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Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

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Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom Original: https://twitter.com/migruelf/status/997271557532610565
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Text Comments (9176)
SwagShake (6 hours ago)
Lmao this Asian nigga on the right 🤣
Man, I wish the girl's restrooms we're like this
Daniel Lindaman (9 hours ago)
This would happen at my school
Joel González (10 hours ago)
Se pasan de verga
The father and the son and the Holy Spirit has joined the server
Dylan Syddall (14 hours ago)
The spartan 2 project consisted of 75 men. The other 5 were in other smaller projects, not being worse, just smaller than spartan 2. These Spartans are gathered here today.
rare. loren (17 hours ago)
Great video
I was all the way in the back and the bathroom smelt like. Sweaty ass crack
random guy (21 hours ago)
This is where racism ends
Mohaiminul Islam (22 hours ago)
o o o o o owwsome
Danny Espinal (1 day ago)
Por eso es que los hombres Somos mas alegres :v
中原マリ (1 day ago)
Boys club
The Codetalker S (1 day ago)
Legends say this meme will never die. But thou shall live on till for eternity
Jesus Vargas (1 day ago)
Imagine a dude not associated with this had to take a piss and he just walks in the bathroom completely unaware of this
Adolfo Gomez (1 day ago)
William Isaacson (1 day ago)
Checkmate atheists
StrïdêяsÊИD 85 (1 day ago)
Girls think they know boys, they dont know shit until they enter the boys restroom to see 80 guys singing the halo theme perfectly.
Benboy955 (1 day ago)
These aren't men they are better than that, these aren't gods they are better than that, they are Spartans my friend, Spartans
Glaz Pulse (1 day ago)
The holy anthem
Emanuel Lopez (1 day ago)
Explain this atheists
a true masterpiece
that’s not the boys bathroom that’s the men’s bathroom
Sho0terKinGmaZtah1999 (2 days ago)
to much people destroyed the acustic
Jesus Vargas (2 days ago)
On Monday (October 22, 2018) real men will be doing this in a school bathroom
Caleb Campbell (2 days ago)
#halo is the best
ZiRR (2 days ago)
Damn it Felix.
XxAmbushxX (2 days ago)
Why can’t my school be like this
Callum Agnew (2 days ago)
beautiful keep up the good work
Crusader Ethan (2 days ago)
The Brotherhood still exists I’m in tears
Spektar Spartan (2 days ago)
Im crying of nostalgia
bob bob (2 days ago)
This is what happens in male bathrooms ladies
God would be proud of us
Meme Police (3 days ago)
The asians voice is terrible
Meme Police (3 days ago)
Just my opinion
This is why I hate video games it appeals to the male fantasy “plays this video“
Derrick (3 days ago)
what a tribute
Aggressive Pizza (3 days ago)
Xbox plebs
Bowen Chen (3 days ago)
The male fantasy
Doomsday (3 days ago)
the most badass male bathroom ever
PancakesFTW (3 days ago)
*Jesus has joined the chat*
Lopezjoe 1028 (3 days ago)
Ahh yes bathrooms and games bonding men since 1851
Zenix Kirin (3 days ago)
Anyone not apart of this must think it's a cult in there
NELSON WIBOWO (3 days ago)
And theres that dude who’s actually using the bathroom thinking if he teleported to halo XD
VTBM (3 days ago)
Guys literally only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting.
cuz we're Ian (3 days ago)
Not sus at all
LMS Productions (3 days ago)
how men unite
SMH Hamborgarar (3 days ago)
Chills... Literal chils
Gerbils (3 days ago)
Anthony Manansala (3 days ago)
This is basically what it feels like getting onto Matchmaking with 79 other people filling the other slots in 30 seconds.
kaikuson (4 days ago)
Not one virginity was lost that day 😂
tareq 13 (4 days ago)
Thanks for the legend who decided this
lolsnowlol (4 days ago)
When your whole squad gets on to play big team slayer
YaBoiSeth (4 days ago)
"This is why i dony like video games cause it appeales to like male fantasy"
J SAVY (4 days ago)
welp that’s 44 sec of my life i won’t get back
Angry Shark (4 days ago)
When you gotta take a shit and you walk in seeing this...
Ahmad Bitar (4 days ago)
Thats what REALLY happens in male toilets
Mr. Wolf (4 days ago)
ePiC gAmEr MoMeNt
Mr. Wolf (4 days ago)
What a legend
GREEK YOGURT (4 days ago)
Everybody I am sorry to say that I am 12 and the only halo games I have played are 4 and 5 I am sorry that I didn’t but reach. Halo will forever stay in my heart it was the first FPS I have ever played and I will keep playing it.
Kyle does stuff (4 days ago)
*God joined the party*
Albert Rent (5 days ago)
nerds all need a good 80's dick slap
Zuriel Zuniga (5 days ago)
80 guys in 1 bathroom... Plz tell me u know what's wrong here!!
Kristopher Benitez (6 days ago)
Not gonna lie, I was singing along with them.
Blurred Out Dog (6 days ago)
“This is what I hate about video games, it appeals to the male fantasy”. Damn right.
Ethan Ortega 489 (6 days ago)
This fukin reminds me some kid dressed up as master chief on the last day of school
AJK BearsBound (6 days ago)
T Pose
K3ntuckyFriedRic 3 (6 days ago)
When you actually go to the school that they sang this in
Eazy-B (6 days ago)
Uaheuaheuauua Nice
RUMBLESLUG (6 days ago)
Skelly Man (6 days ago)
Backpack kid? 0:17 bottom right
AngelicPenguin (6 days ago)
"ThIS iS wHY I hAtE ViDEo gAmES iT ApPeALs To tHe MAlE FanTASy"
PyroRapid (7 days ago)
*Jesus joined the server*
King (7 days ago)
*I bet he thinking about other girls* *Guy: **00:13*
King_pug12 (7 days ago)
I would just love it if a teacher walked in and joined in
Published Clover (7 days ago)
This is what heaven sounds like
Alfonso Lopez (7 days ago)
explain this atheists xd
Alfonso Lopez (7 days ago)
this should be a religion :v
DAVID42507 ChiledHood (7 days ago)
This is why I wish to Live in a boy only world
slav boi. (7 days ago)
SultanOfficial (7 days ago)
no vocal coaching needed just peer support
gunchberg (7 days ago)
if the earth is round, explain this
Si la Tierra es plana entonces se caerían los océanos y además hay pruebas de que es elíptica porque los astronautas que fueron a la Luna lo vieron
Xtreme Bro (7 days ago)
This is why we need to preform chorus For this meme
RAPTURE World (8 days ago)
That day the holes were filled with heavenly sounds
Nytemare (8 days ago)
This is so sad lol
edgypoatato salad (8 days ago)
Nop this was how they mae iit so we can now how game music was made
ROBLOXduke (8 days ago)
I found the nerd club
Savage (8 days ago)
This isn't the men's bathroom this is... The Gentleman's room
Xsuperwolfx _ (8 days ago)
Just bros being bros
Ocean Man (8 days ago)
Imagine hearing that from the hall lol
Scythe FЖ (8 days ago)
I wish halo could be on ps4 𗁇 I love halo so much it’s the first game I played on 360 with my older bro.
Alex C (8 days ago)
Halo: Vocals Evolved
mr. B (8 days ago)
I need to do this at my school
SovietMemeGod (8 days ago)
This was so beautiful I am legit crying
Bryan Soe (8 days ago)
ah. the sound of a 1000 virgins
Antonio Martínez (8 days ago)
Ooooooh!!! 🎶🎶🎶
Raul ryuu (8 days ago)
0:23 disguised toast?
This is what goes on in the boys bathroom girls .
Argentina Monge (9 days ago)
Javier .G (9 days ago)
kAsi (9 days ago)
They say bathroom is the place where brotherhood is born
Dat Boi 954 (9 days ago)
“This is what I hate about video games it appeals to the male fantasy”

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