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Attachable Lens For All Smartphones - Sony DSC-QX10 Test Video

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Watch my review of Sony´s new cool Lens-Style Camera, the Sony DSC-QX10! Sony DSC-QX10 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1gFjmA4 Hi, my name is Alex and you´re watching my channel HelperSydrom. Welcome! This is where my buddy Chris and I upload videos of the latest smartphones, tablet, accessories and apps! Why? Because we love all that stuff and youtube is a fun place to share our passion :) By the way, you can watch most videos in German on our other channel called MrHelferSyndrom. Why just be a viewer when you can be a contributor? If you like what we do, you can help us keep the lights on by donating via paypal. Any donation is much appreciated and will be given special thanks! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NA9ZJKHMLF39U If you are a video creator too and interested in a collaboration just contact us (we live in Berlin and Munich Germany, but video projects over distance are also possible)! If you are a company and would like to see your device or product reviewed on this channel please contact us at acbusinesscontact [at] gmail.com
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Text Comments (100)
Binanda Salam (2 months ago)
Will it work on Asus Zenfone 5z??
شنو سعره بل دينار العراقي
john moreno (5 months ago)
Mother fucker. I have note 4
andrei paraschiv (10 months ago)
Hi, is there a newer version of this? Or a newer product that does the same things? I have a nexus 5x and I'd really love something to help me take better pictures of things that are far away
Sidheek Sabeelas (11 months ago)
Guyz, Don't spend money, pls purchase a DSLR or a6000 mirrorless camera
Ganesh Mahajan (11 months ago)
Sachin Khan (1 year ago)
Can we attach it with lens or us it possible with the DSC QX100
Raja's Travelogue (1 year ago)
do this lens will works in sony xperia XA1 ultra
Anish Kumar (1 year ago)
I wnat this but how
abhisek saha (1 year ago)
Can it also work with my infocus m370i als
full movies (2 years ago)
can it take pics like DSLR ....blur background?
NOX STUD (2 years ago)
Is it works for all kind of smartphone ?, and for Android, what is the min. Android version to use this Lens ?
SHAKEEL AHMAD (2 years ago)
Whatsapp youtube
Ali Mirza (2 years ago)
does it take pictures like a DSLR?
dick rock (2 years ago)
poor battery life😜
cgwworldministries (2 years ago)
It is an actual camera, not just a lens, and a damn good one at that
Gabriel Vazquez (2 years ago)
Anik Sarkar (2 years ago)
can I use it on redmi note 3?
Trung Duc Nguyen (2 years ago)
of course, it work with all Android Smartphone, Apple Smartphone too... for Windows idk.
Ghanu Tiwari (2 years ago)
i also want to know please let me know asap, thank you
Jeck Regala (2 years ago)
nice video brow
garvita kapoor (2 years ago)
it is bro
Shirley Manuel (2 years ago)
Love it.💖
nooberrific (2 years ago)
Does it have a e mount
Rusty Nugget (2 years ago)
aha wtf. it's a wireless camera it doesnt have A mount or E mount
Mario V. Salazar (2 years ago)
I wish Steven Soderberg would make a movie with phones, he's the one who always experiments with all kinds of things
David Reams (2 years ago)
Nice impartial presentation. Thanks.
Xuân Hoàn Nguyễn (2 years ago)
Does it have Ois
Amal Varghese (2 years ago)
18mp lens ...preety good
xboxmacster (2 years ago)
shivam kumar (2 years ago)
how does it connect,does it require Bluetooth
Christopher Sobieniak (2 years ago)
Too bad my current smartphone doesn't have that, but I rarely used it anyway on my previous.
keigorjai01 (2 years ago)
+shivam kumar It connects with "NFC"
Niraj Ksnsakar (3 years ago)
Q-X 10 lense does it work on xperia C 5
arif faizal (3 years ago)
Jet Li (3 years ago)
pointless device, get a camera u get better result
nooberrific (2 years ago)
Agreed it's all about the price I'm getting one from a friend for 50 bucks to play with but yeah msrp fir thus is a joke
Turulcky A.D. (3 years ago)
lol a cleaner iPad would be nice.
vinay aero (3 years ago)
can it works on yu yureka plus? please answer me anyone...
Michael Johnstone (3 years ago)
5" wide or 5" long? This guy says it has a limit of 5" and it won't fit on a Galaxy Note 3 - as he hooks the clamp across the WIDTH of his phone with some additional adjustment room on the clamp to spare it looks like. My Note 3 in a lightweight Otter Box case is still only 3.5" across. (It's 6 3/8" long of course) Clarity on this issue please?
Sarge (3 years ago)
+Michael Johnstone he might of been refering to how it wont fit on the 6 inch note 4 and 5
bang nano (3 years ago)
Amazing.... Good to inspiration
Harshith Vikramteja (3 years ago)
is such lenses available for Z3 COMPACT ??? plzz repply nd do let me know if any such are available wit its details ,, bcozz i wanna buy
DOPE GAMES (3 years ago)
His I-pad is in a really horrible condition
John Bowles (3 years ago)
Good video. Very helpful. I recently visited Berlin and I recognize the sites. Thanks!
Gench in Action (3 years ago)
Great video!!!!   just bought brand new from amazon for under 90 USD!!! cant wait to play with it
Yuki Mo (3 years ago)
Its a camera in itself and not just lens. 
Khallouqi Sarah (3 years ago)
does it work with a galaxy s 5 ???
Diogeneous Diogeneous (3 years ago)
It is great for night and sun rises.
MayukaProject (3 years ago)
It works on every Android or iOS
Rik Stam (3 years ago)
What to do when you are in the middle of nowhere and you dont have any service can you still use your phone as a screen?
Rik Stam (3 years ago)
thats awesome, so you just have your own digital camera in youre pocket!?
Kikoshi Baphomet (3 years ago)
Yes, because its like Wifi direct or something forgot the name. If you've ever used the NFC features on a phone, you'll know what i'm talking about. In short, yes you an use it even if you don't have any wifi in range.
Marcus King (3 years ago)
And also is there a another product thats similar to it but way more better 
Marcus King (3 years ago)
does it work with Galaxy S5 pls let me know
Sachin More (3 years ago)
Is it really work with any smartphone?
ozzie burt (3 years ago)
U are sexy
Lokesh Kumar (3 years ago)
is it work with my xperia zr?
Ronuelle Enriquez (3 years ago)
Does it work with android phones? 4.4.2 version. TIA
jessie meguinis (3 years ago)
Hi does it work with iPhone 6 +? 
Tatiana Henriquez (3 years ago)
So this doesn't work with an iphone 6? fuck i knew i should buy the iphone 5! shbfshdjfbdsj
Samsu Mia (3 years ago)
+Tatiana Henriquez it does work with iphone 6
Rais Muhaj (4 years ago)
Please can someone send me a link to these kind of lenses for samsung galaxy note n7000.
korewaable (4 years ago)
please review QX10 with Z1/Z2/Z3 , and do not review QX10 with xz _-
Navi Young (4 years ago)
Is it compatible with xperia Z ?
Shahidul Islam (4 years ago)
So good product
Talal AL-Sari (4 years ago)
Great Video
so not compatible with windows phone
Swapneel Verma (4 years ago)
tell me is it works on xperia t2 ultra dual?
Yashvi Mavani (3 years ago)
Well i also want to know that but no one answering -_____-
Nicole Chia (4 years ago)
aww so sad. I have a note 2 means I can't get it
Nicole Chia (4 years ago)
but I do wonder if it can stretch as much as the qx100
Xperia l??
Musfiqur Rahman (4 years ago)
WOW!!! Its actually compatible with Xperia Z. Feeling proud that my Xperia Z can support such an accessory.
omar fathy (4 years ago)
My dear note 3 :(
Ramz Ali (4 years ago)
can i connect this devise in my iphone 5s without wifi
Ramz Ali (4 years ago)
thanks for help
Ramz Ali (4 years ago)
o shit, ok thanks mitche23
Mitche23 (4 years ago)
You could use NFC, but iphone doesn't have that so you're stuck with wifi.
Roosevelt Moreno (4 years ago)
So it can connect via Bluetooth with my android right?
korewaable (4 years ago)
+jose Moreno if you doesnt have NFC , you can use that qx10 via bluetooth
vadiv S (4 years ago)
Can it support Experia M dual ,, if yes, how it's performance? 
Bart Witting (4 years ago)
Thanks man! You helped me a lot!
Garth Johns (4 years ago)
Good job with the review... many thanks
naeem riz (4 years ago)
can I use it with xperia P 4 inches screen
naeem riz (4 years ago)
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
it will work even if NOT mounted on your phone. the mounts arms can expand about 3" wide so if your phone is around 3" i'd contact sonys customer support and ask.
aguroeu (4 years ago)
can attach on nokia lumia 1020?
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
does not work with windows phones. only android and iOS units. android version must be atleast 2.3 iOS must be version 4.3 or higher
Swapnil Rane (4 years ago)
The lens support for xperia ion??
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
lens work fine with all smartphones that can have the app: "PlayMemories Mobile" installed and a active WiFi function. works with all android phones, version 2.3 and above with apples phones it works with all phones using iOS version 4.3 or higher. ....to answer your question: yes, it works with the xpera ion
Videos Made In Germany (5 years ago)
I don´t see why not! It is even smaller then the Xperia Z!
Mahid U knQw !! (5 years ago)
Is it possible to attach dis with lt26i xperia s
MrHelferSyndrom (5 years ago)
achso, dann ist ja echt egal von der sprache ;) aber manchmal gibts auch videos die ich nur aufm deutschen kanal mach!
MrBlackCoca (5 years ago)
mir macht es nichts aus die englischen vids zu schauen hab 10 jahre da gelebt
MrHelferSyndrom (5 years ago)
also uncool ist das teil nicht ;) muss man selber wissen obs einem wert ist... schau doch mal auf unserem deutschen kanal vorbei (der von dem dieser kommentar ist)! lg alex
MrBlackCoca (5 years ago)
ist es das geld werd?
V.I.K (5 years ago)
Why the qx10? The qx100is the real deal!
vaibhav jain (5 years ago)
YouTube is fine lol But I have to say good review and i I'm gonna buy it for my xperia z Thx
Samim Miah (9 months ago)
vaibhav jain what is price lens

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