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this video is all about how I am budgeting my trip to Hawaii! I included some tips that I am not using this trip but would love to use in the future to plan a budget trip to Hawaii. Let me know in the comments what you think of this video! ❀ EBOOK: http://www.amandaroundtheglobe.com/product/how-to-travel-the-world/ ↠ My Videos ↞ ☼ HOW I SAVED MONEY TO TRAVEL: https://youtu.be/uEGZP8d5u7o ☼ PLACES I'VE BEEN: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP_FCaUgGdGJT-owbvgLcR7F1gxVhtwfg GET TWO FREE BOOKS ON AUDIBLE: http://amzn.to/2qvAtBw Use this link to get 10% off at CabinZero: https://cabinzero.refersion.com/c/9510c7 [With promo code: CZAMANDAROUNDTHEGLOBE] ↠ Shop ↞ ❀ TRAVEL NECESSITIES: http://www.amandaroundtheglobe.com/amanda-approved/ ❀ EBOOK: http://www.amandaroundtheglobe.com/product/how-to-travel-the-world/ ↠ MY BOOKS ↞ ☯ How To Travel The World: http://www.amandaroundtheglobe.com/product/how-to-travel-the-world/ ↠ Let's Get Social ↞ ♡ WEBSITE: http://www.amandaroundtheglobe.com ♡ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/AmandaRoundTheGlobe ♡ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AmandaRoundTheGlobe ☆MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired ☆Get $25 Airbnb Credit: http://www.airbnb.com/c/akelly1163 ☆Best Travel Credit Card: https://www.referyourchasecard.com/6/0P1RDNUO9P Note: The above links are affiliate links. I was given these links to promote, because I love both of the above services and use them often. It won't cost you anything extra to use them, but I get a little benefit from it. It would be a super kind way of supporting me. :) If you find value and/or inspiration from my videos, consider supporting me on Patreon! See my Patreon page here: http://patreon.com/amandaroundtheglobe
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Nicole Salinas (1 month ago)
Any tips on activities in Oahu?
Nicole Salinas (1 month ago)
Wish my luck! I’m going to Oahu next month! My boyfriend and I are renting an Airbnb and car, we are only staying for 6 day so.Thanks for the tips sweetie! Love you
Joyce Toingar (3 months ago)
What's the point of going if you aren't experiencing the culture
Joyce Toingar (3 months ago)
+Amanda Round the Globe That's cool thx for the reply love it channel
Amanda Round the Globe (3 months ago)
I like to live like a local when I travel. I visited the local markets, went to tons of beaches, and lived with locals. I even went to the more touristy places like Waikiki to watch the sun set and have a hawaiian cocktail on the beach. In my mind, I experienced loads of culture. Maybe I didn't see or do everything, but I saw and did a lot of things. What do you consider experiencing the culture?
Adventure Lyfe (5 months ago)
Isn’t Hawaii rad? We just spent a lot of time exploring all over Hawaii and lived there for awhile . We seem to have a lot in common! Subscribe to our channel if you want! Maybe sometime we’ll run into one another somewhere in this world 🤙🏼✌🏼
P J (9 months ago)
This sounds like an awful way to travel. What are you travelling for? What’s your purpose? Super weird advice. You should be mentioning to people that they can reach-out to genuine people in the country they wish to visit & take a leap, possibly reaching out to people with a similar hobby etc... then see if you can stay with them. That’s how you make long term new friends & explore countries.
Cora & carlie show (9 months ago)
for me and my 19-year-old cousin to go to Kailua Hawaii for 1 week. for a flight from Toronto, ONT to Kailua Hawaii & back it costs roughly $1,600 per person ( So me plus my cousin would cost $3,200) & I looked into Hotels and found that a 7-night stay in the cheapest hotel for 1 bedroom single bed it costs $ 869. so for a 1 week trip to Kailua Hawaii for my cousin and I, it would cost $4069.
Gabo Prado (11 months ago)
A one thousand is enough for one week??including hotel
Porscha MrskeyzMoore (7 months ago)
Hello, I am certified travel agent. I would love to assist you in your planning. Pleas register at my site. Porschamoore.inteletravel.com
Gerald Clark (11 months ago)
I'm off to pahoa this august to stay at my pals ,I'm flying from Glasgow Scotland ,7000miles away lol.x
Gerald Clark (11 months ago)
God Bless you amanda,ty,.x
m robble (1 year ago)
More about the work away? What’s that!
You’d have to google it!! There is so much info and they are all different haha
Jamie Banks (1 year ago)
I love Hawaii!! I've been to Maui and I really want to go to Kaui! Thanks for these tips Amanda!
Kauai is gorgeous! You should definitely go, you'll love it!
H FS (1 year ago)
You look delighted to be in Hawaii. Have a super time.
I'm so happy to be warm again! Haha ;)
Lia Victoire (1 year ago)
this one is a keeper! thank you so much for sharing your tips! Subbed! look forward to see what more your have for us! lots of love xx
thank you so much! Let me know if you have any video suggestions xoxo
Nika Dobrovolna (1 year ago)
If you are staying at your friends place most of the time (to work) and then spend the rest of the time on the beach, what kind of traveling hacking/ budget tip that is?I looked into Hawai earlier this year and as it is at the opposite site of the world I live in, if i go, I'd love to live it - travel across different islands, go for the hikes, also spend some time on the beach.I understood this trip is like a stopover for you, but title is a lot misleading. At least I have not learned anything about prices (esp. for accommodation and transportation) nor budgeting..
Karlona W (9 months ago)
I agree. You aren’t even enjoying Hawaii if you stay in and do nothing the whole time. The title is very misleading.
This is my experience on how I've been budgeting. I am sorry it wasn't helpful to you, but I did give some tips on how to get cheap accommodation, and free or cheap things to do. I mentioned that it would be ideal to rent a car to see the island and go for hikes, but I am not doing that as I have a friend here who has a car. I'm sorry if you didn't find this helpful!
Tracey Anne (1 year ago)
Workaway is a good idea, hadn't thought of that; and I guess you'd meet lots of people that way that you can travel with. It sounds like once you've got accommodation and transport sorted, the other expenses aren't too bad. I'd love to go to the Big Island and hike around the volcanos there, or visit the telescopes. I had a look at inter-island flights and they were pretty reasonable too. It's freezing here in New Zealand, so I'm pretty jealous right now 😁
ah I bet its cold there! I was freezing my butt off in Sydney when I left. Definitely look into these tips and you can plan a super cheap trip to Hawaii! These tips plus travel hacking would make your trip maybe even cheaper than you'd live in NZ :)
Meg C. (1 year ago)
The first time my husband and I went to Hawaii we were super broke, I made minimum wage, and what we did was search for cruise packages every single day and eventually we found one on Orbitz for super cheap. It was an inside guarantee cabin and with round trip air fare (it even was a direct flight nonstop service from Las Vegas to Honolulu) included we paid $1800.00! When you consider the meals were also included that was a great deal. So if you're okay with cruising (some people don't want to cruise) then I suggest searching the vacation sights daily or as often as you remember to.
if you use travel hacking and the tips I laid out in this video, you could travel to Hawaii for almost free! There are so many options :)
npigwnl (1 year ago)
Hawaii is on the exact opposite of the world for me so the place ticket alone is $$$$$ 😬 Maybe one day!
npigwnl that's what travel hacking is for!!
Ash (1 year ago)
Omg I needed this vid. Went to Maui like 16 years ago and really wanna go back. Def gonna consider the work away option!
yay you definitely should! Tbh I'm considering doing that myself haha it sounds great! My housemates in Oahu went there and they said that they went to one that was super vegan and they did yoga everyday! Sounds like paradise to me :)
Glam by Cheryl (1 year ago)
Dream destination 💖💗
it's such a beautiful place!! You should visit!!
Sarina (1 year ago)
Great video. I want to go there one day
it's beautiful, you should definitely go!
What do you guys think? Who wants to take a budget trip to Hawaii???
Amanda Round the Globe (3 months ago)
+Vanessa Ferguson sorry, Michael is my partner :) he doesn't live in hawaii. And my friend who does live in hawaii doesn't live in that house any more, and no longer has a spare room. If you are interested in staying with locals, I'd recommend looking into Couchsurfing.com :) I've used it tons of times and it's a great site - I have loads of videos about it if you have questions :)
Rasta Fam (11 months ago)
I do.. 💝🌍 Thank you for sharing great advice and tips.. I feel Hawaii is calling my soul!! I will be looking into work aways..
Vanessa Ferguson (11 months ago)
Amanda Round the Globe . Hi, Would your friend Michael like to accommodate me for a stay while I check out the living in Hawaii please? I am semi retired but live on a very tight budget & would love to try life out in Hawaii. Could you ask your friend Michael if I could email him & for his address (I mean email) in Hawaii please? Thanking you so much. Yours Vanessa in the UK. Cheers.👍🏿😇😋✖️🔘✖️🔘
Meg C. (1 year ago)
Would love to go back to Maui it's my favorite place in the world so far. <33 Also, Amanda you should see if you can get to Akaka Falls State Park in Hilo. It is so so pretty!

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