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Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom

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Halo theme song performed by 80 guys in 1 bathroom Original: https://twitter.com/migruelf/status/997271557532610565
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Text Comments (15285)
George_Saladbar (3 minutes ago)
*gamer girl pops out*
jaron (15 minutes ago)
The official xbox account shoudlve commented
SoLoSKillZ (16 minutes ago)
Heung Min Son?
RINGI36 FORTNITE (7 minutes ago)
Nobody: Youtube recommandation: hAlO tHeMe SoNg PeRfOrMeD bY 80 gUyS iN 1 BaThRoOm
Emperor HD (22 minutes ago)
early 2019?
Saksham Gupta (23 minutes ago)
Son is that you🤔🤔
GlitchyGamer 404 (38 minutes ago)
In the girls bathroom we jut play loud speakers
pokerworld (47 minutes ago)
All they needed was one chick
Conor Farrell (50 minutes ago)
endermelle (1 hour ago)
Hueng min son in the thumbnail
denizmax433 (1 hour ago)
That guy looks so much like heung-min son
harf gamer (1 hour ago)
InfiniteRaver87 (1 hour ago)
Bring out a remastered halo.
The Master (1 hour ago)
We dead ass did this in my school but only me and 17 other kids followed through we all got administrative detention after school
??? (2 hours ago)
Watching it at 2x speed is literally *godlike* .
PVZ Raphael (2 hours ago)
When my friends are walking and see’s a halo costume
American (2 hours ago)
Could you imagine if some one was using the toilet like oh um why is there so many people in here then they start singing
Ryan Waasdorp (2 hours ago)
Manny Torres (2 hours ago)
Why am I watching this? Because it's ICONIC! That's why!
Ruben Gonzalez (2 hours ago)
Fuck the Olympics, Halo truly unites all races
jayden tha slug (2 hours ago)
Meanwhile in the mens bathroom
Kamran Ali (3 hours ago)
0:22 younger version of son 😂
ice water (3 hours ago)
Girls bathroom: omg you won't believe what Emily did Boys bathroom:
That Kid Vertz (3 hours ago)
Eric York (3 hours ago)
Not sure if I should smile or be embarrassed...
Jan Solo (3 hours ago)
Thought that was Heung Min Son for a second on the thumbnail
YUNG SMUT (3 hours ago)
Man where was this shit when I was in school.
Select Obvi (3 hours ago)
I imagine theres a guy in one of the stalls taking the most epic piss of his life...
Spark The dragon (3 hours ago)
Would girls love to be in that bathroom?
Slim Yoshi (3 hours ago)
what happens in the boys locker room stays in the boys locker room
P G (3 hours ago)
I love how the description is just the video title repeated
Lyrics Guy (4 hours ago)
To many Asian people
ATM LUCKY33 (4 hours ago)
MostNaturalMedia (4 hours ago)
*This randomly sent shivers down my spine.. all hail Halo. The legend lives on in this remarkable bathroom gathering..*
MostNaturalMedia (4 hours ago)
*This is the most beautiful thing ever recorded.. horizontally..* 👏
Trizziewix (4 hours ago)
The Male gender at it's finest.
Jack, The Lego Maniac! (4 hours ago)
Lyrics: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Shrayus Masanam (4 hours ago)
I’m just wondering how 80 guys had to take a piss at the same time
Stuff Stuff (5 hours ago)
They went in as boys, But came out as men
Nicols (5 hours ago)
This has to be a fire hazard
DaEpicZach (5 hours ago)
I think Halo Frazier Bathroom got delayed to 2019. Unless it’s a pc exclusive. Where can I buy this masterpiece?
Nathan (5 hours ago)
Girls bathroom: *talking* Boys bathroom:
Sam Wu (5 hours ago)
virginity lvl 1000%
IceWolf (6 hours ago)
This is a normal day in my school, I’m not kidding.
Grim The Ghastly (7 hours ago)
Humanity has reached its peak. It's all downhill from here.
Snowden (8 hours ago)
This single act, drew the school closer than ever before
Trashbender Sarah (8 hours ago)
At least humanity can unite over this.
AdrianOrtega28 (8 hours ago)
There having an 80 sum
Ghost Chocolate (9 hours ago)
I can hear the girls laughing from the outside. Don’t ruin this beautiful moment, where boys become men.
Mr . Sunglasses (10 hours ago)
I’m sexually attracted to Lola bunny and Judy hopps.
a bagel (10 hours ago)
Me and the boys saying the our father in the boys bathroom before lunch
Will (10 hours ago)
This...is a thing of beauty
Subscribe to Pewdiepie (11 hours ago)
When the bois unite,we are unstoppable
Whiterun Guard (11 hours ago)
Why are there so many guys in one bathroom? Is this an orgy?
_ TheBigPig _ (12 hours ago)
“It’s enough to make a grown man cry”
HDF Ultra5 (12 hours ago)
this is the greatest video ever
Sam Lockwood (12 hours ago)
Not the heroes we deserve but the heroes we need.
Mirzavids (12 hours ago)
Xbox niggas
Docter: you have 43 seconds left to live Me:
Zwo (12 hours ago)
I just imagine a guy walking in who actually needs to go to the bathroom when there doing that
xAmAzZiinGx (12 hours ago)
Sound like death note too
Jxde IOS - (12 hours ago)
Guy: I choose you! Pokemon Go: Am I a joke to you?
Hxrm (12 hours ago)
Is that son in the thumbnail?
Ceres (13 hours ago)
nobody: YouTube recommendations: OOOHHHH
Owen Borg (13 hours ago)
Imaging being in class and hearing this echo through the vents
Pedro Oliveira (13 hours ago)
Mas que porra é essa? Não sei como vim parar aqui, mas sei que vai ter mais BR's. Cadê ?
Red X Vlogger (14 hours ago)
When it's the last day of school →
OcaLovesTori (14 hours ago)
Herd of gamers found in their natural habitat...
Yoshidex WGY (15 hours ago)
Girls bathroom: Here's(tap tap) the mother fucking(tap tap) *TEA* Boys bathroom: Ah,shit...here we go again... *OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooOoooooooOooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
Sgt. Craig (15 hours ago)
And now in the wild,we have a rare species of gamer and this is their true habitat.
FatKidsOnAHonda (15 hours ago)
Perfectly harmonized, as all things should be.
GrubbyTrack (16 hours ago)
Thank you reccomended
whyycarloss - (16 hours ago)
All races unite
whyycarloss - (16 hours ago)
I’m crying
HypexNiek (16 hours ago)
This, this puts a smile on my face
Ali-A 2 (17 hours ago)
Girls locker room: OMG PE was so hard today! Boys locker room:
J Chilly (17 hours ago)
Finish the fight
Mr Wilson (17 hours ago)
*Imagine how stinky it is in there from all the breathe **#no** thx*
Underscore (17 hours ago)
Legends are true
nebulaCHRIS (18 hours ago)
Definition of boys locker room
Mando Jukes (18 hours ago)
JosePVP YT BOY (18 hours ago)
When your all OG halo gamers
Jshav 97 (18 hours ago)
art in its rawest form
Pew pew Pew (18 hours ago)
*School shooter walks in the bathroom* This:
Ur Mum (18 hours ago)
*0:20* he tried
Bum Fuzzle (18 hours ago)
Master chief would like to know your location
BriteLite Gaming (19 hours ago)
Principle walks in Oh my gosh! Then joins them
Charlie Driver (19 hours ago)
i thought that was son on the thumbnail ngl
John Wick (19 hours ago)
80 virgins in one bathroom
Gamer Page (20 hours ago)
this is e p i c
John Wick (20 hours ago)
This should be called the virgins bathroom
Goujan (6 hours ago)
Good one bro! I can tell from your bio your a savage👌👌👌👌!! And judging from the fact that u post mo bamba ring tones, u slay so much pussy!!😎😎😎
Rapid VII (20 hours ago)
ZAPPO (20 hours ago)
Ng Marcus (20 hours ago)
Why is son heung min in the thumbnail
Gage Spencer (21 hours ago)
Hey, who called Big Shaq?
Mayday (21 hours ago)
This is when boys become mens
Girl's locker room: Omg, have you seen Brad, Trisha? He probably totally like, likes you. How are you gonna approach him?? Boy's locker room:
VoltageGamer (22 hours ago)
WHO else thought that was hing ming son????
Champagne Matt (22 hours ago)
Halo grunts always kill me with their suicidal plasma grenade hands
ʜiяσ кυη (22 hours ago)
Imagine a teacher is calling the police because he was thinking it was a sacrifice reunion.

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