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CAD GDP Growth Domestic Product (Oct)

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News Trader Holy grail With our automated straddling strategy profits are guaranteed within a minute regardless of which direction the market moves. A buy and sell stop are automatically placed at the selected price of your choice on the market 5seconds or anytime of your choice before the actual fundamental is released. A stop loss of your choice is set below your buy order and above your sell order. After the market has triggered either the buy or sell order you can then select if you want the opposite order to then be immediately cancelled. Immediately after a buy order or sell order is filled the stop loss is moved to break even and will automatically begin to trail after 5 pips or any pips of choice. News Trader Holy Grail A super fast executing software that makes the impossibility of straddling manually a reality taking into account the risks of being on the opposite side of a losing hedged trade, being spiked into a trade has become a thing of the past. To get hold of this Software Email: [email protected]
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The South African (1 year ago)
can you email the ea to me
The South African (1 year ago)
+News Trader Holy Grail your email doesn't go through . please mail me at [email protected]
The South African (1 year ago)
+News Trader Holy Grail I just did
Hello, Please email us on [email protected], Thanks

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