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Printing, Print Script and Handwriting Analysis Graphology

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https://skl.sh/2IVYzy7 The 5 Super Success Traits & how to get them into Your Signature Contact me: https://goo.gl/dWBmMJ All Inspirational Quotation Journals: https://goo.gl/fowCeK Info & Pricing for all Readings: https://goo.gl/OcIhK9 Custom Success Signature https://goo.gl/k5k7g4 “Change your Handwriting, Change your Life” Service https://goo.gl/9dIjY1 Visit my website - https://goo.gl/Jr7RsN All Handwriting Analysis books at: https://goo.gl/87mMsX Do you print? Or do you leave gaps between letters in script? It all has meaning. Perhaps you do it for clarity, or for speed – or perhaps you are not sure why you do what you do – this video explains what each type of writing or printing means, and how to change yours if you decide you want to do so. And if you decide to change your writing, one of the best possible ways to do so is by journaling. Journaling allows you to express your feelings in words and the handwriting allows you to better express those feelings in the body language of writing. The Law of Attraction Journal has inspirational quotes every time you turn the page, to encourage and motivate you farther. So ask for what you want in the most effective way possible – through You can change your handwriting and change your life. Remove negative traits and replace them with positive traits, and once it becomes a habit, so does the behavior associated with it – you become the person you are ‘writing.’ A Custom Success Signature can help you get where you want to go. You know, every time you sign your name, the traits that you have included in it, so this works as affirmations and since you also see it as you write, it is visualization too. Others, who perhaps know nothing about handwriting analysis, see you signature and their subconscious picks up on what it is saying about you. So you are giving the impression you want to others every time you write your custom success signature. A great idea for you. A great gift to give someone else. Or use this handwriting to decide whether two people are compatible. This is one of the most popular used of Handwriting Analysis is for Personal Development, to find out how to make the most of you. It is also widely used to determine the compatibility between two people. This can be used for personal relationships or business, as it shows where the two writers will get along and where problems will arise. Often just understanding the differences can make a huge difference to how people get along. Personality shows in a handwriting signature and in all writing or printing. It is quick and easy to identify a specific trait and these videos give you quick tips to find out about the personality of the writer of any piece of writing. Graphology has been around since ancient Egypt, and in today’s society is used by Law Enforcement, Psychologists, and people from all walks of life. Fiona MacKay Young has been a Certified Graphologist for over 30 year, is also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and offers Intuitive Readings from Handwriting. She also has written many books on the topic which can be found at http://goo.gl/pBgQg8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUcAaRuiYjQ&feature=youtu.be
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PoRter (2 months ago)
I often wonder why graphology mostly focus on the negatives of people's handwriting. Like it's a method of catching people . We notice what is wrong rarley what is right.
Fiona MacKay Young (2 months ago)
Focusing on the negative is certainly not the way I do handwriting readings, nor does any other graphologist I know. But it is true that the person for whom the reading is done focuses on any negatives that are mentioned. I know from doing ‘instant readings’ after presentations that if I tell someone 25 good things that I see in their writing and one negative, when their friends ask what I told them the one thing they will tell them is the negative. I reports I am very sensitive to this and careful how I word the less than positive traits. However, I would again say, that handwriting analysis, properly used, does not in any way focus on the negatives or upon catching people and instead does indeed focus on that is right rather than wrong. It does however have to be honest and clear so cannot overlook negative entirely.
Scarlett Sulu (1 year ago)
Thank you
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed it Scarlett.
Jc Thomas (1 year ago)
My writing lands on the paper as printed ALL CAPITAL letters, ALL of the time. My mother (who does NOT write in all caps) started teaching me to write when I was 2yrs old. Even then, when I was to copy what she had written, I had done so in mostly all capital letters. A visible distinction in the size of my letters between which letters "should be" written with a capital versus the rest of the word or sentence can be seen with just a glance at any page filled with my writing, and consistently so from 2yrs of age til present day (I'm 44 now). There have been times where I have attempted to write a bit more slowly, and while seriously concentrating on making my letters in their lower case, and still failed miserably.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
Obviously a very strong trait. The younger a trait shows the stronger, the more deeply embedded it is.
Sally (1 year ago)
I print-script when I'm writing quickly but if I'm writing something more formal I print.
Sally (1 year ago)
Fiona MacKay Young Thanks for responding. Yes, I also print-script when I'm relaxed and being creative. For example, when I'm writing in my diary. When I was at school I wrote with mainly print but as I've got older it's changed to more print-script than anything else.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
That means you are allowing your creativity to show through & your intuition to be listened to when you're in a hurry and need things done, but more conservative when you are being 'formal', Sally. I am assuming you write with at least some print script when you are relaxed and casual, which would mean the same as I've written above, for in a hurry.
Mr. Moonshine (1 year ago)
What does it mean if my handwriting looks very childish, almost like a toddler's? I can't find any videos about this.
Mr. Moonshine (1 year ago)
Well thank you for the response.
Fiona MacKay Young (1 year ago)
I'm afraid I can't answer that without seeing the writing "Mr. Moonshine", as there are several ways in which writing might look childish and each means something different. Sorry.
أسماء صديق (2 years ago)
madam can u please provide me with some sources on handwriting here is my email : [email protected]
Fiona MacKay Young (2 years ago)
I will email you:)
Pinky Bishnoi (2 years ago)
mam please tell me how to combine all four qualities investigative ,analytical, logical and accumulation in writing .Is it possible?
Fiona MacKay Young (2 years ago)
It is certainly possible, Pinky. Make lots of "V" formations at the baseline for analytical.Make some of the tops of "m" & "n" sharp points for investigative, and other tops of "m" & "n" rounded for logical/accumulative. It's an excellent mix for problem solving.

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