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Bridget Russo: "Brand Storytelling" | Talks At Google

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Bridget Russo is the CMO of Shinola, a Detroit-based manufacturing company specializing in creating beautiful hand-crafted bikes, watches and leather goods. Since settling in Detroit in 2012, Shinola has not only contributed hundreds of jobs to an unlikely Detroit renaissance, but it has also become a handy symbol of it. After buying more than a dozen Shinola watches last year, Bill Clinton said in a speech, “We need more American success stories like Shinola of Detroit.” Hear Bridget discuss Shinola’s role in Detroit’s resurgence, what’s new at Shinola and how they’ve built a globally recognized and lauded brand based on the storied manufacturing history of the city of Detroit. Moderated by Danielle Russell.
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J N (2 years ago)
had heard of them... giving them a second look ..serious look
Mihir Panchal (2 years ago)
I think Bridget Russo is the CMO and not the CEO. Great talk btw. Thank you for posting it!
Jason Andreas (2 years ago)
Thanks for coming in Bridget - was great to have you at our office!
Ex Nihilo (2 years ago)
Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um Um

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