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GoPro Korea - How To Travel Korea On A Budget

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Our 9 Steps To Travelling Korea Without Busting Your Budget. As first-time visitors To Korea, we went to the usual tourist spots. It was also our first time experiencing falling snow. Winter in Korea is crazy sub-zero cold! For Muslim travellers to Korea, it's not impossible to find Halal food so don't worry. You can find quite a few at Itaewon :)
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Tae Tae - TaTa (1 year ago)
The music 😍😍😍
danu alkansa (1 year ago)
How to get a free guide?
Aishah Hamza (1 year ago)
danu alkansa the student guides were already at the tourist attraction spot. When we got to the station they approached us and asked if we would like a free guide. We just had to write down our names and country of origin.
ainal arif (2 years ago)
transportation korang macam mana ? korang naik public transport ke ? berapa bajet perbelanjaan korang kat sana apartment , makan & transportation ?
Aishah Hamza (2 years ago)
We took the public transport 😊 Pretty easy to get around 👍🏼
CookieeMonstarr666 (3 years ago)
nice editing :)

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