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Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

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GO:OD AM Album Out Now Download it here: https://smarturl.it/GOODAM Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Best Day Ever (prod. ID Labs) Shot & Edited By Ian Wolfson Additional Footage Shot by Dave Prokopec & Alex Surgent Childhood Footage Shot By Karen Meyers Lil Mac Played By Lil T Executive Producer: Benjy Grinberg Marketing & Promotion: Arthur Pitt Rex Arrow Films 2011 Rostrum Records 2011
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Text Comments (75094)
R.I.P Mac!
ZuriCH - (1 hour ago)
Damn he looked like such a nice guy who had everything together
Dark Night (1 hour ago)
Rest easy mac miller❤
Ted Clayton (1 hour ago)
You will be missed. Rip mac
it's so sad to watch this video right now RIP Mac
Alex JonezyC (3 hours ago)
RIP big Mac , you will always be remembered brother, got them Nikes on your feet, kicking it at blue slide park!!!
Monkey (4 hours ago)
Isaac Reed (8 hours ago)
Rest in Peace Legend :(
Angel Hill (8 hours ago)
Damm... that's all I got to say is just damn RIP mac 😪😖😭. You'll always be in our hearts!
Fran Mateo (9 hours ago)
this breaks my heart.
MCU LOVER MCU LOVER (9 hours ago)
Rest peacefully man
Anon Ymous (10 hours ago)
from the happiest to the saddest song.
R M (12 hours ago)
Miss you, Mac!
Neil Rousselle Macmillan (14 hours ago)
RIP my homie straight G you will be missed
daniel camargo (15 hours ago)
Breaks muy heart 🚬💊
Angelo Gordon (15 hours ago)
American Lizard (16 hours ago)
Every time I come back to this song 💔💔💔
lonely - (17 hours ago)
sebastian valenzuela (17 hours ago)
Long Live Mac
Robert Rucker (17 hours ago)
This makes you smile til you cry or cry til you smile I love it Rip Mac Mill
marlon medina (17 hours ago)
Fuck depression, anxiety
marlon medina (17 hours ago)
Depression can be someone that looks really happy
marlon medina (17 hours ago)
He looks so happy
marlon medina (17 hours ago)
Why shit happens??
Tim May (18 hours ago)
The Chosen1 (18 hours ago)
If it ain't about a dream, then it ain't about me
Anthony Chavez (18 hours ago)
He was singing rapers delight in the beginning lol
wiks concio (18 hours ago)
We miss you mac.
J Flow (18 hours ago)
Had to stop what I was doing and just listen when this came on. Rest easy Mac
Celina Rodriguez (19 hours ago)
Rip , miss you.
Chase Herwig (20 hours ago)
Can’t believe it’s been 1 month already rip mac, still doesn’t feel right
Nick Schmitt (1 day ago)
Maybe a few days go by where I dont think of his passing, but for the most part its daily. I cannot believe this still. God damn man it feels like I lost a friend, his music helped me so much...Im forever most dope. KIDS
unicornPlayz (1 day ago)
808 Villain (1 day ago)
Rest In Peace Mac ❤️😪
joel minjock (1 day ago)
I need to watch this every now and then... Damn Man... this hurts
jessica estes (1 day ago)
I still can't believe this. I miss you mac. I wish you knew how many people loved you. Rip
AST Official (1 day ago)
sorry mac miller :((
Piotr Kunc (1 day ago)
[*] will never die
Nick Kilen (1 day ago)
Look at that evolution of kid could barely remember words or carry a beat. Then look at where he went. Stars can be touched keep up the dreams.
BEEB CLAN (1 day ago)
RIP Mac ._.
He must of been emo. So he died
Jude Chege (1 day ago)
Devin Grooms (1 day ago)
he made this kinda vid b4 he left. the good die young
wtf this guy isn't SpongeBob
Ben Simpson (1 day ago)
0:20 I'm not crying, you are crying
Joe Agnew (1 day ago)
I don't know what to say rip Mac. You a legend
Jay Snyder (1 day ago)
Damn still can't believe your gone Mac RIP 😢🙏
YoBoi Markie (1 day ago)
Rip Mac Miller you gave me so much hope through this song thank you
Rock Star (1 day ago)
What a bunch of gay epic fail
Tony V (1 day ago)
Sometimes I would skip the beginning to get to the actual song. Now I cant. I dont know why, but I wont allow myself to skip the first minute.
Jason Kiser (1 day ago)
My heart hurts. He was one of the greatest!
Josh Needham (1 day ago)
Peace and love homie
Garrett Berry (1 day ago)
Macs not gone, he’s living though all of us!
K1ddkanuck (1 day ago)
I have lost so many people in the last 12 months. Death happens so often now. My dad, my grandmother, some of my best friends... I cry for no reason out of no where, all the time. A lot of people go into adulthood never knowing this shit. But that isn't my lot. I gotta confront this shit before most, and that's just how it is. This world ain't taking me though. I'm gonna keep going. Keep smiling. This gon be the best day ever... And so will the next day, and the next day, and the day after that. I'm gonna keep fighting, cuz a lot of people can't or won't... Fuck I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. Sorry guys, had to get that out. I'll never take a day off. <3
jimmy moser (1 day ago)
He was the realest.
R.I.P. Mac.
Ariana vs The world (1 day ago)
Omg I'm in Tear's
Andy Rich (1 day ago)
Over a month later and I still cant believe it. And this opening just wrecks you
lindsey dpt (1 day ago)
I had the chance to saw him in Bruno Mars's show it was amazing rest in peace man
Amadou Kane (2 days ago)
Rip mac miller we miss you (fans)
bryan herrera (2 days ago)
This song played and I was in my zone until I remembered he passed away :(
Michael Bashorun (2 days ago)
yadiii (2 days ago)
Pratiti Pie (2 days ago)
RIP Mac Miller ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kev (2 days ago)
damn this dudes music really impacted me. Im really upset that he's gone.
David Guerrero (2 days ago)
This will be the song they fall in love with.
Arturo Ramales (2 days ago)
Bro rip 😫😫
Payton Holmes (2 days ago)
He honestly one of the biggest inspirations of our generation, grew up listening to him on my Mp3 player or on my cd player. I was at work when I heard the bad news, it devastated me so much. This was the first song I played, this song is his saddest but happiest song. Rest easy Mac, this one is for you.
Daniel lo (2 days ago)
Been 9 years since this video came out, time files, live life to the fullest. Rip Mac Miller God bless
Brennen Smith (2 days ago)
God damn the beginning of this music video is sad. RIP mac milly
Lord DF (2 days ago)
i miss you, mac
EsawCole2010 (2 days ago)
Long live Mac Miller!!!
Simply Bae (2 days ago)
Rip to a legend!
Andrea Robinson (2 days ago)
Rest in Peace Mac the Realest!💕💕
Such a talented person. So sad that his life was cut short like that. RIP Mac
Ryan Hilgenfeldt (2 days ago)
Always good to see Mac happy in his music. Love you bro . Thank you
Julia 1.0 (2 days ago)
Rest in Peace😔🕇 we'll never forget you❤
Sani (2 days ago)
Mac R.I.P Love you....
Eric Mack (2 days ago)
Pull your pants up!
Pedro Pina (2 days ago)
As a grown ass man my guy mac miller the god One of the 🐐 of all time RIP
Rest easy💙
Jonay2k (2 days ago)
Mac was a cool dude.
Lilly Rose (2 days ago)
Mac Miller isn't Post Malone? What the... I'm confused with all these rappers.
Afro Sage (2 days ago)
Wow this kinda hurts.
유상우 (2 days ago)
why he is dead? RIP
Cadu Andrade (2 days ago)
emerson almeida (2 days ago)
essa musica é muito boa !!! RIP MAC
Robert Plant (2 days ago)
Such trash music, glad he’s gone! That’s what happens when you’re a druggie loser
FCIM 1908 (2 days ago)
Robert Plant 💀
Miguel Fierro (2 days ago)
This vid breaks my heart Every Time
Luis Sotelo (2 days ago)
Not Gonna Lie Im Here After He Died R.I.P Mac Miller 🙏 But This Song Is Beautiful I Love This Song 🔥
This gives me mad nostalgia :( we miss you so much Mac
Jon Jacobs (2 days ago)
Miss you Mac. May you rest in paradise. 😔🙏🏻🙏🏻
Carnageboii968 (2 days ago)
R.I.P Mac you were a big influence in my life and helped me with suicide you held me above the water when i was drowning and i hope you rest in peace... you will be remembered
kevin White (2 days ago)
Tribe Syndakitz (2 days ago)
You will be missed
mike cruz (2 days ago)
"No matter where life takes me you'll find me with a smile" thank you Mac<3
Talon Kishi (2 days ago)
so haunting
Frisco Falcon (2 days ago)
Rip Mac Miller Rip Speaker Knockers Rip Lil peep Rip XXXtentacion

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