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The Disturbing REAL STORY Behind Disney's Hercules

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The messed up origins of Hercules. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many of us know the Disney movie, “Hercules” as a feel-good story about a hunky Greek God. In the film, Hercules was turned into a demigod by the nefarious Hades. He had to perform several acts of heroism in order to reinstate his God status and return to Olympus with his parents, Zeus and Hera. Luckily he still had his superhuman strength. But things got complicated when he fell in love with Megara and sacrificed himself to save her. Because of his selfless heroic act, his God status was returned and he was allowed to return to Olympus. But he decided to stay with his mortal true love instead. Aw, so sweet! But that’s not how the real story goes. The Disney film is a pretty big departure from the way Greek mythology tells the story of Hercules. Ancient tales describe his journey as one of revenge, savagery, and madness. Here’s the disturbing real story behind Disney’s “Hercules.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (355)
Leah Matteini (9 months ago)
Yes! I love Hercules
Garret Roland (4 days ago)
i am not aerys
Alex Harris (23 days ago)
his name truly is heracles
εvεηт_ F1 (4 months ago)
red sonic (5 months ago)
I do to
James Fang (31 minutes ago)
hahahahahahahahaha Zeus you dirty freak
rival480 (16 hours ago)
it's a myth, not a legend, so as far as I'm concerned nobody's "right" in this since it's a make-belief story.
ItsSquid 02 (20 hours ago)
That’s not even Hercules in The Thumbnail Wtf
God Killer Kaonashi (23 hours ago)
Yo you guys are idiots that picture on the thumbnail isn’t Hercules it’s Saint Michael stabbing Lucifer smh
Random Player (23 hours ago)
Hercules didn't fight the lion with a club. The lion was known for having indestructible pelt, so Hercules strangled him to kill him. He afterwards wore his head and pelt as armor, as it is indestructible (the movie even hinted that once, They really had some attention to detail in my opinion)
Charlie Steward (1 day ago)
Hercules is the best
The Drevar (1 day ago)
So many ppl crying about Disney changing the story Yea I am a mythology geek too, but Disney needs to change stories to make the appropriate for children You'd be surprised how much they changed the Alladin story, they pretty much took a few characters and made a new story, it has almost nothing to do with the original Also Atlas isnt holding the world
jsum33 (1 day ago)
Atlas doesn’t hold the world he holds the heavens from the earth ie the sky.
jsum33 (1 day ago)
Also his Disney image was shot to shit when he slaughtered his family. Long before he killed a bunch of centaurs.
jsum33 (1 day ago)
Love Smite
Choz Valkyrie (1 day ago)
The bull name is taurus it winter constellation
zac mcman (1 day ago)
there is also a lot more information you missed get you facts straight and get it in the right time zone next time
Edgar Larios (1 day ago)
So where did the pursuit of the Golden Apples come into play in all of this?
KeeperPlus (1 day ago)
Why is the thumbnail Saint Michael the Arc Angel? That's not Hercules. Michael is real. Hercules is not
Flexgameplay (2 days ago)
He needed to complete 12 tasks, he did 14 but failed 2, and the king was his brother because zeus said the one who would be born first would be the king so hera gave another child birth first with that woman, his name was eurystheus
joosep paarnamets (2 days ago)
Better then fairy tale of jesus
gavino rafael fuerte (2 days ago)
That thumbnail.. Thats saint micheal
XWILDH34RTX (2 days ago)
This sounds familiar to god of war...
Ramew Sonyo (2 days ago)
This story is dumb and boring
William Extross (2 days ago)
Why is St Michael in the thumbnail?
Mitzos SirReal (2 days ago)
u pretty much got everything wrong in this vid... and people in the comments are telling u as well... funny how u ignore that, but "heart" the comments that say ur great... you are scum... u are lucky there are stupid kids or u wouldnt have any subs. cant believe a shit channel like urs has 3.5 mil. sadly i can dislike only once. fuck u and fuck ur video. and thank god for adblock
Sami Elabbadi (2 days ago)
top 10 hercules foot fungus that disney actually ATE!
TheHabsification (2 days ago)
XxGIORGIOxX (3 days ago)
lol i know that he finished his deeds slew a centaur his wife took the blood of the centaur placed it on the lion coat when heracles tried to remove it it would ripp off his skin and at the same time as he was filghting to get it off he fell in to the fire where he was screaming in pain untill zeus noticed him and felt sorry for him and brought him back
Tommaso Urbisci (3 days ago)
this real vs fake comparison seriously cracks me up like Hercules was a legit real person. oh and his original name is Heracles.
Pacha (3 days ago)
so we're gonna ignore the fact that the hydra had 6 heads instead of 9? okie.
Mushroom Head (2 days ago)
It could grow more heads.
triplenaruto1 (3 days ago)
Hera is the definition of a psychopathic woman. Your're miserable so everyone gets your fury. Even those who don't deserve it.
Fernando Valdez (3 days ago)
Why does the thumbnail have the image of Saint Michael the Archangel?
Balanced Breakfast (3 days ago)
Any reason why Michael is in the thumbnail? I mean ... The thumbnail isn't wrong... But...
Luani (3 days ago)
In the cover of the video was put michael the archangel.Is talko ingorant or did it just for views is the real question??!!!
Heracles is his real name, meaning glory from Hera.
ItsDaKoolaidDude (4 days ago)
Yeah, spoilers, Zeus is infamous for never keeping it in his pants, if it breathed, he likely got laid with it. Hell, I'm probably sure he started going after inanimate things after getting bored with the living.
ALTEC the GAMER (4 days ago)
Mizu Diastasi (4 days ago)
Hercules is terrible. If anyone of you read pjo you would know why. Even in the myths Hercules was terrible. Didn't he fall in love with another woman when he was married to Deinara? He is terrible.
Garret Roland (4 days ago)
i am not aerys
Garret Roland (4 days ago)
im a finger stamp. of praise. forth from of for such here. this and truth.
Garret Roland (4 days ago)
"P" italy.
internetguy (5 days ago)
Hercules parents are siblings. when I learned that my childhood was ruined, thanks Disney xD
clxwncrxwn (5 days ago)
Here’s a funny tidbit. Amazon’s were a thing of fancy for Greek/Roman soldiers ( like believing in unicorns 🦄)
wyatt mccoy (5 days ago)
The thumbnail is the archangel Michael 😂
edjae david (5 days ago)
Nooooo!!! Many of the things you're saying are wrong.. please read the real Greek mythology! Where did you get all the things you're talking about?
james fiaco (5 days ago)
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Why is your thumbnail showing the "Archangel Michael" on the real side not Hercules?
StringPuppet Maestro (5 days ago)
Hades also gave him trials, as well.
MrZurata (5 days ago)
Huh I wonder why they didn't make a Disney movie about a guy who cleaned up horse shit and ended up murdering his entire family. Really makes me scratch my head
Keith Heddleston Jr. (6 days ago)
I have to wonder since the gods were based on fallen angels and nephilim offspring. Was Heracles one or was he based on Samson?
Glendious Playz (6 days ago)
When they don’t know the real fking source of hercules
chikpom (6 days ago)
sintars. whud?
Kèlev Quigley (7 days ago)
If you mean fake, yes this is the fake story of him.
Nash Honrubia (7 days ago)
It is actually not disturbing
Tim Johns (7 days ago)
Actually athena drove Hercules mad because he shot her deer and killed it and that was her animal then he killed his family then he felt bad and then he went on the twelve missions then he married his daughter the kings daughter and then he killed them to then he stayed at sea for a long time when he came across the wall or troy and then helped build it because he took it down with his friends
DimitrisKritas (7 days ago)
Hercules died from a poisoned cloak a centaur gave to his wife . the centaur kidnapped his second wife and hercules shot him woth an arrow saving her. The centaur said to the woman to take hus blood and make him a cloak from it, because it would make him madly in love wothe her. The blood was poisoned and hercules wore the cloak it became one with his flesh . when he tried to take it off we would rip off his flesh as well . thats how he died eventually. The gods pitted him and took him to olympus. Thats how i know it.
Bennie Whip (7 days ago)
GOW fans be like... then came Kratos
Mike90 susanoo (7 days ago)
Title shows truth about Hercules. *Puts a picture of Saint Michael*
NateBit (7 days ago)
No ones gonna ask why michael is in the thumbnail
rose the nightfury (7 days ago)
Im a greek so u think I dont know the real story? Lets say its not exactly how u say it but ur closed
RΑF _ (8 days ago)
This is wrong I am from Greece and the story isn't like this
Diosenju Amv (8 days ago)
Goku will destroy Hercules
Bolestan Osmeh (8 days ago)
We all know REAL STORY of Hercules
NotoriousBAT (9 days ago)
Koopa Library (9 days ago)
For some reason Hercules real story sounds more like a person whose father cheated on his wife. Whom as a result was not accepted by his stepmother and not accepted into their household. As a result Hercules grew up with a lot of issues with anger problems whom blamed his stepmother for all of his problems. In one of his fits of rage he ended up killing his wife and children. Out of fear of the consequences he fled. Eventually he was rightfully imprisoned and forced to do manuel labour and/or forced to fight as a gladiator. He hated the king for that. Even in prison he ran into trouble and killed a bunch of his fellow inmates/gladiators. He was then forced into duty when the country ended up in war with a neighbouring country where he stole a bunch of loot. But he needed to allow the king (his overlord) the pick. And he got what was left over. In the end he died and rested in so-called peace.
Koopa Library (11 hours ago)
+Konstantin Korovilas and you know this how? Have you met Hercules? Did you exist when his tale was formed? It's and interpretation like any other. And i feel mine makes more sense then the mythical nonsense. At least if the tale is routed in reality and not just created. Just Like Maria was definitely not a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus.
Konstantin Korovilas (14 hours ago)
From your point of view and the knowledge that you have, mayhap it looks this way, but its Very wrong
Kierra Mack (9 days ago)
Wow Hera was an evil bitch take it out on your cheating husband not the baby
Jojobizad (9 days ago)
Why does the thumbnail have the Archangel Michael?
Lwazi Luvuyo (10 days ago)
Why is the Disney version more believable than the real one 🤔🤔
Rob D.Olmon (10 days ago)
Sounds like a bunch of fallen angels posed as false God's to mingle with the mortal women lol but who am I to say.
Romanus (10 days ago)
Btw, that picture with “real” was not Hercules, but it was St. Michael the Archangel, an angel.
Nowl Wane (10 days ago)
Plus, Zeus is the brother of Hera
Ace Abris (10 days ago)
yes and they're married. just like hephaestus and aphrodite.
Daniel Jones (11 days ago)
What about the incest?
That is how the greece storys are not like yours
I am from greece and I know better the story you have to do more study about this
Angels and Demons (12 days ago)
Ok but there not even real though
x Absolute (12 days ago)
It’s not Hercules in the thumbnail it Saint Michael, how do I know? it’s my confirmation name, and we had to research in it
Mushroom Head (2 days ago)
Yeah he looks too girly. The real Heracles/Hercules was a badass and fought monsters naked! (Wearing only the Lion's skin from the first task.)
Bill Le (12 days ago)
The movie basically broke the original mythology
JGN CHANNEL (12 days ago)
Are you dumb the thumbnail hercules/heracles isn't St. Michael the Archangel.
Panos Patlias (13 days ago)
This ending is not true at all... Hercules married Deianira. Deianira was abducted by a Centaur named Nessos and when Hercules shot him with poisonous arrows, Nessos told Deianira just before he died that Hercules would never really love her unless she got Nessose's coat and give it to Hercules to put it on... Little did she know that the coat was filled with the Poison from Nessose's wounds. When she gave it to Hercules he wore it and died from the poison too..
Tristan Berry (13 days ago)
Just wanted to let you know that Hercules is the Roman version the Greek is Heracles after his stepmother Hera
Lukas Sprehn (13 days ago)
Real my ass. Mythology is not real.
Edgardo (13 days ago)
Fucking cerberus is there from smite lol
Moon cat6777 (14 days ago)
I know the story we were doing great things Greek mythology Greek mythology are classified about Hercules and this is my favorite one I heard about the 12 labors that he did
Bilikat Bilikat (15 days ago)
O MY GOD IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT HERACLES LIFE, MAKE SURE TO KNOW THE HOLE STORY BECAUSE I AM GREEK AND I WAS TAUGHT THE STORY IN SCHOOL SO PLEASE, THE STORY YOU PRESENT IS HALF FALSE, SO GO READ AN ACCURATE SITE, AND NOT THE PERCY JACKSON BOOK. JUST AN ACCURATE SITE. Sorry about the ''yelling'' but the video wasn't accurate, something annoying for me, and reading the comments made things worst. Oh and I think Heracles died in the end, but i cannot remember it very well. here is the real story : https://www.ancient.eu/article/733/the-life-of-hercules-in-myth--legend/
ray medina (16 days ago)
*_"Real Mythology"_*
Andrew Gan (16 days ago)
The real story of Hercules. His mortal enemy was his no good father's jealous and very possessive wife and sister hera.
sans is ness (16 days ago)
Wow why did herculese have to pay the price
Robert Richards II (17 days ago)
Wait ok I am so confused in one story shes gives him the belt because she was impressed by his reputation and now he steals it so which one is true did he steal it or did she give it to him?
Lesser Boi (17 days ago)
4:34 that centaurs is from legendary wars :D
S-L Million (20 days ago)
Don’t forget pese Pedaphilia? Like ackilees dudes would sleep with young teens and become partners
A Lamb (20 days ago)
I think it's hilarious that they keep saying things like 'this was nothing like the real story.' The real story? Seriously??
Martin Nguyen (20 days ago)
I used to like Disney's Hercules. I prefer the original Greek Mythology of Hercules because it is a darker story.
Randy Gutierrez (22 days ago)
This is why Perseus is way better than Hercules....
Ελινα Δημα (22 days ago)
I'm Greek and I can say all this are totally true
Laura Tompkins (25 days ago)
Wonder woman Amazon warrior princess my ass.
Richy Rooks (28 days ago)
Hera is not a God. A God wouldn't blame the child for a cheating husband.
the Orca (28 days ago)
There was another live movie of Hercules that said a lot of what was shown in stories like these were big exaggerations.  The movie said that Herc was a big strong guy and a great fighter, but not a demigod, he was strong just not super strong. They also showed that other characters weren't exactly like in the stories either.  The centaurs were just guys riding big horses, Cerberus was just 3 big wolves instead of a 3 headed dog and the hydra was a group of men wearing snake masks instead of the big monster serpent.  The movie said that there was a person who recorded what Hercules did and spiced it up big time to make it sound better.
big horse (29 days ago)
Ok, its a myth. We have different theories about it because it didnt actually happen. Iknow i know, you'd be ranting about it. Lets just get the main concept about it. 1. Hercules was hated by Hera so he did something to Hercules to make him go bonkers and murdered his wife and Children. 2. He did the 12 Labours and became a God in the end.
Eli Babbitt (29 days ago)
Nyima Touray (1 month ago)
Actually Hercules had 12 children and ate them alll
Mushroom Head (23 hours ago)
He didn't eat them though, he killed them in a crazed frenzy. Kronos was the one that ate his children.
Nyima Touray (1 day ago)
No look it up that’s why he had to do all them twelve quests it was twelve quests because he had twelve children
Mushroom Head (2 days ago)
That was Kronos...
Nova (1 month ago)
Ah, using a picture of Archangel Michael for the "real".
Invincible Rage (1 month ago)
The real one would've been a hell of a great adult rated R live-action film.
I can see why kratos killed him
Thanos Car (1 day ago)
Zues right cuzhe a godlymanhoe lol
scifinerd17 (7 days ago)
God is my fortress VerHalen and Zeus too, he’s a douche

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