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Drunk chinese guy screams at stupid looking Arab guy while Black guy watches

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Local chinese food delivery guy goes ape shit over lotto tickets
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revenez (14 days ago)
The REAL globalization.
Yazan Arabiat (3 months ago)
he looks better than you fuck face
Faridz Zambrud (7 months ago)
Fuck you chinese
Enoch Clark Zhao (8 months ago)
The Arab knows what the Chinese wanted. The Chinese probably shops there often. Arab probably teases him often for not speaking good English, and the Chinese doesn't play🤣 I think you can call them.... acquaintances🤭
@ahmed alhuzimi shut ur bitch ass up u arabs are the most cowardlyn scared
ahmed alhuzimi (7 months ago)
bitch i beat three chines using my lift hand only so shut the fuck up
FullyCharged (11 months ago)
The guy who made this vid ed
Flappy Don (1 year ago)
They knew each other so fuck off whoever upload this video....quit being so dramatic....
matthew mann (1 year ago)
Both were just fucking around nothing major
makedatbootyshake718 (1 year ago)
matthew mann astute observation my mann
true (1 year ago)
Say what you want...........Chinese are focking the Arabs around the world
Donnie Ak (1 year ago)
Guys, so some respect to uploader man ....lol.....
blackzinfidelz (1 year ago)
these anti racism protests is really a struggle for superiority, and superior treatment over other races, you think after people start giving them special treatment that they're gonna be there for your ass...hell no, fuck both arab and asians they're both racist and want to be superior to blacks just like other races want to, and the real blacks need to protest and fight against these loosers and not let them win, they're just using their minor altercations and misfortunes as a stepping stone to get to the top
blackzinfidelz (1 year ago)
this anti muslim, anti asian shit is just pro nationalist bullshit and they just want free handouts over blacks
Fischstix95 (1 year ago)
went pretty well as far as things can go, that clerk is chill as fuck.
Mohib Jaffri (1 year ago)
while white guy films and the rest of the world watches online!
Saleh Omar (1 year ago)
Go get a life you ignornt piece of shit im muslim your ugly ass fina get knocked the fuck out
makedatbootyshake718 (1 year ago)
hug me instead brother
MOHAMMAD JO (2 years ago)
They are just joking
badger4382 (2 years ago)
Filthy and smelling chinese garbage:  try to do that in Texas...  You will never believe what will happen to you and your money.
badger4382 (2 years ago)
There is not a single country in the world who does NOT like filthy chinese and japanese garbage tourists...!  None...!
Enoch Clark Zhao (8 months ago)
makedatbootyshake718 I agree. Work in Chicago retail
makedatbootyshake718 (1 year ago)
all the asian tourists I seen here in merica have been nothing but nice and pleasant
MJAdetroit (2 years ago)
Arab guy maintained his cool (maybe tried to cheat chinaman)...as for chinaman- dude must have just got off the BOAT!
kida ra (2 years ago)
all chinese is smell is hell stupid and idiot
makedatbootyshake718 (2 years ago)
hell is in china? damn im never going there
ray windhelm (2 years ago)
fuck who uploaded this video he is totally stupid the Arabic guy seems to know this Chinese man and the Chinese man was laughing the entire time because he tried to scam him but not in a dramatic way or serious way and I have no clue what's going on with the black guy lol he has nothing to do with anything because there was nothing happening in the first place.
Hussain althalmi (2 years ago)
yh the uploader is a white racist, trying to demonize Arabs with this shitty video, not knowing youtube is full of black people beating the shit out of white people. he sounds kinda butthurt
makedatbootyshake718 (2 years ago)
you sound mad
MaxiMaxi_TheGreat (2 years ago)
Puhh some stupid guy who don't know how to name a "title" of this video without sounding so damn ignorant. So pathetic.
makedatbootyshake718 (2 years ago)
you sound madder
sibo teng (4 years ago)
its a joke?
makedatbootyshake718 (2 years ago)
life is a joke

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