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Children Coloring Books Ruined By Adults 🤭

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Never ask an adult to use their imagination - See what Happened When Adults Get Hold of Children's Coloring Books! Did you enjoy watching this video? Don't forget to Like and Subscribe for more! *************************************************** Go to our Main Page- https:// youtube.com/AlphaFun Watch Tests & Quizzes video- https:// youtube.com/AlphaTests *************************************************** Want to see more? Watch our previous funny and hilarious videos… ▶Only NARUTO Fans Will Find It Funny https://youtu.be/8B5Kn6QWL8A ▶Comics That introverts Will Understand https://youtu.be/iP3MMZnJdUA ▶Funniest Amazon Reviews Ever! https://youtu.be/QWIId7uf6fw ▶Satan Have A Funny Twitter Account https://youtu.be/ZFt8kk_DevA ▶Only Game Of Thrones Fans Will Find It Funny https://youtu.be/K-hvsN7VoNo ▶People Share Their Dumbest Stories On Twitter https://youtu.be/Sd0HZEL3j4U ▶ Funny Wives Troll Their Husbands https://youtu.be/Zgw4Fdf1RuM ▶ This Woman Tried To Roast Elon Musk https://youtu.be/7H60Q4VdIW8 ▶Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too https://youtu.be/hNFkFcYVGFQ ▶ Hilarious Charts Every Foodie Can Relate To... https://youtu.be/au-NxOGcwkM ▶If Motivational Quotes Were Honest https://youtu.be/mbwRb4ldzV8 ▶ 51 Hilariously Bad Wedding Photos FAILs https://youtu.be/KLM2yy4rvgw ▶ Dirty Adult Jokes In Popular Kids Shows https://youtu.be/EmRGEmWNsW0 ▶ Only MARVEL Fans Will Find It Funny https://youtu.be/nrG3-nB0fYQ ▶ Funny Dog Thoughts - Only Dog Lovers Can Understand https://youtu.be/DCEsReQkncM ▶ Hilarious Pics Of Kids At Weddings https://youtu.be/FaWFfPslyWE ▶ This Girl Need A Reality Check (Extreme Feminism Fail!) https://youtu.be/fULGdwrddhE ▶ Funniest Texts From Ex https://youtu.be/mWRnzsg9ORU ▶ Times People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery https://youtu.be/M_tzvB95HUw ▶Funny And Clever Illustrations https://youtu.be/S2InqIrBzbU ▶Funny And Embarrassing Airport Pickup Signs https://youtu.be/4Ls1F__GMmQ ▶Bitter Truths By Truth Potato https://youtu.be/IfzRXP0X1PA ▶This Guy Bring Everyday Objects To Life With A Smartphone https://youtu.be/uVKrtoMLVnc ▶Ridiculous Cartoon Logic that Makes No Sense https://youtu.be/FSHH1MT1b0c ▶ Funniest Signs Ever You Will Die Of Laughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkKU1jAqyp8 *************************************************** Keyword Tags: funny photos, funny pictures, hilarious photos, hilarious pictures, new, viral 2018, funny, weird photos, photos, pictures
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Text Comments (6651)
Daily Humor (2 months ago)
The Most Misleading Photos Ever: https://youtu.be/-GSBnCM1Lvc
Bry 117 (24 days ago)
Lol how whorid
Cloud Aguila (29 days ago)
NPC Wojak (1 month ago)
I need thoose books
Joselinne herrera (1 month ago)
Daily Humor P
LeDubKitty (10 minutes ago)
Some of these people need help.
Fiffie Cipher (44 minutes ago)
117neoshadow (2 hours ago)
And yet people say as we grow older we lose our imagination.
Joeri Van Aalzum (3 hours ago)
What did you draw sweetie? My toughts.
Deet (4 hours ago)
Some of them I kinda like... and some others yeah not so much
Ronald Yim (5 hours ago)
2:03 It got me.
See Shan Jiang (6 hours ago)
Adults are disgusting 0-o
See Shan Jiang (6 hours ago)
Tony Ng (11 hours ago)
Very creative
Mark kevin Maranon (13 hours ago)
Mark kevin Maranon (13 hours ago)
Serenity Island (15 hours ago)
This is why we can’t have nice things in the world
beachprosta (17 hours ago)
Some of this is not bad
Diani studio estrella (19 hours ago)
Eso me recuerda que cuando tenia 5 (osea ase 5años) la miss me dijo que contara una historia y yo dije “habia un perro que odiaba a un gato entonces él perro agarro hal gato lo intento ahogar y después lo destripó y fin”
crazy tiger (19 hours ago)
why why why wyhy wyhwywhwyhwywhwywwhy why!!!!
gam3rpro134 (23 hours ago)
0:31 lol 1:17 WTF
Dr. Gamer (23 hours ago)
Gabriels Ok (1 day ago)
I love the calm music with the pictures 😎😂
Ellipsis commenter (1 day ago)
Those pictures show in what works we live. Sad and dark but true
swagger matter (1 day ago)
Donut (1 day ago)
0:56 I don't see what's wrong?
Caitlin Kane (1 day ago)
4:32 is so sad and messed up..
Ahmed Mahdy (1 day ago)
Saw 😂
lelo66 8 (1 day ago)
Dustin (1 day ago)
Jackson Crawford (1 day ago)
How is 1:26 supposed to be bad
Gadgets (1 day ago)
I feel satisfied
Dj Pelu (1 day ago)
this is how detectice pikachu came about
2:56 you have what?
sophia estabrooks (2 days ago)
2:02 WTF😂
Ethan Ryan (2 days ago)
Someone Made A Reference From One Of The Saw Movies
The amazing gamer (2 days ago)
6:05 to be or not to be that is the question XD
Jaguer91 (2 days ago)
Some of these are beautifully done.
Kandy (2 days ago)
2:15 what even is the original
Cheezy ASMR (2 days ago)
2:41 ... well I’m going back to sleep.
Ilove Bts (2 days ago)
Mommy hold me
Galaxy GamerWolf123 (3 days ago)
I wouldn’t say ruined XD
dorque1030 (4 days ago)
Sometimes adults are more creative than kids.
Marjan Dobersek (5 days ago)
sick people not normal adults
Eat My Banana (5 days ago)
Feel Good Or Not 1:56 The Part Of *Moan loud Girl*
AmbblyPuff (5 days ago)
Great art work though I'll give um that
x Strawberry_søda x (5 days ago)
mEeP (5 days ago)
these are actually terrifying
doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Dora! doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Dora! doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Dora! Got doo-doo-doo-doo-deported!
BOSSL3V3L (5 days ago)
Adults are the best
Allison Shanyfelt (5 days ago)
Holy f*@k
Beatrice Moscozo (5 days ago)
Damn this is the devil
Descender (5 days ago)
1 Dislike for you.
Dru Nature (5 days ago)
Today I learned that adults are all violent.
guns r the answer (5 days ago)
when yer a professional artist
Mark Pothiah (5 days ago)
3:50 good job that's the inside of a clown
Mark Pothiah (5 days ago)
2:32 EWWWW
Mark Pothiah (5 days ago)
2:16 already looks freaky
Joseph Hall (5 days ago)
Ray Biscoe (5 days ago)
I want to tee on the other side of the girl with the dress in the water with out the tentacles
Warren JB (6 days ago)
I laughed solid for about a minute forty, then the novelty wore off.
The Premier (6 days ago)
JuegaSnyder Hernandez (6 days ago)
Pooh one sick
EdmacZ (7 days ago)
Adults =/= Edgy Teenagers and bored college students.
Michael Ou (7 days ago)
this is pretty dark.. LOL
Izdet Nelson (7 days ago)
2:16 😭😭😭😭
Mr crysis 705 (7 days ago)
3:41 best music for this photo aye
Why did she show her cat to the dog though..
Crystarium Network (8 days ago)
I don't get the second one, the one after Ariel. I see the wine glass behind, but whats the deal with the partially see through skirt and that green ball shes holding? Is that supposed to be a grape or something relating to the wine?
K-98048 (8 days ago)
The original in the thumbnail looks already wrong
MSA 454 (10 days ago)
The zombie unicorn is pretty good, the rest just disturbing.
Abigail Adams (11 days ago)
who said they were all by adults?
monkhoo monkhoo (11 days ago)
tomcordell (11 days ago)
Their horrble 🙀😩😥😟😖😫😿😩
Bruno Andrade (11 days ago)
All this edgyness is cutting my eyes
Lily Hensley (12 days ago)
gamer szabber (13 days ago)
Adolf Hitler (13 days ago)
3:39 my favorite.
Elaine Walker (14 days ago)
Can somebody explain this music in this video? I'm very curious!
The Centurion (14 days ago)
Most of these were sadistic, racist, sexist and even racist.
Kristian PH (15 days ago)
0:38 what the hell brother!!!!!
braulio calamardo (16 days ago)
noooo my poor adult hood
LazyTuber YT (17 days ago)
Raben Sang (17 days ago)
But this unicorn at 2:16 already looks quite creepy in the original. I mean, no nostrils and are these theeth?
Mariana Bordon (17 days ago)
soy el único que habla español
Pagan Cloak (17 days ago)
Hong Dongjji (17 days ago)
0:43 in and I'm stifling roars in my office. That séance was just too funny
they have satanic kids
razorback9999able (17 days ago)
Screw these guys ruining these kids books infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
S Dew (17 days ago)
3:07 left fantasy, right reality!..
Otaku (17 days ago)
They just made them better
Arkadiusz Starski (17 days ago)
I'm sure it was one and the same adult.
jessicaloisturner (18 days ago)
the bunny is taking the picture
CutieKassy (18 days ago)
I don’t get how the thumbnail one was children one though (the uncolored one)
Esper (14 days ago)
have a look at where elmo's hand are and try and work out how he's operating the puppet
Aiden Saenz (18 days ago)
The best video ever
Shitty Boii (18 days ago)
2:09 Of course...
Jasmine Dodsworth (18 days ago)
Oh 1.16 that was not good looked like he was burnt or something
Doge (18 days ago)
This is the 5th time my childhood has been ruined and I’m not even surprised at this point.
GaMinG - G G (19 days ago)
Gezt which Adults is so horrifying
paulo frenetic (19 days ago)
Oque o cachorro da thum estava olhando 😏
Chocolate Cake (19 days ago)
Well that’s disturbing
Marlene Rojas (19 days ago)
Wow cool
Heather Benveniste (19 days ago)
WOW. I like the sweet version better

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