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Surviving a Plane Crash Horror | Airbus A330 Disaster | Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 | 4K

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Find out why this Airbus A330-200 crashed about 1,200 meters short of the Runway in Tripoli Airport. Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates: https://instagram.com/theflightchannelyt I spent a lot of time to create this video. Hope you liked it! Buy the hardware that I use here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928287?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Or Here: CPU: http://amzn.to/2zvNOR9 GPU (Graphic Card): http://amzn.to/2hZyCSw GPU (Cheaper, but Good): http://amzn.to/2hoPxAT RAM: http://amzn.to/2yprDbF MOTHERBOARD: http://amzn.to/2yMYewl 4K MONITOR: http://amzn.to/2Ax0CV9 or http://amzn.to/2g8jzql MOUSE: http://amzn.to/2AxmXSE KEYBOARD: http://amzn.to/2hnHGU7 SSD Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fQ5ny8 Standard Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fG0t7D JOYSTICK: http://amzn.to/2lkUszi Note: Flight Simulator 2018 is not a new game. With this title I mean a combination of effects, add-ons and other things (added to Prepar3D v4.2 - 64bit) that make this video seem more real.
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Text Comments (871)
V A (1 day ago)
these pilots were absolute trash.
ItzDawdlingAudra YT (6 days ago)
this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary
Red Red Blue Music (8 days ago)
I guess the people there have no choice, but you couldn't pay me to fly on one of those third-world airlines.
Annette Melnychuk (10 days ago)
That was stressful beyond belief to watch.
Christine Still (10 days ago)
Poor passengers. Those pilots were not fully trained on that aircraft imo.
Azura Osli (13 days ago)
Jinder Mahal THE Air Plane 12/5/10
Cristovao Dacosta (13 days ago)
the flight channel provides a clear image of this tragic accident. thank you .
Ese Callum (16 days ago)
9m 59 seconds. that music . i mean its like this is the end of your story. it brings tears to my eyes, i feel ineffably sad.
Poderia colocar legendas em português para o Brasil. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
william schenold (22 days ago)
Whoever makes these films is a GENIUS! Where else can you see the detail of windows with lighting inside? INCREDIBLE!!
Tauhid Al Quader (23 days ago)
In a moment of poor visibility or no visibility while landing is it possible to simulate the clear external view on the cockpit windshield as the simulator does? In this video the poor or no visibility might have disturbed the pilot's attention. In such a situation of landing where a microsecond is counted a little help of external view might help to decide quickly.
Dogsoldier 1950 (24 days ago)
Safety tip. Stay from 3rd world airlines
ladylvlupp sabrina (24 days ago)
Are you sure it wasn't a suicide ? Seems a bit to weird
hushuobadao No (26 days ago)
Poor the 9 years old kid his family die :(
MS Malika (27 days ago)
My dream job ended when Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 crashed in Tripoli international airport with 104 passengers and crew on board due to pilot error and lack of crew resource management . This guys they just graduate 🎓 I think I get lucky by making decision of postponing my final exams with Afriqya, I had to focus in my last year of university. Im still crazy about aviation and my heart bit when ever I see air plane passing in the sky however my destiny wasn’t with this guys I had to live more and see other shiit that can happen in this life . Sorry for my colleagues that passed a way in this accident ☹️
Ronald Harrison (29 days ago)
Total lack of instrument observance! These idiots had no right flying a plane! A terrible tragedy with so many lives lost.
Elle Lipa (30 days ago)
“Too low, terrain” “pull up” “banking” “stall” and the sound of the stickshaker always make my stomach turn. I’m sure I’ve missed some...
plane toy channel (1 month ago)
So sad only a child survive and his parent,s died
Paul OregonUSA (1 month ago)
Looks like captain committed suicide
Michael Lawson (1 month ago)
I was on the flight before, from Johannesburg to Tripoli where I changed planes to return to Amsterdam . It was the last flight before the crash . This company was owned by Gadaffis son and operated separately from the national Libyan Airlines. I still have the boarding pass. This flight was only once a week and while it was not flying it would be parked for 5 days at Tripoli airport . Unknown to me, I left an indelible impression on the young lady who sold me the ticket at the D-Reisen travel agency office in Amsterdam . A week after I arrived back the plane crashed . A few days after that I happened to be near that same travel agency and so I crossed the road to browse at deals hanging in the windows . The next thing I know the same young lady came running to me with her arms open and tears of joy in her eyes . She hugged me and told me she has been crying all week because she thought I was on that flight and that she had sold me a death ticket . So glad to still be around . Thanks to TheFlightChannel . I now , after 9 years fully understand what happened .
libyan loyal (3 days ago)
Michael Lawson yeah you save the fucking planet thank you
Cristovao Dacosta (13 days ago)
impressed details given to us! very happy to know you are alive ! thank you.
NIcO (1 month ago)
The Child And I are same age. It's hard to think that he has been on a crash where nobody else survived
Bob Doom (1 month ago)
Copilot so fucking arshole
Lucky Star (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video! I was living 11 km near the Airport that time, i didn't Heard anything... But i Remember that i was shocked! I didn't expecting this... I was Always afraid when i used to Flight with afriyqiah but when they opened new routes i was Flying more relaxed but when this happened .... Oh my GOD! 😢R.I.P
BruhItsJeromeRBLX (1 month ago)
god knew it was gonna crash, the child was alive in this miracle
Never fly third world airlines. Not even sure how they got their hands on a modern plane.
Tegar Go To School (1 month ago)
Human error
Sam Lutfi (2 months ago)
please don't fly crap airlines owned and operated by terrorist organizations
Vladimir Putin (2 months ago)
9 y.o never die
John R (2 months ago)
After all these hours flying, isn't up and down muscle memory? Come on? I get rate of descent and speed and heading looks like a major challenge with no visibility, but full throttle up? Are these planes under powered? Terrifying.
Éric Fortin (2 months ago)
If the captain was such an idiot, he wouldn't have over 17 000 flying hours...bad training, bad CRM, overworked pilots, deficiencies in company management...why would someone risk flying on a company founded by Mouammar Kadhafy ?
JJ Burns (2 months ago)
In the post summary / investigation nothing is said about ATC ? Why ? Where were they on the bad approach ? Where were they on the go around ? TheFlightChannel always covers this but is missing here.
Stuart Lee (2 months ago)
Was NANCY PELOSI flying the plane??
Jonny Sevent (1 month ago)
Is there something in that remark that's clever or funny that I'm missing? Or not.
Biggie Smalls (2 months ago)
Not a very good go around.
Jonny Sevent (1 month ago)
No indeed. Not even a very good go. Never got around to the around.
Teresa V (2 months ago)
As computers do more and more, basic piloting skills will deteriorate. You start out with your mind and reflexes honed to a razor's edge, your motions have become instinctual. Then you slowly become more a monitor of a computer and your skills and especially the instinctual memory of procedures gets rusty. One day when the manure enters the rotary oscillating cooling device, your instincts come slowing clanking to life. they may come to life fast enough, and maybe not. When seconds count, you mind is only minutes away. The computer game playing Whiz Kids will soon dominante. They (and a computer) will probably be able to fly a 747 through the eye of a needle...... Inverted while they are drinking coffee and listening to tunes. What happens when the computer decides it doesn't want to play anymore? Can you still fly the aircraft on a moments notice? God I hope so, because I may be on your flight and if you kill me I will Kick your ass till you have to unbutton your collar to take a shit.
Holly Rockwell (2 months ago)
How did the kid survive? Was he too small to get squished but just the right size to be thrown down and cushioned by the seat cushions? That still doesn't explain why he didn't burn. Anybody know the answer to this?
Ilsah Ahmed (2 months ago)
Dang, one kid. 😭 what? So special? I mean it is.. but 😭
Ilsah Ahmed (2 months ago)
Damn, yet “pilots are so experienced..” wtf, you’re WRONG #WRONG. What part of “being experienced pilot”, do pilots themselves not get? They were dumb & not quick enough in time, also “not experienced”. C’mon. So disappointed
Rohaan K (2 months ago)
The pilots seemed very nonchalant to me....this is sad on commercial flights with passengers!! I am no pilot but the moment I hear 1000 feet and can see NOTHING ahead....I would shout abort!!!!
Max Otieno (2 months ago)
I still don't understand why that plane crashed especially after it went up again to better realign itself with the runway.
Roy Upchurch (2 months ago)
he was drunk or high.
Si Pu (2 months ago)
Never ever fly on any unknown airlines... especially cheap ones! I much rather pay a full fare on a well establish airline.
CMDRFandragon (3 months ago)
How the crap do you fly ur plane into the ground.... Despite all the strange effects they feel, do pilots not check their HUD with regularity? See your diving into the ground, and wonder..wth!?
CMDRFandragon (3 months ago)
Cool paint job on that plane.
Roy T (3 months ago)
You are flying in Africa with a Libyan airline early in the morning and your pilots are called Yousef and Tareq - what could possibly go wrong?? There is a reason that African aviation is a lot more dangerous than in Europe/North America and those two incompetent idiots showed us why in this clip.
Paulo Senna (3 months ago)
Porcaria de video
BLACKMONGOOSE13 (3 months ago)
As the video stated, this accident has all the classic factors of Somatogravic Illusion (SI) which is spatial disorientation (SD) that is caused by a mismatch between different signals from the senses and the brain. It is generated by a strong acceleration or deceleration on the longitudinal plane but can be in a slight nose up attitude as well. The brain interprets acceleration as a pitch up and this may lead to inappropriate pitch down command. Pilots can be especially susceptible to SI when performing a go-around at night or in poor visibility. The strong longitudinal acceleration combined with a lack of visual references leads to the mistaken perception of excessive pitch up and incorrect flight control inputs. Go-arounds usually take place when an aircraft’s weight is well below the max landing weight and when flying at a low speed close to the approach speed. Application of the TOGA (Take-off /Go-Around) thrust under these conditions creates an unusually strong longitudinal acceleration. Such a strong acceleration is rarely experienced by flight crews since the only other time TOGA thrust is applied is at take-off when the aircraft is heavy. Flight crew are not used to the feeling of such a strong acceleration and the strong longitudinal acceleration induced by the TOGA thrust may ultimately lead to SD of the flight crew caused by a SI. SI is a suspected element in several fatal accidents. Airbus is acutely aware of this issue and has built a feature into the A330 called Soft Go Around (SGA). This feature and it's relation to SI are described in detail in the A330 operation manual and pilots flying the A330 are supposed to be competent in it's use prior to taking command. The SGA function provides a lower than TOGA initial thrust level which ensures a reduced acceleration and requirement to pitch up and a lower but constant final rate of climb whatever the aircraft weight, speed, altitude and Slat/Flaps configuration. Based on the environmental conditions, the aircraft weight, altitude, speed and slats/flaps configuration, the auto flight system computes a thrust target that will enable the aircraft to climb at approx 2000 ft/min. This thrust target is then sent to the engine management system which in turn applies the optimized thrust as soon as the function is activated via the thrust levers. At the same time the flight crew is supposed to engage the go-around guidance mode and the go-around phase of the flight management system (FMS) to put the missed approach into FMS flight plan. There is a bit more to it than that but in summary three actions in the cockpit enable the A330 to execute a safe go around by allowing the aircraft to calculate and fly out of a situation that may cause pilots to become disorientated. This air crew was either not trained in this procedure, which is a standard safety feature on the A330 or chose not to use it.
Sabrina Rahat (5 days ago)
Wow you know alot..... How come a professional pilot doesn't
Cristovao Dacosta (13 days ago)
thank you for your impressed explanation!
Cristovao Dacosta (3 months ago)
I believe being a student pilot, that a flight crew should be three persons,not two. For an aircraft carrying almost three hundred passengers- having only two pilots is quite a danger! As we remember during 1950,1960- there were always a crew of three members- two pilots and and a flight engineer,and the number of passengers were much less.
Honey Butter (3 months ago)
Soooo they didn't learn the first time I gather..egos..
Michael Harris (3 months ago)
Sounds to me like boredom played a part.
Dr Teeth (3 months ago)
Scarebus strikes again
Skyace 95 (3 months ago)
I just don’t understand why at such a low altitude, the captain just decides “fuck it let’s do a nose dive” like I get they might’ve been disoriented by the visibility but they have all the instruments necessary for 0 visibility flight so I’m just confused
AP-Daddy (3 months ago)
At least 1 person survived there are survivors on Air France flight 447
Nikolaij Alfonso Peji (3 months ago)
Try to do Air China flight 129
Troll Boy - MCgamer (3 months ago)
Ingrid van de Wiel (3 months ago)
Image at 10.17 is not 771 Crash in Tripoli. Logo on plane is wrong logo, not hard to remember if you check pictures of crash.
KIM JONG FAT (3 months ago)
They flew an airbus but cant even do NDB approach
Marina Udoekpo (3 months ago)
Are all these stories real? I mean flight channels video.
Aurey May Yang (3 months ago)
Wow i was born jan 21 2010
Mike Becket (3 months ago)
Stupid one would think about actually checking if you are the check pilot But hey in this world you can be as dumb as you want and it's ok and its the law.
Iheanyi Nwa Mma (3 months ago)
I think the pilot is not intelligent. Islamic mentality, they are not smart at all.
Jedd Gayanilo (3 months ago)
2:44 wrong logo, it was used after 2012. The old Libyan flag in 2010 was plain green.
donhill3rd (3 months ago)
Let's get someone to help you with your English grammar. Other than that, this channel is great! Thank You. Try this link:  https://www.grammarly.com/?q=grammar&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=search1e&utm_content=291310102249&utm_term=english%20grammer&matchtype=e&placement=&network=g&gclid=CjwKCAiAx4fhBRB6EiwA3cV4Kvvx_22DzA0BPtp1Dayl8mIeefaiCMr2vpIcVcXI5jrbmZHOeG_lPBoCIHYQAvD_BwE
Benjamin K. (3 months ago)
Stupid Pilots...Therefor is "Pull Up", "Too Low Terrain", "Minimums". Sorry, but a kid can land better...Somatogravic Illusion, therefor is the artificial horizon!!
Fraley (3 months ago)
This has eerie similarities with the flydubai crash in rostov-on-don
Nicky Keightley (3 months ago)
Your work is really excellent. Its good to watch because you make this layperson understand how complex aircraft are and the tragedies that can occur. Thank you so much
Doug Veraska (3 months ago)
What a coincidence, all three pilots have 516 hours in the A330! What are the odds?!! Lol. Do they just make this stuff up?
Bobsunfire (4 months ago)
Great video, superb incites and explanations, but too many English errors. Is English your first language? You should have the text proofed by someone who knows spelling and punctuation. The video is so good otherwise, who cares? Keep up the beautiful work and keep 'em coming!
Batara Siagian (4 months ago)
Interesting and useful content, but thumbs down for the production standards. Important information, e.g., the type of somatogravic illusion the pilots experienced and what caused it, which is the essence of this crash, is missing. On the other hand, irrelevant information about some royal expressing grief and a repeated comment about the previous aborted landing are included. In addition, an all-capital font is unnecessary and hard to read. See 7:56 for a particularly unfortunate example. Finally, the text needs polishing.
Barry Roberts (4 months ago)
First of all, RIP to those who lost their lives, tragic. Second. This Airline should hang their heads in shame. A catalogue of poor training & mismanagement.. Finally. This fly deck crew could not fly a kite, never mind an aircraft !
Zayyan Samad (4 months ago)
Carl FortniteRoblox (4 months ago)
What is the music in the beginning
Ad Hc (4 months ago)
This flight crew did the same thing before, but no one mentioned or noticed it?
the_punnisher (4 months ago)
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Homicide would be the least of this aircrew's problems. For any airframe, height is life. If you cannot see the runway, CLIMB AND TRUST YOUR INSTRUMENTS TO FLY THE AIRFRAME! Yeah, I'm angry too. Flying a GA airframe, you and your passengers are the cost for making this stupid mistake. The PIC and the rest of the crew are responsible to the paying passengers to get to the airport alive and in one piece. My first " F " rating . The crew failed to kill themselves the first time but Nature gave them a second chance. Nature will kill you if you ignore it's laws. Innocent people pay Nature's bill.
Peter Osborne (4 months ago)
Seriously I cannot  be the only one in the world who has an issue this investigation outcome. The fact that one of the parties being investigated is "helping" with the investigation and that the investigation points the blame to the party that cannot defend themselves because they are dead... Should we have the defendants in court cases helping the police with the investigations?It is obvious that the captain thought there was a problem with the F/O or the aircraft or both when he took over control of the aircraft and then the same thing happend to him.
Dark Magician (4 months ago)
Why didn't the two low terrain alert sound when they were gonna hit?
Philip Messedger (4 months ago)
Poor little lad.. 9 y-old, lost amidst burning debris and corpses amongst which (i presume he wasn’t travelling on his own) his relatives... 😔 ... Amateurism at its peak, from the pilots to the airline (could have renamed themselves Air Maybe), not to mention under-equiped airport 🙄 I almost hope the kid lost consciousness at the scene at the moment of impact... 😢
Android 16 (4 months ago)
I'm no pilot so with many of these incidents, I have the same question: How difficult is it to follow the artificial horizon when flying with poor visibility or at night? It just seems to me that many incidents could have been avoided had the pilots just levelled the plane, pitched the nose appropriately and powered out, while referencing the artificial horizon. Perhaps my thinking is too layman-ish, but many pilots in such accidents seem to completely neglect what the artificial horizon is indicting.
fingerhorn4 (4 months ago)
It is indeed easy to follow the AH. Airbuses also have very clear autopilot controls to climb, turn, maintain speed, altitude, and a host of automation at the flick of a few knobs and switches. It is almost impossible to be so incompetent as these pilots.
bryant tillman (4 months ago)
fly dutch
Andri Adipura (4 months ago)
Seems like that airline needed some "freedom and democracy"
Airforce 5 (4 months ago)
What is the music
Pancake 52 (4 months ago)
Vacation in S Africa, no. Stopover flight in Tripoli, no.
Atiqul Islam (4 months ago)
U can know about the 9 year old cause he shared his the crash story on YouTube
Maldive 's (5 months ago)
May 12th is my birth day and may 12/2010 i am 1 year and LOL plane your younger than me and wait a sec not only me a lot of people
J. (5 months ago)
This literally makes no sense
Vv hese (5 months ago)
All these plane crashes proves that the number of flying hours made by the pilots are not matters for safe operation of planes but a proper training is required to handle various kinds of situations and emergencies and all airline companies immediately give all their crews a proper training for this.
Rene Buaron (5 months ago)
Pleace, Add to video russian subtitle. Thank you
Tungsten Kid (5 months ago)
Looks like the seat of the pilots pants told them they were zooming up too fast (powerful illusion), so they didn't trust the artificial horizon and over-reacted by pushing the nose down too much; same thing happened in a Tomcat crash.
Farra Elena (5 months ago)
That kid is one LUCKY KID.
Booga04 Minecraft (5 months ago)
I notice that the lone survivors in these plane crashes are often younger children. Why is that? You would think that they would be the ones to die, since their bodies aren't as strong. I would also like add that I'm not trying to be rude. I'm very happy these kids survived... I'm just curious as to how.
LatvianSpotter (5 months ago)
Whats the music called in the first 30 seconds of the video?
Love C. (5 months ago)
Stupid pilots
Jason Haradyn (5 months ago)
Great videos. However, I hope that pilots are trained on how to deal with many accident scenarios as possible. This, in my opinion, should be emphasized during pilot training.
carole wilson (5 months ago)
One lucky blessed 9yr old
dbriliyanti (5 months ago)
Do a lion air flight 610 pls
X3E_NO_Nomaly 1 (5 months ago)
Idiot pilots why dont they pay attention to the alimeter
nicoladulin dulin (5 months ago)
Could change the music cos it’s the same on every video and it’s gets a bit boring but it’s really good just the music is bad
gustavor roblox (5 months ago)
Tu fala em português?
John Doyle (5 months ago)
Once again a fantastic production, I watched in full screen mode on 4K laptop, fantastic video,disastrous event very well presented. As for the pilots, so many flying hours, but still they got it wrong. Not reporting or learning from a previous botched approach shows a very casual approach to rules and regs. So many lost lives, very sad. Thanks for the video.
Rahul Zingade (5 months ago)
Wtf happened on this flight!!?? Was the crew mental to just go into a sharp dive while executing a go around?? N why didn't the GPWS sound again when the captian descended again?? Btw...awesome videos...keep it up!!

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