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50mm Natural Light Fashion Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

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LOCATION: POZNAN, POLAND See the final photos on my blog: http://blog.juliatrotti.com/pictures/midsummer-storms Another blog post with the rest of the photos is coming next week! So please keep an eye out for that :) And watch the fashion film by Dan here: https://vimeo.com/imakefilms -- MUSIC // I'll Be There by Joakim Karud Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud and Life by Kronicle Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/the-chemist-10 -- FIND US ON // Digital Film Actions Website // www.digitalfilmactions.com Instagram // www.instagram.com/digitalfilmactions Facebook // www.facebook.com/digitalfilmactions Julia Trotti Website // www.juliatrotti.com Blog // blog.juliatrotti.com Instagram // www.instagram.com/juliatrotti Facebook // www.facebook.com/juliatrottiphotography Flickr // www.flickr.com/paperaeroplanes Snapchat // jtrotti I Make Films Website // www.imakefilms.com.au Instagram // www.instagram.com/danpodbierezki Facebook // www.facebook.com/imakefilms.au -- VLOG CAMERA SETUP // Sony RX100iv Sony a7s + Sigma 24mm f1.4 PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA SETUP // Canon 5dmkiii Sigma 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2 -- Thank you so much for watching! xx
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Julia Trotti (10 months ago)
Check out the Lightroom Presets I used to edit the photos in this video :) Here: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-amalfi-lightroom-preset/ 💛
jaime rincezl'oeil (17 days ago)
Antoni Kotowski (25 days ago)
My city❤️👌🏻
Roie Mizrahi (1 month ago)
Love your work ! I have 2 questions: - I see that in all of your vids you take the photos when there's no sun (mostly cloudy days). Is that on purpose ? What would you do different if the sun was out ? - Which focus mood do you use in your cam so it continues focusing on the subjects eyes ? It doesn't seem like you're using a single focus point, and your work seems to be so fluency. Thanks ! You are the best !
Kim Leijten (1 month ago)
Hi Julia! First of all: I really lóve your videos. They are such a pleasure to watch ^__^! I was wondering.. At what kinda settings do you shoot your portraits mostly? :) With love, Kim
Javier Diaz Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Hello julia excellent video and photos, with which lens you record your sessions and trips?
Javier Diaz Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Hello julia excellent video and photos, with which lens you record your sessions and trips?
Jovan Teo (4 months ago)
I just realised that some of the images were shot with Canon 35mm 1.4L instead. Notice the focusing ring has your "replacement" band on it while your 50mm L doesn't have. 02:45 onwards you used the 35mm.
Jovan Teo (4 months ago)
+Julia Trotti No biggies :) Just letting people know in case they thought they could get a wider angle shot with the 50mm :)
Julia Trotti (4 months ago)
Yep, this was back in my early time on YouTube so I didn't think to mention that I switched lenses in the video :(
Elder Kiefer (5 months ago)
Yeaah perfect! I hope you come to Brazil 🇧🇷 someday! I will love 😍
Jennifer Arnold (5 months ago)
Hi Julia. I’m trying to be a portrait photographer too! I follow you a lot. However, I have a friend that would like me to do some pregnancy shots of her. Do you have any videos on that or recommendations? Thanks
שרון הבר (5 months ago)
Model is seriously hot! No link to her Instagram account as it is on other youtube channels. Some how I like more some compositions the video man did, if to take snap shoots frim there. He has to better stabilize the camera.
Hannah Basler (7 months ago)
what app do you use to get the white borders?
Julia Trotti (7 months ago)
I put together all my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro, so that's how I add the borders around my images :)
uzzy uzwa (7 months ago)
so cool !
Paul Eade (10 months ago)
How much do you pay the models?
PokePotato (10 months ago)
I am so in love with these pictures! I'm a beginner in photography, but I never know how to properly communicate with my models;; Do you use a filter on your video as well, or is it just the camera itself that has such pretty colors? Thanks!
Julia Trotti (10 months ago)
Thank you! Yes, I have a filter on my videos - I try to keep it looking as natural as possible though, so it's a subtle filter :)
DJPixelList (11 months ago)
Lovely video, lovely model..loved watching.
Arina Chernikova (11 months ago)
Julia I am in love with your work and how cute person you are too:) what strap you have for the camera? ♥️
Tracy S (11 months ago)
The most creative model I've ever watched. It must have been impossible to stop photographing her. Gorgeous photos.
Scott D (11 months ago)
Julia - your videos are so infectious that I just bought a 50mm f/1.2 on eBay ($AU1250 in mint condition). I've got to experience that bokeh! I'll keep the f/1.8 STM version for light travel and going to sell the f/1.4. :)
TonnyCaicedo (11 months ago)
Do you ever use auto focus ??! Or is it always manual focus !??
TonnyCaicedo (11 months ago)
Julia Trotti yay! I bought the canon 50mm 1.4 and I’m obsessed ! Also your tips have helped ! A lot !
Julia Trotti (11 months ago)
I use auto focus as I like to shoot at 1.2 :)
israel ramirez (11 months ago)
Do you sell the presets?
Julia Trotti (11 months ago)
Yes! You can find all my presets here: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/ :) I used Amalfi for these photos!
WaifuNoLaifu (11 months ago)
omg I'm a young polish photographer and I'm in love with ur work and when I heard "Hello so today I'm in Poland and..." I was like WAIT WHAT WHERE UR AT?
Julia Trotti (11 months ago)
Haha aw thank you! My boyfriend (who films all these videos!) is Polish and has lots of family there, so we visit every couple of years :)
Taimoor Creation (11 months ago)
You’re more beautiful then the model ! I wish if you were a model 😊
Taimoor Creation (11 months ago)
Also tell the Camera setting 🙁
Julia Trotti (11 months ago)
I've included all my camera settings in my latest behind the scenes videos :)
Jennifer Peguero (1 year ago)
i still cringe watching the 2.8 aperture but then again, i work with a cropped sensor and its respective lenses, so it’s not the same sharpness hahaha. amazing!
Ala Bodak (1 year ago)
Hey Julia :) It is so nice to see Poznań in your photos because I live in Poland, in a city pretty similar to it. I've been always avoiding going to the old town in order to do a photoshoot but after watching your video I am super convinced haha. I was wondering, why did you actually come to Poland? It's not the most popular travel destination especially if you are from Australia. Have a nice day :)
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you! And yes you should go to the old city to take photos!! Even if you don't completely get all the buildings in the shot, I feel like there are so many beautiful colours and textures to work with around there :D My boyfriend Dan (who films all these videos!) is Polish and has lots of family who lives over there, so we go to visit every couple of years!
angela warmington (1 year ago)
I am so glad i found your channel. Your videos have been a huge help in me growing my own style. And I've learned so much from your editing tutorials. You're very talented and your work is beautiful!
izumi michael (1 year ago)
julia may i know your settings? and what is the name of your editing style ? i love the colour tones , what is the name of tone?
izumi michael (1 year ago)
the preset that u used ,what is the name of preset of yours?
Yaw Asiedu (1 year ago)
beautiful images
alacarteno (1 year ago)
ur models are so pretty !!
novita pratiwi (1 year ago)
You're so amazing!!💕
SeanP7195 (1 year ago)
Polish women are great to look at but not to date. Take it from me :(
Emanuel Rahmanan (1 year ago)
Love the vids can you make one comparing the 50mm with the 35 mm for portraits
iry0z_Q8 (1 year ago)
Sweet girl 😻👌
ANDS (1 year ago)
Great content! Out of curiosity how do you color grade your videos?
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you! I use my own custom presets with Lumetri in Premiere Pro 😊
Lexi Clark (1 year ago)
OMG NEW FAVORITE CHANNEL! You are literally so freaking amazing!! I was looking for footage on a certain lens and came across your channel. Honestly what a find 💕💕
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
YAY thank you so much!!
jay rock (1 year ago)
if you dont mind whats ur white balance ? thanks
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
It was at 5200K :)
Sudip Das (1 year ago)
Lovely! I’m just curious.. how on this earth you find such secluded places to shoot..be it the serene beaches, pretty gardens or the beautiful streets. I don’t think it could be Google (otherwise half the people on this planet would be there). Secret sources then? ;)
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you! I'm going to make a video about how I find locations soon, but to address the emptiness of places, a lot of my shoots are usually at very popular places. This shoot was almost in the middle of the main city of Poznan! I believe because I normally do my photoshoots during the week, there aren't as many people around compared to the weekend!
Crystal Chambers (1 year ago)
Hi Julia....had to subscribe. Love love love ur vids, photos etc. Keep sharing ;)
Eduardo Segovia (1 year ago)
Inspiring. I love your videos!
H a n a ! (1 year ago)
Aww ❤️❤️ you was make photos In poland ! My country ! Love Your photos ❤️ Your the best ❤️
Maria Sudermann (1 year ago)
I am a bit confused, hope my question is not too dumb or inappropriate.. What is the arrangement here? The agency pays you to shoot the model? Or if there is "fashion" in the title than it's always for a client, so you and the model get paid? Love your work since what feels like forever <3
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! These types of portrait photoshoots are for model portfolios!
Pam0284 (1 year ago)
How do you get enough light if you don't own a 1.2 lens?
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
You can bring your ISO up to let some more light into your photo and shoot with a slower shutter speed! I would recommend not going under 1/60 for still subjects (landscape, buildings, etc) and not going under 1/100 for portraits (as long as they are standing relatively still and not spinning/walking around!
Dirty Beatz TV (1 year ago)
How many pictures did you take that day and how many were used?
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I think I took about 800-900 images and I edited about 30 of them - Suzanne just had so many different poses, I couldn't cull it down any more!
Tavis Bohlinger (1 year ago)
So glad you did a vid with the 50mm 1.2; please do more (even though you love your 35)!
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I will! 💛
No name (1 year ago)
oh julia! I'm in love with this shoot😍
DXTR ACBS (1 year ago)
The focus hunting in the video made my head and eyes hurt. It was so hard to watch. The content and the shots were great.
Nicole Albornoz (1 year ago)
Love the edition of photos and the directions but it's weird when you cut her feet or hand, it's awkward. BTW Poland it's beautiful
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you! I prefer sometimes capturing the "imperfect" photo as I personally feel like it conveys more of a mood and perfection is not something I strive to capture. I only don't crop the feet out if I'm getting a full body standing photo :)
carn patrick (1 year ago)
Hey, ​the videos say 50mm but aren't the majority of the shots taken with your 35?
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
It was half and half! I spent the first hour or so taking photos on my 50 and the next hour taking photos on my 35 :)
Rachael John (1 year ago)
What's your reasoning for choosing the 50mm over your 24mm, 35mm and 85mm? Interested to know :)
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I have a video on my channel called My Favourite Lenses which explains why I like using the 50mm and 35mm so much! They are beautiful portrait lenses that work for the types of photos that I am after - portraits with a little bit of bokeh but not too much like what the 85mm produces.
Luke Genesis (1 year ago)
I really like your eye for compositions 👌❤️
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!
anha flint (1 year ago)
Could you show us SOC photos ? Before you crop them ? And how do you organise your shoots ? Are you paid to do them or are those juste for "fun" "practice" or whatever we could call them ? What's your workflow before the shoot ? So many questions haha ! Thanks for the behind the scenes, it really helps
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Yess! This is something I really want to do every now and then, show a SOC shot and then the final edited photo. Will try to do that for one of my next behind the scenes. And thank you for all the other suggestions too, I've written them all down to make some videos about it all :)
Humphrey Chang (1 year ago)
What made you decide to go with the 1.2 as opposed to the 1.8? it's like $1,000+ in difference! haha
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I have this video about the 1.2 vs 1.4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9qyoVYhhFk&t But basically, I needed the weatherproof lens since I work full time and often don't get a choice whether I'm shooting in the rain or not :) The images are also more crisp!
Azulian (1 year ago)
Amazing work!
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Rasica Photo (1 year ago)
I love the way how you hold your camera, unique style!
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!! :D
Giovanni Malausa (1 year ago)
Just to say... the video is continuously out of focus
Elyes Esco (1 year ago)
kalpesh modi (1 year ago)
Just found your channel via PetaPixel. I subscribed right away and love your work. Keep sharing
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Ah that's awesome! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)
GripUp (1 year ago)
That shot at 4:08/4:09...wow. The framing, the pose, the light. Stunning. Aram
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!
spanish. ink (1 year ago)
Ciao Julia, What pressets are you using?
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Aw that is so sweet, I hope they enjoyed watching! 💛
spanish. ink (1 year ago)
Julia Trotti Gracias , love Amalfi , awesome light and views . BTW yesterday my doughters got their first reflex. Their Are 6 And 8 , so i show them your videos. (Girls talk). Hugs from Oslo, Eduardo , foto.design
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Hello! I used my Amalfi Lightroom Preset: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-amalfi-lightroom-preset/ to edit all these photos :)
Domenica Calarco (1 year ago)
So stunning Julia, you have incredible talent. Would love to shoot with you one day if you're ever in Sydney xxx
Domenica Calarco (1 year ago)
Julia Trotti hit me up on Insta, would love to collab xxx @domenica.calarco
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
thishuman born (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful model and such Incredibles photos ❤❤
Life's Beautiful (1 year ago)
Beautiful model. Great work, Julia. You’re amazing.
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Mark Harris (1 year ago)
I hope you found Poland every bit as beautiful as I did 20 years ago. Your images have a Portra 100 look about them, which is one of my favourite looks. I love the slightly muted look, it says much more to me than a garish over HDRed look. Two very talented ladies, and man recording the video.
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I absolutely adore Poland, luckily my boyfriend has lots of family there so we get to visit often :)
Paul Overmeyer (1 year ago)
Beautiful shoot, love the model's natural poses, she looks so relaxed, yet so good.
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Jason Bodden (1 year ago)
Nice work. New subscriber here. Love your vids so far :)
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Emanuel Rahmanan (1 year ago)
Hey Julia, Love the photos. so my name is Emanue ive been shooting for 3 years and fell in love with street fashion photography, i love your way of shooting too, i use a 35mm 1.4 and a 85 1.8. i wanted to know how you find models when you travel thank you.
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Hey, thank you! That's a nice combination of lenses for street photography! When I travel, I get in contact with the local modeling agencies as I find that's the easiest way to put shoots together, otherwise I try to find people on Instagram! But this shoot in particular I got in contact with Gaga models which is the leading modeling agency in Poland :)
Lena Engel (1 year ago)
Your edits are beaauutifuul!!! 😍 Do you have a tutorial on how you do them? 💜
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I have Lightroom Presets: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/ which are completed looks for photos. Otherwise I have a bunch of Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials up on my channel! 💛
David Aelbrecht (1 year ago)
Cool Julia! I have the 85mm f1.2 aswel but what about the Canon 135mm f2 ? happy ? more than the 85mm ? I am hesitate to buy this one! ? (135mm)
David Aelbrecht (1 year ago)
First of all for the quick responds! ;-) and yes when I read you! you right! the contact with the model is very important! and maybe sell my 24mm for the new 35mm usm2! I will see, I do not realy like travel at weddings with a lots of lenses.. all the time just my 24mm 1.4L and 50mm f1.2L connected on each body...easy to swap from one to another... Julia you are a good photographer! ;-) Cheers, David from Belgium www.citronvert.be
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Personally, I wouldn't use the 135mm for shooting portraits for a few reasons: that telephoto look isn't what I go for personally in portraits, I prefer to be physically closer to my model while I'm shooting as I like to talk a lot lol and the 85mm in my opinion looks way better than the 135mm. I have a 135, but I mostly use it at weddings when I'm shooting the ceremony or speeches if the couple is far away and I don't want to get into anyone's way! I always suggest that if you are interested in a lens but you aren't sure whether to buy it or not - hire it first for a day or two and do a shoot on it to see if it's the right fit for you :)
nalan jos (1 year ago)
Hai I am beginner photographer.pls Can you help me full setting on cannon mark IV 5D
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Hey! I have a video explaining how to use your camera on manual mode: https://youtu.be/5IrvU5zC_Jw?list=PLlnuA32fI3up_woscc7Dzk76PBrwhJ3pP Hope that helps!
Jenna Williams (1 year ago)
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Yasss thank you!! 💛
master best (1 year ago)
great work :) both of you are really beautiful i am from new york.... i take picture as well pass by Instagram: unlocked23 thanks
ThrasherTheKid (1 year ago)
Your light faded editing is so beautiful. Keep it up.
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much :)
Annesha Adams (1 year ago)
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
DJ (1 year ago)
auto focus in video is annoying always searching because fstop
yaoshi huang (1 year ago)
boy IMAO, the vlog photographer did a better job than the portrait photographer...
Nibes000 (1 year ago)
Amazed by how clean the streets are. Weird thing isn't it?
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I've found that most of Europe is really clean which I absolutely love and think the rest of the world should look up to that.. I wish Australia where I lived was this clean! It's a shame :(
Gareth Dix (1 year ago)
Any tips on convincing your partner to do the BTS filming? I generally have to do it myself 😂
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Haha well I'm lucky because my boyfriend Dan is a videographer, so he comes to shoots to create fashion films from them and I also ask if he can just film a few extra clips so I can put together a behind the scenes 😄 Maybe you could try to find some local videographers who are just starting out and may want to film for some experience?
RHEIID (1 year ago)
These photos are beautiful, and I love the relaxed approach you take to the shoot it’s so natural and I feel like this translates so well in the images
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
Houria Bensoltana (1 year ago)
I like 😍👌❤
Diogo Zampieri (1 year ago)
I love this! There is just so much tech going on right now and photographers usually tend to overuse light and other equipments. I love to see natural light being used, it's beautiful, it's nature and really showcases how good your work is
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Ah thank you! I really appreciate it :)
GilbertTV (1 year ago)
what wonderful pictures you made...a truly beautiful model & awesome location too
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Anthony Moody (1 year ago)
wow your post processing is really nice (:
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Martin Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I love your color grading! Just now I am working with Affinity Photo. If you shouldn't know it, you really need to check it out. It does a real good job for its price :) Greats from germany :-P
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I've been meaning to check out some new colouring programs, I'll give Affinity a go! :)
sagar ba (1 year ago)
Hey how did you achieve this effect? How did you edited this photos will you post the video
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I would love to post an editing tutorial for these photos! I actually used my Amalfi Lightroom Preset to edit the colours with: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-amalfi-lightroom-preset/
Johnathan Dana (1 year ago)
Poland is so BEAUTIFUL!
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
It is! I love it there so much!
Ryan Luna (1 year ago)
So...just get an experienced model, expose for the skin, give the images that blueish washed out process, and you're golden?
Nico Castillo (1 year ago)
Sooooo where's your own work? Mind if we take a look at them too?
Neo Brian (1 year ago)
I found the photos really well taken. I'd say she did a really good job on the cropping and composition. I also like how she edited her pictures. The colours may have been her own style, so you can't just judge someone based on how they want to colour their images. And never did she mention herself that she's golden in her photography skills, nor did she claim that her editing is. So, really, instead of commenting something grim, it would be more helpful to give some constructive criticisms. You have no idea how hurtful it is when you put all that effort into making the video, hiring/asking models, make-up artists, spending many hours in making the videos and editing the photos just to get a comment like yours.
Sungha 0019 (1 year ago)
No no no... It's more than that
Kay Iqbal (1 year ago)
I didn't even feel any of the photos. Her editing wasn't even that nice.
Ryan Luna (1 year ago)
If you're exposing for the skin and using natural light, (like this vid), lighting is somewhat irrelevant. Fashion editorials throw composition out the door, so background is not that important. Poses fall in the "experienced model" category and makeup for these kinds of shoots are out of the hands of the photog. "good rapport" with the model, yes, you are right and that also does help a lot.
nax nirob (1 year ago)
Wow...such a nice photography....love it...keep it up,,,n bring up more beautiful video's...and it would be better if you shot on live view mode ....cz it will be easier to learn camera setting n shooting process..to us 😊
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I've started including my camera settings in my more recent behind the scenes videos if you're interested in seeing 😊
Peter Preis Dinslaken (1 year ago)
Klasse gemacht gefällt mir außerordentlich gut Wünsche dir schöne Weihnachten LG Pidi
Dream Big (1 year ago)
heeeyyy can you please tell me  what is your Focus Settings ? thanks
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I use one-shot autofocus, with back button focusing :) I'm going to make a detailed video about this really soon!
Vijeesh M (1 year ago)
Pretty Awesome Shoot  ..... well done
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
emma boonne (1 year ago)
Those pictures are so pretty <3 you are amazing!! By the way where is your camera strap from?
emma boonne (1 year ago)
Oh thank you, what a lovely present! Thanks for the tip, I'll sea if i found something similar :) greetings from Paris! x
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! My boyfriend got the camera strap for me for Christmas, so I'm not sure where exactly he got it from, but it's definitely from ebay! I just don't have a shop link :(
walo Thoenen (1 year ago)
nice work. charming. regards from switzerland :-) fotowalo
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you 💛
Besisika Photography (1 year ago)
I actually have never been to Poznan but I lived in Warszawa for 13 years before moving to Canada. I am an outdoor strobe photographer, but I really like your relationship with your subject. I find it very relaxing watching your BTS. You are very natural with models; one very big plus for you (compared to myself).
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
I've been to many cities in Poland but not Warsaw yet - I think I will visit it next time! Thank you so much :) I'm so glad you enjoyed watching! I used to be very awkward when I first started since I am naturally a shy person - but after many years of doing portrait photography you learn what to say/do and it becomes more natural!
Jose Uribe (1 year ago)
nice work
Jose Uribe (1 year ago)
you're welcome
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
Ranezy Murray (1 year ago)
send-me the page of this model, pls
Unrizen (1 year ago)
HI Julia! I have a question, about the slight movements of your camera, just before take the picture, it's visible especially here 5:07 What you're doing there and can you demonstrate this somewhere? Beacause almost each shot here is with this movement introduced. Thanks in advance for the anser :)
Andrea Shishmanian (1 year ago)
I've been told that the likelihood of getting a sharp image when you focus and recompose at a low f-stop (below 2.8) is low. Is that your experience? Your thoughts?
Unrizen (1 year ago)
HI! This way you always got the focus on the face and not on the background for example. Got it! Thanks a lot for the answer and waiting for the video abut recomposing and your way of framing the picture basicly :) Would be great to see the process besides the behind the scene vids :) Cheers!
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Hi!! Yes, I've been meaning to make a video about this for a while now, have to go and do it soon! But basically I have a focus point inside my camera, so I focus on the model's face by half pressing down the shutter, then recompose my photo and take it!
aung aung (1 year ago)
turtea cristi (1 year ago)
tell your videographer to stop autofocus option and film above 2.8 apperture ! thks
Sadako TheCurse (1 year ago)
he's right, you know.
cbarag (1 year ago)
Martin Norden (1 year ago)
Great video, loved the relationship you had with Suzanne, nice set of images, thanks for sharing
Julia Trotti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much 😄

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