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Stand Your Ground Law Targets Black Men 2 Men Shot Unarmed

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Aceman 69 (1 day ago)
Do the crime; pay the fine. Whatever it is. Don’t screw up; all will be fine. It’s not hard to understand. SMH.
James Jenkis (9 days ago)
I'm going to say this once again, I don't know what the f*** is going on down south with these guys just shooting black men like the target practice! What are the black people down that way going to f****** do something about it, instead of crying on the news and marching e t c. you got to start getting some get back on these m************ straight up, because these guys are getting away with shooting people, you know they're talkingshit about it to their boys and whoever else got a f****** ear! And best believe probably just about glad that they did shoot those black men that have been killed at the hands of these white terrorists! I'm telling you man, that s*** don't be Goin Down up in the Northeast part of United States I can do down south and all these other parts of America! n***** up there don't be marching, that definitely do something about that s*** if it just keep on happening with all these black man getting shot up
C. Michael (27 days ago)
White Mexicans? That's the stupidest shithole ever heard! 😴😆😀💩🙈🙊
C. Michael (27 days ago)
I wonder why they call them gentlemen's clubs, Gentlemen wouldn't be caught dead there.
Dario Baez (29 days ago)
This is one of the few videos i disagree with you on. If you're confronted by a stranger, and in this case multiple strangers, you do NOT know what they are capable of. Especially when you're in a secluded place. They don't need a weapon to bash your brains out, you know that right?? a pair of brass knuckles can do the same job, or even just a well made boot. He's a security guard who's armed. If you're crazy enough to confront an ARMED man you deserve to get shot. If you attack a police officer the cop doesn't know what your intentions are; you may be trying to go for his gun to turn it on him!! The little hoodrats should have fucking BEHAVED and let shit go. But black parents don't teach their kids to let shit go. You don't see this shit happening to us Mexicans, because our parents beat manners into us. We'll never truly know what happened since there were no cameras. The guy was convicted either way so you can't say this is a stand your ground law issue. So obviously you see that stand your ground law only applies if you can prove you were in fear.
John Kled (1 month ago)
Wow Tommy... I thought you was more open minded and intelligent that you obviously are...
whats really going on (1 month ago)
no its called disparity of force if you are attacked by multiple assailants you can shoot them due to them being able to overpower you with ease
stewie grifin (2 months ago)
3:24 that's an Albanian dude,looking like John Cena's retarded brother
Donald Trump (3 months ago)
Mom look good
Holly Mulchi (3 months ago)
Obey y'all, he's s Security Officer already.
Aaron Spirit (4 months ago)
Not sure how he was shot because he was black, but sad nonetheless.
sliq rick (6 months ago)
We as Black ppl are always ready to F*** up each other but when it comes to these honorary whites, we don't do s*** !
ROBERT PINK (7 months ago)
he isnt white!! if mixed isnt black . how can he be white ? he a BROWN man !! GET that STRAIGHT !!
Fiddle Mike (7 months ago)
Blacks usually attack from behinds, anyhow. It's hard to stand your ground when you're a surprise guest at the knockout game.
zzevonplant (8 months ago)
Yeah, a lot of times "stand your ground" shootings actually make sense because the person is legitimately being attacked, but this sounds like some SERIOUS bullshit. From the information in this video at least, this is completely retarded and insane. Those two dudes lost their lives for absolutely no reason. This is horrible.
Joaquin Rivera (8 months ago)
Tommy your full of shit and have an agenda like everyone else....my last video....unsubscribing....
40 Block Studios (8 months ago)
Wow....Sotamoyor has changed his mind since then and seen the light.
Koua Vang (8 months ago)
Your son is gone cuz he didn't do muffin wrong and wasn't hurting nobody like all cases
ThunderDomeBoxingTalk (9 months ago)
Rape your ground isnt even close to an analogy
jean olivier (2 months ago)
Yeah I'm not too ok with that 1. A death is tragic. But the analogy eh eh no
Terry Walters (3 years ago)
Linda Edwards (4 years ago)
Yea Man.  So, tj  you see how what happens.    So Sorry To These Parents.  My Love.  So //sorryy
Linda Edwards (4 years ago)
Much Pain.  I'm So Sorry.
motoman22atgmail (5 years ago)
The 'knockout game' and the randomness of extremely violent behavior has changed everything.
Emperor Palpatine (5 years ago)
I would need to hear more information about what this situation because it does not sound like this was a justified shooting from what I have heard so far. Maybe possible the first guy, but he shot a dude hiding under a car. Seems to me that this guy had a gun and thought he was Robocop or something.
JohnnyClock (5 years ago)
Why black people that lose someone, continue to hire Attornery, Benjamin Crump. That guy is a poor communicator.
TheQuawn40 (5 years ago)
so all that dumb shit you just mention, makes you scared huh. you're fucking stupid.
Nonya Busnezz (5 years ago)
I just came across this post and want to be sure I have this correct. If a guy is on your chest beating you, or you walk into a room and a guy is beating your Mom or Dad or sister....you don't feel you would shoot the person to make them stop? I cannot imagine not having the guts to protect myself or my family.
Cali1028Girl (5 years ago)
Didn't know men weren't allowed to cry. You definitely have issues with yourself.
Anthony Ogans (7 months ago)
Why is the mom not crying?! Why is she the one being strong? Why in the black community the woman has to be strong? Only in the black community!!
canadate123 (5 years ago)
Sherman Bunche III (5 years ago)
So the assumption is that they are criminals & deserved to be shot in the first place? All you have to do is be non black fear for your life then shoot to kill right? All I know is that "we" need guns to defend ourselves. These heinous crimes will stop happening when these B A WB & S's get back at & shot themselves as well. It is open season LEGALLY on black males. 'Oh my goodness he was dialing his phone & I 'feared for my life' so I will shoot him dead." That's that B S! What is next?
ter41 (5 years ago)
People seem not to understand the stand your ground law.It does not give you permission to kill anybody.You still have to go to the same process when it comes to self defence.Criminals will try to find loopholes to get away with murder.It's been this way before this country was born.Even states that doesn't have S.Y.G.,you can still use deadly force if your life is in great bodily harm or death.
lilyann flowers (5 years ago)
occupy law school occupy congress
John Justice (5 years ago)
Hold on Brother? there are hundred's of dead white men shot by black men, you are right when you say your country has a stupid Law , you can kill some one if you think your in danger, but it is the law that is the devils tool, not the coulour of Americans skin, the devil is laughing at all racests, white and black....so Grow up people and do what the good book says, to hate any one for there race, is to hate God, as he created every person and thing on earth. STAND GROUND LAW MUST GO!!!!
powerinself (5 years ago)
Floridas stand your ground law sounds sometimes like the new Jim Crow.
Cowboy (5 years ago)
The number one question that I agree with is why the hell are you at a strip club when you have babies at home. I wouldn't give my money to a stripper if I was single with no kids let alone with kids.SMH. I know that when it's your time then it's your time but you can't help but think would this have happened if he was with his kids?
Shirley Brooks (8 months ago)
w4ior hi
Change InTheAir (1 year ago)
yeah, guy was an ass.
TheTruthCanHurt (5 years ago)
Stand you ground sounds like 'Learn your manners to me'.
TheMick2639 (6 years ago)
About the pictures thing, some people, like myself, don't take very many pictures. The picture I have up on my Facebook is my highschool senior picture but I'm currently in my junior year of college.
2dasimmons (6 years ago)
No, he would not have. Folk like Zimmerman presume too much familiarity with blacks not with whites. Zimmerman should have keep a respectful distance and minded his own business. Was Trayvon who lived in neighborhood asking Zimmerman what he was doing in neighborhood? The police told Zimmerman to move on, but he wouldn't. Stand your ground is license for white supremacists (includes lZimmerman-types)to harm blacks. Already that's happening. But now people understand.
Sataharu (6 years ago)
Stand your ground laws do not allow you to just kill people because you feel threatened. The attacker(s) must have the intent and the means to cause serious injury or death to you and you have no way to immediately retreat. Also, if you are at your place of residence, in your car, or at your place of business (castle doctrine), the retreat clause is void. Imagine being jailed for defending your life, family, and property from dangerous people. That is what is happening in NY and CA.
Official Tru-Dru (6 years ago)
Thanks for this News I never heard of this News when I was in Atlanta at that time. Another Zimmerman Half Latino/Half Euro Bastard back at it with the BS again with the mindset to kill Blacks for no Reason..The Stand your Ground Law needs to be handled it's gone too far.
MADMANCA (6 years ago)
Tr3yification (6 years ago)
Did you learn everything you know about blacks by watching Good Times??? I guess I need to remind you that black people were marching in suits & ties when America was at its most racist,so your generalizations about why we are profiled fall short of common sense. Why are you so hurt about Zimmerman having to defend his innocence??? Self Defense is an Affirmative Defense which always have to be tried in a court of law. Zimmerman has to PROVE he killed Trayvon in self defense.
HogansDisciple (6 years ago)
Turn the gangsta rap down take the 24 inch tires off your car and improve your grammer and nobody will profile u as a thug and be scared for thier life. NOt to mention most of the people that do all that shit do drugs dont work carry a gun and act like a thug for real
HogansDisciple (6 years ago)
if a mexican was alone and two asian gang banging looking guys approached being confrontational then the mexican would be scared. its not about race. Lets also mention that black youths like to appear as thugs even if they r not.So thats like me wearing a shirt with a weed leaf and somebody thinking i smoke weed and i get mad about that.Obviously i should take the damn shirt off if i dont want people to think i smoke weed.So pull your pants up take your golds out pass on the tatoos
HogansDisciple (6 years ago)
And if the white guy beat zimmermans ass then zimmerman would have shot.Just because the guy was black then its racist. Im sick and tired if the race card always dropped by black people.My new life goal is to point out every example of black racism because i know for a fact there are black racist just like farakahn that act like their not.All white people are not nazis or in the klan.On average blacks are probably more racist than any other race
Mike Foley (24 days ago)
Not probably. They are!! No doubt
HogansDisciple (6 years ago)
Trevon beat the shit out of george zimmerman. Sorry but if somebody was beating my ass because i asked them what they were doing in my neighborhood and i had a gun then i would shot instead of getting beat. Because believe it or not u can be beat to death. Or injured for life. Fuck that u have the right to defend yourself.the problem is when its ised against black people then it must be just because thier black.I promise u zimmerman would have asked a suspicious white guy what they were doing
PatBenatarRulz (6 years ago)
Also a famous cowboy boot designer. Luchesse boots are top of the line cowboy boots. Luchesse was an Italian shoemaker who immigrated to America; Texas in the 1800's.
I agree with most of what you stated, I support the stand your ground law! it derives from the Castle Law Doctrine which every mans home is his castle and he has the right to defend it and his life. I don't know the details of the horrific event and I feel the man shouldn't have been killed. Indeed we have to be aware of our surroundings and how others view us! Many people are afraid of Blackmen due to us being Demonized here in America! Blackmen have to kill those who kill him!
canibusnj (6 years ago)
I KNOW! I was being comical. Fugazi is a N.Y.C. slang term for crazy.
smoking1212 (6 years ago)
thats italian. it a crime familys name. maybe hes italian and mexican.
canibusnj (6 years ago)
Luchesse is FUGAZI for that bullshit!!!!!
joedell71 (6 years ago)
Luchesse is an Italian name not Mexican. It was the name of a famous Italian mobster from the 20s in chicago.
tjohnson7771 (6 years ago)
A life for a Life, things must be equal...!!!
wes276 (6 years ago)
the mother probably ran out of tears. probably beyond crying now. it does happen
Raphael Gatewood (6 years ago)
That hall monitor comment was funny.
Sierra Castro (6 years ago)
most womem are the head of ther household..evevn with the dad liveing there....same
Sierra Castro (6 years ago)
your write.why is mom not crying but dad is weeping like a baby..as a mother you sould be crying like its the end of the word...,,just a thought.

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