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J. Cole & Rapsody - Sojourner

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Artist: J. Cole / Rapsody Song Name: Sojourner Description: J. Cole & Rapsody - Sojourner is a brand new song and an amazing underground rap one. This has some incredible old school rap / hiphop vibes and I had to share it with you guys. This is some lyrical rap! Check out 6LACK - Pretty Little Fears ft. J Cole for more like this! Artist Social Networks: [RAPSODY] https://twitter.com/rapsody https://www.youtube.com/user/RapsodyVEVO https://www.instagram.com/rapsodymusic/ [J. COLE] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnc6db-y3IU7CkT_yeVXdVg https://twitter.com/jcolenc https://www.instagram.com/realcoleworld/ Support Promoting Sounds: http://spoti.fi/2lPQjF0 https://twitter.com/PromotingSounds https://www.facebook.com/PromotingSounds http://soundcloud.com/Promotedsounds http://instagram.com/promotingsounds Promoting Sounds is a curation channel with aims to display the best hip hop, rap and alternative music from underrated artists you may not have heard of and such talents as Logic, G-Eazy, Blackbear, KYLE, Chance The Rapper and more. Be sure to comment below what you think of the tunes - all ages welcome! Suggested: J. COLE : No Such Thing As Overnight Success. | Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtZ2ISvhCVQ Suggested: 6LACK - Pretty Little Fears ft. J. Cole (Official Music Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSgUMPHQEWw Suggested: wale free lunch, j cole, new j cole, j cole 2018
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Promoting Sounds (2 months ago)
Brand new J. Cole & Rapsody out now! What are your guys thoughts?
brandon hightower (21 days ago)
I love rapsody and then my favorite rapper on top of that makes it even better.
gaming with losky (1 month ago)
This song is what the female rap need.. Right now
Angel lozano (1 month ago)
Promoting Sounds gas
Malcolm Stanley (1 month ago)
Fire! Timeless music for the soul... Powerful! - DJ Prince Mal
Vivisthebest (2 months ago)
I need more of this in my life :p
Josh Plouffe (5 days ago)
Rapsody kinda washed j Cole
Kenna Marsh (6 days ago)
this shit simply fire
ptl9029 (8 days ago)
Rapsody! Go ahead! I've been to a few Jamla showcases. Awesome she is getting noticed these days. Drama, check that track out!!!
Toure Harris (9 days ago)
One of the best hip hops ever @ me
Dacuca Coox (9 days ago)
This is why i dont wanna die yet..good music
Wayne Trumbo (10 days ago)
MY MY ...
Brandon Amaro-Anderson (12 days ago)
The bar about the IV’s that shit was smooth 🔥
Jones Kgabi (14 days ago)
NC finest . . Dennis Smith jr TOO . . . FIRE
@SernaT.D.E (17 days ago)
She killed it
DeuceBooty (18 days ago)
The drums though!!! you can really hear them at the end. just groovin...
Drone Hero Yen (18 days ago)
Amazing duo. Loved Rapsody's verse a little more idk her style everything idk idk I just loved it. Pure hip hop. This beat so dope.
mrjoelsimmons90 (19 days ago)
Dope track have this on repeat over an over again straight up instint classic beat 90s beat.
Jonathan Love (20 days ago)
Who listening still in 2019
Lonnie Rogers (20 days ago)
Respect to Cole always!! But Rhap bodied that for real for real!!!!! Happy there's a gem like her shining and only now getting the engine revved up
Marshall Gouts (22 days ago)
I kid you not, I dreamt of this collabo. S/O North Carolina!
Ibere Barumire (23 days ago)
Yo j chill
Ace Woods (23 days ago)
Worst song ever
Gary Robertson (23 days ago)
I so admire J. Cole for his uncompromising will to inform all the people who are wise enough to not only listen to what he is saying but dissect the lyrics. We are so blessed to have him in this world. Especially with so many rappers like 6'9 and other clowns from this mumble rap generation. No dis if that's ya bag but it's so empty.
CallMe CliffNC (27 days ago)
Rapsody killed it.
solomon moi (28 days ago)
Omgosh, this is the dopest shit I’ve heard in awhile. Why am I so late on this???
DeepmedZ (29 days ago)
Cole is really something special. Im ready for the next album. Kod was good but i didnt love it that much. I know he is capable of much better
Natcheral DaRebel (1 month ago)
Cole is at the point where he’s like Andre with the features. His guest verses on other niggas songs feel more dynamic than his last two albums. If he brought this kind of effort on a full album for 12 tracks straight, he’d have a classic on his hands.
Jackson Grey (1 month ago)
Kevin bond (1 month ago)
Man...they worked out on this joint.
TaniaMsTan Moeng (1 month ago)
I love the two of the together. can't get any realer, cooler, truer... The most authentic of the game. This song is just fire. Poetry, Soul,honesty. 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥
Latrell Wigfall (1 month ago)
😧 Yo. I just. 😒 The way they snapped. I’m mad at myself for waiting so long to listen to this. Like Cole opened with fire. And Rapsody just continues to amaze me. Best female rapper and I’m biased because of her content. I’m actually a Nicki fan too, but I HATE her content. But no denying her talent. Not many people can switch up their flows 5-6 times in a track and make multiple voices sound great (sometimes...sometimes it’s whack when she does it though). Love her metaphors and double and triple entendres too, but Rapsody is a breath of fresh air. She’s so real. So authentic. So humble. So amazing. And she can brag because she has the bars to prove it. 🤷🏾‍♂️
International Jones (1 month ago)
How many people come here just for rapsody verse?
Dante Herring (1 month ago)
They both went in on this one
KEITH JOHNSON (1 month ago)
You play this and they go crazy
Joshua Williams (1 month ago)
We got 187 haters so far. This song is on GO
kagiso gerald (1 month ago)
gaming with losky (1 month ago)
This song so tuff.. 🔥
Larry Wayne Jr (1 month ago)
Why is this not trending...smh they killed that...
2Face Ace (1 month ago)
she got the lauryn hill vibes!
jasmine johnson (1 month ago)
They both killed it ♥️
Jonathan B (1 month ago)
Rapsody's entry for verse of the year!
Ajani Wright (1 month ago)
Moni Mitch (1 month ago)
I love this track. Takes me back to when to 2011 when I first heard a Cole
Ryan (1 month ago)
Rapsody absolutely kills it
PreztleBoy (1 month ago)
My big nigga
Speedking_A1 (1 month ago)
This song is godly it's a shame that it doesn't have a billion views
Tommy Geairn (1 month ago)
This is poetry. Thank you for reminding me that music can set your soul on fire.
Desphinx (1 month ago)
I think they both did their thing. Can't really pick a better verse between the two.
Terrell Roberts (1 month ago)
I am so happy that I found this track when it dropped. Lyrics are fire and this is definitively a gem of a song.
Diversified Vibes (1 month ago)
NC coming for nigga necks
Matrix Tools (1 month ago)
first person to body cole on a track??
Matrix Tools (1 month ago)
+Prime Time the more i listen the more i realize rapsody verse is NICCCE!!!!!!
Prime Time (1 month ago)
Matrix Tools yup
Chris Reidy (1 month ago)
Rapsody the illest in the game
Tiny T.W.I.M (1 month ago)
Rapsody is bringing up topics that were abandoned; Going to school to further your future. I like how she said learn to make moves without using a uhaul. I can SO relate to that. Rapsody is my new favorite rapper.
jayybeen official (1 month ago)
okay this slaps 🔥🔥👁
Mr. G (1 month ago)
Rapsody killed it💯
Joseph Bangali (1 month ago)
This track is fuckin nice!
Ant Chancey (1 month ago)
Rapsody verse is 🔥🔥🔥
En Different (2 months ago)
Rapsody and 9th Wonder 🔥🔥
Derrick Rose (2 months ago)
Vick Gibbs (2 months ago)
She did this..... Sorry Cole. Pleae give credit where its do
Vick Gibbs (2 months ago)
Remember Cole said feed me beats..... He got to be fat as heck now
Mr. Perfect (2 months ago)
Its a Carolina thing
The Greatest Ever (2 months ago)
VEGANMONEYBALL (2 months ago)
Lol @ people saying Rapsody bodies Cole when he did the hook. Not saying her verse wasn’t impeccable tho that shit some flame
Dennis Kanyimo (2 months ago)
Bruh, Rapsody🔥🔥🔥
msprettysunshine (2 months ago)
Bull City..stand up!!😋😋
JA1100able (2 months ago)
so much talent, love both you you two
Quincy Cannon (2 months ago)
Went from heaven sent to hella bent Intelligent but still stressed
lani jacquez (2 months ago)
HB Breyon (2 months ago)
J. Cole Been Killing Shit All 2018 As Much Success and Recogniztion as he get he still Slept on
Walt B Council (2 months ago)
Make the video in downtown Charlotte or downtown Raleigh
Swelihle Mkhwanazi (2 months ago)
Rapsody done come out top
rick jay (2 months ago)
I had to show the positives for those that couldn't add
Mahdie Ali (2 months ago)
Straight Fire! 🔥🔥
LuAnbu Tho (2 months ago)
Both verses were dope. I gotta say though coles verse... deserves a spot in the hall of fame of all rap verses ever heard. Atleast in my opinion, that verse hit my soul.
This beat is so smooth.
Raquel Wright (2 months ago)
They slayed the beat.
J. Whiting (2 months ago)
I sampled the same Kendra Morris song years ago. Shout to 9th for diggin' in the contemporary crates! Check it out here: @t
pro cafetaria (2 months ago)
Cole inspires a nigga
Jake Clark (2 months ago)
Mitchel Wattley (2 months ago)
I feel like a lot of people tuned in just for cole verse but rapsody verse was really amazing💯
MCFriedChicken1 (2 months ago)
See Cole is capable of doing good hooks. There's a few others with the same cadence that I enjoy. Idk what makes him do those hooks like on KOD and 4YEO
Tinyskully02 (2 months ago)
Brooo this shit feel like an old school beat almost man I could listen to this for hours man I’m in love
Darius Phillips (2 months ago)
My dad introduced me to rhapsody so i introduced him to j cole. I love this track so much!
Tunarice Metters (2 months ago)
Cole..i appreciate you brotha...
Phila.M Xhosa (2 months ago)
Simple: She 🔥& He 🔥
David Mukka (2 months ago)
This took me back to '90s. Real hiphop
Mistaa Jay (2 months ago)
🔥 🔥
Dezz Carter (2 months ago)
Rapsody murdered Cole I'm sorry her cadence was so effortless
StreetzDotNation (2 months ago)
mashanna bradford (2 months ago)
J is that man, "Feed me beats everything gettin murdered" only J can do that!!! I'm giving up to Rapsody she brought it!!! Fire!!
mashanna bradford (2 months ago)
Love it, love it!!!!! Cole is the coldest Lyricist / Rapper ever!!!!! Keep it coming J!!!!
Nick Breakfast (2 months ago)
[Intro: J. Cole] Aba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm [Chorus: J. Cole] Oh, I swam for miles, only to realize the current Is fightin' against me and I'm so tired, I'm floatin' now Oh, from here on out, I've got to realize the power Of learnin' to let go, and just let God Enjoy the ride [Verse 1: J. Cole] Yeah, look Born into pain, alcoholic veins Over-analytical brain a product of the shame And runnin' from a past, that's checkered like the game Somewhere 'long the way somebody snatched my peace and main Maybe that's the reason I spent decades seekin' fame And fortune hopin' that a proper portion would contain The sadness in my eyes, remember when I came In this music business, all their questions was insane "Why you never smile in your pictures?" I refrain From givin' you the answer 'cause that answer wasn't plain Enough for me to see 'cause at the time I knew my name But didn't know myself, and so I dealt with shit the same As a fugitive, but running from the truth and shit I shoot the shit with niggas, but they never knew the shit that's hidden deep Within the crevices like ever since I was a child Seen my mama with the pistol pointed at her dome and how In the fuck do you expect for me to ever be the best lil' me That I can be, when trauma's deep inside of me, like I.V. fluid Pumpin' through the blood of wifey, while she's givin' birth To my child, I know my thoughts are runnin' wild Bear with my style, this just a trial run Just heard these kids don't know 'bout Malcolm And I'm sort of heartbroken 'cause the elders lost hope in our youth And here I sit dead in the middle, not a little boy no more But not quite old yet, wakin' up in cold sweats Scared that I'm too disconnected from the kids' perspective The world ain't got no patience for some shit that's introspective So where in the fuck that leave me? Irrelevant, I guess Went from Heaven-sent to hella bent, intelligent but stressed, damn [Chorus: J. Cole] Oh, I swam for miles, only to realize the current Is fightin' against me and I'm so tired, I'm floatin' now Oh, from here on out, I've got to realize the power Of learnin' to let go, and just let God Enjoy the ride [Bridge: Rapsody] One more time Swim good, enjoy the ride (Yeah) Every day I rise, thank God that I am alive (Yeah) Yeah, swim good, enjoy the ride (Yeah) Every day I rise, thank God that I am alive (Uh) [Verse 2: Rapsody] Permanent vacation for forever Some things you gotta leave behind, some people just like weather And seasons, for that reason, I know I'll always have a leg up Weatherman forecast me dead last, think I'm just another nigga Maybe, I'll be the next Black Beatle like Swae Lee Yeah, I know my worth, these colonizers got to pay me Yeah, I had to go first 'cause the rest would never last I had to show the positives for those that couldn't add Lookin' at the ads, they only love us if our ass Out and so I'm out, I got an Audi and it's bad I said that line 'cause niggas only respect you if you brag It don't work with me the same, don't give a fuck 'bout what you have Everybody claimin' boss, none of you niggas got no staff It don't measure up the same, what's a quarter to a half? Of a whole lot of problems, nigga, who taught you to add? Where I'm from, we don't recognize that it's good math If you don't teach the ones that's comin' up to multiply their cash Think for themselves, think beyond sales Everything with worth don't come with some whistles and some bells The ones I gotta leave behind, the ones you gotta bail Meek Mill, I'm workin' hard, ain't too far from a meek mil' To keep it real, the realest niggas I know always kept it real And I'ma tell you, Black-on-Black murder been whack 9th, turn me up so they can hear me in the back Yeah, and that's pretty hard for me But you see hopeful niggas and where they all ought to be Scared to grow wings, Birdman with a bunch of Carter beef That's old news, look, nigga, you talkin' to modern me Smarter, we had better conversations sittin' with barbers Puttin' hearts and heads in niggas who don't think ahead, who taught you? School y'all, school y'all, welcome to the schoolyard Teach you how to make moves without needin' a UHAUL I was on you all when I was growin' up Now it's you all that's all on these nuts I'm ballin', havin' a ball and I got the balls to say it Who needs inspiration where you know when you can play it? Carolina to the heart, nobody here gon' play us The day that we expire, Carolina's where they'll lay us I woke up feelin' like Aaliyah, yeah, a million and one bucks Told these niggas I don't give a single million and one fuck, Rap [Chorus: J. Cole] Oh, I swam for miles, only to realize the current Is fightin' against me and I'm so tired, I'm floatin' now Oh, from here on out, I've got to realize the power Of learnin' to let go, and just let God Enjoy the ride
Jesse Lloyd (2 months ago)
I'm mad at Hip-Hop and its fans. Rapsody's the best female rapper in the game, but y'all think it's between Nicki and Cardi. Smh.
Tom Heard (2 months ago)
They both did they thing to bad it won’t blow up like it should
Rg4127 (2 days ago)
9th wonder and rhapsody a beast!!
Tsunami Jani (2 months ago)
This song is so beyond 🔥💯💪🏽
BILLDRUM81 (2 months ago)
We all know J Cole is Dope but they sleeping Rapsody. She been killing the game. 9th Wonder always bring that heat
BILLDRUM81 (2 months ago)
India Warren (2 months ago)
I'm not really feeling rhapsody part😐
Ntandoyenkosi Ndlovu (2 months ago)
bodied no doubt Jermaine Cole
Tiyi Chauke (2 months ago)
Rapsody did Cole wrong there on this
Eddy Cutz (2 months ago)
Rhapsody KIIIIIIIILLLLTTTT this shit!!!
balle733 (2 months ago)
outshined Royce on his own shit, now it's Rhapsody

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