this even disturbing, i grew up with this kind of myth
nuggistrike (12 days ago)
Agan ! What dept ? He was beainwash by her dads wife aka sister fucking dad ! Aka incest storry part 3 !
Marie Fanboy (12 days ago)
What actually happened: Kratos killed Hercules, The End.
dean winchester (12 days ago)
Greeks had the most horrible storytelling
Arden Sarcilla (12 days ago)
NISSI NISSI (13 days ago)
5:52 MINECRAFT: joined the chat
The anonymous_ Gamer (15 days ago)
Did anyone see tony stark as a centaur
softquackity ` (16 days ago)
That moment when u are Greek and you know all of this facts
Salman Hassan (16 days ago)
This all sounds so fake. Hercules and all mythology stories are man made, no realty at all.
Karina Flores (16 days ago)
Why did the sintar have iron mans heart
Joe Garza (16 days ago)
I never watched this movie so nothing was broken
Ultimax (17 days ago)
Religion is stupid
Crazymonkey526 (18 days ago)
Chiron is the centaur
Jim Yao (19 days ago)
Dude, we all know that
kelvin Nii Lartey (19 days ago)
Why is Hades akways descride evil?
ignfan4life (19 days ago)
A battle between Hercules and Gohan would be pretty cool.
Little_Wolf Studios (20 days ago)
It’s so different and so much brutal that the one I grew up with
T Sax Trombone (21 days ago)
🎵🎵Zero to hero oh oh oh. Theres this demigod that decided to become a god oh oh oh Then in the process he killed his family ee ee ee Afterwards(Afterwards) He got into a gay tionship not mentioned in this videoooo oh oh oooooooooh Centaurs are majestic creatures not anymooore Cuz guuuuueeess who killed them Hercules! Hercules!! Hercules!!!🎵🎵 (Speaking) Now I understand why people prefer perseus
Faith Garcia (21 days ago)
Sounds like the story of Perseus.
nicolielaine (22 days ago)
U got parts of the Hercules story wrong like only got the cuz the centar was saving for Hercules
personmanin (24 days ago)
Duh which Disney film is true to the roots of the story its imitating.
Marcus Segura (24 days ago)
Obi 123 (24 days ago)
I knew the real story when I was 8 because my teacher had a book about Greek myths which includes the real story.
Phynix Channel (27 days ago)
Hera told the king to give Hercules those horrible labors. Just read the Percy Jackson series....
Phynix Channel (27 days ago)
Is it horrible to think that the original is better than the movie? REAL Greek fan anyone?
Gacha Unicorn (28 days ago)
Why he think Megara is more important than fighting Hades? Edit I love the movie Hercules
samuel snake (1 month ago)
This is incorrect I study Greek mytolgy Hercules gets attacked and then he comes to death
Wolf Pack (1 month ago)
I actually think I have read most of those but I don't think some of them are true gotta read the book again
Trey Spiva (1 month ago)
Hera was a bitch in mythology
Creterampage Studios (1 month ago)
I knew that there were at least 10 things Hercules got wrong: 10. Zeus didn’t create Pegasus as a gift for Hercules. Pegasus was the child of Medusa and Poseidon, and was rode by Bellerophon. 9. Hercules didn’t slay every monster in Greece. Yes, he did kill the Hydra and Newman Lion, but Theseus killed the Minotaur, while Perseus decapitated Medusa. 8. The Titans weren’t giant monsters who caused chaos. They were humans, and their reign was good. 7. There were 9 Muses. In the animated film, there were 5. 6. Hercules didn’t live with Megara forever. Hera drove him mad, and he killed his wife (Megara) and two sons. 5. Hades was not a cruel ruler, and did not treat all souls bad. Hades was a righteous leader, and the only souls he treated badly were the souls in Tartarus. 4. Zeus and Alcmene had Hercules. Zeus would always be here and there having sex with goddesses and mortal women. 3. Hades did not try to kill Hercules. Hera tried to kill him because she was jealous every time Zeus cheated on her. 2. Hades was not an evil god who wanted to overthrow Zeus. The only person who knew Zeus could fail was Prometheus. 1. Hercules was just his Roman Name. His original name was Heracles.
Morimoto (1 month ago)
Err I don't think that Hercules from Disney was ever true? I thought everyone know that Hercules is from that tv show.
Jorge Yip Zhong (1 month ago)
After few thousand years he was summoned to battle for the holy grail for illyas......
Heracles Theodoros 2 (1 month ago)
I feel bad for Tholos the centaur which died. I love Hercules.
Rustley (1 month ago)
What, did you think a Greek mythological demigods story would be the same as the Disney movie version? That's just ridiculous.
you know... it is actually pronounced Heracles because he was named after Hera so she didn't kill it straight away. Hercules is a Roman name. ps Zeus does not care about his kids he is actually scared they would overthrow him. and you forgot the twin brother and THAT was a major part. THOSE CATTLE WERE MAN EATING CATTLE! and get some guys bull GET SOME GUYS BULL! THAT WAS LITERALLY THE FATHER OF THE MANTICORE! and clean another guy stable does not sound hard but those were the most filthy stable there was. wait am i hearing that at 5:36 they did not have a fight as soon as she took a look at him she gave him the belt for free... and no war! i don't care just don't watch the thing for mythology watch extra credits or overly sarcastic productions.
Jacob Cox (1 month ago)
Stefan Pigford (1 month ago)
Did any off them have ....SEXX
Bwettakiz Van schaltz (1 month ago)
Zigu Mike (1 month ago)
I mean .. It's a made up story.. So all these theories are as well.. the REAL story is done.. what's FAKE is your theories xD
KongWookiee Don (1 month ago)
Haha, the real story...
Yosef Swaty (1 month ago)
Great cross over with wonder woman
Trader123 (1 month ago)
What a suprise no other Disney movies have dark backgrounds
A.J Herbert (1 month ago)
"real" story is a bit of a stretch...
We will never no the truth , like you said it's what the legends say .. we will never no exacly what happened we will never no the real true story
Osama Manan (1 month ago)
Kratos was hercule's brother.😂😂😂
LazyGamer Z (1 month ago)
“The dude holding the word”😂😂😂😂😂 yea just a dude
ds sb (1 month ago)
This chanal thinks its racist when they bid moanas story wrong Why is it not racist when they didn't get this story wrong
Ostap Kucherha (1 month ago)
there is a movie about that
Ian Lloyd (1 month ago)
Pau Telfer's Hercules >>>> The Rock's Hercules
General Weeb (1 month ago)
No! Please stop! 🛑
Adrianna Byrne (1 month ago)
Wonder woman is my favourite superhero
Its Russell The Gamer (1 month ago)
0:19 that T in rhe bottom is triggering
EZ Duzit (1 month ago)
Kevin Mi (1 month ago)
Am l the only one that notice Hercule's story is just the same as God of War Kratos?
Jamie Lishbrook (1 month ago)
You mean from the game. Yeah cept hercules never killed zeus or medusa or persephone or charon or ares or gaia or any of the gods really.
Sadistic Sam (1 month ago)
Her voice tho...😏😏 Happy Women's Day whoever u are 😅😊
Jeff Bell (1 month ago)
Potroast? Lol ok I'm down with that.
Arkcantos -FPA- (1 month ago)
Someone forget to say on actually Hercules (Heracles) killed Hippolyta and the Amazons who pursuit him, single handed! And how Hercules was actually killed before ascend to Mt Olympus.
Jamie Lishbrook (1 month ago)
+Arkcantos -FPA- in any case i apologise for losing my head there. It was uncalled for and not my proudest moment.
Jamie Lishbrook (1 month ago)
+Arkcantos -FPA- this is awkward. I owe you yet another apology. I may have gotten my goddesses mixed up and confused hera for zeus' first wife. Who isn't as well known. In one of the legends i read zeus married another woman before hera who had better judgement than zeus did. So he ate her so she would be his conscience essentially and always be with him in his head to give him better judgement (not that he really listened to well) anyway she would later give birth to Athena who would split zeus' head open at birth and fall out of his skull. It was a weird story. Anyway im only human and my memory may have mistook her for hera when i said i read one where hera was a titan. Even through from a genetic standpoint she technically was. But yeah. My mistake man. No hard feelings i hope.
Jamie Lishbrook (1 month ago)
+Arkcantos -FPA- and yes. I know you weren't trying to be an ass. And neither was I. I apologise if it seemed like it. Later man.
Jamie Lishbrook (1 month ago)
+Arkcantos -FPA- im telling you i read a version of the legend where she was a titan. Im telling you the story now has been so obscured by time and constant retellings that the people doing the research to write books on the subject cant even agree on it. If you cant accept that than you have no business calking me stupid or lecturing me. And since were here if you REALLY wanna get technical then YES zeus was a titan. Just because you decide to change your title doesn't mean you change what's in your blood. He was bron from a titan. He had titan blood in his veins. And if you also wanna get technical of ALL the gods on olympus he was, by far, the biggest asshole. The dude cheated on his wife hundreds of times and with the exception of his children and mistresses almost completely turned his back on mortals. Im done with this conversation. Gonna go somewhere my nerdiness is appreciated. Peace out.
Arkcantos -FPA- (1 month ago)
+Jamie Lishbrook Buddy , your telling me Hera was titan? If so, goes same to Zeus. Do you know even know Hera was his elder sister? (Please... bear with this common thing if you're into Greek mythology. This is a common traditional myth, legend and also in real life. If you can't accept this fact, don't even bother to start topic on Greek mythology. Just don't practice though! ). *Check out who is Zeus and siblings parent though For Hercules (Still I prefer Heracles though) Why shouldn't Zeus let his son died? This part is an easy question but hard to answer... Maybe because he is a demigod, not immortal (this part will be even longer, don't ask...). Maybe Thanatos just want to rip his life out?!. Maybe we need more ironic story? Maybe why even you and me even communicate? (destined) Before I put in more theory to this topic this, have you even read how he died? And you din't ask about Perseus, how unfair... He also a demigod, son of Zeus. And for Hippolyta? Daughter of Ares, also means grand daughter of Zeus. However, end of the day, back to earlier argument, he still killed/slew ("Pawn" if you played DotA?) Hippolyta. He just do what he have/must do by all means to achieve his (greater) goal. And I list with reference though... Here you go, another additional source: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/amazon.html Spicific photo: Tampa 82.11.1, Attic black figure neck amphora, c. 510-500 B.C. Hercules battles the Amazons. The Amazon has fallen to one knee, supported by the shield on her left arm. A wrapped object at her waist may represent the prized belt. Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, California I think I wrote long enough. Just left for you buddy, to read, understand and accept it. Just go by my saying: The beauty of history is it happened. The beauty of our life is to make things to happen"
Simon ghost (1 month ago)
Its Greek mythology what else where you expecting
Simon ghost (21 hours ago)
Good point
Flip Donu (21 hours ago)
It's Disney of course they would butcher the real story.
That's a very shallow and uninteresting way to tell the story of Hercules
Plazyen (1 month ago)
Stop click baiting this it’s stupid. If you think Disney invented Hercules you can go fuk urselves
Erick Sandoval (1 month ago)
That magic the gathering card tho
GENERALYOUSIF (1 month ago)
Didn't most of us already know that?
Jesse Sinnathamby (1 month ago)
Did you just use Smite's Cerberus for this vid?
Ghost McGhost. (1 month ago)
Percy Jackson readers be like
Thabo Joy (1 month ago)
Domons in truth. Just sons of the Fallen angels
Alucard Hellsing (1 month ago)
thats why KRATOS killed those cocksuckers 😂😂😂😂
Jordan Toney (1 month ago)
Holy crap.. not even remotely correct. For one Hera, did nothing involving golden apples.. that was the goddess Eras. And in mythology the king was Hercules cousin who robbed him of the thrown at first. And then Meghara wasn’t killed by him in his fit. Just his sons. She exacts revenge on him by killing him with the venom from the hydra that he was killing the centaurs with..
John Seed (1 month ago)
1:58 zues from god of war?
Geral Gibson (1 month ago)
So sad to know the real story that herc killed meg and their children, and aslo herc has lots of gay boyfriends.. 😨
Miguelito Ramirez (1 month ago)
So zues is bad?
Linus Welch (1 month ago)
This a complete lie
Drenn23 (1 month ago)
Jon Solo did it better
Ba Thanh Santiago (1 month ago)
This is all wrong! The myth story is not right! I just earned the real myth at school just yesterday!
Khanh Nguyen (1 month ago)
Basaka Ore gai!
Jamie Olberding (1 month ago)
The true actual mythical legends of Hercules was terrible. Disney did a much better job.

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