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Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington - [LIVE from the Hollywood Bowl]

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Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington LIVE from the Hollywood Bowl 2017. Give to the One More Light Fund to bring light to the world and shine a light on mental health: http://lprk.co/OMLFund
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Michael&holly Moreno (3 hours ago)
The memory of Chester will live on for ever through his family friends and most of all his fans
ninik setiyawati (7 hours ago)
Gosh, I miss his voice. We won't be able to hear his new songs anymore. It's been more than a year since he passed away. I'm still missing him. No one, I mean no one, can replace him. He is the greatest of all the best singers. His scream is uncomparable. I have never had a chance to see your concert. I hope I can see you singing in heaven. May you are in peace, dude. See you there.
Jamer Sanchez (10 hours ago)
How hard they feel...performing on top of stage without chester...I cant imagine the feelings of those 5 guys specialy mike...
Ceasarlazaro Gascon (10 hours ago)
Linkin park is' the best!"
Lea Arellano (11 hours ago)
February 19, 2019
Lesley Chang (16 hours ago)
Linkin Park was my childhood. I listened to that voice for as long as I can remember. Miss ya man.
Sopidta Thongsamark (19 hours ago)
February 2019 my tears still drop. MISS you so much Chester. You always in my memory.
hwangbo4life (20 hours ago)
Best 3hrs of procrastination EVER
nibor77 (1 day ago)
A TON of talent here, but Blink 182 CRUSHED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex (1 day ago)
nibor77 (1 day ago)
Feb 2019..... still can't believe he's never coming back. There's nobody quite like Chester, omg that voice! Thank God for videos!
Tiago Cox (1 day ago)
_2019_ 🖤
Blake Shields (1 day ago)
I'd love to hear a studio version of Korn doing a few LP covers, Jonathan's voice would work so well with a couple.
Maravilhoso, coração partido, acompanhar a muitos anos, e ver tal tragédia, adorava, incrível!
Chester Bennington and Chris Cornel eternal memory to the best friends and musicians ..
Jan Pakosta (1 day ago)
7k idiots came here only to dislike it...
N8v_Gamer_ 03_Boy (2 days ago)
2 years? Damn time FUKIN flies I plan on watching this annually! Anyone else?
adele james (2 days ago)
Nearly 2 years later and I thought I was ready to watch this. Nope, I’m not 😢😢😢😢
Mitsu00 (2 days ago)
Why am I crying
Pavel Šimek (2 days ago)
Matter of the heart.
Crystal H (2 days ago)
Feb.16th.... Still so difficult to process this tragedy. BUT we need to Celebrate all that he was and will forever be.... A Father, A Husband, A Friend, and An Artist. He Will Forever Be In My Heart, Linkin Park Will Forever Hold A Special Place In My Heart. ♡♡♡♡
Julian Albarracin (2 days ago)
daniel pribanic (2 days ago)
Good on you guys continue like this good band
Erick Campelo (2 days ago)
Linkin Park 2019!
lordofutub (3 days ago)
damn, all of these songs just show nobody is as good of a vocalist as Chester. Especially that "crawling" rendition was atrociously bad sung. Chester was such a good singer
Margarita Margarita (3 days ago)
SkoRpiOn tRiBOT (3 days ago)
I can hear all of this Songs but as soon as they start one more light im crying like a fucking small girl
Thepunsarereal ! (3 days ago)
*I miss chesters voice his presence even his singing voice the words and his just always being there his albulms the shows*
Ghanisha Dhunnoo (3 days ago)
February 2019❤😢
Ice Bear (3 days ago)
Missing from Simple Plan, Hollywood Undead, 3 Days Grace and Good Charlotte
MrKirko1984 (3 days ago)
February 2019. Still missing You Chester...
Se le nota a chester benington en el video fijense bien nada mas.
HoudreSae (4 days ago)
When the Numb was on, it seemed like Chester was there, i heard his voice, even tho he wasn't there. I thought i seen him for a moment, standing right by the microphone singing.
Ketsueki (4 days ago)
I think Roads Untraveled, Numb, One More Light and Looking for an Answer were hardest to take for me here. You could just feel the brimming sadness coming from these songs. And yet these guys held up, very greatly so. Looking forward to see Mike live in March
BenNelsonLim (4 days ago)
2:12:40 Even Sacha Baron Cohen is rocking out.
xxxRFRxxx (4 days ago)
never be such vocal! point...
aymen azouz (4 days ago)
woundes still not healed 14 feb 2019 <3 ... first was chester then .. my fahter .. i hope they r in a better place now .. :) <3
LIKEABO$$ (4 days ago)
chester walks up on stage at the end. "just a prank bro"
Bloody Dagger (4 days ago)
With my Heart Broken I'll sing to you and for you. With my Heart Broken I'll fight to be like you. Our, Hero we miss you...
Bloody Dagger (4 days ago)
Am I the only obssesed fan who's downloading the whole concert??
Anuj Joshi (4 days ago)
On my way to office with wet eyes :(
Shaka R Satria (5 days ago)
Speechless eug
Hemness (5 days ago)
Ooh, okaay. 13.02.2019 and i still here, like 6 months.. and like 1 years ago..
Tr0nzehDubstep (5 days ago)
One Step Closer and A place for my head were the best vocal performances by far imo. And they come back to back :D
Shayei. Y (5 days ago)
He was a coward..
wenderson alves (6 days ago)
Myke is incredible, this voice is amazing...
Garrett Woods (6 days ago)
Thank U Chester! Thank U Chester! Thank U Chester!
Imad Nadir (6 days ago)
Who the f**k can dislike this 😭
Kamil Mysterio (6 days ago)
Mert Karasu (6 days ago)
ANR Studio (6 days ago)
I hope the life stories of Chester and Linkin Park, which are the biggest bands of all time, can be made biographies, Please :')
Fion Lin (6 days ago)
:'( missing you, still
Fion Lin (6 days ago)
Fion Lin (6 days ago)
Well, I'm back.... again <3
Pandu Agus Setiawan (6 days ago)
February 2019, and still miss him
FuTuRus 85 (7 days ago)
I just want to say THANK YOU LP for your great music!
msittardt (7 days ago)
2019 february... I cried
Kaori Maki (7 days ago)
I miss you Chaz
Yatin Rawat (7 days ago)
Cinemundo Freak (7 days ago)
Tri zuly (7 days ago)
Rest in peace chester...LP when i child
Cameron Robson (7 days ago)
Who’s here having a cry in February 2019? Chester will forever be missed but never forgotten, truely one of the greats 😔😥😪
Isaias Ferro (8 days ago)
Sigo aqui ❤
Dark king (8 days ago)
I swear when that punk touched matt shadows he wanted to punch him..2:52:35 well i would have..but out of respect for someone the show I wouldn't..😉
Já se passaram 2 anos, e ainda sinto a dor do luto. Chester, ainda não superei sua morte, mas acredito que uma forma bem vivida a aprender a conviver com o vazio que deixou é compreender nas suas letras, seus ensinamentos, sua dor. Sei como é se sentir vazio, mesmo sabendo que pessoas ao redor nos ama, lutar todos os dias, todos os minutos para tentar ficar bem, se SENTIR bem, quando tudo nos deixa arrasados. É impossível não começar a ver esse video e o coração não doer. Vc não está ali entre seus companheiros, desabafando sua dor, confiando que iriamos receber a mensagem e tirar algo positivo desse mundo horrível. Acredito que está em paz agora, sua dor foi embora junto com vc. Obrigada Linkin Park..., Com todo o amor que me restou. Brasil.
Aaron Manning (8 days ago)
Made me sick to my stomach to know we'll never hear Chester's sweet voice again.. </3 I love you Chester ❤
From Russia with love
SED2R Band (8 days ago)
i miss you every single night 😭
Ferry Anggriawan (8 days ago)
Chester :'(
Rasyid Khalifa (8 days ago)
Rip chester the legend from Indonesia
February 2019 and it still feels the same :(
Leila Babayarova (9 days ago)
February , 2019 , and forever
Ala'a Amad (9 days ago)
with all respect you all belong to chester's pocket
Ľudmila Horvátová (9 days ago)
We miss you :(
Juliano Santos (9 days ago)
Linkin Park Forever
Abraham C. (10 days ago)
Febrero, 2019. Sigo aquí, sin poder ver este concierto sin llorar. Linkin Park por siempre! Los amo
Fascinasien Sekki (10 days ago)
2k19... Still crying..
Tiix3 (10 days ago)
I;m fucking crying
Centouren 13 (10 days ago)
Jesus Christ (10 days ago)
If you didnt cry from this, I highly doubt you could be a true LP fan..
Jan Nelle (10 days ago)
2:41:18 Lift me up let me go
Susan Gill (10 days ago)
'Sometimes goodbye's the only way' - my heart breaks for you all
anirahman anirahman (10 days ago)
SOAD (10 days ago)
На 37:40 кобила виє наче з х*я зігнали...
Mark T (10 days ago)
The crowd singing Chester's lines for "in the end" was just amazing.
บี บอล (11 days ago)
เป็นคอนเสิร์ตที่หดหู่ คิดถึงเสมอChester
imbiccil Dmitrich (11 days ago)
I miss chester..linkin park forver
Spidermeme (11 days ago)
30:10 oh my god that awful voice I want Chester back already.
Tiago Cobo (12 days ago)
Fico pensando aqui comigo. Será que nos fã pegamos pesado no último lançamento da música do link park pois foram tantas crítica em relação ao último lançamento.
ZenoxSphere (12 days ago)
The best bit was when m shadows was singing bleed it out at he ducked out of the way of mgk as he didnt want his arm on his shoulder XD
Naomi Hopeful (12 days ago)
1:15:55 stop. I can't
Lokicha (12 days ago)
I'm watching this for the 100th time and every time I tell myself that I'm going to smile and not be sad,3 seconds in my tears are falling down like a river... And when it's over there's this emptiness that overwhelms me.. Rest in peace Chester !!! You will never be forgotten. Forever and always !!!
Lailo Javier (12 days ago)
I love this versión of Crawling
Naomi Hopeful (12 days ago)
Listening to it again, hurting again, willing to die again.
Rendra Deda (12 days ago)
thats what i feel inside, but i am not brave as Chester. i wish that i had his braveness
Bianca Moraes (12 days ago)
Seeing Linkin Park, Matt Shadows and Syn Gates playing together is surreal <3 I bet Chester is proud.
It's Me Geezaz (12 days ago)
This is supposed to be uplifting, but way can't I stop crying. Miss you so much man, you helped me so much through my younger years. Why are you gone😢😖
immortal XD (12 days ago)
Can't stop crying
YUPN ChanneI (12 days ago)
January 2019. love you LInkin park
Midnight (13 days ago)
i always come here when i can't take this world anymore

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